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Avicii with Avicii Sessions
World Djs Electronic Podcast Radio Show
Fedde Le Grand with FLG Special's Editions
World Djs Electronic Podcast Radio Show
World Djs Electronic Podcast Radio Show
Miss Nine with Nine Sessions | Best Of Podcast
World Djs Electronic Podcast Radio Show
Kish Communications Official Podcast
World Djs Electronic Podcast Radio Show
Patrice Strike with Tronik'Show Special's Editions
World Djs Electronic Podcast Radio Show
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Berean Bible Ministries Podcast
1 Corinthians Ch. 1 V. 17 and 23, Ch. 2 V. 5. Where Should Our Faith Stand.
Third Line Plug Senscast
With Tim out of town for Thanksgiving weekend, Taylor had to take over as the primary host for this episode which resulted in a quickie episode for this week. Capitals 5 vs Senators 4Red Wings 2 v Senators 1
HTH Church
RUTH 2 V 1 - 12
October 8, 2017, 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 22) Theme: “The Family of God: Bearing Fruit For His Glory” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “Having received everything from God, let us make use of them that we might bear fruit for His glory.” Isaiah 5:1-7 Philippians 3:17-21 Psalm 80:7-14 Matthew 21: 33-44 1.(v.33-41) God has a right to ex ...…
In episode 23, Benjamin discusses three keys to fostering a work environment that breeds creativity. Show Notes Disney Institute recently featured an interesting read: 3 Keys to Fostering a Work Environment that Breeds Creativity. Being one of my favorite brands, I read on learn that at the Disney Institute, they believe that for an organizatio ...…
2011.09.04 - Ephesians #8 - Pulling The Handbrake - Ephesians 2v 4 - 5-Dave Tastard by Weekly Sermon from Wanganui East Baptist Church
Berean Bible Ministries Podcast
Acts Ch. 2 V. 37 and 38. Acts Ch. 8 V. 34 to 40. 1 Corinthians Ch. 1 V. 12 to 17. Why The One Baptism Matters.
September 17, 2017, 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 19) Theme: “The Family of God: Forgiving As We’ve Been Forgiven” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “Refusing to forgive others is to walk away from your own forgiveness.” Genesis 50:15-21 – God expects us to be merciful to others as He is merciful to us. Romans 14:9-12 Psalm 103:1-3;8-13 Mat ...…
First Time Watchers Podcast
Second Time Watchers is back! In which our intrepid trio try to avoid confrontation at all costs as we revisit a childhood classic of Hermanos. Yay/Nay (1:05) Ozark • King Arthur Legend Of The Sword • The Last Picture Show • Grand Illusion • Next • Movie Battle Royale (20:24) Vanilla Sky v The Royal Tenenbaums • Oceans 11 v X-Men • The Lion Kin ...…
Retailers are struggling to keep customers in their stores and shopping centers. As foot traffic declines, what can retailers do to improve their store performance? In episode 21, Benjamin shares his perspective on why retailers should embrace the showroom brand experience. Show Notes Traditional retailers have worried for years about the consu ...…
2017.09.10 - Revelation #7 - Tolerant Thyatira - Revelation 2 V 18 - 29 - Calvyn Jonker by Weekly Sermon from Wanganui East Baptist Church
September 10, 2017, 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 18) Theme: “The Family of God: Out To Win The Straying Brother” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “Love should be the motive in how we deal with our brother.” Ezekiel 33:7-11 Romans 13:8-14 Psalm 119:33-40 Matthew 18: 12-20 1.(v.12-14) God cares for all, even the straying. 2.(v.15-18) God he ...…
Sermons – KwaSizabantu Mission
Sunday service, Erlo Stegen, 10 Sep 2017 Luke 2 v 21 “On the eighth day, when it was time to circumcise the child, he was named Jesus, the name the angel had given him before he was conceived.” I have three points- • When 8 days were past • Before his circumcision • His name…
