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Season 4: Snowball tells how an average family's encounter with a charismatic Californian con woman cost them everything. Unravel True Crime is a podcast where, each season, some of Australia's best journalists investigate unsolved crimes.
Off Track - ABC RN
Off Track, with Ann Jones, is an Australian radio show and podcast which combines the relaxing sounds of nature with awesome stories of wildlife and environmental science, all recorded in the outdoors.
Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
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It startled the cows, intrigued the locals and excited scientists around the world. Fifty years on, the Murchison meteorite still defines a town and yields new discoveries every year.By ABC Radio National.
The Off Track family is growing and we want you to know about it. Meet our little sister podcast - Noisy by Nature.By ABC Radio National.
How to manage gout is no secret — but staying on track when it comes to treatment can be tricky.By ABC Radio National.
The latest National Joint Replacement Registry report reveals that joints are lasting longer and revision rates are declining — though there's still work to be done.By ABC Radio National.
Talk first, prescribe later is the message to GPs, who typically see patients with milder forms of depression.By ABC Radio National.
Does vaping help you quit smoking? Talking therapy and antidepressants. Knees, hips, shoulders — improving joint replacements. We know how to treat gout, so why do people still suffer?By ABC Radio National.
Four high-quality trials have now looked at the question of whether e-cigarettes are a useful quit tool — what have they found?By ABC Radio National.
The masked lapwing terrifies humans with daring aerial attacks, which are actually displays of its pure parental love.By ABC Radio National.
Predicting — and preventing — future pandemics.By ABC Radio National.
Health officials are looking to mathematical modelling to see whether we can forecast an outbreak of flu and how severe it’s going to be, much like we forecast the weather.By ABC Radio National.
[RE-ISSUE] The phrase 'mate for life' might seem romantic, but the reality of such a relationship for the long-lived Australian Magpie involves turf wars, sex on the side and the possibility of a step-parent bringing up your kids if you get too aggro.By ABC Radio National.
Could nudges, levels and points encourage us to exercise more?By ABC Radio National.
PMDD causes a severe depression that some women get for up to two weeks before their period.By ABC Radio National.
Problems with the design and analysis of new cancer drug trials means the approval of these drugs may be on shaky ground.By ABC Radio National.
Could a psoriasis drug help treat bone cancer? 'Flawed' evidence for some new cancer drug approvals. 'It's like you become a different person' — life with premenstrual dysphoric disorder. 'Gamifying' physical exercise.By ABC Radio National.
There's been little hope for new bone cancer treatments, but a psoriasis drug is showing interesting results in mice.By ABC Radio National.
What can science do to preserve marine life and help it develop in harmony with our own human development?This program is a re-issue from the Off Track archives while Ann takes a short break.By ABC Radio National.
Are aged care facilities in Australia prepared to cater for baby boomers' sexual desires?By ABC Radio National.
Mental health is the chief reason Australians are visiting their GP, but doctors say they're struggling to keep up with demand.By ABC Radio National.
Lab-grown, miniaturised organoids are opening a new frontier in modern medical research.By ABC Radio National.
Mini-organs unlock new understandings about drugs and disease. GP visits for mental health increasing, but are consultations fit-for-purpose? Baby boomers, sex and aged care.By ABC Radio National.
Lindsay Smith has been tagging seabirds in the deep waters off Wollongong for over thirty years. Commercial fishing practice can have a devastating impact on seabird populations. But science is figuring out how to best mitigate the damage. This program is a re-issue from the Off Track archives while Ann takes a short break.…
There's been a lack of promising new drug treatments for stroke coming down the research pipeline — why?By ABC Radio National.
Sudden deafness is a rare condition where your hearing — usually in one ear, sometimes in both — disappears overnight.By ABC Radio National.
Some women are still enduring treatments in vain, and understanding the differences between clinics is a challengeBy ABC Radio National.
IVF improving, but comparing clinics a challenge. Sudden deafness — what it's like to wake up deaf in one ear. Improving the stroke drug 'bottleneck'.By ABC Radio National.
Shark fishing holds a special place in Kiribati culture. But a growth in the market for shark fins in Asia changed the traditional fishing practice. This program is a re-issue from the Off Track archives while Ann takes a short break.By ABC Radio National.
