Best Alcohol podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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Buzzin Cuzins
Taste testing new alcohol, relationship and/or life advice, gym motivation and workout plans, people doing stupid things and realizing why aliens wont visit Earth and the basic necessities in life.The boys have a couple of drinks and discuss all the most recent and up-to-date news worthy topics that even radio stations lag behind on or don't even bother with. A new episode every Monday (but sometimes Tuesday). Even when you think you're having a bad day, just remember: Its gonna be a good da ...
ImPerfect Pour
The Imperfect Pour is a web-show about the history, the science, the tradition and the stupid of alcohol. In the show we will record us sampling different alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) treats, reviewing them and screwing with them. Think of Mythbusters met Good Eats met Three Sheets. Each episode will have a theme (sometimes serious but mostly silly) and will evolve along the way.
Rumor Flies
Rumor Flies discusses the origins, evolution, and veracity of all your favorite rumors, myths, and misconceptions.
Talking Sobriety
Sobriety. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sobriety is why I am here living the life I am today. Every podcast will show a piece of how anyone struggling can indeed get their life back even when one thinks that there is no way possible from drug or alcohol addiction.I once had everything, achieving my lifetime goal of becoming a professional freestyle Moto-X rider for over 20 years. I was Living the rockstar life, traveling the world, riding my dirt bike in front of thousan ...
Inside Health
Dr Mark Porter demystifies health issues, separating fact from fiction and bringing clarity to conflicting health advice, with the help of regular contributor GP Margaret McCartney
Free fitness, nutrition, biohacking, fat loss, anti-aging and cutting-edge health advice from! Tune in to the latest research, interviews with exercise, diet and medical professionals, and an entertaining mash-up of ancestral wisdom and modern science, along with Q&A's and mind-body-spirit optimizing content from America's top personal trainer.
The latest feed from Cloverdale Free Presbyterian Church B.C. on
The ”in good shape” studio discussion: each week we invite an expert to the studio to talk about issues concerning health and well-being. Topics include alternative or conventional medicine, exercise, nutrition and wellness. That and more on ”in good shape” every week on DW-TV.
Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, It’s socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.
Let's look at life through the lens of our ancestors. Our instincts were shaped by their struggles in an environment much different than our current environment. Our instincts haven't changed much but our environment has changed dramatically. We blend the science of evolutionary psychology with the clinical experience of Doug Lisle, PhD to explore common problems and stumbling points in our pursuit of happiness. We are live on Wednesdays at 8:30-9:30pm PST. If you have a question or comment, ...
Rewired Radio
From sobriety to self care, Rewired Radio will explore the power of incorporating authenticity, gratitude, and compassion into our lives. Wherever you are on your wellness journey, Rewired Radio will provide you with the tips, tools, support, and inspiration you'll need to help you grow and evolve.
A show in the tradition of This American Life. Sort of. It's different, obviously.
Self destructive writer Dan Harmon claims he will one day found a colony of like-minded misfits. He’s appointed suit-clad gadabout Jeff Davis as his Comptroller and bearded dreamboat Spencer Crittenden as his Dungeon Master. It’s like a neurotic town hall meeting, often with alcohol and famous people.
Line One: Your Health Connection is a weekly health news, interview and call-in program broadcast LIVE on Monday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on KSKA FM 91.1 in Anchorage, Alaska. Hosted by Dr. Thad Woodard, Line One focuses on the latest developments in health care and features national experts and LIVE call-in discussions of important health issues and topics. Learn more, ask questions and share comments online at KSKA.ORG.
My new podcast 'Under The Skin' asks: what's beneath the surface - of people we admire, of the ideas that define our time, of the history we are told. Speaking with guests from the world of academia, popular culture and the arts, they'll help us to see the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality. And have a laugh.
Dr Karl on triplej
Join Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Zan Rowe and their scientific guests, with a bunch of curious triplej listeners for a weekly injection of science, myth-bashing and answers! Thursdays from 11am EST.