The sport of Calcio Storico dates back to before the dawn of time. Okay, maybe not that far, but it’s roots go wayyyyyy back. It has been dubbed the most dangerous (by some), most brutal (by many) sport in the world and it only happens in 3 games a year in Florence, Italy. Below you’ll find the cliffnotes on how the game is played, the rules an ...…
dps radio Podcast
N.W.A - Chin Check Wreckx Shop Wreckx-N-Effect Hot Sex (Intro Clean) A Tribe Called Quest Off The Books Big Pun County Line COOLIO Smooth CRAIG G Looseys Das EFX Mistadobalina Del Tha Funky Homosapien I Need A Girl (Part 2) (Audio1 Intro) (2V) Diddy ft Ginuwine and Loon 0 Gasoline E-40 You Gots To Chill EPMD The Illest Brother Gang Starr Let's ...…
2017.09.03 - Revelation #6 - Compromise With The World - Revelation 2 V 12- 17 - Micheal Newland by Weekly Sermon from Wanganui East Baptist Church
Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel
A new MP3 sermon from Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel is now available on with the following details: Title: Un Llamado A La Aadoracion A Dios Subtitle: Salmos Speaker: Ramon Covarrubias Broadcaster: Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel Event: Sunday Service Date: 9/3/2017 Length: 53 min. (64kbps) Overview: El salmo -95- es un llamado a la adora ...…
September 3, 2017, 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 17) Theme: “The Family of God: With Minds Set On His Interests” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “We should want to please Christ and not to offend Him.” Jeremiah 15:12-21 – God is willing to bless His people if we abide in His law. Romans 12: 9-21 – The things we say we believe, must be liv ...…
2017.08.27 - Revelation #5 - Crown Or Coffin - Revelation 2 V 8 - 12 - Dave Tastard.mp3 by Weekly Sermon from Wanganui East Baptist Church
2017.08.20 - Revelation #4- When Love Grows Cold - Revelation 2 V 1 - 7 Calvyn Jonker by Weekly Sermon from Wanganui East Baptist Church
August 20, 2017, 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 15) Theme: “The Family of God: With the Faith for Works of Healing” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “As His Mercy reaches towards us, our faith should reach out towards Him.” Isaiah 56:1-8 Romans 11:25-32 Psalm 67 Matthew 15:21-28 1.(v.21-23) God’s Mercy opens the way to Him. 2.(v.24-26) Fait ...…
I. The Rock - v.1II. The Pilgrims - v.1III. The Sovereign - v.2IV. The Best - v.2V. The Message - 5:12
Ponytails Talking Pigskins
Take a ways from Preseason Game 1. Who to watch for Preseason Game 2 v Tampa Bay
TOP 5 Most Credible Mass UFO Sightings EverEvery year thousands of people from all around the world report seeing UFO’s, but yet they still remain a complete mystery as to what they are. If only one person reports seeing a UFO, it can easily be dismissed. But when multiple people report on experiencing the same thing at the same time, then the ...…
Northbrook Bible Chapel
Your VisionLooking unto Jesus … Hebrews 12 V 1 Your BeliefApprehending the work of the Cross and Applying it to YOU …Galatians 2 V 20Your MindReckon in your mind that you are DEAD to sin & ALIVE to God …Romans 6 V 11Your BodyYield your body and it’s members to God by faith and obedience Romans 6 V 13…
August 13, 2017, 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 14) Theme: “The Family of God: Against Contrary Winds Prevailing” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “Faith in God will allow you to soar above the storms of life.” Jonah 2:1-9 Romans 10:6a-11 Psalm 29:1-4; 10-11 Matthew 14:22-33 1.(v.22-27) Trust that the Lord is with you in the middle of the s ...…
August 6, 2017, 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 13) The Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ Theme: “The Family of God: From the Mountain to the People” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “We are to ascend to God, that we might descend with God.” Genesis 12:1-4a 2 Timothy 1:8b-10 Psalm 33:4-5;18-22 Matthew 17:1-9 “Spend more t ...…
‘I am a Saint’ (1 Peter 2: v 9-17) by Sam Kingston – 6th Aug 2017 AM.
