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Idanil?k? yii da lori aw?n ?na ti musulumi fi le wa is? ?l?hun ati aabo R? g?g? bii: Jij? eso dabidun ‘ajiwa, sise aluwala loore koore, mima ki irun Fajri ni jama’a, mima ki irun oru, ati b?? b?? l?.
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We warm up the content program Tony is developing for his client Domuso and get into the idea of even integrating B2B brands into the cultural spheres people are a part of.
We break down an idea Joergen had about what a particular company could do to stand out around SXSW and the multiple implications of that kind of content marketing.
We break down and debate the idea that content marketing might be a subset of a larger content strategy and Joergen passionately squeezes in a Seinfeld reference.
We break down Joergen's latest experience with posting a video from his recent college talk to LinkedIn and the challenges and opportunities with personal branding.
We break down the value of attending events in light of Tony's recent action and work through the true costs, tradeoffs and how to get what you need from events.
We warm up the marketing plan Tony is working on for his healthcare client, which almost puts Joergen to sleep before we really wake up and land on the right angle.
We break down Tony's key insights from both attending and being a guide at CES 2019 with a focus on what all this new and exciting tech will mean for marketing.
We break down what might be a growing gap between "marketing leaders" and practitioners in the context of a rapidly changing, tech-powered, digital landscape.
We break down the realities around display advertising amidst concerns about ads appearing next to offensive content and our banner banter quickly gets out of control.
We break down the few things early-stage startups must focus on from a marketing standpoint and Joergen gets way too fired up about content (and hockey).
We pick up where the call dropped off and dive into LinkedIn and quality vs. quantity before Tony talks #beabettermarketer and we get sappy and show each other love.
We kick off a conversation about networking and the right way to get value out of our contacts that leads us into a great story right before the call drops.
We have some fun at the expense of oxford commas, double spacing and other weird things people do that may or may not matter in the greater scheme of marketing.
We each bring up three reasons as we break down why CEOs ultimately say no when Marketing brings a "big idea" and we show some empathy in the process.
We warm up what "the big idea" might be for Tony's client Troopwork and Joergen gets extremely fired up about BBQ as they work through some potential ideas.
We start breaking down what "the big idea" can be by looking at the parameters as well as some examples of this kind of breakthrough marketing.
We warm up the challenge of creating sales materials while you're still developing the right messaging and positioning for the business.
We bring fire to a discussion about PR and how it does - or does not (depending on which one of us you ask) - work for startups.
We pick up where the call dropped off and get crisper on where the best content might actually come from, including some surprising ideas.
We get into a seemingly broad topic in that content can come from a lot of places, but we start honing in right before the call drops.
We work through a PR opportunity Tony is pursuing with about how AdTech and MarTech are melding and what that really means for brands.
We go off our usual marketing topics and instead open up about managing our workloads and getting the most out of every week as we drive to meet up for lunch at Chipotle.
We celebrate MomentFeed's Series C round, but can't help digging into the company's challenges with hiring the right VP of Sales and how that affects Marketing.
We debate the role and value of awards, specifically the idea of submitting for any marketing-related awards that are not obvious top-tier awards.
We quickly boil down the challenge of getting a completed content piece (like a white paper) out there into two main approaches.
We break down something most early-stage B2B companies need - a sound account-based marketing approach combined with content - and how to do it cost-effectively.
We have fun with a topic that has hit us in the face and that marketers can't get around - promo items - and discuss how to determine what the right tchotckes are for brands.
We dig into a massive opportunity that Joergen felt was lost when he was heading up marketing at MomentFeed and try to dissect what could have been done differently.
We reflect on a comment made by Trello CMO JD Peterson about there never having been a better time to be a marketer while this is also the hardest time to be a marketer.
We continue our chat about Troopwork as Tony develops his strategy to get them referenceable clients and we ask if that is marketing or customer development.
We get into an idea for Ylixr (Joergen's startup) to figure out how to execute a consumer survey and develop a report to use for PR, biz dev and fundraising purposes.
We warm up a new opportunity before Tony's meeting with the CEO of Conversion Logic and Joergen gets fired up about Facebook video for B2B marketing and more.
We celebrate Tony's consulting gig with Troopwork and ask some important questions about how to kick it off and discuss marketing strategy vs. go-to-market strategy.
We start exploring what Impact Radius is doing in terms of marketing and what they should consider next, all in light of them bringing on our old friend Dave Yovanno as CEO.
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