A daily short reliability engineering tip! For full audio episodes, check out
What is Addiction
What is addiction...really Become a supporter of this podcast:
Here We Are
Join comedian Shane Mauss as he interviews science experts across the country in a journey to find out what makes us who we are.
Say Why To Drugs
The internet is full of misinformation about recreational drugs - both legal and illegal. Dr Suzi Gage, a psychologist interested in understanding associations between substance use and mental health, tackles one substance per episode - providing information about what we know - the harms, but also potential benefits of these substances. There's no hype, no spin and no judgement, just information. In the first series, she is in conversation with rapper Scroobius Pip.
From the ground breaking and life saving to the wacky and implausible, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki reveals some of the best moments in science.
Smart, informative conversations and interviews that go beyond mere headlines and sound bites. New episodes Monday through Friday at 4p EST/1p PSTEmail the show
Seeker Plus
Built for enthusiastic science fans seeking comprehensive conversations on the geeky topics they love. Host Trace Dominguez breaks down big topics and digs beyond the usual scope to deliver details, developments and opinions on advanced topics in physics, biology, space exploration, psychology, and more!
Welcome to the Fellowship Baptist Church Sermon Podcast! Fellowship Baptist Church is located in Clarklake, Michigan and is lead by Pastor Daniel White. Our prayer is that you will be encouraged and challenged to become more like Jesus Christ in your own personal life.
The latest news stories from 89.3 KPCC, Southern California Public Radio.
Join David Puder as he covers different topics on psychiatry and psychotherapy. He will draw from the wisdom of his mentors, research, in-session therapy and psychiatry experience, and his own journey through mental health to discuss topics that affect mental health professionals and popsychology enthusiasts alike. Through interviews, he will dialogue with both medical students, residents and expert psychiatrists and psychotherapists, and even with people who have been through their own ment ...
Health Focus
Doctors, medical professionals and researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina will be featured weekly in a series of radio interviews on South Carolina Public Radio called Health Focus. Award winning public broadcaster Bobbi Conner will host this series of health and medical features, covering a wide array of topics.
All Points North
The All Points North podcast has everything you need to know about the news in Finland this week. All Points North is produced by Yle News, a unit of the Finnish Broadcasting Company.
Two British lifelong Harry Potter fans Hannah and Charlie re-read their favourite childhood book with added alcohol and cynicism in fortnightly episodes!
Latest medical news and features from Medscape Internal Medicine
Learn new science and insights about fat-loss, gut health and building muscle. Drawing on background knowledge of 11 years as a Functional Medicine Consultant, Mike's interviews practitioners, authors, scientists and influencers in the health and wellness space.
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher shares in casual conversation, topics of health, wellness and spirituality to transform your life. Her guests are authors, physicians, spiritual leaders, and people who wish to share a message of hope as the world evolves through daily challenges. The conversations may ease your concerns, encourage deep laughter or challenge your beliefs but you will come away with a sense that something has stirred inside of you and you just can't wait to share it with others. Dr. Jea ...
Illicit Chats
Illicit Chats Podcast - when Sex Educator, Glen meets Comedian, Laura (and Chris the Producer edits it to make it funny). We'll make you laugh. Cry. And hopefully think. Tackling the awkward subjects no one wants to talk about every week over a cup of tea. From abortion to xenophobia. Covering every taboo subject we can come up with. We delve into the uncomfortable and make ourselves at home in the search for understanding, human kindness (and maybe some biscuits to go with this goddamn tea) ...
Charisma News
One news story a day well told. Join us each weekday for a new, interesting story from In five minutes, you will hear popular storylines told from a Christian perspective. Show topics include hot button Christian issues, impossible miracles, Christian life, stories of redemption and more.
The Better Faster Podcast is your go to place for all things Physical Therapy and Strength & Conditioning. Brandon Vaughn and Josh Jeffery are at the forefront of blending these two worlds, and they come together on the BFP to discuss the most relevant topics facing clinicians and coaches. Some of their guests are the brightest minds in the worlds of PT and S&C, and their conversations are the perfect length for your morning commute. Tune in every Monday for brand new content!