July 30, 2017, 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 12) Theme: “The Family of God: From Their Treasure,Things Old and New” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “Let’s consider the Kingdom of God as our most valuable treasure.” 1 Kings 3:5-12 – God is pleased when we put His Kingdom first in our life. Romans 8:26-30 – God sent us the Holy Spirit to em ...…
EORE 7 - 29 - 17 Hour One by Dottie Herman
Cathedral Church of Saint Michael's Sermons
July 16, 2017, 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 10) Theme: “The Family of God: By Hearing of The Word” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “What we do with the Word of God will determine what we will have in life.” Isaiah 55:6-13 “God desires for us to choose properly between what He offers and what the world offers.” Romans 8:8-11 “We are child ...…
Who are the guys going "super to bat" for in the current ADP rankings? Who is ranked way too high? Charch, Brian and 2V discuss. Yeah we know it's early, but ADP can be corrected and we're trying to convince the masses about a handful of players.
Charch is back on FFAD, and he discusses with Mat and 2V whether or not you should stick a fork in Do The Opposite. Wait, you don't know what Do The Opposite is? Well it's very similar to this "Zero RB" strategy, but it's a decade older and more flexible for you to zig when others zag. The premise is to spend your top 4 picks on WR/TE/QB and dr ...…
July 9, 2017, 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Proper 9) Theme: “The Family of God: In The Yoke of Obeying Jesus” Homily by Abp. Ricardo Alcaraz “Only as we submit to Christ’s lordship will we find rest.” Songs of Solomon 2:8-13 Romans 7:21-8:1 Psalm 45:7-15 Matthew 11:16-19;25-30 1.(v.16-19) Do not refuse to follow Christ 2.(v.25-27) Let us be ch ...…
Salem Bible Church Podcast
Pastor Lance Rubringer July 2, 2017
Mat, Fish and 2V give you a list of all the best rookies and if they will make a dent in your fantasy league. They examine both the redraft Empire and dynasty league values for each, and throw in the pivotal "where do you draft Marshawn Lynch in a rookie draft" question.
You can find the link to the Fanball Fantasy Football Podcast here. Go check out our second addition to the Fanball Podcast Network here. Sure, you'll still hear the FFAD podcast on an almost daily basis, but now you get to gather some additional intel from 2V, Fish and Jay Clemons.
In early March 2017, I found out that Y Combinator had announced its first online startup school. That really made me happy, since we’ve tried to get into their offline school twice and received… Homepage VladimirPolo posted AcademyOcean B ...…
In early March 2017, I found out that Y Combinator had announced its first online startup school. That really made me happy, since we’ve tried to get into their offline school twice and received… Homepage VladimirPolo posted AcademyOcean B ...…
Northbrook Bible Chapel
The Cross“… It is written, Messiah (Christ) will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS of sins will be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem..”Luke 24 V 46-48REPENTANCE & FORGIVENESS of SINSThe Cross – Explodes the Myth of Religion – Religion, put Him on the Cross The Cross ..end of ...…
TJ and Gary are in studio to break down one of the greatest debates of all time; which movie was better, Lethal Weapon 2 or Weekend at Bernie's. Tune in for all the hot Danny Glover talk and stick around for some scintillating Bernie Lomax discussion! Find out which movie moves on to the next round of the PPP 1989 bracket!…
Stevey's Google Platforms RantI was at Amazon for about six and a half years, and now I've been at Google for that long. One thing that struck me imme... - Rip Rowan - Google+ Home Collections Help Try the Google+ screensaver Privacy Policy Terms of Service Maps Terms My Account Search Maps Yo ...…
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