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Natural 20Somethings is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition actual play podcast. Each season a group of adventurers runs a different module and see how things play out for our party.
A podcast where two dudes in their mid-twenties watch every episode of Power Rangers two decades later and try very hard to hold onto their nostalgia. (Spoilers: They fail.) Also, they have potty mouths, so there’s that… Listen to a new episode every…
A podcast for 20-somethings, by 20-somethings. Ricki and Jake, from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, explore this messed up, exciting time of their lives—their 20's.
Explain Like I'm 20 Podcast hosted by Rinaldo Ugrina is a #1 podcast for entrepreneurial and high performing twenty somethings. This podcast is all about passionately empowering college students, twenty somethings and young adults with overwhelming amounts of truth, enthusiasm and opportunity using the mediums of entrepreneurship and self-mastery! In your teens, you were a hopeless idealist. You had lofty goals with no foundation to support them whatsoever. Well, the 20s mark a phase when so ...
You're in your 20s, We're in our 20s. Join us as we discuss the best ways to live out this us: r20spodcast@gmail.cominstagram: @r20schi
Welcome to the Impeccable 20 somethings podcast, where amazing things happen.
Podcast by Twenty(20)Somethings Podcast
While undergoing one of the toughest year of my life, I sought out guidance and yearned for someone or something that I could identify with to get through those times. Often, I would be met with information that didn’t quite relate to me and left feeling unfilled at times . Due to these results, I decided to express myself as a way of releasing that energy. This podcast will discuss things that we as “20 Something year olds” experience (20-29),to express the things that we don’t say out loud ...
For 20 Something
A podcast for 20 somethings who don't get it either.Follow us @For20something on twitteror email us at
Ever want to know what a 20 something thinks? You’ve come to the right place.
How do you fill up an empty resume? What if your manager doesn't like you? How do you talk to a CEO without embarrassing yourself? Observe, Absorb, and Copy is a weekly show hosted by Dre (@dreozco) about the new rules of work from 20-somethings that are figuring it out. Through interviews, simple advice, and real-life stories from Millennials and Gen X'ers, this is a show about graduating, jobs, and growing up for people that have no idea what they're doing.
Constantly living in your overdraft? Occasionally still drunk texting your second most recent ex? Haven't quite worked out how to build that BILLY bookcase you bought last month? The Debrief podcast is here to help you navigate your 20s, one life crisis at a time. We haven't got it all figured out either, but each week Stevie and Tessa will be taking advice from experts, grown-ups who've been there and you, The Debrief reader. If the thought of becoming a proper adult fills you with dread, t ...
Learn how to tackle a life with multiple jobs and projects. Hear Molly Beck, a member of the side hustle generation, interview guests who are climbing the ladder of corporate success and managing an entrepreneurial venture on top of their day jobs. If you have a side hustle, want to start a side hustle, or just want to hear some good advice, this is the podcast for you.
“Unmapped" is a travel podcast about getting off the beaten path and discovering new experiences near and far. Millennial travel blogger Angelina Zeppieri takes you along on her adventures, and sits down with global nomads and fellow wanderers around the world. From Uncover Studios. New episodes every other Wednesday.
Learn how to tackle a life with multiple jobs and projects. Hear Molly Beck, a member of the side hustle generation, interview guests who are climbing the ladder of corporate success and managing an entrepreneurial venture on top of their day jobs. If you have a side hustle, want to start a side hustle, or just want to hear some good advice, this is the podcast for you.
A 20-something quilter podcasts about her exploits in quilting, crafting and dog agility with her corgis
Gaming, News, and other interesting topics all discussed here on our weekly podcast.
“Unmapped" is a travel podcast about getting off the beaten path and discovering new experiences near and far. Millennial travel blogger Angelina Zeppieri takes you along on her adventures, and sits down with global nomads and fellow wanderers around the world. From Uncover Studios. New episodes every other Wednesday.
A smart & funny weekly audio series about sex, love, and dating from 4 black feminist 20 somethings living in NYC.
This Is A Podcast!
Every week, Thomas and Kristi, a couple of 20'something young lovers, poke fun at the state of the world, in a way most wouldn't.Hardly the voices of a generation.Available everywhere you are!
Well, We Tried
Well, We Tried is a podcast centered being a 20-something woman in today's world - and to make you feel a little less crazy. Hosted by Jessica Alsman and Grace Yinger.
A weekly podcast where three 20-somethings each bring a topic to the table, whether superficial or heartfelt, in an attempt to make sense of the quarter life crisis we all seem to go through.
Quarter Lyfe Crisis
Rachel and Natasha are not girls, not yet women trying to navigate their mid-twenties in Los Angeles along with the help of each other and their guests.
