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An examination of religion's role and the ethical dimensions behind top news headlines.
A weekly podcast exploring academic research on religion and featuring top scholars in history, sociology, political science, economics and religious studies.
Reflections from a faith perspective on issues and people in the news.
Our planet is becoming a global village, yet enormous differences remain in culture and spiritual tradition-differences that lead to misunderstanding, hatred, and war. Exploring the unity within all cultures and faith traditions, Rev. Paul John Roach, a lifelong student and practitioner of many world spiritual teachings, guides us through the variety and differences, to the unity and common values shared by all the great religions. Come journey planet Earth's spiritual landscape with insight ...
Beyond Belief
Series exploring the place and nature of faith in today's world
Soul Search explores contemporary religion and spirituality from the inside out — what we believe, how we express it, and the difference it makes in our lives
Ram Dass shares his heart-centered wisdom in each episode featuring excerpted lectures given throughout the last 40 years, with an introduction from Raghu Markus of Ram Dass' Love Serve Remember Foundation.
State of Belief is a weekly radio show that explores the intersection of religion with politics, culture, media, and activism, and promotes diverse religious voices in a religiously pluralistic world.
A podcast about the wisdom of irreligion, and all that entails.
Podcasts and Resources on the Contemporary Social-Scientific Study of Religion
The RobCast
The RobCast is a weekly podcast by Rob Bell
The Gnostic Teachings podcast includes lectures about practical spirituality, consciousness, psychology, philosophy, gnosis, religion, kabbalah, meditation, sacred sexuality, and much more. This podcast is a donation-supported service from Glorian Publishing, a non-profit organization.
CBC Radio's Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning, hosted by Mary Hynes.
Discussion of religious movements and the theories and individuals behind them.
Tami Simon, Founder and Publisher of Sounds True interviews spiritual teachers, visionary writers, and living luminaries about their newest work and current challenges—the growing edge of their inner inquiry and outer contribution to the world.
Mythology & Religion in the Human Story
Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner
Heart and Soul
Personal approaches to spirituality from around the world.
Neil MacGregor explores the role and expression of shared beliefs in communities around the world. Produced in partnership with the British Museum.
A weekly audio podcast "message" from author and international speaker Rev. Dr. Christian Sorensen at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living located in Encinitas, CA at 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024. Visit us at or call us at (760) 753-5786 for more information. All Are Welcome Here from the album Path of Light was co-written by Peggy Lebo and Rev. Christian Sorensen. It’s available at Reverend Christian Sorensen, D.D., is the eminent spiritual ...
A podcast about building new faith. Its all about construction, but sometimes that means you have to deconstruct a little. Questions, exploration, mystery...
Logos Media podcast (formerly Gnostic Media)
First Things is published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life, an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.Learn more:
A look at the ethical and religious issues of the week
The Religion and Ethics Report, where religion and ethics meet news and current affairs in Australia and around the world.
Holy Smoke
The most important and controversial topics in world religion, thoroughly dissected by a range of high profile guests. Presented by Damian Thompson.
Americans enjoy a multiplicity of religious traditions. Explore both traditional religions, and what it means to be spiritual in a rapidly changing and diversifying religious world.
AUDIO ONLY: The award winning I AM Podcast is a no-nonsense video podcast about discovering the hidden truths of spirituality, and attaining a comprehensive and sustainable inner peace. From a non-denominational perspective, each week we look at and discuss the world's various perspectives on spiritual practice, and compliment it with pragmatic scientific study and real world observation. If you want a no-nonsense look at contemporary spirituality, and to understand a realistic path to compl ...
Religion Today
Martin Tanner explores religious and spiritual topics that matter to Utahns, and especially members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
You are invited to join Myron McClellan and Lawrence Phillips for a monthly gathering of spiritual renewal in the company of the like-minded.Mystical Musings is a celebration of the sacred that promotes growth and an evolution of consciousness. The musing doesn't present doctrine or dogma, but rather explores the mystical dimensions of life and spirituality that support you in connecting with the Divine.Myron and Lawrence present a specific theme each month—an idea or issue that arises organ ...
Jason Louv brings together thinkers from the worlds of spirituality, high technology and the counterculture with some of the most challenging issues we face today. Change your focus, change your reality.
HuffPost Religion
From the Pope to Patti Smith -- All Together is dedicated to exploring how religion ideas, ethics and spiritual practices inform and shape our personal lives, our communities and our world. Host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush is the Executive Editor of HuffPost Religion, which is America's most widely-read religion website.
Faith in Action
A podcast about how faith affects the way we live and work today. Presented by Richard Sargeant. Edited by Peter Humphrey.
