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This was the highest rating Melbourne breakfast show for much of its run from 1965 till 1986. To listen to it now makes you wonder why as it sounds so dated and is just the ramblings of a bitter and grumpy man who was living in the past and had more interest in the British Empire of old than the country he had lived in for most of his life. Despite this millions of people started the day with \"The Evans\" and had some affinity with his attitudes. Although being on air for so long relativity ...
Before You Buy is a product reviews show on the TWiT Network. TWiT staff get together to test out the latest gadgets--everything from phones to cameras--to help consumers make wise buying decisions. You've got to watch... Before You Buy!Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Lo-Fi Story Time
Lo-Fi Story Time is a microstory micropodcast, offering unusual and always original fiction stories (and some music) since 2014. Stories are written spontaneously and recorded live by Todd Mauldin.
Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.Records live every Tuesday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 20:30 UTC.
A weekly look at all things Microsoft, including Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Xbox, and more, from two of the foremost Windows watchers in the world, Paul Thurrott of and Mary Jo Foley of All About Microsoft.Records live every Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific/ 18:00 UTC.
All About Android delivers everything you want to know about Android each week--the biggest news, freshest hardware, best apps and geekiest how-tos--with Android enthusiasts Jason Howell, Florence Ion, Ron Richards, and a variety of special guests along the way.Records live every Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern / 5:00pm Pacific / 00:00 (Wed) UTC.
Get the know how to make technology work for you. Fr. Robert Ballecer shows you tech projects that you can do yourself and explains everything from tech basics to advanced techniques. Send your questions and suggestions to or leave a voicemail at 408-800-KNOW.New episodes every Thursday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
The Lo Fi Show
Metal, sarcasm, life, death and comics.
Get the latest Apple news and views from the top names in Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad journalism.Records live every Tuesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
Every week Leo Laporte talks to the smartest people in the world about the most important topics in technology.Records live every Friday at 6:00pm Eastern / 3:00pm Pacific / 22:00 UTC.
Leo Laporte brings some of the most interesting personalities in technology together to talk about the most important issues. Fun, relaxed, informative and always entertaining, count on TWiT for the best tech podcasts in the world. Catch all the shows live 24/7/365 at
Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join the top tech pundits in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech.Records live every Sunday at 6:00pm Eastern / 3:00pm Pacific / 22:00 UTC.
Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone love their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches so much they've created iOS Today, the TWiT network's first show highlighting the best apps, most helpful tools, coolest tricks, and essential news surrounding iOS. Contact iOS Today at or 757-504-IPAD (4723).Records live every Tuesday at 12:00pm Eastern / 9:00am Pacific / 16:00 UTC.
No one does a better job of explaining technology, computers, and the Internet than Leo Laporte. This feed contains the full audio of his twice weekly radio talk show as heard on stations all over the US on the Premiere Radio Networks. For show notes and more visit live weekends at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
Share in the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire into a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters with hosts Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, Amanda Alden, and Dale Puckett.Records live every Wednesday at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific / 01:00 (Thu) UTC.
The New Screen Savers is a variety show for tech on the TWiT network. The show stars Leo Laporte and is co-hosted by Megan Morrone, Jason Howell, and Fr. Robert Ballecer. Viewers get live tech help, interesting guests, insights into the latest innovations, products, scientist, and trends, plus lots of fun things thrown in, too. There are special guest co-host appearances from Patrick Norton, Kate Botello, Kevin Rose, Martin Sargent, and more. The New Screen Savers is produced every Saturday ...
Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and their guests talk about the latest Google and cloud computing news.Records live every Wednesday at 4:00pm Eastern / 1:00pm Pacific / 20:00 UTC.
Tech News Weekly hosted by Jason Howell and Megan Morrone brings you interviews from tech journalists who make or break the top stories of the week. Megan and Jason give you more context and perspective, with an in-depth look at the fast-paced world of technology and how it is changing our lives.Records every Thursday at 5:30pm Eastern / 2:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC.
TWiT Bits are highlights from shows on You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at
Leo Laporte and the TWiTs go off the beaten path to bring you non-standard shows from the network, including breaking news, live-on-location events, special interviews, and geek conference expeditions.Episodes available at
PLO QuickPro
This is the weekly Pot Limit Omaha and poker strategy radio show of*Hosted by: Professional Poker Player, WSOP Champion, and poker coach John "KasinoKrime" Beauprez. ...The Quick concepts you learn in each lesson are designed to give you the high quality poker strategy you need to make more money at the tables, ALL in 5 minutes/week or less. * Tune in each week here, and get more free poker training at:
Android App Arena is your weekly source for some of the latest and greatest apps and games available on the Android mobile platform. Hands-on demos, category shoot-outs, a closer look at the biggest new app of the week, and in-depth interviews with some of Android's best developers. Vote for your favorite apps on our subreddit at the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives. Find more Android coverage on All About Android.