Lost in the Shuffle
Three young 20-somethings share with you the expertise you need to make it through your own 20-somethings. New episodes every other Friday!
Welcome to Friday Night In the podcast about two 20-something gals who are bad at life, love and podcasting. Tune in every Friday!
A 20-something named Olivia visits an abandoned town that is said to be filled with monsters.
A podcast where Hannah, Laura, Tom, and Possum, four 20 something Kiwis, make words near microphones.
A podcast for those trying to navigate life as a young adult. Conversations consisting of adulting fails, pursuing passions, dreaming big dreams, and reminders that you're not alone as we try to live a life of purpose.
Pints & Mics
Pints & Mics is a Podcast by Philippe Lazaro & Chris Ward. Conversations between Philippe and Chris can go deep and personal or completely ridiculous and lighthearted, and they can also oscillate between the two at the drop of a hat. So can their Podcast. Chris and Philippe discuss everything from the newlywed life, to career paths, to matters of social justice, and anything in between or beyond. In short, it’s the sort of conversation you might enjoy with a great friend over a good beer.
I'm Not Sure
Weirdly honest thoughts from a 20-something female in Kansas.
Two trans 20somethings talk about horror movies! Blair is a longtime fan, and Sara is a new convert to the genre.
Mostly Lit
Join 20-somethings Alex Reads, Rai, and Derek Owusu, in their journey to keep up with the millennial experience, while exploring the intersection between literature, wellness and pop-culture. Tune in weekly as they discuss everything that is ‘lit’ in a fun and insightful way! #ShowDemBooksManager and Executive Producer Clarissa PabiContact us
All Work All Play
All Work All Play is a podcast challenging young professionals to find happiness at work & in life
Advice about Life Lessons and Life Journeys
Broken to Barbell
Three 20-somethings' podcast to (almost) greatness
A younger take on politics, faith, and freedom... as one of the youngest talk-show hosts in the country, Mike Slater defines "Generation Blaze", and encourages other 20-somethings to take personal responsibility, and dedicate themselves to constitutional principles. Mike Slater is live on TheBlaze Radio Network, every Saturday from 3p - 6p et.
How to do Your 20's is a podcast about learning how to optimize and squeeze every last drop of awesomeness out of your 20's. We explore diverse topics that such as traveling, dating, life hacking and how to optimize just about every aspect of life that a 20 something would be interested in improving.
We are two 20-somethings who love thought-provoking, women-focused pop-culture.
Take Heart
Podcast for female Christian 20-somethings!
Jo Jakeyra
The life of a 20 something 🤷🏾‍♀️
Fits + Starts
An ongoing conversation about work, internet culture, and what it means to be a mindful 20-something at the beginning of your career.
Rated Partially Grown-Up is a podcast where we (a group of 20 something years olds) watch kid movies to see if its just nostalgia or if they are any good.
A new politics podcast by three Midwest 20-somethings, tackling politics from a fresh and new perspective.
We're a podcast called Listening to Riding the Movies. We talk about Universal Studios. We're 20-somethings who are lost in life.
The musings of Midwestern 20-somethings and their friends
A podcast about the trials of being 20-something.
A range of topics from mid-late 20 something’s
Spill It
Pop culture musings from a Drake obsessed 20 something
The Mia G. Podcast
20-something-year-old figuring it out slowly but surely. Enjoy this mixture of light-hearted, funny, thoughtful, and well real ass conversations. Welcome to the Mia G. Podcast! New episodes coming back at the end of June.
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Back in 2012 and '13, on the corner of W. 4th St. and Broadway in New York City, a bunch of confused but mostly enthusiastic 20-somethings sat in an old Tower Records and watched every baseball game of the entire major league season. It was called the MLB Fan Cave, where Ashley and Ben met each other and where they met Mina Park (formerly of Fo ...…
Hay Friend, Ready to be blessed? Of course, you are! On this episode, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Oladoyin Oladapo, a 20 something that is the definition of a world changer. Doyin is the creator of Idunnu Studios, multicultural children’s content company. Her goal is to change the landscape of children’s content by creating culturally ...…
In the stark desert wasteland populated by a broken humanity driven by survival, a group of 20 something year-old friends make the best of a bad situation. In a future where society has definitely gone on a break, these friends still laugh, cry, fall in love, and hide from maniacal motorcycle gangs.Read The Script Here: ...…
Meanwhile, at the Nick and Mit Headquarters... The NFL adds a rule about the anthem protests which inspired the power ranking this week. Also gambling on sports is made legal nationwide, Cavs struggle against Boston, and the Knights and Capitals face off for Lord Stan The Man. -- Nick & Mit Hate Sports is a podcast based loosely on being a fan ...…
Who are we fighting against? The universe or other humans...
