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Battle Plan Roll 6s
Battle plan roll 6s is a warhammer and warhammer 40k pod cast hosted by Team Rusty Scabbard.
Pick 6's Podcast
Dj Girl 6's Podcast
DMA 310 - Team 6's Podcasts
The CultCast
The CultCast covers each week’s best Apple stories, news, and accessories for your iDevices and Mac—but more importantly—we do it with pizzaz. Why listen to another dreary tech program? Tune in to the CultCast each week for a healthy dose of Apple, jokes gone sour, and plenty of tangents.
Have an Apple
Stay in touch with the latest Apple news and Apple reviews with Have an Apple. boxx Entertainment brings you the best of Apple, for free! For more information on any product named in the podcast, please visit and for more information on the host and podcast itself, visit©2015 - 2016 Gregory Schuch
Undercover Unitards
The Unitards bring monthly discussions about pretty much anything. We play games, have Top 6's and other non-sense. www.undercoverunitards.comVoicemail Line is 206-888-6906This Podcast was created using
WJBF-TV Weather Updates
Get accurate weather updates for the greater Augusta, Georgia viewing area with WJBF News Channel 6's video podcast.
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Random Fact Friday and Fox 6's Jeh Jeh joins JT in studio to talk about what they will be doing together this weekend.
Your App Lady Show Notes Series 1 Episode 1 Welcome to Episode Number 1 a part of series number 1, all about apps that I use everyday. Today on the podcast, I will talk about one of my favorite apps. But first, here is a little tech news for you. Tech News: Many people complain that their iPhones slow down when a new update or a new phone is re ...…
This week we talked about how the HomePod will be graded on the Echo/ Google Home curve, which explains it being late. Also, should tech companies be involved in global politics? and new year resolutions: meditation, improving our workflows, consuming content and using our devices less. Hosts Greg Morris - @GR36 Nati Shochat - @natisho Follow u ...…
Progress Pending
window.podcastData91f8107bbda9be = {"title":"Progress Pending","subtitle":"","description":"Welcome to Progress Pending! We're Kevin and Matthew and this podcast chronicles our journey in the world as university students.","cover":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/cache\/podlove\/11\/383b3e2766a876d24d1d45b392da33\/progress-pending_400 ...…
Over There: A living elsewhere expressions… sharing both the beauty and torture of living elsewhere Episode 55: December 15, 2017 THIS EPISODE: Foreign country angst, visas and a mature Canadian man’s lens of Nanning, China COMMENT on this podcast here: SUBSCRIBE: iTunes: ...…
This week we discuss the myriad of trailers that came out while we were away. We also talk about the VGAs and the seemingly endless stream of movies and shows being produced by Netflix. Movies Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer – ...…
This week we talk about...Street Fighter V Arcade endingsMEGAMAN 11/ X series being rereleased Disney/Fox Deals coming to a closeFNAF 6's Unexpected releaseAvengers Infinity War TrailerPast Cure TrailerSOS TrailerTwitter: ...…
Ending another week in ICO land. Honourable Mentions: Acorns Collective Cypherium Article in Forbes Energy ...…
In this interview, I talk to Oyster Sommelier Julie Qiu about the important environmental role of oysters, the five species of oysters, and the 6 S's of oyster tasting. SHOWNOTES:
This is Smoky Mountaing Wrestling episode 67 from May 8, 1993! We NEED your support to help keep the show going. Please consider supporting our show by becoming a Smoky Mountain Rasslin AND BTT Podcast Patron Member, purchasing a BTT Pod or SMW podcast t-shirt or two from our Pro Wrestling Tees Store, and using our Amazon referral link. Follow ...…
QLA iPhone 6s Plus Wallpaper:► FREE 5-Step Blueprint eBook:► FREE First Coaching Call (Skype): 10 QLA Commandments:(02:55)I. Read your affirmations twice daily. -Set goals that you can't achieve in your lifetime.(04:40)II. Yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality.Simulation: ...…
Untitled Car Show's Podcast
I-6's, Mars, Tesla, and why I hope Elon Musk gets it all right
1. Danny Q Parker - Higher Than Love (Vocal Extended)2. We AM & Pessto - Ingenious (Original Mix)3. Wyne - Just Feel (Original Mix)4. Jeremy Prisme - Khan (Original Mix)5. Miss Tara feat. Ashni - Heat (Radio Edit) [Bonnies]6. S-A vs AN21 & Sebjak - Gods (Philip Eaton Bootleg)7. Danyair - Ghanandunka (Original Mix)8. Sunday Noise & Dave Ruthwell ...…
Jabber and the Drone
This week, Keith is back and Patrick of the Detroit-based podcasts Make Dad Read Comics and Almost Educational joins the show. We discuss "Thor: Ragnarok" and Cassidy reviews the indie releases "The Florida Project and "My Friend Dahmer." For our Netflix Homework we all talk about the documentary "American Anarchist," which profiles the elderly ...…
Football By Numbers
Nearly there! Three episodes to go and this week we’re talking about 6’s. We discuss the dark arts of football trickery, why Paul Pogba represents everything that’s wrong with football today, Youri Djorkaeff’s millions and phoney celebrity football fans
In this episode we visit Chuck Olivia and Patty Smith in their home to talk about the upcoming Amelia Island Rendezvous Film Festival and their documentary highlighting the local music scene, O Amelia! The Rendezvous Film Festival is celebrating 10 years! The festivities begin on Thursday, Nov. 16th. There is a line-up on films and events at th ...…
For this episode we are back at The Patio Place talking with Philippe Boets about Petanque America, the upcoming tournament and his love of Amelia Island. Philippe brought us several goodies including stickers and cookies from one of the tournament sponsors Jules Destrooper a Belgium cookie company that gives a box of Butter Crisps to each play ...…
The Power Of Perception Ep. 2 of Marketing Unschooled In Episode number two of Marketing Unschooled, Josh Muirhead and Jonathan Sy dig deep into the topic of Perception. As they kick off, Josh recounts a recent article he read regarding the value of a $1,800 iPhone 8 and how by placing the price so high, Apple is deploying the strategy of Ancho ...…
Incidental Contact Fantasy Football Podcast
Join in and listen to us talk about week 6's games , and who we like for waiver wire picks up. Enjoy the show!
