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Jake Dill
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In this episode I get to talk to a friend and his buddy about how they got out of the Church of Scientology and a lot of the stuff they had to go through while in the church. It's some pretty crazy shitBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
as always with best friend to the podcast, Thad McKrakenBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Always a good time talking to LA street artist Thrashbird. Things have blown up for him since the last time we spoke. Let's see if his new found fame as changed himBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
We revisit why narcotics can be problematic for reasons rarely discussed and get into some great horror movies you might have missed last monthBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Tonight we get into the history of Halloween and how to safely contact the dead, in the comfort of your own home!By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
*not necessarily in that order but you know. Whenever Thad and I get together it's tangent city of all sorts of wild sh*tBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Arend the gay stoner hips us to other weed vloggers, his conspiracy theories and the Weed Tube. Find more of him up at theWeedTube.comBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
What to people do and how do they react when their fundamental beliefs are wrong or challenged? Well... usually not good. We talk about it more in the podcastBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Recently the site our friend Thad is the steward of went away. Possibly for good. Hear why and how it all went downBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
If you've been in LA for any amount of time, you've probably seen his stuff around town and his signature "clone" icon. Good talk with a great artist. Find him on IG @thrashbirdBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
How the f**k did we work Whole Foods into this sh*t. Talent. That's f*cking howBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
I got to talk to my friend and head chef of my favorite burger place, Niki Grasso from Grill em All. If you're ever in LA, you HAVE to check this place out. It will literally change your burger lifeBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
The podcast is a year old now and I've talked to a lot of people, but have I really talked about myself? Now I have. I was a guest on this rad podcast with my buddy Joe and he allowed me to use it as a bonus episode on my end so... enjoy!By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
A quick bonus episode of my interview with the band ODEZSABy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Well, we run the gamut in this one. We even talk about fucking raccoons. Well... not about actually fucking them but you know.. Enjoy!By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
We've been seeing and experiencing a lot of wild shit recently. What does it all mean? Fuck if I know but we try to figure it outBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Please don't listen to this episode if you're easily offendedBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Thad (from and I get into it about what we call the rich liberal hypocrisy. Big business, even when owned by liberals and even in liberal cities are very liberal, until it comes time for the tax manBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Today we talk to Dr. David Jay Brown. He's not really a doctor but is just sounds good. Author of many books revolving around psychedelics and like many of us has had a transformative experience that changed his life and sent him down a path of.... well, whatever this is. Hit play!By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
We welcome Martin W Ball, PhD, author, podcaster and advocate for 5MeO DMT. We get into how the chemical can open you up to things you can't even imagine and your perception of the true reality of all things. Sound cool? Yeah, I think so too. Hit play!By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
This week we tackle what is commonly known as multiple personality disorder, where consciousness lies and lucid dreaming. Buckle upBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Thad and I hit a lot of bases on this one. The war machine, counter culture, class warfare, Illuminate conspiracies, and PC cultureBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Thad (from takes on a journey of his crazy mind. Buckle upBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we discuss the concept of incels and the ridiculous notion being set forth of forced monogamy. As always with Thad McKraken of Disinfo.comBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
A few days before the explosive profile on Peterson in the NYT, Thad wanted to tee off on the doctor one more time. For the most part his ideas are pretty on point but are they just cover for dogsh*t ones?By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we get into the absurdity of the Iraq deal and then how we stifle democracy in the U.S. with the help of the electoral college. As always, with Thad McKraken of Disinfo.comBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
I know the title seems like the weirdest two subjects to put together but it works. This week we start with weird new cartoon porn that's going on, but we end up talking about aliens (big surprise) and the demons that live inside all of usBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
We get into it on this one as we look at what are the best ways to communicate with aliens. Technology and science or to look within with ancient practices? You know we think but hear us have a major disagreement on crop circles. Pretty fun. Hit playBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
