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I'm Jenn Swanson and this is my podcast called Careers by Jenn (formerly The Communication Diva Podcast.) I started podcasting as a hobby in 2012 on the broad topic of communication. At the time, I was teaching Human Relation Skills to college students in the healthcare field, and realized that what used to be "common sense" is not really all that common anymore, because communication skills are not intentionally taught much anymore. I didn't have enough class time to cover very much in dept ...
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Do you sit all day at work? Did you know that sitting is the new smoking? Find out how to stay healthy even if you have to sit a lot in your job in this podcast episode.
Guest author and career coach Cindy Etsell offers some concrete advice in this episode on how to negotiate a job. Most of us don't, so find out why it's so important to do so and how to go about it.
Originally recorded in 2012, this popular episode encourages reflection on what you are thankful for, and talks about how gratitude can change your life in numerous ways.
How was your 2018? Use some or all of these 25 questions to prompt a personal year-end self-reflection and to help you make plans for a successful and happy 2019.
Is a cover letter even a thing these days? Find out what it's for and why you should have a great one in this step-by-step how-to episode.
Small talk and holiday socializing can send the best of us running for home. Here's how to start compelling conversations easily, and avoid the awkward beginnings this holiday season.
Stressed? Does it seem that life is zooming by and there's no time to get it all done? Where is the calm and the peace? Here are 9 ways to make the calm happen this holiday season or anytime!
First released in 2012, this episode about being passive is one of our most popular. Find out how to tell, why it's not great, and what to do about it if you default to passive behaviour.
Host better and more collaborative meetings and events using fresh methods of engaging deep and meaningful conversations that matter! This short podcast offers some reflections from a recent Art of Hosting workshop experience. Take a listen and get inspired to take your meetings to the next level.
Perfectionism can have its benefits, but can also be very detrimental to your productivity, your career and your health. Find out how to manage if you have this challenging personality trait.
How well would you fit into the culture of a company you are looking at applying to? Is cultural fit the big deal it used to be? How can you determine if you are compatible with the organization you are hoping to work for? Find out in this shorter episode of the show.
Have you noticed? It seems more and more that there is incivility around...that people are behaving in uncivil and nasty ways. This can have a profound affect on workplace productivity and the well-being of both individuals and the organization itself. Find out what to do in this episode.
Your work wardrobe might be out of hand, and may be one source of your overall stress. Guest Kristi Soomer from Encircled, an ethical clothing company in Toronto, shares how reducing your closet can reduce your stress.
Why would it be critical to be likeable at work? What difference can it make if you can do the job? Apparently, a whole lot. Find out why and how you can increase your chances of being likeable in this episode.
Today's guest Johnathan Grzybowski shares how some of his best career moves come as a result of getting away from it all. Find out how travel could help your career success.
How do you begin when you suddenly find you have moved from co-worker to manager, without any formal training? What are some of the most important concepts to take with you? Find out on today's episode with guest author and speaker, Rocky Romanella.
How to shine...when awful stuff happens to you and you don't feel like you even can. This is what my guest Lisa Foster from specializes in.
Can strategic quitting can save you? The answer would be sometimes, yes! In today's podcast, my guest Lynn Marie Morski shares why she passionately believes in it.
Are you overqualified for the job you are applying for? How can you anticipate what objections or concerns the hiring manager might have about your level of experience? How can you get them to hear you out so that you have a shot at the job you really want? Find out in this episode.
There are many benefits (including some not so obvious ones) to getting into the practice of saying yes more often. In this episode, I share these, and a few stories and offer some inspiration as to why I think you might want to try this more...for your career and for your life. Want to get motivated? Take a listen.…
Do you feel frustrated when you go to work and have to put up with someone you don’t like for your entire shift? What if you work with that person all the time? How can you navigate your feelings and manage when you just feel annoyed every time you interact with them? Here are 7 practical tips on what to do.…
Join me as I find out from guest executive coach Stefanie Krievins exactly what a Professional Troublemaker is, and why we should each be one, in this podcast episode.
Saving for retirement? Yes, this is a topic that some like to put off or not talk about until absolutely necessary, and that others jump into working toward the moment they start working: retirement. Are you saving for it? And how are you doing that? Today's episode features guest realtor and philanthropist Eddie Lorin who talks about making an ...…
Successful people often have a few solid habits that are worth considering if you want to be more successful. In this show, I'll share 7 of the most common activities for morning routines that you can adopt starting tomorrow!
It's your turn to train someone at work. Maybe you have never done it before and are worried you won't do it right. Maybe you don't know where to begin. Maybe the whole thing overwhelms you, or annoys you, and yet, your manager has said you must. Whatever the case...I'm here to help. In this episode we'll talk about how to train someone at work ...…
Age Discrimination is real. It would be nice to think people don’t discriminate in any way in a job search, but in reality, they do. So what happens if you are no longer in your 20’s or 30’s and are looking for a job or to change careers? How can you minimize the possibility of ageism in your search? We’re going to talk about that in this episo ...…
Feeling stuck in a rut or bored? Looking for ways to improve your performance or even just to get some energy? This podcast will give you 13 ways you can boost your career and open up doors to new things.
