Best 2nd amendment podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Talking Lead
Official Home of Talking Lead
A show of 3 geeks disscuing passions from technology and video games. To firearms, design, history, and testing.
Gun Funny
Gun podcast
Matter of Facts
In this podcast, we will attempt to provide some information and thoughtful discussion about a range of topics including: firearms and the 2nd Amendment, prepping, self defense/home defense, politics in the United States, and current events.
The Law of Self Defense Podcast is an occasional podcast hosted by Attorney Andrew F. Branca, an internationally-recognized expert in US self-defense law. Each week he will explore various interesting facets of the laws governing the use of force in self-defense, including illustrating key legal principles, examining recent self-defense statutory changes and court decisions, and answering audience questions. Feel free to propose topic suggestions at:
Bear Arms Show
The Bear Arms Show is your weekly source for 2nd Amendment news and commentary delivered in a fun, entertaining way. The focus is on efforts to protect, and restore, the right to keep and bear arms. Also featured are interviews with leaders and newsmakers in the 2nd Amendment community. The show is hosted by brothers, John and Michael Willett. They are veterans of the U.S Military and lifelong firearms enthusiasts.
Individual segments from the Polite Society Podcast Released on a daily basis
Officially launched on 30 April, 2016, ModState is a centrist economic & sociopolitical magazine committed to editorial and multimedia coverage of current events ruled by the following ethos: all non-violent views are welcome at the proverbial table. This decidedly alien concept is the intellectual lighthouse guiding your host (the magazine's Associate Editor) Nate Wellein and his counterpart (Managing Editor) Jonny DeViney amidst the neurotic onslaught of filth in and around what somehow ma ...
Patriot Defense Radio
Guns freedom liberty 2nd amendment
Pushing aside the steady stream of MisInformation concerning guns,their use, and the 2nd Amendment.
Is it reasonable to say that either the Democrats or Republicans are 100% right on every issue? Today's Media has become nothing more than a biased and deceptive competition between Liberals and Conservatives to promote their agenda. In today's society if you want to hear the Liberal view, you tune into MSNBC. if your interest is Conservative, then your TV is tuned into FOX. And finally, if you want a more diverse view, your choice is most likely CNN. Even though they are also left leaning.T ...
CIVILIAN CARRY RADIO is a podcast that focuses the importance of the 2nd amendment, firearms safety, education, training and mindset.
News Aggregate, Editorials, Podcasts and More Focused on Tilting the Balance of Power Toward Individuals and Free Associations
Minnesota gun politics, and 2nd amendment updates
Commentary on law enforcement and knowing your rights, current affairs involving racial issues, the 2nd Amendment and more... all with a focus on empowering individuals rather than "the state," this is David Clarke: The People's Sheriff!
A podcast focusing on concealed carry issues, focusing on, but not limited to Wisconsin.
Tap in to the unscripted conversation with Bill Combs & Jeff Newton, entrepreneurs and founders of and Flashbang Creative, for lively and unfiltered discussion about what it takes to succeed in today's world. They disclose their first hand experiences as Firearms Industry professionals, running a successful ecommerce firearms dealer website, as well as their web development agency. Topics we discuss include: Small Business, Marketing, Digital Presence, Social Media, C ...
Rant is a talk show where you the listener can voice your opinion on any subject.
A 2ndAmendment Self Defense Shooting Sports Podcast-Part of the Self Defense Radio Network!
Jon Weiler's Podcast
Jon Weiler, owner of Professional Marksmen Inc. and creator of the Survival Trial, discusses training opportunities, the firearms industry and our fundamental human rights.
Root of the Issue
*** Important *** Due to Blogtalk causing our debit card to be blocked several times we are putting the call in show on hold. We have made several attempts to get help on the issue from blogtalk, but this didn't achieve anything. We are going to try livestreaming on youtube instead. Roundtable discussions on philosophy, politics, and reality in general from a voluntarist perspective.Call in and join the discussion Wed 10pm EST: (347) 945-6212
Good Evening-He Lied
Activists & Airplanes
The NEW official BTR show for tea party activist and organizer Eric Odom.
