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RC Roundtable
RC Roundtable is a podcast about all kinds of radio control vehicles...but mostly the kind that fly. Fitz, Lee, and Terry seem to get their hands into just about every corner of this hobby. We like it all! The truth is, we share a lot of common interests, but we each have our own specific favorites and specialties. That's probably why we have so much fun when we get together. We use the recording sessions to catch up with each other, get things off our chests, and throw around a few light-he ...
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In this episode, we talk about: Twinstar tales (1:55), Microaces SE5a (8:30), E-flite 80mm F-4 Phantom (23:00), AMA Expo East recap (32:20), Canandaigua Swap Meet (48:55), SAE Aero Design East (59:38), GAMA Builder's Event (1:06:20), Warbirds Over JSC (1:10:40), Mystery bag giveaway (1:14:55), Lee's Cessna update (1:17:00)…
In this episode, we are on-location at AMA Expo East in Secaucus, NJ. Fitz, Lee, and Terry are joined by Thayer Syme, Tom Cogswell, Joe Vermillion, and Dan Landis to chat about all of the cool stuff we saw. As usual for our on-site coverage, the conversation is fast-paced and unpredictable. So there's no menu this time.…
In this episode, we talk about: Flyzone Eluna (3:17), Blade Inductrix Switch Air (11:05), FlightLine 850mm P-51D (17:45), AMA Expo is coming soon (28:55), Lee's new planes (36:45), E-flite Timber X (44:14), Fitz's P-47 gasser update (50:44), Maker Knife (1:00:20), Terry's updates (1:03:50)
Our guest this week is Bernd Eisele of Cox International. We talk about: E-flite Timber X (1:15), Sig kits at Tower Hobbies (12:27), VQ Warbirds B-24 ARF (21:19), Meet Bernie (30:34), 1/2A fuel (48:13), Parts is parts (50:18), AMA and MAAC agreement (1:04:50), Lee's .049 story (1:08:50), Terry's .049 story (1:12:50), Georgetown swap meet recap ...…
The gang got together for a live video chat. We talk about: Old School Model Works Racers (2:06), Light Controller for Night Radian (9:42), Spektrum Smart Tech Batteries (18:10), Magazine Hat Trick (28:03), The Champ of Theseus (35:32), Programming SAFE (41:09), Christmas loot (48:10), Upcoming event plans (57:18)…
Fitz couldn't join us for this episode, so Lee and Terry talk about: FlightLine 1600mm Corsair (2:26), E-flite 70mm F-16 EDF (16:29), Terry's Inferno review (28:29), Lee's night out (49:45), Skimmer 400 update (55:12), Night Radian 1st impressions (57:40)
In this episode, we talk about: What's Happenin'? (1:50), Tower Hobbies Mini Uproar (17:30), E-flite Delta Ray One (24:04), Old School Model Works Wayfarer (40:45), Giveaway winner (46:54), Buying Used Models (48:55), Another Giveaway! (1:08:20)
In this episode, we talk about: Freewing F-22 90mm EDF (1:50), E-flite UMX MiG-15 re-release (17:20), Giveaway update (26:04), Flite Fest comparisons (27:39), Thinning epoxy (48:15), What's on your workbench?
In this episode, Fitz, Lee, and friends (new and old) report live from Flite Fest Texas in Apache Pass. As usual for our on-site coverage, the conversation is fast-paced and unpredictable. So there's no menu this time.
In this episode, Fitz, Lee, and Terry finally share the mic and catch up on all the things we've missed. We talk about: Flyzone Turbo Beaver (2:28), E-flite Pitts (12:36), Seagull Kits (15:55), Our FAA overlords (20:02), Terry's NEAT report (37:45), X-Wing fighter (55:22), BEST recap (1:02:25), Sparky's pet Panther (1:13:50), Lee's big Cub (1:2 ...…
In this episode, Fitz, Lee and several friends report live from the BEST event in Texas. The conversation is dynamic and evolves quickly. So we're not listing topics this time. Just sit back and enjoy!
In this episode, Fitz and Lee report live from Bomber Field in Texas. We talk about: Interviews with B.B. Webber's family (0:57), Interview with Barry Raborn, Club President of Bomber Field USA (14:09), Fitz and Lee part 1 (19:07), Fitz and Lee part 2 (40:05)
In this episode, the gang hosts a live video chat on YouTube. We talk about: Freewing L-39 (5:45), VQ Warbirds Sonex EDF (10:05), Blade Inductrix Switch (18:10), Maxford USA Sale (21:13), Lee's new Spektrum receivers (23:55), Fitz's 3D-printed hydrofoil (37:59), Terry's new scratchbuild (46:08), 100C discharge LiPos (48:28), Crawling through a ...…
In this episode, Lee and Terry are joined by Jonathan Rupprecht, a drone attorney who has battled the FAA (and won). We talk about: Meet Jonathan (1:55), Taylor vs FAA summary (4:30), Keep fighting registration? (6:26), About that darn FAA (14:15), Let's talk AMA (27:02), United we stand (38:22), Is the sky falling? (56:40)…
In this episode, we talk about: DJI Mavic Pro 2, New Spektrum receivers, Model Aviation magazine is changing, The Velcro poll, A great 336 video, Lee's petition, Lee on the RCG podcast, Fitz's Spektrum rant, Phantom down, What's on your workbench?
