166 - 5 ways to Speed up Cypress automation tests


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  • Lots of JavaScript package upgrades have been made to the frontend of howtocodewell.net including TailwindCSS, PostCSS, Webpack and Node itself.
  • I’ve decided to use PostCSS over Less and I’m seeing much faster results when generating the CSS
  • The plan for next week is to look at composer package upgrades as well as progressing with the staging deployment
  • In my contracting space I have been doing a lot of PHP 5.6, 7.4 and Angular work


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How to secure applications on Kubernetes (SSL TLS certificates) by AVM Consulting Blog


How to speed up Cypress automation tests by FeldsparTech


How to speed up Cypress tests

In general

  1. Discover how slow your tests are to start begin with
  2. Don’t speed up your tests if you don’t need too
  3. Work on the tests that take the longest. List all tests that take over x seconds/minutes and work on those
  4. A small improvement can give you big gains in the long run
  5. Only test what you need too and when you need too


  1. Group similar tests together into a single test
  2. Separate tests that don’t need state, change of state or require a fixed state
  3. Pay attention on the before and beforeEach hooks
  4. Disable the video and screenshot creation on automatic builds
  5. Enable video and screenshot creation on manual/nightly builds

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