Best 2d6 podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Humorous politically incorrect conversations!
A video game-oriented podcast that isn't afraid to dabble in discussion of other nerdy media. Which, I guess means we're not really a games podcast, huh? Well, I got nothing.
Season 3: Fred Hicks (publisher) and Chris Hanrahan (retailer) talk about gaming, the hobby industry, marketing, customer service, retail, and more.
Podcast – Sam Awry
In August of 2014, Sam Birnbaum went to Japan to teach English for a year. This is his story.
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MP3 Download In this episode, Rasen and Zach discuss everyone’s favorite beefy boy. Start – Resident Evil (2019) 17:30 – God Eater 3 Action Demo 22:50 – Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes 38:20 – Random Zelda Talk 44:00 – Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan 1:11:00 – Broly: Second Coming 1:18:45 – Bio-Broly 1:24:00 – Dragon Ball Super: Broly Sp ...…
MP3 Download We’re back… again! Start – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 15:45 – Ghost in the Shell 28:40 – Castlevania Season 2 40:00 – Titans and Television 1:03:45 – Let’s Talk About 2018 As Gamers 1:13:00 – The Missing & Swery Talk 1:25:00 – Vita/Xbox Discussion 1:50:00 – Capture Card Talk 2:03:00 – Emails…
We discover that smoking weed is much safer than drinking water! Write to us at:
We talk about how is European WMH community with Dr. Norbert Brunhuber. We discuss the size of the meta and what is going on around the game. Also BAHI Europe ;)Hosts: Marcin, Rafa?, Tomasz, Norbert
We delve deep into the Baseball archives and find out about Ugly Dickshot, Urban Shocker, and how to use urine to win the game! Write to us at:
We devise the greatest smartphone app ever by combining Grindr and Pokemon Go! Write to us at:
…and now, a collection of stuff that didn’t make it to other podcasts, including: a salute to VHS, the city of Festus, an innovative way to improve all sports, and much more! Write to us at:
We delve into the incredible world of celebrity body part insurance! Write to us at:
We enjoy three exciting tales of dog poo! Write to us at:
We attempt to rationalise paranormal urine phenomena! Write to us at:
We enjoy tales of pugilistic glory! Write to us at:
We uncover the history of Cricket and the truth behind the 9/11 attacks! Write to us at:
We give you great dietary advice and contemplate becoming a cooking show… Write to us at:
We talk about the WTC tournament and have a lot of hot takes on the available statistics. Also Rafa? Explains what is "Golden Tought" in polish.Hosts: Marcin, Rafal and Tim
We hear a tale of explosive sewage and explore the Western Treatment Plant - the happiest place on earth! Write to us at:
We finally watch and review the Justice League movie, hear a witty tale of Dickensian poverty, and enjoy jokes from East Germany! Write to us at:
We talk about WTC lists, the WTC statystics and Marcin tries to joke. Hosts: Rafa?, Tomasz, Marcin.
On this episode we discuss the recent Swedish 3 day convention: Battle at Lund along with the tournaments hosted there. We go thru Simon's games (Masters winner), Tomasz's games (Team tournament winner along Simon and Mateusz), we also invite Johan Dyrlind (top Swedish Skorne player) and Norbert Brunhuber (the one and only) to go into detail an ...…
MP3 Download It’s been awhile. Start – Embarassing Broly Story 12:00 – Tennessee Speculation Part 1 (…and nothing heart) 22:30 – Rasen’s New Laptop 37:00 – PlayStation VR 55:00 – Dungeons & Dragons DnD 5e West Marches Discord Campaign 1:20:45 – Detroit: Become Human 1:26:00 – Bloodstained & Sonic 1:33:00 – No Man’s Sky 1:35:00 – Castle Rock & D ...…
MP3 Download In this episode, DEVIL MAY CRY 5 AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I’m joined by Matt, Antinomy, and Jake to talk about E3 2018. Sorry we lost the first half of our recording! Start – Bethesda/Devolver Digital 7:10 – Square Enix 9:40 – Ubisoft 19:30 – Limited Run Games 22:00 – PC Game Show/Sony 45:00 – Nintendo Direct 1:06:00 – Emails — WAFP ON ITUN ...…
We talk about our games at EU Masters and Szczecin Masters, so if you want to hear lots of Circle and Minion talk join us :)Hosts: Tomasz and Marcin
MP3 Download In this episode, Rasen and Zach talk about Type-Moon and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What’s new? Start – The Motorcycle Incident 10:00 – Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel I. Presage Flower 27:25 – Tsukihime 34:50 – Zach’s MCU Catch-Up & Infinity War Spoilercast 1:33:35 – The Digital Future Sucks 1:43:15 – The Way of Kings/Brandon S ...…
We talk about Steamhorn Wars Masters tournament in Pozna? with Tomasz Tutaj. So basically Circle and Grymkin tournament report from the winner and second place holder. Hosts: Marcin, Tomasz, guest host: Tomasz Tutaj.
This time we talk about tournament preparation. How we prepare, how we decide on a list pair and how we tweak our lists. Hosts: Rafa?, Tomasz, Marcin.