We all share stories of our recent travels...and that pesky FAA. We talk about RC in Hawaii, E-flite Mini Convergence, Foam-Flite Pro Airplane Stand, Nutmeg State Fly-In, Wings Over Springs, National Model Aviation Day, Fitz Does Dallas, Protecting Rule 336, Even more events
This is the audio from our impromptu live webcast while Fitz was in Buffalo. We talk about Flying Aces Nats, Vintage Kyosho T-33s, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Terry goes to Flite Fest, Friends at Flite Fest, Upcoming events, Time to defend our hobby
This mini-episode is an excerpt from our recent chat with Joe Vermillion of Balsa USA. We talk about unfolding developments with the FAA and how they could affect the future of our hobby. xccvavi5
In this episode, Lee, Fitz, and Terry are joined by Joe Vermillion of Balsa USA. We talk about: E-flite Night Radian, Tower Hobbies Cherokee update, Weekender Warehouse Sale, Meet Mean Joe Vermillion, Joe at Balsa USA, Covering crisis, You should build this, Joe's Giant Trailer, Workbench Updates. xccvavi5…
In this episode, Fitz and Terry are joined by James Whomsley of Flite Test, we talk about: Old School Model Works Sky Ranger 40, Blade Fusion 480 heli, E-flite Cherokee, Sad news, Meet James, RC flying in the UK, Working at Flite Test, Coming to America, Flite Fest Ohio, Event updates
In this bonus episode, we talk about: Fitz's Boat Fun Fest event report, Brockport NY Fun Fly, Flight Fest 2018, Jetero High Wing Ho Down, Boy Scout Camp
In this episode, we talk about: Hangar 9 ASH 31, Hangar 9 15cc Hellcat, RC Groups and Horizon Hobby interview, Motion RC in Europe, Zippkits, FCC versus Hobby King, Buying used RC gear online, RCR on the web
In this episode, Fitz and Lee are on-location at the SMALL event in Arkansas! They found lots of sunshine and loads of interesting models. We talk about: SMALL Overview, What we didn't fly, Lee's nitro Cardinal, Fitz's Q-Tee, Tiny engines, Tandem C-17s and other antics, Did we mention the heat?, Meeting people, Sunday summary…
In this episode, we are joined by RC photography guru David Hart! We talk about: Horizon products now at Tower, Updated E-flite UMX GeeBee R-2, Terry likes SAFE!, Meet David Hart, David's camera tips, David's favorite RC events, David's best shot ever!, Upcoming events
In this episode, we talk about: Where is GWS?, E-flite V900, Slow Ride update, JSC Warbird Report, Houston Modelmania, What grinds your gears?
This is audio from our live video about the new Flyzone Micro DC-3/C-47. Check our YouTube channel if you want to see the video. We talk about: First impressions, Paint and decals, Itty bitty screws and Velcro, Included transmitter, Landing gear woes, Flight performance, Repairs, Aerotowing Terry's micro CG-4A, C-47 towplane mods, Tow Release, ...…
In this episode, our buddy Keith Sparks is back! We talk about: The hobby is at risk...again, Hobby Express lives on, Keith's new tool, Keith's Lockheed Costellation, Keith's B-52 update, Keith's Byron F-16, Lee's Cessna update, Terry's project updates, Fitz's project updates, Warbirds over JSC
In this episode, we talk about: Tower Hobbies Slow Ride, Spektrum DX8e, Park Scale Models Battery Caddy, Horizon buys Hobbico, Our tiny models, Fitz's Fun Float Report, Warbirds Over JSC, Richardson Try RC Event
In this episode, we are joined by XPRIZE-winning engineer and RC guru, Dan Kreigh. We talk about: FMS F-18F Super Hornet, E-flite Maule M-7, A tale of two swap meets, Meet Dan Kreigh, Dan and Burt Rutan, Dan and SpaceShipOne, Dan and Stratolaunch, Dan and the IFO, Dan tries the RC biz again
This time around, we celebrate our 50-ish episode with a live video broadcast. You can see it on our YouTube channel. We talk about: A little about us, Flyzone Micro DC-3/C-47, Phoenix Models Stinson Reliant, Who is in the cockpit?, Fitz's new project, Lee's Quick Bilt Cessna update, JSC Warbird event, SMALL steps 2018, Fitz's fireside chat, AM ...…
In this episode, Terry and guest host, Thayer Syme, call in from AMA Expo East. The conversation takes many unplanned twists and turns. We talk about: Maxford USA C-130, Flex Innovations 90mm FlexJet, Balsa USA Beginner Series, AMA Expo East, Flying Models magazine, Do You Speak Model Airplane?
