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eddy el donia ta3m
{In Real Life }Come and hang out with me while I discuss fashion,trends,being a mom,running a online business and much more.Tune In every 2nd Tuesday of the month
Here we will chat about numerous things. Share music, instrumentals and other music related topics. Life conversations will also be in the mix, so i don't think you want to miss a cast from Leesh. It just may get juicy! Stay tune for the upcoming talks with Leesh on Music on my mind radio podcast. A tune not to be missed!
Releasing You to Action! A Podcast with Meesh Fomenko
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يسوع والمرأة الكنعانية (مت 21:15-28) شواهد متعلقة: (يو 16:3-17) – (مت 8:15) – (2تي 16:2-17) – (اف 9:2) – (عب 5:12-11)
الرحله: النضج النفسي
تباين مشاعر الجموع تجاه المسيح (يو 6) شواهد متعلقة: (يو 36:18) – (لو 8:14-11) – (ار 16:14) – (حز 1:3-3) – (اف 8:2-9) – (رؤ 13:7-17) قصص متعلقة: معجزة الخمس خبزات والسمكتان
Being a mom, working a 9 to 5 and running a business is hella crazy.Tune in to this episode to see how I get it all done.
A message by Meesh Fomenko edited and put to music by Jonah Wiley
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