Find us at This podcast shares experience, strength, and hope centered the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are not affiliated with AA in any way.
An open, honest and personal podcast to share and explore recovery, spirituality, addiction, metaphysics, the unknown, philosophy, self-exploration, psychology/human behavior, mysticism... I'm simply starting out with my personal story and interviewing guests who share gained knowledge by their experience and expertise from philosophical, metaphysical, religious and practical viewpoints. • Please subscribe and rate this podcast • Thank you!Peace and Love, A.
UnHerd columnist Giles Fraser talks to distinguished guests about how their beliefs shape who they are.
Writer and Academic
The Journal of Southern Religion Podcast brings you interviews and discussion about new books, notable authors, and recent trends in the study of religion in the southern United States.
Sunday Faith Matters 's recent posts to
"Recovering from Religion" is an international community for those who have questions or doubts about their faith. We aren’t here to talk you out of or into faith, just provide a safe place to examine what you believe. And perhaps, why you believe it.Your hosts, authors Tim Rymel, M.Ed., and Bill Prickett, will bring guests who've experienced harm from extreme religious beliefs and practices, as well as experts who can offer help, hope and healing.
THIS Podcast
Michael Gungor (Vishnu Dass) explores how clinging to our most important stories imprisons us in suffering. Freedom is simply THIS.
Ralf Friedrichs
Struggles Became My Strength
The Back Pew
For those heading out or wandering into the Church, we're here for you. We host conversations not often talked about publicly, but universally experienced by the spiritually curious and/or restless.
Challenging religious privilege, for freedom, fairness and secularism
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Episode 80 Leave us a message @ Email us @ Visit our website @ Text the word "sober" to 31996By John M.
Dominic Green joins senior editor Mark Bauerlein to discuss the aftermath of Brexit and the political situation in the United Kingdom.By First Things.
Politics and religion in Game of Thrones: Game of Thrones wraps as a secular fantasy epic that questions and subverts the genre's typically dominant theological narratives, argues Robert Joustra, a Canadian political scientist.And, Algorithms and the self: Mike Rugnetta wanted to know what recommendations YouTube would give him if he searched f ...…
Life's defining stages, where are you now?By Ralf Friedrichs.
Pastor and hymnwriter John Bell paints us a picture of Iona, one of the oldest Christian religious centres in Western Europe. And, historian Mark Allon reveals what the ancient Gandhari manuscripts tell us about early Buddhism.By ABC Radio National.
The fallout from the federal elections. And finding common ground in America’s abortion wars. Tough new laws in one state have created a flashpoint in a battle that’s lasted almost 50 years. Also, finding common ground in Europe over immigration and refugees. A new book says religion can divide and unify.…
Helping others! Real stories from my audienceBy Ralf Friedrichs.
The ecstasy of Shiva, the calm of Buddha with author and director of the Institute for Embodiment Training, Will Johnson.By Rev. Paul John Roach.
Sheryl Paul is a counselor in the depth psychology tradition who has helped thousands of people through her website, online courses, and books. With Sounds True, she has released the new book, The Wisdom of Anxiety: How Worry and Intrusive Thoughts Are Gifts to Help You Heal. In this episode of Insights at the Edge, Tami […]…
Is God heartbroken? A letter sent to me from someone in my audienceBy Ralf Friedrichs.
According to The Vegan Society, the number of vegans in the UK increased fourfold between 2014 and 2018. Once a ridiculed minority, nowadays barely a day goes by without an announcement of a new vegan restaurant or another celebrity endorsement of a plant based lifestyle. Motivations range from animal welfare, to health, to environmental concer ...…
Everyone wants to know their purpose in life, and to find meaning in living. If you look deeply, you can find the way to discover your purpose, the find meaning in being alive. Yet, that only emerges in an exact way. Most people believe that if they follow their traditional morals, they will get everything they need in life and when they die th ...…
In this interview, Dr. Anna Salonen explains how ethics is being involved in her studies of food waste and consumption by both religious and non-religious populations that live in affluent societies, such as Finland and Canada. Also, Dr. Anna Salonen describes to Mariia Alekseevskaia how and why studying food in its interconnection to religious ...…
How a molecule called NAD+ is helping addictsBy Ralf Friedrichs.
Giles speaks to classicist Mary Beard about the ethnic diversity of Roman Britain, why there's more to democracy than just voting and how it feels when the Twitter mob comes after you.By UnHerd. Today’s message from Dr. Christian Sorensen was recorded May 19th, 2019 and it’s titled What Hinders You? affirming The Power of God is my Power! Today we welcomed the sweet music of Cahill & Delene. You can visit their band page at Hot Pursuit Music Entertainment to find out more. Dr. Christian’s Corner I like the title o ...…
Don't give up! Answer them honestly.....20 questions to help you feel better when you feel like giving up.By Ralf Friedrichs.