This week, Angelo got an iPhone 8 Plus and Brian is a captive audience. After talking a little bit about Angelo’s new phone and his experience at the Apple store for an iPhone 6S battery replacement, discussion shifts to Apple not slowing down old phones on purpose and their move into content with Amazing Stories. In the paranormal segment, we ...…
This week, Angelo got an iPhone 8 Plus and Brian is a captive audience. After talking a little bit about Angelo’s new phone and his experience at the Apple store for an iPhone 6S battery replacement, discussion shifts to Apple not slowing down old phones on purpose and their move into content with Amazing Stories. In the paranormal segment, we ...…
Education Secratary Betsy DeVos visits McMinnville High School and we hear from KOIN 6's Eileen Park who is at the protest and counter-protest. Beaverton's City Council meeting last night focused on the issue of overnight parking and homelessness (the two go hand-in-hand). We take a close look at this issue that persists in Portland and is star ...…
All Things Photography
Welcome, to the fifth installment of the podcast of the film of the book of the story of the idea of the matchbook cover of the cafe by the same name! It's history, cave man style, photography, iPhone style, silhouettes, wild animal style, and Leonardo, Vinci style. Plus, a short conversation after a long drive and the host's son says some nice ...…
Philemon We do not hear much about manners today. But all manners really are are ways to show love to others. Mike fills out the details in today's message.By Michael Cocoris (Mike Cocoris).
Master Race Debaiters
We are joined this week to talk about Identity Politics. Buzzword? Or a neccsary part of the political process? Remember to rate and comment on Itunes. ----more---- Some of the aritcles we used in this episode: Toronto Sun - The race-baiting identity politics of Justin Trudeau The Gurdian - Liberals, don’t fall into the right’s ‘identity politi ...…
We back this week to discuss the weeks releases, this weeks PE spotlight players, Aleali May Jordan 1s, SNL 6s, pointless sneaker shopping videos, Kith Take Flight 2nd delivery and a series of random memories. Tune In.Flax Szn is Among Us!
In Touch with iOS
Living in iOS 11 and watchOS 4: ways to get the latest upgrade and updates on to your device, what we like about it, hiccups to be aware of, what’s in store for the future? Visiting new Apple Stores, err, Town Squares and Plazas and customer service experiences. Tips for using your devices in the event of an emergency. All this and more, availa ...…
Watch today's Pocketnow Daily as we talk about how the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are tied for the best camera according to DxOMark. We also talk about the Made By Google licensing system that might emerge tomorrow. The Google Home Mini follows as we get some more leaks of what to expect. We also see the birth of the Samsung HMD Odyssey to ...…
Episode 160: How to save on fuel costs and get better mileage with your RV Probably the top question motorhome owners are asked is “what do you get for mileage?” Although gas prices are dropping again, the big spike they had after the hurricanes this summer reminds all of us that one of the biggest expenses our RV lifestyle has to deal with is ...…
In this episode we visit Shady Ladies Art Gallery and chat with the Shady Ladies themselves about their upcoming first anniversary party. We also discuss their art, gallery events, the origin of the Shady Lady name, and of course on the island. Our co-host Baby Luke is also with us for this episode as you can hear throughout the interview. Enjo ...…
Free 30 day Audible trial - READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTINGIn regards to the concept of “most successful”… We’re not talking about best, the focus is economic success. Units sold, sale price etc. This is where the iPhone has been dominant and it’s the reason Apple has developed into the world’s most valuable comp ...…
In this episode we talk with Jeff McDowell and the guys from the Maritime Museum of Amelia Island about a special WWII find that is now on display at the museum. We also hear about treasure hunting and a little island history.
Ask a House Cleaner | Angela Brown | Savvy Cleaner | House Cleaning Tips
Vacations are not just for the rich and famous. House cleaners need vacations too. If your maid service is in burnout mode, schedule some time off. We Ask a House Cleaner cleaning advice for vacations and time off with family. Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says "You can drive cleaning motivation with a reboot." Your cleaning routine inv ...…
iSee - Using various technologies from a blind persons perspective.
In this demo I take you through setting up the iPhone 8 plus using the automatic settings update option from my iPhone 6s.
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