#22 Music for saving hedgehogs (feat. Armillaria)


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#22 Music for savings hedgehogs (feat. Armillaria)
Cancel all appointments and crank up the speakers, for another episode of Radio Kak Kak (formerly) live. You will find all the usual treats of this fantastic adventure: sunny caribbean beats, locked in listeners from all around the world, Father Molotov sending a call to the universe and the universe responding unexpectedly. Dancing to the beat of the universe we find the time to discuss Trumps and Bidens, but it’s up to you, only you are the hero. The hero of the story of your life, the only one who can save the hedgehogs.
This episode was first transmitted in November 2020 and then censored, edited and manipulated to protect your happiness and respect your sensitivity. Join Kak Kak Live on Sundays, by finding a way to get on the secret list.

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