This Week in Enterprise Tech explores the complex, cutting edge world of enterprise technology. Hosted by Father Robert Ballecer, TWiET features IT professionals explaining the ins and outs of enterprise solutions.Records live every Friday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 20:30 UTC.
Dr. Lo Radio Show
Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel is a naturopathic doctor and expert in natural medicine. Join her for an informative show each week with a variety of guests in the realm of natural medicine.
Building a new computer? This Week in Computer Hardware is the show where you'll find out the latest in motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, and RAM you'll want to use when designing your machine. TWiCH gives you the latest in hardware benchmarks and what not-yet-released products might be on the horizon. Hosted by Ryan Shrout of PC Perspective and Patrick Norton of TekThing.Records live every Thursday at 3:30pm Eastern / 12:30pm Pacific / 19:30 UTC.
Dj Zlo
На данный момент я увлекаюсь стилями Lounge, Chillout, Chillstep, Liquid Funk. Выступаю на показах мод, и в чиллаут зонах на разных мероприятиях, а так же создаю подборку (сведение, мастеринг) для фонового звука в ресторанах и зонах отдыха. Так же являюсь автором подкаста "PDJ Lounge Podcast", в котором я компилирую лучшие, на мой взгляд, работы диджеев и музыкантов, работающих в направлениях Lounge и Chillout,...
Low Elo is a league of legends podcast by everymen Jeff Wycoff and David Quarles for the purpose of winning fame, fortune, women and to benefit the entire League of Legends MOBA community.
A compendium of netcasts from the Chief TWiT, Leo Laporte. This feed includes all of Leo's audio or video releases and often includes his appearances on other netcasts. One feed to serve them all.
Writers/reporters Garrett Sisti & Jamie Hoyle give in-depth analysis on everything relating to Los Angeles Chargers Football.
Join Father Robert Ballecer and Lou Maresca on Coding 101, a weekly instructional, project-oriented programming show with appeal for beginning to intermediate programmers. Using a combination of classroom-style teaching, guest programmers, and special interest segments, Coding 101 offers beginner, intermediate, and "applied" programming topics within several interchangeable modules. Learn programming languages such as Java, C++, Visual Basic, PHP, Perl, and more!Although the show is no longe ...
"The Soul Glo Project" is a podcast (and a live show!) that celebrates diversity in comedy through inclusion. All are welcomed and all are celebrated. Let your 'SOOOOUUL GLOOOOOO!' with "The Soul Glo Project". Hosted by Keisha Zollar, Anna Suzuki, and Emily Schorr Lesnick.
Started in November 2007, Con!tro!lo it's a weekly net radio show/podcast that features Dark-Electro, EBM, Industrial, Dark Synthpop, Minimal-Wave, Futurepop...
Calvary SLO
Calvary SLO sermons
Scott Wilkinson, online editor of the AVS Forum, interviews the leaders and pioneers behind today's home theater technology. Each week Scott explores the technologies behind your screen.Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Trinity SLO
Trinity Presbyterian Church Sermons
Flo's Focus
An eagle flying overhead takes in everything. It's keen eyes notices the way the wind pushes on the trees, to the tiniest field mouse as it scurries across the ground. In the world where many of us struggle to survive, nothing can be missed. From politics and military, to health and laughter, no topic is too large or too small. On Flo's Focus, we focus on it all. So, stop by and take a seat. It’s time to follow the eagle’s example and take it all in.
Professional photographer Catherine Hall and overenthusiastic amateur Leo Laporte chat with some of the world's leading and most inspirational image-makers. Learn tips from acclaimed pros as they impart their knowledge of making arresting images through personal anecdotes, real world experience, and a discussion of their favorite toys. The show educates, inspires and empowers photographers of all levels.Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Join legal blogger (and trained attorney) Denise Howell along with J. Michael Keyes, Matt Curtis, and Emory Roane as they discuss breaking issues in technology law, including patents, copyrights, and more.Records live Fridays at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
We're not talking dentistry here; FLOSS all about Free Libre Open Source Software. Join host Randal Schwartz and his rotating panel of co-hosts every Wednesday as they talk with the most interesting and important people in the Open Source and Free Software community.Records live every Wednesday at 12:30pm Eastern / 9:30am Pacific / 16:30 UTC.
