33 - Zug fällt aus (European rail w/ Jon Worth)


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We return from our Sommerpause to talk about one of the things dominating conversations in Germany over the past few months: trains! From inter-Europe rail travel to Deutsche Bahn woes to the 9-Euro-Ticket, Ted goes through it all with Jon Worth, a Berlin-based writer and communications consultant who has been documenting his experience crossing every possible internal European border by train this summer.

Follow Jon on Twitter: @jonworth.

To learn more about Jon’s cross-border rail experience: https://www.capital.de/wirtschaft-politik/jon-worth--vom-brexit-kritiker-zum-bahn-enthusiast-31978856.html

To learn more about the end and potential future of the 9-Euro-Ticket: https://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/9-euro-ticket-bundesregierung-streitet-ueber-preis-fuer-nachfolger-a-74230b3c-9492-4bf8-9bb1-818d87a96bf8

To learn more about Bavaria’s reluctance to pay for a successor to the 9-Euro-Ticket: https://www.br.de/nachrichten/bayern/nachfolger-fuer-9-euro-ticket-bayern-will-nicht-zahlen,TGYi8I0

Co-hosted by Ted (@ted_knudsen) and Michelle (@shhellgames). Produced by Isaac (@wuermann).


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