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HCS Listen-In
The official esports podcast for 343 Industries, the makers of Halo.
CoastLine ​, a call-in, variety news show airs Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12pm - 1pm on WHQR. Every week, we’ll look into issues that matter in the Cape Fear Region. Host Rachel Lewis Hilburn will interview expert guests and invite you to join the conversation. Tell us what topics you would like discussed on CoastLine . Email thoughts and suggestions to . You can now subscribe to our CoastLine podcast on iTunes . Search WHQR-FM: CoastLine to hear our most recent shows. ...
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New Hanover County’s NAACP celebrates its 100 th anniversay this year. Founded nationally in 1909, the local chapter of the National Association For The Advancement of Colored People launched ten years later.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
New Hanover County redistricting of its high schools is complete; as for middle schools, the process continues. The Board of Education plans to assign middle school and elementary school students in 2021.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
This week the gang discusses the announcement of Halo: Outpost Discovery. Shadow shares his uniquely creepy ritual to fall asleep in an appropriately deep voice after hitting second puberty. Join the conversation at
Donald Antrim is a MacArthur Genius . He’s written three novels, Elect Mr. Robinson For A Better World, The Hundred Brothers, and The Verificationist .By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
Wilmington’s music scene is “on fire.” That’s according to one of our guests on this edition of CoastLine.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
It was February 28 th , 2013, nearly six years ago, that WHQR broadcast the pilot episode of CoastLine. It was an hour on what was then the hottest topic in town: the debate about opening a cement plant in Castle Hayne.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
Silver, Shadow and Rick cover the latest Halo novel, Battle Born. Wine and coffee create numerous tangents, ranging from homeless strategies, moral conundrums, and Star Wars. Join the conversation at
While the opioid crisis continues to plague the Cape Fear region and the state, there are signs that recent initiatives are helping.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
“On a late summer day in 1870, those who gathered to mourn Abraham Galloway cherished him for the unquenchable fire of freedom that burned so brightly within him...By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
The new legislative session convenes next week, and the Cape Fear region has priorities. This is the time municipalities solidify and communicate that agenda to their local delegation.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
North Carolina’s new legislative session convenes next week, and the Cape Fear Region has priorities. This week on CoastLine, four people who represent the Cape Fear Region talked about their priorities. WHQR has a closer look at the discussion with Republicans Ted Davis and Holly Grange, and Democrats Deb Butler and Harper Peterson.…
This week we talk the latest MCC news, Fyre Festival, new girlfriends for Rick & BronzeBillygoat, and something about gutters which was (thankfully?) lost because Silver forgot to hit record. Join the conversation at
The usual trio is reunited for the first time this year as they discuss the latest Halo and gaming news. They also speculate on a potential "Operation Desert Storm (Time)" livestream and/or perhaps... Join the conversation at
Despite the chilly, gray January weather, it’s actually a decent time to see winter birds that don’t make their home in the Cape Fear region year-round. We explore which birds are moving through the area…By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
Trust in the federal government is in the low double digits. That’s according to a September 2018 Gallup Poll. It’s not a sudden phenomenon, though.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
Silver and Rick get together to talk about the latest Halo news and share their basement horror stories. Join the conversation at
Most Americans believe they are discriminated against for their race, gender, or sexual orientation.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
Jews in Scotland are talking in greater numbers about leaving the country over a rise in anti-semitism there. The Director of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities told the Australian Herald Sunday that “Many Jews actively discuss leaving Scotland because they feel alienated, vulnerable and not at home.”…
Bullying is a public health problem. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the working definition of bullying is “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions ...…
Silver and Shadow break out of their holiday hibernation to chat about the latest in the drip feed of Halo news. Bob's Discount Furniture gets a free plug. Join the conversation at
Silver and Shadow break out of their holiday hibernation to chat about the latest in the drip feed of Halo news. Bob's Discount Furniture gets a free plug. Join the conversation at
We finally get to Warfleet, chat about the latest Infinite tidbits, and somehow rounding out the show is Chicken Pox. Join the conversation at