This time around we get into how psychedelics can help us see past the veil of sexuality and time. Pretty trippy shit. Hit play and tell all your friends. Oh! And make sure to go to and give Thad some loveBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
[redacted] is the founder of the First Church of David Bowie and the Seattle Psychedelic Society. Some trippy shit lies ahead once you hit play. Again with Thad McKraken of Go there for great articles and contentBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
gawd... I'm so tired and we've been gone for way too long because of some bullshit. Really the only way I want to describe this episode is, just hit play asshole. So.... yeah. Do thatBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Joe Stapleton was one of the first people I met in LA. We met in an improv 101 class at UCB and then I went on to do HIS podcast a hundred years ago. He's now the host of a new celebrity poker show on CBSBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we finally get to a topic we've been trying to get to for weeks. Thad has a real beef with Julian Assange and Jordan Peterson. If you're not familiar, you might want to look them up first, but we'll try to get you up to speedBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we start with this weird trend in China where to show how important you are/were, they hire strippers to come to your funeral. The we go off the rails like we always do. Russian propaganda that Thad has first hand experience with and all this gun shitBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Lots of people believe hypnosis is fake. It's not. Lots of people believe the earth is flat. It's not and I'm sick of arguing about itBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we dive off the deep end (again) and share stories of the psychedelic experience. Tips, tricks and ideas for a safe journey. We also get into precognitive visions and what they're trying to tell us. (basically, don't be a dick) EnjoyBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Porn Hub released their yearly most searched terms for their site a there was a surprising #2. Hentai. Don't Google it, or do. I don;t care. It's crazy sh*t man and this episode isn't for the prudish. enjoyBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Be careful what you put out into the aether. It can come back to bite you in the ass ...especially with art or anything that is open to interpretation. In this episode we explore the unintended consequences from good actions with Thad McKraken of Disinfo.comBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we start to sound like a bunch of old f*cks. Apparently I'm the only guy left on the planet that still buys cds. I hate all you kids so goddamn much. When the bomb hits and the wifi goes out you're gonna come crawling to me for your music!By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Maaaaaaan... this is one hellova episode. Tonight it's Mystic Dylan who earlier this month read my bones and made a shockingly accurate statement that took me back and made me need to have him on the podcast. We get into it all man... witchcraft, spells, spirits, and later on he gives me a tarot card reading that... well, had me on edge…
In this episode we leave our bodies to see what's up with astral projection, what you can learn from it and how it can lead to sex with aliens... all for the low, low bargain price of $50! And then we get into music, one of our favorite bands and cultsBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Man... we meant to do an episode on astral projection but instead we went on a 50 minute tangent about all sorts of weird sh*t ..which is the norms for this podcast. Enjoy!By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we digest the tax plan of Fuuuuuuuuuuuck and net neutrality. We also go on a tangent about weed and other shit the way we do.By ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we talk again to Thad McKraken of this time about demon intelligence and we find out that demon DOES NOT mean evil. But still... it is a little misleading. EnjoyBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Ryan Singer is a special dude. One of the first people I met when I moved to LA, the guy who showed me the trail I now hike everyday and the first guy I saw after taking my first DMT trip. We get into a lot of mystical and hippie shit in this episode. I hope you enjoy talking to this like-minded guyBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
In this episode we get down n dirty into the practices of sigil magik and manifesting positive in the world AND how to explain alien abduction. All with Thad McKraken of EnjoyBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Well, this episode is a doozie. We talk to Mina Mercury, a dominatrix and well... she's a f*cking dominatrix so her stories are insane. EnjoyBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Through my travels into the spirit realm and back with the help of psychedelics I've learned quite a number of things. One, and one of the most important ones is, THESE ARE NOT PLAY THINGS and if you treat them as such, bad things will happen. In this episode we talk about a couple individuals we know of that, in way, lost their minds more if n ...…
In this episode we get into why rich people, especially rich people, especially suuuuuper rich people, are bad for the country and the rest of us. We also get into regulating technology and as always, psychedelics. EnjoyBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
Another episode with Thad McKraken of where we talk about his recent encounter with pills and the dangers of narcotics. Then we also dive into the political system and how BOTH parties do what they can to stop democracyBy ALT 98.7 (KYSR-FM).
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