The death was recently announced of Jean Vanier, the founder of the worldwide network of L’Arche communities, where people with learning disabilities, and those without, live and work together. In 1995 Jean Vanier, a devout Roman Catholic, visited the Brecon community and spoke to Roy Jenkins. Roy recalls “I’ve never forgotten the half-hour in ...…
Meredith Lake heads to an iftar dinner at the home of a Turkish Australian family in western Sydney, and Mariam Chehab catches up with award-winning author Michael Mohamed Ahmed for his Ramadan reflections.By ABC Radio National.
In her day, Queen Emma was a powerful political figure who married two successive Kings of England and was the mother of Edward the Confessor. Experts believe that they have found her bones in a mortuary chest at Winchester Cathedral. Replicas of those bones now form the centrepiece of a new exhibition exploring the relationship between monarch ...…
When life grinds you down, stand tall and be firm on your convictionsBy Ralf Friedrichs.
Recently laws were passed in New York and Virginia allowing abortion through the time of delivery, and in come cases, immediately after delivery. In response, the legislatures and Georgia and Alabama, this week, passed laws that prohibit abortions after six weeks, the time a heart-beat is typically detectable in a fetus or unborn child. What ar ...…
On Friday, May 17th, the US House of Representatives passed a historic piece of civil rights legislation – the Equality Act to ensure that LGBTQ people have the same rights and protections regardless of where they live in the country. The work to passage, however, was not without pushback as opponents of the bill advocated for a license to disc ...…
How to spot a spiritual narcissistBy Ralf Friedrichs.
Episode 79 In this episode of Sober Speak, Ricky R shares how the moment he had his first drink at 14 dramatically marked the downhill progression of his life and alcoholism. Ricky describes what is was what like growing up in an alcoholic family, the repercussions of his drinking, and how plain abstinence made him miserable driving home the im ...…
Michael Pakaluk discusses his new book: “The Memoirs of St. Peter: A New Translation of the Gospel According to Mark.”By First Things.
Senior editor Mark Bauerlein chats with Arthur Brooks about his latest book, “Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from Our Culture of Contempt.“By First Things.
When it comes to climate change, New York magazine deputy editor David Wallace-Wells, says we are far into panic territory. He tells Tapesty's Mary Hynes why he believes that, despite what should be dread-inducing data, so many of us continue to live in "complacency and denial." People who adhere to scientific data despair when they hear opinio ...…
Farhad al-Kake tells the story of his people, the Kaka'i of Iraqi Kurdistan, whose faith has put them under threat from Islamic fundamentalists. Persecution has made them secretive about their beliefs and practices, but for the first time they tell of the danger they face – how places of worship have been destroyed and believers kidnapped, atta ...…
Start making a better tomorrow with these 7 steps todayBy Ralf Friedrichs.
Cults come in a variety of expressions, though they have commonalities. Our guest for this episode is an expert on this subject, as well as a former cult member herself. Dr. Janja Lalich is a researcher, author, and educator specializing in cults and extremist groups with a particular focus on charismatic relationships, political and other soci ...…
Labor, Delivery and New BirthBy Ralf Friedrichs.
In this continuing talk from 1992, Ram Dass explores how we can best navigate the situation of this incarnation here on Earth that we find ourselves in.
In the last days of the election campaign, the culture war erupted over sexuality, religion and even hell. But in America it’s been raging for decades. A battle-scarred survivor has some advice on calming things down. Best-selling author Rod Dreher joins the program.By ABC Radio National.
How to tell someone you're an addictBy Ralf Friedrichs.
Professor Darren Middleton discusses his book comparing passages by the novelist George Eliot with selections from the Message version of the Bible.By Rev. Paul John Roach.
Fleet Maull is an author, consultant, and executive coach who founded Prison Dharma Network and the National Prison Hospice Association while serving 14 years in federal prison. In the 20 years since his release, Fleet has taught the expansive philosophy he discovered while incarcerated as a meditation teacher, end-of-life educator, and the cre ...…
There is indisputable evidence that preChristian Jews believed in a Hebrew Goddess. (See, e.g., The Hebrew Goddess, by Prof. Raphael Patai; Did God Have a Wife", Prof. Wm. Dever). Princeton Prof. Elaine Pagels convincingly demonstrates with many citations, that early Christians also believed in a Mother in Heaven. Some early Christians believed ...…
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