An ugly history of diagnosis, treatment through serendipity and the mental weight of a physical disorder.By ABC Radio National.
Women using hormone replacement therapy for even a short period of time face increased risk of breast cancer, a major new review has found.By ABC Radio National.
Hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer risk. Debilitating, misunderstood: living with dystonia.By ABC Radio National.
Few places on earth are as exposed to the ocean as Kiribati; a chain of 32 islands spread across 3.5 million square km in the East Pacific. This program is a re-issue from the Off Track archives while Ann takes a short break.By ABC Radio National.
One measure of a scientist's importance in their field is citation count — how many times other researchers are citing their work.By ABC Radio National.
There's been much debate in the field of biomedical research in recent months after a group of statisticians put forward a case for getting rid of 'statistical significance.'By ABC Radio National.
Our understanding of medicine is skewed by publication bias. Getting rid of statistical significance? Scientists game the system to inflate their importance.By ABC Radio National.
Journals want to publish big, positive results — it makes them look good. Trouble is, that incentivises scientists to put their negative findings in the bottom drawer.By ABC Radio National.
After the confrontation in the supermarket carpark, Ollie is left feeling confused — has he been charmed just like everyone else in this story? Will Lezlie fail to keep her promises to Ollie or leave him and his family hanging?
Ollie and Simon have criss-crossed California to find themselves parked in a supermarket car park staking out where Lezlie supposedly works. They may only have one shot to talk to her and finally get some answers. It doesn't go the way Ollie imagined.
Ollie and his brother Simon follow the trail of broken dreams and failed restaurants to Paso Robles, California. It's apparent Lezlie's exploits didn't stop when she left New Zealand. Ollie discovers his former sister-in-law had manufactured an image of a successful restaurateur in Hawaii, Lake Tahoe and New Zealand. Her exotic CV and exciting ...…
Following the trail to Lezlie Manukian, Ollie and his other brother Simon end up in California. With a muscle car and loud Hawaiian shirts, the brothers look every bit like '80s TV detectives as they head off on their very first stakeout. But, when the trail runs cold, they decide to chase down a lead at Lezlie's first restaurant in the resort ...…
Lezlie Manukian's stories about her time in Hawaii usually ended with murderous local mobsters running her off the island. So, to track down his brother Greg's ex-wife, Ollie Wards needs to understand her past. What really happened according to "the coconut wireless"?
Ollie and Greg's dad, David Wards, picks through the clues left behind by Greg's American wife, Lezlie. He realises that the entire family may have been victims of an elaborate con job. David is obsessed with finding answers, launching his own investigations and even becoming a 60-something computer hacker.…
When Ollie Wards' brother Greg marries his American dream girl in New Zealand and they go into business together, it seems like a perfect start to a new life. But only a few months later, Greg is heartbroken, the family home is gone — and so is Lezlie.
Sink into the sounds of Gough Island, where the Albatross gurgle, the petrels moan and the skuas chatter. No human voices, all Off Track soundscape.By ABC Radio National.
Albatross expert Dr Jaimie Cleeland listens to the gurgles and bellows of albatross as they nest on a tiny Atlantic island called Gough.By ABC Radio National.
In 2006, Greg Wards was your average Kiwi backpacker on an overseas adventure in the UK, working hard, playing harder — and falling head-over-heels in love.After a whirlwind international romance, Greg married Lezlie Manukian in New Zealand. Their new life started out by setting up a small business north of Auckland.But a snowball had started t ...…
The persistence of gender inequity in medicine continues, and we need to shift our perception of leadership if that's to be remedied, says Professor Helena Teede.By ABC Radio National.
The latest guidelines on treating migraine in kids are out in the US, and they show that when it comes to preventing the condition, most drugs prescribed are no better than lolly water.By ABC Radio National.
What does the evidence say about the keto diet? Migraine in kids. Women in medical leadership.By ABC Radio National.
In the past few years we've seen the keto diet heralded as an antidote to weight gain and type 2 diabetes.By ABC Radio National.
Sulphur-crested cockatoos are opening wheelie bins and turning trash into treasure.By ABC Radio National.
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