You've sent in your resume or had a great job interview, and then you hear nothing. Nada. Crickets. What should you do? When is it ok to follow up and how can you do it without being a pest? Find out in this episode.
Is independent work for you? The satisfaction of the side-hustle, the extra income, the nurturing of the creative part of you: these are all reasons to begin some independent work these days. Join me and guest Stephen Warley to have the conversation about why starting something on your own might be the new normal.…
Customer Retention... how can you - as a sales person or a business owner - make sure that you keep your customers? What makes your service exceptional? Find out in this episode of the podcast when guest expert, author and high end portrait photographer Jeffrey Shaw shares his strategies around attracting and keeping clients.…
Does the technology in your job search... make you want to scream? Those forms to upload your resume into, the automated tracking systems that weed out applicants...all of this makes for a sometimes stressful experience. Steve Acho wants to change that Guest Steve Acho joins me in this episode to talk about how to get around the technology in y ...…
Outside Your Comfort Zone... is a little scary! We all settle in to where we are comfortable, but then sometimes, we get stuck. In order to succeed in career and in life, stepping outside your comfort zone can bring amazing new opportunities....but how exactly can you do it? How to take the leap? In this show, guest expert Andy Molinsky helps t ...…
How do you choose between two really great career opportunities? How do you choose between two really great opportunities in general? What do you have to weigh, and how what might you win or lose when you finally do decide? Use the principles of Improv In this show, our guest uses the principles of improv theatre to help you to figure out HOW t ...…
Interview mistakes can be prevented, IF you know what exactly to prevent! Join Jenn and guest author Thea Kelley in this episode to learn what interview mistakes smart people make and how to avoid them.
Being Sexually Harassed? When someone says or does something to you - on purpose or inadvertently - that crosses the can be hard to know how to respond. In this important episode, guest expert and author Alicia Dunams shares her exact script of what to say so that both you and the person who has offended can move forward with dignity.…
Ever find yourself wishing you had a "do-over" as far as your career goes? Does career regret weigh you down? Today's episode looks at some of the top career regrets and how you can turn regret into opportunity.
Looking for an Amazing Job? Today's guest, Austin Belcak, has made it his mission to teach others how to land an amazing job at a big tech company the way he did, with creativity and strategy. Austin shares his steps and offers excellent and unconventional advice in this podcast episode.
Do you have an inner critic? Likely, the answer is yes. We all have an inner critic...that voice that judges us relentlessly, and that for some reason, we tend to listen to. In this episode, guest and author Susan Peppercorn helps to explain how we can ditch that voice (or at least quieten it sometimes) in order to do what we really want to do ...…
Anxiety in the workplace and at home can be debilitating. Join Jenn and guest Dr. Russell Kennedy to learn what anxiety actually is and how you can manage it no matter where you are. Dr. Russ gives practical, real advice to walk you through what to do during what he calls ALARM, and ways to help yourself that actually work. This is an advice-pa ...…
There are two kinds of leaders: one that focuses only on tasks, and one that focuses on people. Which one are you, and how do you develop your relational skills so that you can get both tasks done and build relationships with those you lead? Join Jenn and Dr. Colby Jubenville to find out in this podcast episode.…
How do you keep your home fires burning with passion and intimacy when you are working on your professional career? Where can you find more energy, and how can the energy you find from sexy and meaningful fun translate into more success in your career? Find out on this episode with guest sex and relationship expert Beth Liebling.…
Did you know there are less than 25 certified Master Resume Writers in the world? I learned that and a lot more in this episode with guest expert Lesa Edwards, all about strategies to take your resume to the next level. Join us!
This week we talk about change, transition and transformation with guest Jon DeWaal from Liminal Space. He shares how amazing opportunity can come from times of transition in work and in life. Join us!
Join guest Certified Holistic Nutritionist Annaliisa Kapp and I as we discuss how what you eat can make a real difference to your clarity and focus in the workplace and how to improve that and reduce brain fog through a better, more healthy diet.
Guest Bryan Falchuk, author, coach and Tedx speaker, has quite a story. In this episode, he shares his transformation with the listeners and offers ways to find yourself so that you can ultimately find your dream job.
Podcast guest and business coach Patrick von Pander and I get right into why business people miss most of their opportunities in this lively podcast episode. Join us, you might be surprised to learn what he has to share!
Learn what conscious business is, and how it can change your work and your life! Guest author and humanitarian Sue Dumais shares thoughts on purpose, people, the planet, the product and profit (or prosperity) in this heart-filled episode.
Do you fall into that old toxic thoughts pattern of thinking? Is your mind getting in the way of your own success? Find out how your thoughts could be sabotaging your goals in this podcast episode.
What happens when you move into a management or leadership position and discover it's more of a mess than you anticipated? Guest Ron Carucci has some great advice for anyone who finds themselves in this position or is thinking about making a move into one. Tune to find out what to do.
Mindfulness seems to be a big deal right now, but it's really an ancient practice. Find out how it can benefit your work life, your entire life, and lead to a happier, healthier you.
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