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Today Xenedra and Aetheryte Radio’s new official host, Rook, are joined by Arcane and Domitien for a run down of the latest Healer Role quest from Shadowbringers. They’ll...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
GooseBruce, Yssen and Yukari, tanks all, join Aldianaux and Xenedra for a break down of the tank role quest with our friend Forgiven Roegadyn Paladin Branden. Then we...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Aldianaux, Bill, Fusion, Rook, and Xenedra team up today for a discussion about role-playing in the FFXIV community, with help from some feedback from the community itself! What...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Bill and Rook return to help Fusion and Xenedra out with a discussion of the recently complete Tales from the Shadows series. Expect a summary of each of...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Join FusionX, Xenedra, and their guest Rook for a discussion of the most recent Letter from the producer LIV(E). Yosuke Saito and YOKO TARO join Yosi-P and Foxclon...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Join Aldianaux and Xenedra, as well as their guest, Bill Murray, for an in depth discussion of the PAX West FFXIV Panel with Main Scenario Writer Natsuko Ishikawa...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Join Aldianaux, Fusion and Xenedra as we discuss our PAX West 2019 interview with Main Scenario Writer Natsuko Ishikawa and Art Team Lead Takeo Suzuki! — Watch live...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
It’s our Diamond anniversary and we’ve invited that gem of a follow, Klauss, from Pheonix Down Radio, to help us give the low-down on content creation. Check out...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Today Aeuria joins Aldianaux and Xenedra for a cherry-picked rehash of Live Letter LIII’s Q&A session. Check out Aeuria’s Twitch, and Twitter. — Watch live on Saturdays at...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Finally the team gets to talk about… Shadowbringers spoilers! We present to you a two hour run-down of the main story quest, and who better to join us...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Xenedra and Aldianaux hold down the fort today, with help from their static members Monte and Domitien. Together they discuss the ins and outs of statics: where to...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
While we rabidly await the show where we can talk spoilers, Fusion, Aldianaux and Xenedra discuss the changes we’ve noted since Shadowbringers launch, both positive and negative. —...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Shadowbringers is here at long last and so it’s time for another review from the Aetheryte Radio team, with special guest Avalonstar! You can check out our written...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Today Xenedra, Aldianaux and Brin tackle the latest live letter and bring you the first look at our E3 Yoshi-P interview. — Watch live on Saturdays at noon...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Join Aldianaux, Brin, and FusionX as they talk about the Producer Letter Live LI and their hands-on experiences at the media tour, as well as their favorite things...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Today Larryzaur and Very Merri join us for a run down of some the community’s latest interviews with Yoshi-P (including our own). Then we get into predictions for...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Ever wondered what kind of work goes into all those great streams, videos and other content the FFXIV community puts out? Joining us for our very first run...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Join us for this week’s spoiler-filled discussion of Patch 4.56, as well as a smattering of questions from the media interview with Yoshi-P at the Japanese Fan Fest....By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Mr. Happy joins the full roster with hands on coverage from the Tokyo Fan Fest as well as his perceptions of Tokyo at large. Join us here, on...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Today Sly joins Xenedra and FusionX to talk about Saturday morning’s forum fire: the Japanese Fan Fest Keynote. Check out Sly on his Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. Join...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
The title says it all, folks! Today we pretend we’re the producers of FFXIV and sort our way through a volley of topics hurled at us by Brin....By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
This week we discuss cute items, early items, old items, real-world items and items they’ve made more useful! ALSO we wade through some hydatos feedback from the general...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
This week, Anonymoose, of XIV lore fame, joins us for a discussion of Eureka as a whole. We also have a little news from our various friends in...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
We split it in half, but we’re back with Fan Fest coverage This time we’re joined by Ethys Asher, who gives us a hands-on view of the EU...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Less than 12 hours after the EU Fan Fest Keynote, here we are (were!) to bring you the details! It’s not quite Paris, but it’s still a good...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Episode 120, The One About Blue Mage, aka “This is a Hamilton Podcast Now”. How are those related? Don’t even worry about it! Just sit back and enjoy...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
The full team is here this time, with Mr. Happy in tow, to bring you a SPOILER FILLED run down of the patch 4.5 MSQ, as well as...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Join Fusion, Xenedra, Brin and our guest, Mr. Happy, as we give our initial impressions of the new content in patch 4.5. Check out Mr. Happy’s Twitch, YouTube...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
We braved the long night (morning?), to bring you a live translation for the Letter from the Producer Live (thank you Marco!) and now here we are the...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
It is still Fan Fest! It’s not, but that was out hottest of topics on today’s episode of Aetheryte Radio, including the Keynote, Live Letter and, bum, bum,...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Do you have opinions on the state of the game? WE sure do! Oh, also it’s our 9th year anniversary and a patch came out. I guess we...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
What have YOU been up to? We’ve been playing through some Heaven on High and raising Sparkly Plants. We also discuss our E3 interview, The latest Live Letter...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
SPOILERS! SO MANY SPOILERS! If you haven’t completed Patch 4.3 and do not want to be spoiled, finish that before you listen to/watch this episode! As you might...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Our podcast is now about everything nerdy we like, EXCEPT Final Fantasy XIV! But no, today on Aetheryte Radio we discuss the Letter from the Producer Live XLIV,...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
This time on Aetheryte Radio we go over the latest live letter about patch 4.3, our interview with Natsuko Ishikawa and John Crow, and share our thoughts on...By Michelle "Xenedra" Folts.
Tune in as we go over the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE regarding upcoming content in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2!By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in for our first show of 2018 as we go over Letter from the Producer LIVE XL, and talk about Yoshida’s New Year’s trips to the Japanese...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in this week as Fusionx and Brin are joined by Maelstrom Radio’s Flattus to talk about our exclusive interview with Masayoshi Soken, Patch 4.15 and our topic...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in during our Extra Life marathon as we talk about the world first clear of the Unending Coil and our topic on group etiquette! Our next topic...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in as the Aetheryte Radio crew is joined by Chille from Moogle-Go-Round Radio and PlayStation Universe as we talk about the latest Letter from the Producer Live...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in as we talk about the Patch 4.1 information from the latest live letter as well as our PAX West interview with Koji Fox! We also announce...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
We’ve once again had the pleasure to sit down with Michael-Christopher Koji Fox to pick his (and Banri Oda’s) brain about the lore of Final Fantasy XIV! Read...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in as we talk about upcoming events and changes to the show!By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in as we talk about our impressions of the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood! We also talk about the most recent live letter and our E3...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in as the Aetheryte Radio crew discusses the recent live letter, their hands-on time with Stormblood, and our recent interview with Naoki Yoshida!By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in as we talk about all of the exciting news from the Frankfurt Fan Festival!By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in for the 100th episode of Aetheryte Radio! GIveaways, Announcements, and Patch 3.5 Discussion!By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
During the Tokyo Fan Fest, Gamer Escape staffers Ritsku, Shishikura and Marko had a chance to sit down and chat with Koji Fox about the lore book, performing...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in as the Aetheryte Radio crew discusses all the news out of this year’s Tokyo Fan Fest!By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
Tune in as we’re joined by Wanderer Sabaku from A Stage Reborn as we talk about their production of “I Want to Be Your Canary” as well as...By Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland.
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