The Trumpet Daily
The Trumpet Daily is a natural extension of the Trumpet magazine. Viewers will be able to watch this new program every day and see fresh content that will help them get to know their own Bibles. It will urge them to study God's Word every day to fill their lives with God's exciting and meaningful principles of living.
I am the founder of Scientific Nutrition and the author of The Optimized Guide to Intermittent Fasting and I want you to live a healthy life. In this workday show you will get a 5-10 minute update on something new or interesting in the world of health, fitness, or nutrition.
What drives people in Europe? How do Europeans lead their lives? What are their views, hopes and fears? Fokus Europa provides the answers: up close, exciting and balanced.
What are the pros? What are the cons? A comedy podcast helping you see both sides of the minor issues, hosted by novelists Luke Smitherd and Matt Shaw.
Unscrewed Podcast. The Unscrewed Podcast brought to you by the Bottle Ground Project. Sharing stories of lives affected by alcohol/addiction.
Ridiculous History
History is beautiful, brutal and, often, ridiculous. Join Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown as they dive into some of the weirdest stories from across the span of human civilization in Ridiculous History, a podcast by HowStuffWorks.
History as told by the people who were there.
The Official Podcast of
The latest medical news, analysis and reporting. (Updated periodically)
Presented by The Knowledge Center at Chaddock, Attachment Theory in Action is a weekly podcast featuring national experts from the field of attachment and trauma. Hosted by Karen Buckwalter, MSW, LCSW, the podcast is dedicated to therapists, social workers, counselors and psychologists working with clients from an attachment-based perspective. Listeners sit in on Karen’s insightful, informative and inspiring conversations with leading attachment theory researchers and clinicians in the field.
A little “extra” for your listening pleasure.
Podcast dedicated to analyzing the world's many mysterious conspiracies, unexplained occurrences and life's little nuances. And of course, there's coffee! Host's Stephen and Kristyn also tackle conspiracies and funny anectedotes that take place in general pop culture.
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Eric Chapman’s Multi-Denominational Advent Calendar- today: Yalda
The legislation is intended to curb injuries and death by helping police catch drivers with more than the legal limit of alcohol in their bloodstreams. It gives police officers the right to ask for a breath sample from any driver they lawfully stop, lowering the bar from the previous legislation, which required that an officer have reasonable s ...…
BC's Rental Housing Task Force released a report last week that looked at the big issues facing landlords and tenants in this province. One of the big issues identified by the report is the rules on having pets in rented accommodation. Currently, pets are allowed in a rental unit at the landlord's discretion. Renters who contacted the Task Forc ...…
This day next week, many of us will be gathering around the table to carve up a turkey and share a Christmas dinner with our loved ones. But for the person whose job it is to cook the turkey - that comes with a lot of responsibility, and as we all know, there are lots of things that can go wrong. So how do you make sure your Christmas feast goe ...…
Pipelines, LNG, cost of living, environmental initiatives it's been a busy year in BC politics and my next guest has been at the heart of it all. Andrew Weaver, the leader of the BC Green Party, is here with me to look back at the highlights and lowlights of the past 12 months. Guest: Andrew Weaver - Leader of the BC Green Party…
“Death Cross” is a technical term that means the long term exponential moving average has crossed past the short term exponential moving average. This event has only transpired 7 times before since 1978. Eitel Insights believes this death cross will last until late 2021 or early 2022 Meanwhile, number crunchers at the Eitel Insights group have ...…
The Best New Restaurants of 2018: Mangia Cucina Mumbai Local Pepinos Spaghetti House Moltaqa Restaurant Fiore (South Granville) Sopra Sotto (Commercial Drive) The Italians Kitchen & Bar Como Taperia Bombay Kitchen Origo Club (Richmond) Guest: Richard Wolak - Writer/Editor of; co-host of the CKNW Original Podcast “Food, Glo ...…
Calls: should Vancouver residents pay higher taxes to help struggling businesses?
