Ep266 - 'The Lightning Kid' OLI BLAKE Interview (NXTUK, 2022 So Far, Joel Redman, Skye Smitson, Listeners Questions + More!)


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In the latest episode of Wrestling With Johners, I sit down and speak with 'The Lightning Kid' Oli Blake.

We discuss Oli's tremendous 2022 so far and the many great opportunities he has had. With some of the very best companies in the UK, such as World War Wrestling, All-Star Wrestling, Varsity Pro, Welsh Wrestling and more!

Oli also tells us about his match and incredible experience for NXTUK, teaming with Tate Mayfairs against Primate and T-Bone in June. Oli also tells us about how he got the gig, what advice he received before the match and what feedback he had afterwards.

We discuss some of the people closest to Oli in the business and those he would call mentors in 2022. Including, Skye Smitson and Joel Redman.

We also look at 'The Lightning Kid' Moniker, his incredible physique and his fantastic move set and mindset in the ring.

Oli also answers your LIVE fan questions, in this fun and insightful interview with one of the brightest young wrestlers on the UK scene in 2022... 'The Lightning Kid' Oli Blake!! (Duration 67 mins)

You can follow Oli on the following social media pages...

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oli_blake_/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oliblakepw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oliblakepw

Thank you so much to Oli for being a wonderful guest on the latest episode of Wrestling With Johners #266

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