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Sermons from Abiding Word Lutheran Church in Deshler, NE. Abiding Word seeks to make Jesus Christ known to all peoples. For more information about our congregation, or to contact us regarding what you've heard, check out our website at or send us an email at
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I Corinthians 7:29-31. There are many good things this world has to offer but they all will pass away. How should we live in this temporary world? Chasing pleasure? Chasing self-sufficiency? Or is there a better option?
Luke 4:16-30. Jesus goes back to Nazareth to share an important message in His hometown. Will they receive it? Will you receive it?
Guest preacher Fred Meyers speaks on John 13:34.
I Corinthians 2:6-16. Paul speaks of a wisdom that is not recognized or welcomed by this world but a wisdom that is good for life. What is this wisdom and how do we attain it?
Matthew 23:1-12. We all want to be great, great in man's sight but more importantly, great in God's sight. Matthew 23 speaks of two paths to greatness, which path are you on? Will it lead you to greatness?
Hebrews 3:12-4:1. The writer of the book of Hebrews encourages his readers to keep some facts in their minds - a sobering truth, an encouragement, and a promise. Hold on to these truths and don't let go.
Murray Haugen reviews the message of Christ to the seven churches in Revelation.
I John 4:1-6. You check food labels to see what your body is taking in, it's important to avoid food that will do your body harm. It's important to also check where your spiritual food is coming from. Not everything that is spiritual is from God. In this text John teaches believers how to discern healthy teaching from poison.…
Psalm 23. David declares he shall not want. In a culture where we are always wanting more, how can we be content like David? What was his secret to not having any wants? In this text David tells us what he has.
Matthew 5:27-37. Jesus is teaching His 'Sermon on the Mount'. In this passage He addresses the faulty understandings of adultery, divorce, and making oaths. Hear what Jesus has to say about these topics and the hope for those who've done wrong.
Jeremiah 16:14-21. It's amazing what a little hope can do for a person. In this text, Jeremiah is given a glimpse of hope that would see him through the dark days to come. What kind of dark days would he face? What kind of dark days do you face? Where do you find your hope?
Matthew 9:9-13. Jesus and His disciples have a meal with an unexpected crowd - why would they do it?
Isaiah 25:6-9. Isaiah foretells of a feast that is better than anything we could imagine - a feast that is being prepared for us but also of a feast that has already been prepared. You don't have to wait any longer to taste its goodness. Come and get it!
Matthew 16:24-28. What is discipleship? Is it a program? Is it an event? We have all kinds of answers but here Jesus tells His disciples who it's for and what it entails.
Titus 3:3-7. There are lots of days to remember in our lives. Paul reminds Titus of a few important days; days that were important to Paul, Titus, and to us today. What are they? What significance do they have for us today?
John 14:15-21. What is Pentecost? Why remember it? Why celebrate? In this text Jesus teaches His disciples what's so significant about Pentecost.
Luke 12:4-12. Jesus warns His disciples of the leaven of the Pharisees and where it leads to. How does Jesus encourage and challenge His disciples? How does His message translate to our day?
I John 3:19-24. How do you know if you are saved or not? Is it possible to know for certain where you'll go when you die? How do you know? John writes to point believers to an assurance outside of them.
Lamentations 3:18-26. When your circumstances in life seem to steal your hope, where can you find hope? Will this hope that you find let you down? Find the answer here in Lamentations 3.
I John 3:1-2. Pastor Ken Hart preaches on being children of God.
Acts 13:26-39. On his first missionary journey Paul shares good news in a synagogue. This same good news is for you too. Listen here to hear what that news is.
Isaiah 53:10-12. Easter Sunday. He has done it, but what has He done? This message takes a look at the end of Isaiah 53 to see the lasting results He has accomplished for us.
Isaiah 53:4-9. Good Friday message focusing on the Suffering Servant's purpose and result. Why did Christ suffer? What did it accomplish?
John 12:20-33. Having heard about Jesus, people seek Him out to see His glory. Jesus tells them His hour has come to be glorified and He calls people to follow Him. What does the road to glory look like?