Last week, 22 Business Improvement Associations asked city council to shift the tax burden by 2% from commercial to residential taxpayers. It would mean business would pay less, and residents would pay more. This morning at City Council, city staff made a brief presentation to councilors showing what the impact of that would be. And now, there’ ...…
Security expert Dave O’Toole gives you his top tips for keeping your house safe and secure over the Christmas period.
Our business agony uncle Bobby Kerr joined Susan to chat about the struggles facing the high street this festive season
Professor Ross Morgan President of The Irish Thoracic Society and Sarah McParland who is a lung cancer survivor joined Susan to chat about lung health.
How is Theresa May withstanding all the pressure?Brendan Kelly - Professor of Psychiatry TCD says it's called Hubris Syndrome and common among politicians.
Like many Viking leaders, Halfdan and Bjorn wanted to be known for their fearlessness in battle and their ability to locate the finest spoils -- they wanted the community to tell stories of their valor for generations to come. Their father Ragnar built a name for himself raiding Paris, so they wanted to kick things up a notch and raid an even m ...…
This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Elizabeth Mack about helping teens become safe drivers and reducing teen motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. Dr. Mack is the Division Chief for Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at MUSC Children’s Health and she is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.…
Theatre director Peter Brook led a troupe of actors on a three-month-long journey across the Sahara Desert starting in December 1972. They performed improvised pieces to local villagers. Louise Hidalgo has been speaking to author and journalist John Heilpern who went with them.Photo: Peter Brook in the 1990s. (Credit: Jean Pimentel/Kipa/Sygma v ...…
Unless you've been taking a sabbatical from all forms of media you've probably seen and heard by now the amazing benefits people are getting from using CBD oil... The only thing is that cannabinoids work better for some dis-eases of the body than others, which is why I want to make sure you get the results you're looking for... So on today's #C ...…
This week's tips come from Rob's Reliability Project's interview with Dr. Liam LaTouche, ND. We talk about staying healthy over the holidays, alcohol consumption and weight loss strategies.Check out Liam LaTouche Wellness - liamlatouche.comCheck out Thrive Workplace Wellness - thriveworkplacewellness.comFollow Rob's Reliability Project on Faceb ...…
Talking to Delta Mayor George Harvie and North Delta MLA Ravi Kahlon A 2018 year wrap up with Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart Does the federal government pay enough attention to the West and sentiments of alienation?
Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau says airlines will also have to give passengers clear reasons for delays, under a proposed passenger bill of rights. The proposed compensation will use a sliding scale, with larger airlines and longer delays requiring bigger compensation payments. Guest: Seán O’Shea - Global News Consumer Reporter…
Our next guest was arrested, stood down as an MP, and got elected as Vancouver’s new Mayor all in the one year - so it’s safe to say that 2018 has been busy for Kennedy Stewart. So we wanted to check in with him to see how he feels about the year that’s just gone, and to see how he plans to tackle housing affordability, the opioid crisis, and t ...…
Follow us: @betterfasterpodcast @cpt_strength @vertexpt @joshjeffery5 @bvthept
The past 10 years have seen a lot of research on how kids build their understanding of math and numbers. One of the findings from research at SFU is that developing better numeracy doesn’t just mean practicing your times tables, it also means having meaningful conversations about math in context. And one of the best times for parents to get to ...…
How can relativity and quantum mechanics create mass in a tiny particle?
Don't expect a final decision on the Massey tunnel replacement until 2020 - and you can forget about the 10 lane bridge that the BC Liberals proposed. The NDP government is presenting new options to municipalities and local First Nations, following an independent report commissioned by the BC NDP. The report found that BC Liberals’ plan exceeds ...…
Eric Chapman’s Multi-Denominational Advent Calendar- today: Festivus
Gingerbread men are being renamed and rebranded as “gingerbread people” from select vendors INCLUDING BC FERRIES. This is a presumed effort to be non-exclusive to all female gingerbread entities or gender-fluid ones. More than a quarter of people who responded to a new online survey by GraphicSprings say “yes” to reimagining Santa as being gend ...…
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