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Best Adventist World Radio Europe podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Adventist World Radio Europe podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Daily radio program in Kabyle from Adventist World Radio
Daily radio programs in Panjabi / Punjabi from Adventist World Radio
Daily programs in Urdu about Health, Family & Spiritual life
Réflexions sur la famille, la spiritualité, la santé et l'éducation...
Colloquial English produced in Sudan by Adventist World Radio
Part 2 of a Daily 2 hour Arabic radio and internet podcast program on current issues in society, with an emphasis on mental, physical and spiritual health, as well as family life. This program is appropriate for all age groups. Contact us at alwaad@awr.org.
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Holy Spirit : روح القدسBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
SHICO_AWRX_20191115_6By podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
life is short : زندگی مختصر ہےBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
The crowd marvels at jesus healing : یسوع کا شفا دینے پر ہجوم حیرت زدہBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
SHICO_AWRX_20191114_5By podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
SHICO_AWRX_20191113_4By podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Store your treasures in heaven : آسمان میں اپنے خزانےکو ذخیرہ کرناBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
SHICO_AWRX_20191112_3By podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Gift of God : خدا کا تحفہBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
SHICO_AWRX_20191111_2By podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
God in heaven and man in earth : خدا آسمان میں اور زمین پر انسانBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
SHICO_AWRX_20191110_1By podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Wealth : دولتBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Herod killed john the Baptist : ہیرودیس نے جان بپتسمہ دینے والے کو مار ڈالاBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
tabrat trema akal keleBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Jesus feed the five thousand : یسوع نے پانچ ہزار کو کھانا کھلایاBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
ad irwal yan kra igat asBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Jesus prepares the disciples for persecution : یسوع شاگردوں کو مصیبتوں کے لیے تیار کرتا ہےBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
mamnk antili d rabiBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Jesus heals the blind and mute : یسوع نابینا اور گونگے کو شفا بخشتا ہےBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
afgan ar itli s esresBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Jesus send out the twelve disciple : یسوع بارہ شاگردوں کو بھیجتا ہےBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
rabi dyser yan ad ganBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Jesus heals a bleeding woman : یسوع ایک خون بہہ رہی عورت کو شفا بخشتا ہےBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
rabi li ilan r efganBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
The people of nazareth refuse to believe : ناصرت کے لوگ یقین کرنے سے انکارBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
larmal lan s tartBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
A Time for Everything : ہر چیز کے لئے وقتBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
Better for a Man : آدمی کے لئے بہتر ہےBy podcasts@awr.org (AWR)
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