Lo-Fi Lectionary
Lo-Fi Lectionary: A Bible story podcast for the Religiously Burned-Out and the Spiritually Curious!
LO-KEY - Lo-key
interviews with specialty coffee shops, local business owners and organizations .
Social web addicts Sarah Lane and Amber MacArthur have teamed up to create "The Social Hour," your source for the best social tools, news, and fascinating folks building the next generation of the Internet. "The Social Hour" is helpful, inspiring, interactive, and fun!Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Friends talk about facts! The F.A.C.T.S. podcast drops very Wednesday and mini fact check episodes on Fridays. We discuss the strange and unusual, the weird and wonderful, the gross and the glorious.
Go with the Flo
Welcome to the Go with the Flo podcast, where amazing things happen.
Slo Poc Sports
Slo Poc Sports covers sports from the Lompoc Valley to San Luis Obispo County. Stephan Hodges and Charles Sommer discuss high school athletics to professional sports and everything else in between.
Música, noticias, podcasts.
Low Elo is a league of legends podcast by everymen Jeff Wycoff and David Quarles for the purpose of winning fame, fortune, women and to benefit the entire League of Legends MOBA community.
Lo-Fi Meltdown (aka LFMD) is a weekly podcast that focuses on homegrown music from around the world created with a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) aesthetic.
2LO Rebooted
Exploring BBC Design & Engineering
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show series
Season 4 Episode 9 of the #FyeMeUp ATL podcast featuring exclusive track from artists like NatStar, WinningTeam, Kenny Mason, Kidd Loco, Joey PopOff, 'shaad. Breaux, Dylan Elliott and Many More..... Tracklist: NatStar - ENRGY Abib Jahleel x J-Coop x SmokyDB - Soul Food Kenny Mason - Nike II Kidd Loco - Duality Kenny Mason - Perfect Angel Young ...…
Track List:0:00 - Workers - Until the weekend1:13 - KMB - Cater2:42 - HXNS - crazy4:32 - PATCHWORK^2 - Backyard5:43 - PYRMDPLAZA - Sluush7:13 - YNGSTR - I Made This Beat In 20Mins so(BUY THE JROBB KIT LMAO)8:03 - akihabara! - audrice 9:44 - ROM - She's Amazing10:52 - TREGS - housesavage12:10 - Wize - know you13:29 - vbnd - lost (in a metaphoric ...…
The Jesus Saves Ministry 1007 W Arlington Blvd Greenville NC 27834 E-Mail: TEL. 252-214-0799 TJSM By phone: 1-605-781-9704 Pastor, Apostle Lonnie Stocks Psalm 127:1-5 (KJV) 1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. 2 It is ...…
Sat 7/08/17Lost Midas Show #184@lostmidas x @tru-thoughtsFor show 184, we welcome back our good friend, the extraordinary musical talent, Lost Midas! With the release of his new album "Undefined", it was good to have him come by to spread the good word! Be sure to go cop this exceptional album! Out now on Tru Thoughts.​With music constantly evo ...…
Episode 12 via Season 2 Of Elite Muzik Radio features music from V I B | S N D S, cay caleb, AbJo, Jarami, Afrocat, Odin, nua., Jae Stephens, Neguim & Jäde and much more. Vibe out to the latest episode. V I B | S N D S - LuV LyFe B LyKE.....(1:26 p.m. in Berlin) Iman Omari "Move Too Fast" (feat. Anna Wise) cay caleb. — rock yo body. COAH — EMAN ...…
I was able to finish my show this week! For those who were able to tune in last week, yeah, this is the same playlist, but I decided to run through the techno set again and make less mistakes, which totally worked and imo it sounds pretty good now. Later in the show I played ... Continue reading ‘Radio OverCoat #227 (2017-06-04): Redux o< o< o< ...…
Psalm 127 1 (A Song of degrees for Solomon.) Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. 2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. 3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and t ...…
Archived Mix from Urban One Radio CatalogueThis Mix features up and coming Artists like King Bluez (*featured on Thumbnail Promo Picture above), 100GrandGang, Saturn Alexander, Young Troubled Minds, Music from Producers like IAMKRT, Tay Svpreme, SiR, Negium, Masego, and many More:Download here: ...…
Inside The Shelter 029Inside The Shelter Paul Darey Radio Show will provide to all the listeners around the world the best Tech- House, Techno, and Deep House tunes of the moment always with Paul's Ibiza vibes after 15th years of being playing in the best Clubs of the Magic Island and of course all over the world as well. Click play and enjoy t ...…
