Best 90ies podcasts we could find (Updated November 2017)
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Battle Bards
A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The Battle Bards podcast alternates with Retro Reprise, a half-hour podcast showcasing classic VGM from the ’80s and ’90s.
Tu Podcast de videojuegos retro. En el retrovisor intentamos rendir homenaje a los clásicos de los 80, los 90 y 00. Juegos de recreativa, consolas y ordenadores personales de 8,16,32 y 64 bits. El Podcast lo Formamos. Antonio- Ojete Moreno Ruben - Benzio Néstor - El Friki del arcade por antonomasia Miguel - Miller Luiti - Nithg666
Podcast - Giuseppe Castani
"I do not play house, Trance, Progressive or classics. I play simply Techno!“ - Giuseppe, August 2016The likeable Sicilian, born and raised in Frankfurt / Germany, is listening to techno since 1990. From there on, he was fascinated by all kinds of electronic music. In the legendary Paramount Park, he was a weekly guest from 1999 to 2001. However, a key moment at Rhein Main alarm was in December 2001. A DJ in the Mirage was playing tracks of Sven Väth, Tomaz vs. Filterheadz and Speedy J. Afte ...
Strange Sculpting Podcast
About Don Strange I have been a personal trainer for over 14 years. I have trained hundreds of people ranging in age from 13 to 90. I have worked with athletes, bodybuilders, from people who wanted to lose a few pounds to people who wanted to lose a few hundred pounds. I believe that success in fitness has little to do with knowledge… If knowledge was the answer to all of our problems I could give an AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) cd to an alcoholic and say “You are completely free from your addic ...
T.MOW - The Singles EP
It was the 5th of April 1994, when Timo Luetten played the guitar for the very first time. From that moment on, the instrument started to become a major part of his life …Playing in his first band a short time after, he learned to evolve his skills and techniques doing a lot of ska, reggae and punk music together with his friends. As a guitarist and lead singer he was quite successful and played in big venues supporting bands like “Goldfinger”, “The InCiters” or “Rantanplan”.Being a big fan ...
Boogie Pimps Podcast
On one of his many trips to the USA, Mark J Klak discovered New Yorks legendary “Tunnel” in the early 90ies, where inside the Bucketheads took to the stage. From this one single experience came the turning point , the accomplished musician was converted to everything housemusic.The life of a Dj started as the first priority while producing his own music and delivering it to the people continued to grow stronger and stronger.The Boogie Pimps shot to fame with the worldwide smash hit “Somebody ...
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Christ Church Anglican
Fr. Chris Schutte preaches. Zephaniah 1:7, 12-18; Psalm 90; I Thessalonians 5:1-10; Matthew 25:14-30.
According to the American Cancer Society, more than 40,000 adults will be diagnosed with primary liver cancer this year. More commonly, cancer will metastasize to the liver from another part of the body, such as the colon. It's estimated that more than 135,000 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2017. Roughly 50 percent of people ...…
N All 50/90 Demos
Inspired by others at 50/90, I wanted to write an a capella vocal harmonyish song. And boy oh boy, found out that it's not my forte Fun to try though. All those times in music theory when I was like “pffft when will I EVER need to write a four-part harmony”…should’ve paid attention.When your back is bent and you’re wearyWhen your troubles weigh ...…
This song is an example of how my brain (perhaps yours, too) works during 50/90. I was writing a bluegrass instrumental in E minor, and I took a detour to discover the E minor riff for this song. After writing this one, I came across a lyric that I like by someone else so I set it to music, too. Then I recorded both. Now I'm waiting for the ski ...…
I have absolutely no idea what this song is about, but I wrote down these first 2 lines at the end of last year's 50/90 (I think) so I went with it. I have a feeling Tom is not actually from Minneapolis.Minneapolis TomHangs out with the graveyard crowdHe spent senior promJust thinking out loudHe’s got bees in his bloodstreamHe’s got papers to s ...…
N All 50/90 Demos
This is my first attempt for 50/90, I had a hard time singing and eventually just had to stop and upload it! I was talking a walk this morning when this melody developed in my head, I recorded it as a voice note on my phone and came home and figured out how to play it on my keyboard, and the song just built from there!I hope you enjoy. Thanks f ...…
This week Jessimae tells of her flirtations with a rooftop pool bartender, performing at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and how she smoked a big fat blunt with Wu Tang! Music: “C.R.E.A.M.” by Wu Tang
Martin takes the TGV Fundraiser update (8:50) I-90 goes two-way (10:00) One Center City options (13:30) Access audit (27:40) MHA and displacement (41:10)
Former federal minister Con Sciacca has died last Wednesday following a long battle with cancer. Sciacca was the first Italian-born politician ever to enter a federal cabinet in the 90ies. Aide and friend Luca Giribon tells us Con Sciacca's story.... (Si è spento mercoledì dopo una lunga lotta contro il cancro Con Sciacca, il primo politico nat ...…
The gang talk about child prodigies in art and culture.