Kevin Wollenberg shares with us some food for thought about faith, focusing on a couple passages that teach us about faith.
John 6:52-65. Jesus provokes His audience with a life or death food challenge - If you want to live, eat My flesh. What is Jesus talking about? Find out here.
Revelation 2:8-11. Jesus sends a letter to believers in Smyrna. What does He have to say to these believers dealing with persecution? What does He have to say to believers living today?
Revelation 12:7-12. In this passage John gets a glimpse of heaven. He sees war but he also sees victory. What victory does he see? What does this victory mean for us?
John 1:29-34. In this text, John the Baptist calls out to the crowd to gaze at the most important thing in the world. What is it?
Isaiah 55:10-13. Life is full of disappointments with things not working. Thankfully, God's Word isn't one of those disappointments. Listen, and hear how Isaiah shares how God works through His Word.
Philippians 3:7-16. Paul shares his testimony with believers in this passage. He doesn't share it to get a pat on the back, but to give us an example as how to live our lives as believers. What are the present implications for your life?
2 Corinthians 1:3-11. Where do you find comfort? There are lots of ways to cover up pain or run away from it but they don't actually comfort. Where is comfort found? Find out where in 2 Corinthians 1.
I Corinthians 1:26-31. Boasting, boy it's fun to do, but is it right? Should we be boastful? What do we have to boast about?
Mark 10:13-16. What's the age requirement to come to Jesus? The disciples have an idea but Jesus has the answer. What is it? Listen to what Jesus has to say.
I Peter 2:4-10. Have you ever seen a living stone? In this passage Peter tells us what to look for, what this stone does to us, and what this stone calls us to.
Isaiah 40:1-8. Are you hurting? Are you grieving? Are you aching? God desires to comfort you. Find out how He comforts His people from Isaiah 40:1-8.
Matthew 1:18-23. Why is Christmas such a big deal? In Matthew's gospel we find the reason for Christmas.
Malachi 3:1-6. Malachi warns the people that the LORD is sending a messenger to them. What would this messenger do? In the New Testament we find out who these messengers were. They completed their missions and have given us a mission.
Luke 17:20-30. The Kingdom of God and the Son of Man are here...but not yet. Open up your Bibles and follow along as we look into the Kingdom of God and the Son of Man.
Jeremiah 33:14-18. The LORD gave Jeremiah a message of hope for a people who were in captivity. The message pointed people to the coming of a Righteous Branch. How would that bring them hope? How does it bring us hope today?
Haggai 2:1-9. There's work to be done but obstacles in the way. People are scared. They're apathetic. How will God motivate His people to keep building the Temple?
Zephaniah 3:14-20. You can't be happy all the time. Yet God tells us to "rejoice always." In the light of pain and suffering how can God expect us to rejoice? Listen to three reasons Zephaniah gives to rejoice.
Matthew 5:1-3. Pastor Ken Hart of Faith Free Lutheran in Fairbury, NE preaches on Matthew 5:1-3.
Romans 11:1-12. Rejection is something we're all too well aware of. How does God respond after His people reject them? Does He ever reject His people? Will He reject me?
Romans 10:14-21. We don't like to think of all the problems in this world but there is one problem we ought to think about. What is that problem? What should we do about it?
Romans 10:1-13. Are there two ways of being right in God's sight? Paul explains there is only one way and how it can be yours.
Romans 9:14-33. God isn't fair but He is just. Find out why this is good news for you. Paul writes about the mercy of God and salvation by faith alone.
Romans 9:1-13. Paul continues to teach the righteous shall live by faith. This message looks at the difference between being a child or privilege and being a child of promise.
Romans 8:18-39. We often feel defeated in life. It's hard to get ahead. But what if someone told you, regardless of your current circumstances, you were a conqueror? Would you believe them? Hear what God's word says about believers here.
John 5:1-14. Harlan Eitzmann preaches on the text of Jesus healing the man by the pool called Bethesda.
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