New Jerseys first and only Urban Defense, 2nd Amendment, gun and knife related talk show. Host Master Firearms Trainer Anthony Colandro and guests give expert advice about defending yourself, your home and your family in an Urban Environment. First time gun owners as well as security and law Enforcement professionals will enjoy news, current events and lively no-holds-bared discussions on gun-ban policies that effect urban and suburban gun owners, as well equipment reviews, and gun rights an ...
A weekly hour long radio show in Georgia dealing with firearms and 2nd Amendment issues.
Proof Negative
The Proof Negative Show will discuss Current Events everyone else is too scared to talk about: Microchips, Chemtrails, and Thumbscans. Mix in some comedy, sports, and the "Stupid News of the Week", and you have Proof Negative.Proof Negative ALWAYS has Proof.
The Right Central is dedicated to providing the truth and ONLY the truth. Your Host, Ish Bolano, will micro-analyze and talk about the Nasty World called Politics. What our listeners can NEVER forget is that the truth was never meant to be pretty. Going into anything with an open-mind has proven to excel people farther than closed ones. This show is meant to tick a few people off . . . But that's fine, call the show @ (929) 477-2212
Live over the airwaves (on WNIR 100.1 fm and that is a Q&A related to personal protection, the 2nd amendment, guns, the shooting sports industry. Recorded live on sundays at 7:00 pm est. Listen to the Podcasts, catch us live, or email in your questions to be covered on the next show. Check out our rust defense items at Our discussions include guns, pepperspray, defensive techniques, concealed carry, NRA, firearms, safety and a ...
PODCAST about self defense, personal protection, The 2nd Amendment…
American Gun
2nd amendment news and politics. Tip on concealed carry. Firearms and Gear reviews.
Kate Krueger is the top female gun radio expert and now hosts her new podcast KKTGRadio coming to you Monday at noon. So listen up as she uploads her new interviews, reviews and more. Named “Annie Oakley of the airwaves” by one of her guests she addresses all things related to firearms including products, books, politics, shooting sports & events, training, hunting and more. She also talks about survival and preparedness, accessories, and other peripheral topics related to the outdoors and t ...
A Pro gun pro 2nd Amendment podcast. FailureToFeed is a podcast that covers topics including guns, gear and the 2nd Amendment.
Our Constitution
Michael Connelly is a retired attorney and a U.S. Army Veteran. He received his Juris Doctorate degree from Louisiana State University in 1973 and practiced law in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for 26 years and currently lives in Canton, Texas. He specialized in Constitutional law during his practice and handled cases involving the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th Amendments of the Constitution. He currently is the Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation, a constitutional l ...
A group of Texans coming together to discuss 2nd Amendment related issues and current events.
Max Gunner
A place to talk about gun, shooting sports, 2nd amendment and shooting news. | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
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Welcome to Fallacious Trump, the podcast where we use the insane ramblings of an orange man-baby to explain logical fallacies. In the second episode we explore the Straw Man Fallacy, with examples from Trump talking about the 2nd amendment and abortion rights, and we discuss how to combat the Straw Man fallacy in an argument. In Mark's UK Polit ...…
This week, Elizabeth and Tiffany talk about the Pacific Legal Foundation's big First Amendment win and Ginsburg bench slapping the 2nd Circuit. They also interview Utah Supreme Court Justice Tom Lee about corpus linguistics, clerking for Justice Thomas and Judge Wilkinson, and family dinner with Rex Lee.…
On this episode we are joined by Marine Corps Veteran, Trump supporter, and staunch 2nd amendment defender, ...