The Knit Shift Episode 90: I Smell Like BBQ
Dagens niding - Hynek Pallas: stjärna 1 - Rickard Jomshof: stjärna 2 - Mattias Karlsson! ...…
City of Sunsets
If you like what I do, please consider supporting me on Patreon! It's the best way to help out with production. It will ensure that I can produce more creative writing pieces, including more episodes of City of Sunsets, much faster than I'm currently able. Your support would be greatly appreciated! Sources: Ze ...…
The legendary Matt Johnson from 90ies cult band The The, had a live version of his political radio show Radio Cinéola at CPH:MEETINGS. He talked with danish writer Knud Romer about everything from artistic anxiety and integrity - to Brexit, Democracy and the Internet.TIME & PLACE: March 25th, CharlottenborgPODCAST: Marie Gørvild & Simon Stefanski…
He only played 37 games in the NHL, 19 of those with the Calgary Flames but if you followed this team in the 90ies, you remember the player they called "The Pit Bull."
On this week's podcast we talk about a sad, but well-made movie, season 2 of a couple Netflix shows that Mitch has recommended before, and we listen to some good music by Colony House. We talk about Trump's long ties, a colorblind grandfather who sees color for the first time, an 8 year old who stole his parents' car and drove to McDonalds, and ...…
Rock the Schools with Citizen Stewart
A passion for the state of the US education system, and the looming problem of fundamental mathematical mastery for a large percentage of K-12 and post-secondary students is what drives Dr. Trina Coleman. Hear Dr. Coleman articulate why math literacy must be the focus to equip more students to become the new technologic and scientific workforce ...…
Career Talk: Learn - Grow - Thrive
Need additional 1:1 help? Check out my services here (Don’t forget - if you use the discount code PODCAST for 10% off any service!): Episode Summary: I hope you are doing fantastic! I appreciate you being here!! Today we are talking about 3 days to get a raise. This is really important because I talk to a lot pe ...…
School of Podcasting - Learn to Plan, Start, and Grow Your Podcast
Chuck Berry died last month at the age of 90. I saw him four years ago at a special event that honored him with tons of musicians (Merle Haggard, Ronnie Hawkins, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Joe Bonamassa and Lemmy Kilmister) coming to play his music and honor him. At the end of the night, Berry accepted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's American Mas ...…
As Showrunners we spend our time honing our interview skills, tweaking our recording gear, and promoting ourselves on social media. What if we are missing out on a crucial aspect of being a Showrunner? Rainmaker.FM is Brought to You By Discover why 201,344 website owners trust StudioPress, the industry standard for premium WordPress themes and ...…
We’re back, and just about as good as we were the last time you heard us. But also, you’re back, and better than ever…so thank you! Today, we continue to watch Grease Two in all of it’s glorious, cheesy, incredibly rapey splendor. (It’s very rapey. These kids are not hip to any reasonable, and certainly not literal, definition of consent.) Anyw ...…
Podcast - Giuseppe Castani
And again I have mixed a simple fun set yesterday, containing almost 90minutes of 90ies music. This time I mixed some very cool and never played track before. Yeah! enjoy!1. Aquagen - Ihr seid so leise2. Double Vision - Knockin´3. Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (XL)4. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall5. DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima6. Faithless - God is a ...…
Daughter of Godcast
A podcast about movie making and the scifi featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Calm Before, contriving conditions for happiness. Hello, Hi, Howdy! You and you and you and you and you and ME! Takes a village to make a movie. Daughter of Godcast is on the cusp of our 19th ...…
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