We discover that Jabba the Hut has to shave and we attempt to comprehend the majesty of the Mofference! Write to us at:
MP3 Download In this episode, Rasen and Zach talk about how they spent their money and Rasen screws up the audio levels really bad (I’m sorry it won’t happen again!!!) Start – Discord Chats 5:30 – PS4 Pro & Switch Woes 30:00 – Wii Classic Controller Pro 39:00 – Rise of the Tomb Raider + Survival Vision Woes 1:00:00 – Yakuza 0 1:13:30 – Dragon B ...…
Bonus Episode! We talk about tournament Tomasz went to recently - Steam Storm. Hosts: Tomasz and Marcin
We uncover the salad oil scandal and discover that Jeans are the only pants acoustically tuned for rock ’n roll music. Write to us at:
We delve into the rich history of spam, english food, and golf etiquette. Write to us at:
So Tournament season is in full, this is why we have another tournament report episode. This time we talk about Rafal's Cryx and Tomasz Circle games. Also I tell not funny anegdote ;)Next time we will have a non turnament episode for sure! Hosts: Marcin, Rafal, Tomasz.
We discover that graffiti hasn’t really changed much over the course of civilisation! Write to us at:
We geek out over the making of Duke Nukem Forever, free speech, and the art of embezzlement! Write to us at:
We talk about Berlin Masters the Gobber Crown. We have planned to talk also about tournament preparation, but due to software malfunction we could not pick up this topic.Hosts: Marcin and Tomek
A heartfelt salute to Adobe Flash… and onion cake! Write to us at:
We talk about our recent Masters tournament in Pruszkow and new scenarios for CID SR2018.
MP3 Download In this episode, Rasen and Zach talk about games, movies, comics, game comics, comic movies, and more! Start – Unsolved Mysteries 11:10 – Kara no Kyoukai (again) 22:00 – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me 27:40 – Cloverfield Trilogy 45:30 – Black Panther 53:20 – Batman: The Long Halloween 1:09:10 – Bloodborne: The Comic Issue #1 1:18:00 ...…
We talk with guests from Privateer Press - Will Pagani and William Hungerford - about Crucible Guard. There are a lot of spoilers and we get to know about Reiless Interceptor and about caster riding in Reiless Interceptor!Are you #teamrailessinterceptor or #teamrocketmen ?Visit our FB Page for Railess Interceptor card: ...…
This time we talk about different personalities and how they influence our hobby. We based the Podcast on 4 personality colors theory: Red - Lider, Yellow - Sunny, Blue - Analyzer, Green - Creative/Helper. You will also find out what personalities are some of the prominent community members. At this point, I'd like to thank you all for contribi ...…
MP3 Download In this episode, Rasen and Zach come back to talk about a lot of TV. And some games. Start – New phone and car 4:20 – Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation 8:00 – Switch Game Catch-Up (Zelda, Skyrim, Sonic, Mario, Xenoblade 2 + More) 47:00 – Twin Peaks 1:06:00 – Unsolved Mysteries 1:23:20 – Smallville 1:38:30 – Kara no Kyoukai (again) ...…
We talk about 2d6 ConQuest we hav recently been to and try to do a bit of Current Meta Analysis with ConQuest Invitational winner Patrick Dunford.
So we talk about how our year 2017 in WMH went and what we have planned for 2018. Also a bit of various warmachine talk and we discuss couple of ATC lists.
MP3 DOWNLOAD In this episode, Rasen and Zach are joined by Matt to once again talk about Xenoblade and Star Wars! The Last Jedi is here, and we’re ready to give our hot takes. Start – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 12:00 – The Runaways, Twin Peaks, and Smallville 22:20 – Begotten 26:30 – UPlay is BAD 34:30 – The Last Jedi 2:34:00 – Emails WAFP ON ITUNE ...…
So this podcast is full of Circle Orboros talk. We have invited Tomasz, who recently won a Masters tournament with Circle and done it after playing Warmachine and Hordes all 8 months! Spoiler alert, he has beasted quite a few accomplished players at this tournament so congratulations Tomasz! You can see the tournament details here including the ...…
We discover the greatest “Yo Mamma” joke of all time, realise that the number of urinating penises in any room should be kept at a minimum, and take to the seas on the “Abortion Boat”! Write to us at:
MP3 DOWNLOAD In this episode, Rasen and Zach join you LIVE to talk about weeb garbage movies, regular movies, and regular weeb garbage. Start – Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower 9:45 – Thor: Ragnarok 23:00 – .hack//G.U. Last Recode & Roots 36:20 – Super Mario Odyssey 44:15 – Sonic Forces 1:03:30 – Heat Signature 1:19:30 – Plays ...…
We talk about one of the biggest European WM&H Cons, our experience there and our games.Fun fact, our first episode of Boxcars was created right after we came back from ClogCon 2016, so it's kind of 1st year anniversary of our podcast :)
We learn that for $50K we can rent Gene to go anywhere in the world for 2 hours - now all that’s left is to decide what to do with him, and where! Write to us at:
We discover similarities between L Ron Hubbard and Lionel Huts; that doing scientology feels like Elmer Fudd going hunting; and that we were all clams in out past lives! Write to us at:
Rafa? tells us about his games at Czech Masters and how he managed to win the even with his Cryx. We also talk a bit about current state of the meta and if Cryx needs a biti ballancing.We also call out to PP so they finally make such great event like Warmachine Weekend in Europe, becouse we also want to have some fun :D…
We read the ultimate secret of the Scientology religion: The OT3 Xenu story. WARNING: You will get pneumonia! Write to us at:
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