Ep 8 of Out of Order Gun Rights Podcast Shari Spivack Chief Range Safety officer, NRA Certified Instructor, and founder of S.A.W 2nd amendment women
Hour 1 Remembering D-Day...commemorating how Americans earned our freedom...privileged with access...doing our own homework online ...Civil asset forfeiture of history's past? ...A campaign in the making?...Starbucks CEO eyes 2020 presidential run...does he have a chance? ...Utah congressional candidate Chris Herrod (R) joins Glenn to discuss h ...…
Hard Lens Media Radio Episode 53rd June 2nd 2018To learn more about Hard Lens Media click this link. us on Patreon Shout out to Lauran Hon! She was a key investigator and researcher for many of our projects. She will be missed and the entire team from Hard Lens M ...…
There will be 2 podcasts for today. I will title them part 1 and part 2.The APS Show! Friday edition..part 1:ep 134 notes: Warning: This podcast MAY offend so if you are easily offended? please don't listen! just know? I support freedom of speech for Christians, conserves, libertarians, liberals, gays, straights, blacks, whites, and yes even co ...…
In this episode we discuss what freedom means when it comes to the 2nd amendment.
Host Ronn Owens spoke with firearms expert and former US Special Forces and US Navy Seal, Rob Pincus about the recent changes in the 2nd Amendment. The Ronn Owens Report is every Monday through Friday at 12:50 pm, 3:50 pm and 9:50 pm.
Check this bonus episode out as we go live on location for the Alpha Dog Firearms one year anniversary. We do interviews with Tony, who happens to be one of the owners and also a Veteran. We also run into old friends and discuss all things guns, 2nd amendment and freedom!
Honoring Heroic Officer's Mark Dallas and John Barnes, tragedy, smarten the hell up America, thinking for yourself, being brutally honest with how successful things are working. 2nd Amendment.
In this podcast, we talk about gun violence, gun control laws, the 2nd amendment, the mass shooter profile, and conditions and factors that play into this epidemic.
Episode 317 Articles: Meat Rabbits – What You Need to Know About Raising Rabbits for Meat Fight Back! -- Defending the Second Amendment Mentioned in this Episode: Micro Biz. Biz – Finally Advance Your Preparedness Goals Items of Interest: Legacy Foods – Quality Long Term Food Join the FREE FB Group! Connect on – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Rem ...…
Be Careful How You Chew Your Pop Tart!!
Dick's Sporting Goods doubling-down on their anti-2nd Amendment stance. Gas Prices - ABC's Cheri Preston. Supreme Court goes all-in on Sports Gaming.
Thursday, May 10th: ISIS Leaders Captured - President Trump stated the top five leaders of ISIS have been captured. Further details on the victory are to follow. Stateside, VP Pence tells Mueller it’s time to end his Russia probe. Joining today’s infowar is citizen-journalist Laura Loomer discussing her fight against the far-left. Also, liberta ...…
Second episode in series on gun control. In Part 2 I'll answer the question of what kinds of guns are protected by the 2nd Amendment, and I'll explain how the 14th Amendment and due process apply to gun control laws. Music from Jukedeck - create your own at NYT Article: ...…
EPISODE 3 – NRA DAY, 1: THE SUPPORTERS MAY 8, 2018 if ( typeof UNCODE !== "undefined" ) UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-476525")); Eric and Hope visit the NRA Convention in Dallas, Texas. Hear from the supporters of the second amendment and why they think it’s important to attend the convention. Hope speaks to the owners of compa ...…
2 million Americans actually have no running water in the US | Cary & Mercy ping-pong the nuances of the 2nd Amendment | Foods that heal | Turkey bans all LGBT, countrywide, during global Pride season.