DaLyah talks sex, black, Southern identity, life advice for those 20-somethings and how to not get fired from Burger King with her own mom in this short bonus episode.
It's no secret that company cultures have changed massively in the last 10, 20, 30 years. As a result, so has the required approach for the 20-something year old in landing his or her dream job (or any job).I sit down with Uber's Engagement Officer, Dive Shae to talk about his approach to landing a job at an innovative, and forward looking comp ...…
There’s a reason Roberto Gil’s designs are known to fit effortlessly in any space, as if the simple birch plywood and pop of color were built for each customer’s personal home. Gil has a masters in architecture from Harvard, so he was thinking about rooms long before what to put in them. “I’m an architect for kids, not just a furniture designer ...…
When I thought to myself, "what is the best release schedule that'll keep people interested and current with comic news," I decided, "as sporadic as possible." With that in mind, after 20 something days of no releases, I have decided that people needed to hear my angelic voice again. In this episode, we briefly talk about Infinity War. Primaril ...…
Are your 20 somethings a good time to prepare for the future or should you live in the moment? Hear the girls thoughts.Plus Meek Mills is out! Article: Business:Follow our new insta at :melaninvoicespodcastAnd visit our new dope website at :melaninvoices.comHave an a ...…
What's the best way to speak to teenagers? How about asking one? I reveal top tips passed on to me by a teenager. He gave me ideas based on a recent sermon by a 20-something who connected much better with our teenagers than most of us. Thank you for listening this podcast. Please add your comments on this week’s topic. We learn best when we lea ...…
Justin and Lindsay take on Reality Bites (1994), the film that honed in on the life struggles of love, the future, and defining the Generation X crowd, 20-somethings and slacker-types of the 1990s. Ben Stiller’s directorial debut, as well as pivotal moments in the careers of the main cast, including Winona Ryder and Janeane Garofalo. Picks of t ...…
Hi. Power Ranking this week is yet another nostalgia one. This episode was recorded on 5/3/17. Sorry for the late post but you love me still right guys? :) -- Nick & Mit Hate Sports is a podcast based loosely on being a fan of sports, observing and reacting to news happening in the world of sports, and giving the freshest hot takes in the sport ...…
We discuss how our April's went, Kevin's was half lit. IG: @r20schiemail:
What does marriage mean to you? Depending on who you ask, in what society, in what culture, in what place you ask the answer will most likely be different. For most, the first concepts, ideas, and notions of marriage you get are from your parents. Oversimplifying things a bit, you could say if your parents had a good marriage, then you would be ...…
‘Nice’ is a new indie pilot from director Andrew Ahn (Spirit Award/Sundance winner for his debut film ‘Spa Night’) and creator/star Naomi Ko (‘Dear White People’).The new half hour series is a touching coming of age story about Teddy Park, a 20-something Korean American living in Minnesota, who must deal with the consequences of keeping her bre ...…
We are hanging out with Author Harriette P. Barron to discuss her book The Conversion of the Thug. This book chronicles the journey of Sampson Sweeny. The 20 something year old former gang member has just given his life to Christ. However, he is haunted by his former life choices. Sampson is on a collision course with a devastating generational ...…
Congrats to all of the college grads! This track is all about giving the advice I wish I heard on graduation day. Enjoy :)
Want to create opportunities for yourself that you couldn’t even dream of? You need to listen to his. Hayden went from shy, anxious 20 something guy to thought leader, renowned public speaker, successful entrepreneur and podcaster. The catalyst for his success? Asking questions. You can find Hayden’s website here & his book here For links to al ...…
Sorry for the break between episodes, but we are back! Well at least Axel had some time to record an episode. This is a full solo episode breaking down the Nuggets chances to make the playoffs, NBA Playoff seeding, and the first golf Major of the year, The Masters!! A personal favorite of mine, and a highly anticipated one with the return of El ...…
In this episode, Latesha and Tiana have some sound advice for 20-somethings on how to prepare for their 30s. We talk about everything from learning to say no to taking care of your skin. Your 20s is the time to make mistakes, travel alone, learn to cook and find your BFF4L. How You Birthday in Your 30s Tiana just celebrated her 32nd birthday at ...…
Where have we been? Listen to our March recapIG:
This is the third time we’ve tried to record this 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣
Episode Notes Welcome to His Fault, Her Problem! Each week; hosts Chari and Eboni sit down with black men and figure out what the problem really is! How come black men and black women just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to love, dating, and marriage? This week, Devin and Jovaun stopped by Detroit is Different Studios to talk about “Si ...…
EPISODE SNEAK PEEK " There is so much power in sharing the mess along the way too because hello - we are messy humans. We are not this picture perfect wrapped in a present version of ourselves. We are constantly going through it and if we don't believe that there is strength in that, then how can other people feel that it's ok to not have their ...…
On the road trip from Georgia to Florida Topics Podcast What makes you feel comfortable with a person (significant others) What is the hardest thing about making up with your ex * telling your friends * Being played again A women’s worth is not measured by how much she can endure from a man .