This week the usual suspects ramble their way through a variety of topics including a festive update to Halo 5, the 2018 Game Awards, continued Halo 3 hype and more. Join the conversation at
Walking around the Cape Fear region can be tricky – even downright dangerous in some areas. For example, the Gary Shell Cross City Trail in Wilmington runs from Wrightsville Beach to the University of North Carolina Wilmington before making a half-loop, passing the Cameron Art Museum, and in the process linking at least four city parks.…
If you believe the holiday movies, songs, and Charlie Brown Christmas specials, the holidays are a time for rejoicing, for family and friends, and for introspection. But it’s also a time for over-the-top consumption.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
This week the HC podcast crew tackle the Official Spartan Field Manual. Join the conversation at
Jose Sartarelli, Chancellor of the University of North Carolina Wilmington , took the helm three years ago – in 2015.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
The first six months of 2018 saw 126 reported cases of human trafficking in North Carolina. That’s according to Polaris.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
One in five women will be raped at some point in their lives. One in 71 men will face that level of sexual violence. That’s according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. For women of multiracial backgrounds, the risk of assault is higher – 45%.By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
Nintendo gets with the times as the hype continues to grow over UGC St. Louis, aka, Halo 3's first big tournament in almost a decade! Funfetti is great. Join the conversation at
The gang returns to chat about the final official HCS Halo 5 tournament, their recent Microsoft store tournament experiences, and more. Join the conversation at
Cabbage casserole. Does it conjure images of comfort food and yummy smells? Or does it remind you of the cringe-worthy dish from Aunt Gertrude that made the house smell like Uncle Leo’s indigestion?By (Rachel Lewis Hilburn).
Silver, Shadow, Rick, Billygoat, and Mike band together for a 2 year anniversary celebration! Silver and Billygoat share their RTown travels to London, and the whole gang partakes in some Halo... Join the conversation at
Troy Denning, author of the Halo stories "Last Light," "A Necessary Truth," "Retribution," and "Silent Storm," joins the podcast this week! We discuss how he got into writing, how he was chosen to... Join the conversation at
Silver returns after a month away as the gang tackles local flooding and eventually Silent Storm. Join the conversation at
Rick and Phil hold down the fort while John heads to London. We discuss Halo Bad Blood, vague news and the new iPhone announced yesterday. Join the conversation at
Rick ruins the podcast right off the bat, while Shadow wanders off into Cyberpunk 2077. Eventually, the topic of Collateral Damage surfaces. Join the conversation at
Silver, Shadow and Rick discuss Rise of Atriox, Gamescom 2018, and Olive Garden's Pasta Pass. Join the conversation at
The gang discusses Legacy of Onyx, or "Halo: Hogwarts" as Shadow would say. Rick gets back into Rojka, while Silver lets everyone know how they got here and where they should fight. Join the conversation at
A bottle of red doesn't cause an uproar this time, but that doesn't stop the tangents as the crew tackles the Retribution. Join the conversation at
After an immediate anatomical tangent the group discusses their first Fireteam Raven experience at Dave & Busters. Join the conversation at
Join us for the end of "Sharq Week" as we struggle to get through the novel Envoy. Per tradition when discussing Gray Team, we indulge in some fine wine, paired with a handful of tangents. Everyone... Join the conversation at
Operation: Spearbreaker and Awakening the Nightmare are covered in this episode. They also discuss HCS New Orleans 2018 and Silver's Microsoft Store tournament experience. Join the conversation at
In this episode the usual trio is reunited as Shadow returns with a few clarifications regarding his wedding and bachelor party. Halo Wars 2 Phoenix Logs round out the lore section of the podcast. Join the conversation at
Silver and Rick discuss the limited edition graphic novel Halo Wars: Genesis and the Halo Timeline bonus content within Halo Wars. Join the conversation at
Shadow has gone missing, but we still recant tales from his wedding. Silver wakes up in an unusual circumstance, Dan makes good on a bet and Rick misses the family dinner. Join the conversation at
The gang discusses the big Halo Infinite announcement, along with various other E3 reveals. Silver shares some advice on what not to do with your water heater. Join the conversation at
We have a deep dive into the remarkably detailed Halsey's Journal and hit upon every lore nugget we came across. We also cover the news and our E3 predictions. Join the conversation at
John and Rick discuss the last 3 weeks of Halo news, and there's a lot of it. Phil is missing so John details his recollection of the Vegas Trip. Join the conversation at
We stay shockingly on task for our main attraction; Smoke and Shadow. However, that doesn't stop Phil from forgetting 30% of the book. We cover the new Halo Arcade game as well. Join the conversation at
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