This is the final episode this season. Recorded at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, with the entire Sheriff of Baghdad and Gunfighter U team. We discuss the following topics: - What the NRA does to protect the 2nd Amendment - Protecting Schools - Smart Concealed Carry - Fake Police Badges In New Mexico - The NRA Show / Shot Show - GFU Members ...…
Hour 1 Is Trump Derangement Syndrome spreading?...'it's rarely contagious'...Ingredients needed for cure of T.D.S. your friends and family...Dramatic reading of the Golden State Killer...Glenn tormented his sister when he was younger...Uploading your DNA....New technologies in solving crimes...If Hitler were alive today...the dangers of ...…
From the Korea where you can have a firearm if you keep it locked up at the local police station and from the state where an AR-15 is the participation medal at your kid’s soccer game, this is MēMē Call. In this episode, Paul and Wayne take a stroll down Second Amendment history lane as they dissect this highly debated vision of the Forefathers ...…
Episode 30: Host Tony McDonald is joined by Ross Kecseg to discuss what was learned from a forensic audit of a North Texas ISD. Brandon Waltens discusses the recent anti-2nd Amendment school walkouts. Also Part 1 of Tony’s interview with Tim Dunn about the biblical roots of self governance and Michael Quinn Sullivan has a commentary. Corruption ...…
2nd Amendment rights, YETI and the NRA
This April we'll be showered with more misguided student walkouts and other "teen-led" gun control activism displays. Shortly after releasing Podcast #552: #ENOUGH – With Thaddeus Russell I received an email from a public school teacher who wished to remain anonymous.Hi Brett, I am an elementary school teacher and a relatively new listener to y ...…
This April we'll be showered with more misguided student walkouts and other "teen-led" gun control activism displays. Shortly after releasing Podcast #552: #ENOUGH – With Thaddeus Russell I received an email from a public school teacher who wished to remain anonymous.Hi Brett, I am an elementary school teacher and a relatively new listener to y ...…
Conor McGregor Eats Babies! Spot-on pro 2nd Amendment speech in North Carolina. Deep State causing Big Trouble - CBS' Mike Lyons. New Super Bacteria on the loose? - ABC's Ryan Burrow.
Tuesday, April 3rd: Caravan at the Gates - The organizer of an illegal alien invasion promises to continue northward to America. Trump says Congress must take action immediately to secure the border. The president will cut foreign aid to all countries involved. Joining today’s show is political commentator Dr. Jerome Corsi to discuss his inside ...…
The Triggered Warning Podcast is here to defend liberty, to speak about American exceptionalism, and to push back against the narratives pushed by the libtard forces throughout this great nation.Join host John a& Reggie as we discuss the the big stories in the news, our personal lives, and the craziness we see around us. On this episode we exam ...…
Hour 1 Now teen knife attacks are all the rage...the left are dreaming of a world without a 2nd Amendment?...London vs. New York; what’s going on?...violent crime in the United States is down across the board ...Pro-pools?...we have grown accustomed to certain causes of death; why? ...Fact: Millions of lives will be saved with self-driving cars ...…
Mike welcomes The 45th Podcast's Susan Simpson to the show, in Part II of The Politics Guys / The 45th Podcast host exchange. Mike and Susan open with a look at the shakeup at the VA, with Mike questioning the managerial qualifications of Ronny Jackson, President Trump's choice to take over for David Shulkin at the massive VA. Susan argues that ...…
The left does not know when to stop. They continue to push hatred of President Trump, the 2nd-Amendment and America, thinking it will somehow resurrect them to victory in the midterms. Meanwhile, Facebook and Google are being exposed for all their Orwellian data collection, and Robert Mueller is fully unhinged in his attempt to destroy anyones ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Mercy Seat Christian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Second Chances and Gun Control - 1 Samuel 13 Subtitle: 1 Samuel Speaker: Matthew Trewhella Broadcaster: Mercy Seat Christian Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 1/8/2017 Bible: 1 Samuel 13:19-22; 2 Kings 24:14,16 Length: 42 mi ...…
The NRA has received many more donations since the Parkland shooting. Are people more worried something will happen with the 2nd Amendment? And with Roseanne pulling great ratings, will more networks make shows aimed at conservatives? Plus Susan Rice is being considered for Netflix's board. Will you cancel your subscription as a result?…
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