In this episode, we talk about: Freewing 90mm F-4 Phantom, Dynam 70mm Gloster Meteor, Mercalli closeout, Las Vegas drone dufus, Flying from water, AMA Expo East, Model Fiesta 37, NW Houston RC Swap Meet
This is a short episode-ette. Fitz interviewed a few movers and shakers at the GAMA Swap Meet in January. See what they had to say about this event: GAMA Club VP - Bob Petrinec, Warbird nut - Randy Larsen, Swap meet jedi - Richard Ng
In this episode, we talk about: Hangar 9 P-47, Parkzone F4F Wildcat, DJI Mavic Air, A word from our sponsor, Taxes at a swap meet?, Flite Fest Texas, Terry's snow report, And the winner is
In this episode, we are joined by Jim Bourke, founder of RC Groups and owner of Knife Edge Software. We talk about: Hobbico's bankruptcy announcement, How Jim got started in RC, The genesis of RC Groups, Working at Knife Edge Software, Full-scale aerobatics, The joys of owning a Russian airplane, Jim's airplane wishlist, That famous one-wing la ...…
It is our last episode of the year! We talk about: Fair Winds and Following Seas Chuck, Fitz tours a 3D Printer factory, The FCC nabs FPV rule breakers, All we want for Christmas
In this episode, we talk about: ESM closing shop, Spektrum iX12 radio, Silent Fitz, FAA musings, Yo Tony, What's next at Motion RC, Skymaster dreams, The 1/2A influence, The Evelyn factor, Tony and Colonel Dave
In this episode, we talk about: Space City RC - Pearl Harbor event, Fitz's Mystery Regatta, Flightline RC B-24 Liberator, Freewing F-105 Thunderchief, Terry's visit with Adam Savage, What's on your workbench?
In this episode, we talk about: E-flite AT-6 Texan, Multiplex Easy Glider 4, Lee unloads about FAA registration, My first RC airplane, Fitz's nameless regatta, Fitz moonlights with The 8-Bit Guy
In this episode, we continue our chat about our Great Planes ElectriCubs: New Tools, Power systems, Color schemes, Wing strut dilemmas, But how do they fly?, Hindsight
In this episode, we talk about: Goodbye Crash, Freewing F-8 Crusader, UMX Aero Commander update, 3-Views: Great Planes ElectriCub
In this episode, we talk about: E-flite UMX Aero Commander, ARRMA Granite Voltage, Class Action Suit Against the FAA, Wings Over Houston airshow, Houston Maker Faire, Lee and Fitz at the Space City RC Warbird Rally
In this episode, Lee and Fitz are joined by several friends on-location at the BEST event. We talk about: What's your favorite?, Lee's J-6 Cub, Funder & Lightning XL, Who turned the heat on?, Timber!
In this episode, we talk about a BIG Phoenix Model Waco YMF-5, Terry visits the NEAT Fair, Lee visits the B-17 Fly-In at Bomber Field, Fitz and Lee visit the Lone Star Flight Museum Grand Opening, We have a new 3-View project
In this episode, we return to relative normalcy and talk about: DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, Great Planes Bird of Time EP, The barn find that got away, High-Voltage LiPo cells, How do YOU charge?, Fitz prints a new P-38, Lee finally breaks out the Tigercat, Terry's update
In this special episode, we take stock and try to grasp the effects that Hurricane Harvey is having on Fitz and Lee, as well as the other citizens of Houston and South Texas. This show is light on our usual RC chatter. But we wanted to let people know what's going on now that the storm has passed.
In this episode, Fitz and Lee try to get their minds off of Hurricane Harvey. They chat with Terry about: E-flite SR-22, Dynam P-61 Black Widow, Phoenix Model's BIG A-26, Tamiya Tyrrell P34 6-wheeler, Terry joins an RC club in NY, Power system estimation tools, Lone Star Flight Museum moves to Ellington Field, Old Guys, Drone Guys facebook grou ...…
In this episode, Fitz, Lee, and Terry are finally reunited. They are also joined by their buddy, Philip Hinkle, to talk about Oshkosh: Mercalli for Mac, That airshow, Lee's turf war, The best part, The worst part, RC flying at Oshkosh, Ultralights, E-flite X-Vert, The Oshkosh diet, Lee represents the AMA, Any questions?, McCormick P-38 update…
In this episode, Fitz and Terry get the scoop on a great Bugatti model while Lee is on location at Oshkosh: Freewing 80mm A-4, E-flite 1.1m PT-17, Joshua Orchard's Amazing Bugatti 100P, Lee's Velcro retribution, Terry's free-flight experience at Geneseo, Fitz gets yelled at in 3 languages, Fitz's European museum tour…
In this episode, Lee and Terry find plenty to chat about while Fitz is still on vacation: Phoenix Models big Cub, VQ Models T-34C, Water-powered rocket glider, Lee's vintage sailboat overhaul, About that FAA registration database, Find Lee at Oshkosh, What's on your workbench?
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