From a struggling bartender on the Jersey shore to a top producer in her profession in just two years’ time, Ciji Siddons took control of her life by helping others take control of theirs. As a a lost and unfulfilled 20something in 2012, Ciji embraced a networking marketing opportunity and has impacted thousands of lives physically, financially ...…
Andy flys solo for the first time in 20-something episodes. In this instant classic episode he discusses what it means to be a Chicagoan, the final week of the CF Open, and speaks on the residual effects of mindfulness in life as pertaining to love.
A heart to heart on how to bring value to others and elevate your self to a level of success you never dreamed of. Peter catches everyone up on his crazy March and shares his beliefs on the best way to bring value to others.
Podcast highlights: 03:10 An introduction to the book Shenzhen Superstars by Johan Nylander and the story of Silicon Valley veteran Scotty Allen 17:10 Is the shift to Asia a real thing and will Shenzhen be the new New York? What's hype and what's reality in the emergence of one of the most exciting megacities in the world? 37:55 The Greater Bay ...…
Instagram:_keyo_keyo @anesiasaunders
Hey There! This episode is all about online dating. We look at the general nature of online dating as well as where is falls short compared to face-to-face communication. We also meet Juan. He's a late-20something who has all but given up on finding love in the digital arena. Find out what being single in 2018 is like for a guy who describes hi ...…
Welcome to You Go Girl! A podcast for those 20 somethings, created by two 20 somethings. Grab your snacks and tea as we indulge in girl talk, share self-care tips, and empower our sisters! Got a question, a business you want to share, or a discussion topic? Email us at Follow our instagram pages: @YGG_ATL @Darkskin_Beauu ...…
Home About Ministries News and Events Sermons Contact Judge and Jury [avia_codeblock_placeholder uid="15"] Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Pinterest Share by Mail How did this message impact you? Share your testimony Private I agree to the terms and conditions laid out in the Privacy Policy * Manuscript: Introductio ...…
IN THIS EPISODE: Georgie Morley is the creative mind behind In It 4 The Long Run Blog as well as the Chasing Joy Podcast. Her blog and podcast are geared towards badass babes who are on a mission to live a joyful life. Today’s conversation is filled with soulful insights and lots of laughs. We are diving into mindset shifts to kick scarcity tho ...…
We learn more about Jay's job. Dave goes to a wedding. Is Jay too old to be hanging with 20 somethings? And is a face tattoo on a woman just a another bullseye? We discuss Jay has seen Annihilation in preparation for the review coming at the film's international release. Dave revisits some 80's horror classics like Night of the Creeps and John ...…
Technically Ricki and Jake are on vacation this week, BUT they pre-recorded an episode for you so you wouldn't miss them so much! This week's all about friendships. They tell a couple stories about "bad/mediocre" friends, along with a story by a caller, Jackie, who had a recent issue with a friend of a friend. They also talk about the time Rick ...…
Listen to Henry Wangs incredible story of how he pivoted a failed business idea into a multi million dollar industry disruptor. In this episode we talk about the challenges of entrepreneurship and starting a business as well as online poker, how to kill it in sales, and the definition of success.
Join host Jacqueline Jax for Behind the Music interviews featuring the newest single from each artist broadcasting live from our South Florida studio. We discuss topics of Music Business, social media music marketing, songwriting and what's happening in the business from the perspective of the indie artist. This is where you hear how indie arti ...…
We’re talking exercise over 50. Ever wonder whether those hard-bodied 20-something personal trainers have any idea what it’s like to work out with aches and pains? Or how much exercise you really need? Exercise physiologist Andrew Wolf has the answers – and you may just want to get out there and take a walk after you hear him! Exercise over 50 ...…
Episode 45 features an interview with Paul Sohn. Paul is a leadership coach, speaker, and author. Formerly employed by both a Fortune 50 company and a Top 100 Great Place to Work Company, he the founder and CEO of QARA, an organization committed to empowering twenty-somethings to discover their God-given identity and calling. Paul is the best-s ...…
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