(Performed by Jessica Sammis Nilles, cello) Happy Holidays, everyone! This week I recorded two of my favorite Christmas carols-- "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" and "In the Bleak Midwinter." I hope this music will help to ease some of the holiday stress you may be feeling. Thank you for listening, I look forward to sharing more calming cello mus ...…
Elite Muzik Radio Episode 38 features new music from Anik Khan, Jorja Smith, IAMNOBODI and more. Tracklist A Tribe Called Quest — We The People....J. Cole — False ProphetsBryson Tiller ~ Dont Worry / MollyBig Sean — No More InterviewsElley Duhé — immortalPhil Good - Sleeping In (Sean Turk Remix)Nakala - MangoAnik Khan — Obsession (ft Sid Sriram ...…
I'm glad and proud to finally present you guys my debut album. It couldn't have been released in any other label than my own @FathersandSons Productions, wich is closing here this exciting and unforgettable chapter right after my album. I really hope you guys dig it."Julian Perez delivers his debut album Solemnity on the artist's own imprint, F ...…
YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 036: Akai Aki Play in new window | Download Tracklist: 1. Fisherman’s on vibes 2. Bryson Tiller – Don’t (Sango & Bryson Tiller Salgueiro Mix) ft. Chris McClenney 3. The Internet – Somthing’s Missing 4. Mac Miller – Dang! (ft. Anderson .Paak) 5. Birthdayboy – Sacramento 6. Kendrick Lamar – Cartoons & Cereal (ft. Gunplay) 7. D ...…
Bradford Rogers, also known as Rojazu, is a fairly new but well-known member of the ever popular SOUNDASLEEP Collective, with many releases and premieres through the outlet. Gaining notoriety after remixing classics from the likes of Rustie, Gammer and Clams Casino, Rojazu moved on to releasing originals and collaborations that caught the eyes ...…
Radio 2EBy (Radio 2E).
On Episode .008 we sit with the amazing singer/songwriter/performer Sur Ellz (@surellz) and talk all things music, art, and touch on some very real issues that tend to be ignored. On top of all that we have a lot of new music to share with you all. Thanks again for your support and we hope that you enjoy the show. Peace! Vibes. Music. Art. Love ...…
Tercer episodio de nuestro podcast! Familiarizando a los amigos, amigándonos con la familia... Se puede pertenecer a ambos grupos? Hay uno más cercano que otro? Pasen y escuchen... Descubrámoslo!
Listen on YouTube:ㅤFollow @strider_whiteFacebook: episode's "Paradoxium Mix" was produced by @obiofficialFacebook: @ParadoxiumMusicFacebook: ...…
Evens Funeral as recorded off 3LO.
More edited breakfast shows.
Shilberger and last interview with Evens in hospital before he dies.
Clark Sinclair on the Terry Laidler Show talking about Evens including listener talkback.
Tribute program on 3LO after the death of Evens.
Cassette Produced By The ABC on Evans. There Was a Book Also.
During one programme, Doug played a recording of an interview he conducted while hosting Drive on 774 ABC predecessor 3LO in 1991. The interview was with impersonator and voice actor Keith Scott, who has been one of the people responsible for Warner Bros. cartoon voices since the death of Mel Blanc. The reaction we got to that archive interview ...…
Bryon and Ben discuss Twin Peaks episode 1.“Expect morestrange stuff on Twin Peaks as one murder suspect is released and viewers get aclue about another. Warning: Don’t be too sure about anything. The most likelysuspects probably aren’t guilty, and there will be more than just a murder tounravel before we’re through.” - Deseret News 4/12/90 Twi ...…
Track Artist Song Year 1 Public Service Broadcasting The Race for Space 2015 2 Metronomy Boy Racers 2014 3 The Fall Say Mama/Race With The Devil 2013 4 The Rapture Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks 2001 5 The Drag Our Race Cars 1996 6 Cake Race Car Ya-Yas 1996 7 Devo Race of Doom 1981 8 Big Black Racer-X 1984 9 Queen Bicycle Race 1978 10 The ...…
3 lo que hemos visto y oído, eso os anunciamos, para que también vosotros tengáis comunión con nosotros; y nuestra comunión verdaderamente es con el Padre, y con su Hijo Jesucristo. 4 Estas cosas os escribimos, para que vuestro gozo sea cumplido. 1 Juan 1:3-4 Escuchar predicación ...…
Sunday A.M. Pastor David A. Garnett Ps. 127:3Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord:and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
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