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Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mom to five sons, Alli Worthington, hosts her show built on one simple premise- bring on people she loves, respects and wants to learn from. You will love the fun interview-style conversations followed by coaching time where Alli answers listener questions about faith, business, and life. Alli is also the author of Breaking Busy, Fierce Faith, and The Year of Living Happy. She loves speaking at conferences about faith, business, and living life well.
Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mom to five sons, Alli Worthington, hosts her show built on one simple premise- bring on people she loves, respects and wants to learn from. You will love the fun interview-style conversations followed by coaching time where Alli answers listener questions about faith, business, and life. Alli is also the author of Breaking Busy, Fierce Faith, and The Year of Living Happy. She loves speaking at conferences about faith, business, and living life well.
World War II Chronicles is a weekly look back to 'This Week in World War II, 75 Years Ago.' Originally produced in coordination with the National Archives to mark the 50th anniversary of the war, World War II Chronicles features original newsreel reports and archival footage to tell the story as it happened, week by week. Hosted by famed World War II newsreel anchor Ed Herlihy, World War II Chronicles is produced by the American Veterans Center.
The Talisman is a gripping tale set near the end of the Third Crusade. King Richard the Lionheart is grievously ill, and all around him the leaders from allied countries plot and scheme to gain personal power, putting the future of the crusade in jeopardy. Sir Kenneth of Scotland finds himself caught up in events, and finds both his honour and his life are now on the line. Can a cure be found for the King? Can Kenneth redeem his honour? – Written by Rowen.
Fun Therapy
Fun Therapy with Mike Foster dives into the beautifully messy parts of our not-so-perfect lives. Each episode features a candid "therapy" session with a key leader, influencer or artist. With the kindness of Mr. Rogers and the intensity of a Navy SEAL, Mike's unique style reveals the truth and beauty residing in all of us. With a lush musical score by Sleeping At Last, consider this your guide to turn your setbacks into super powers. Learn more at:
Born out of the popular BigFooty forum network, this podcast discusses all things Port Adelaide Football Club. News, weekly reviews, previews, hot topics, Port Adelaide Magpies discussion as well as exclusive interviews with PAFC players and staff. If you love Port Adelaide as much as we do, you'd be crazy to miss this. Carn the Power!
Nakkiah and Miranda have conversations Australia is uncomfortable having—about sex, relationships, dating, power, and, most difficult of all, race.
Vijay R. Nathan hosts The Truth to Power Show which places a weekly guest on the proverbial meditation cushion to engage in a thoughtful conversation at the intersection of the personal and the political. Tune in for talks with: poets and writers, leaders and teachers, allies and practitioners. The greatest risk we take is to tell our personal truth.
The Solomon Success podcast is dedicated to the timeless wisdom of King Solomon and the Book of Proverbs in order to maximize one’s business and life. To our advantage, we can find King Solomon’s financial strategies in addition to many life philosophies documented in biblical scriptures. Focusing on these enduring fundamentals of success allows us to bypass the “get-rich-quick” schemes that cause many to stumble on their journey toward success. Our concern is not only spiritual in nature, b ...
Scholastic Reads
A podcast about the joy and power of reading, exploring topics that matter to parents, educators, and the reader in all of us
Combing the Roots provides an in-depth look at the issues surrounding racism, justice, and racial healing from a black woman’s perspective. In each episode, host Ally Henny explores and exposes the nature of America’s race problem drawing on history, culture, and other sources to provide thoughtful and engaging insight into a deeply contentious issue. Henny, a writer, activist, minister, and theologian is not afraid to take on controversial topics and shine a light on the issues. Henny’s Chr ...
CBC Radio's The Current is a meeting place of perspectives with a fresh take on issues that affect Canadians today.
PEN America
PEN America stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect open expression in the United States and worldwide. We champion the freedom to write, recognizing the power of the word to transform the world. Our mission is to unite writers and their allies to celebrate creative expression and defend the liberties that make it possible.
Before medical school you want to help people feel better. Once you start training and get into your practice, whether it is private, hospital-based, institutional, academic or corporate, you discover the distress of toxic work habits, stressed health professionals and bureaucracy. You are in danger of becoming a faceless white coat that doesn’t have a clue how to feel good! This show meets doctors and allied health professionals where they are, from medical school, residency, fellowship, pr ...
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: The command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. The Situation Room airs weekdays 5p-7p eastern on CNN. In this podcast you will get the 6p-7p hour Monday through Friday.
Powering Up! is a cross-generational, cross-cultural conversation about female power. Hosted by Anne Doyle, Journalist and Author, Powering Up! How America's Women Achievers Become Leaders.
an intersectional feminist podcast which tells the stories of the personal and essential so these dialogues won’t be lost. intersectionality represents the vectors of oppression that occur when systems of power and hierarchy interact.bringing these stories to light not only gives those a platform but also creates room for change and growth.our movement becomes less powerful if people are being left behind
Each week I explore big ideas through a psychedelic Point of view, with a core focus on cognitive liberty. My mission is to always speak openly and honestly about my life experience, as well as to hold space for thought-provoking discussions, and unconventional conversations. I'm interested in massive ideas that challenge the status quo and offer exciting awe-inspiring opportunities for radical progress and total human wholeness. This show varies between episodes with guests, solo storytelli ...
Welcome to Ancient Ideas, Modern Legacies a podcast that explores how ancient ideas about race, sex, art, power, and the environment shed light on our contemporary world.
Bodice Ripping
Four ladies come together to read cheesy romance novels and discuss the best of the worst. From terrible character clichés you love to hate; to descriptions of chiseled backsides, rippling muscles, and flowing hair that might make you laugh rather than sigh; and to sexy times that might not be all that sexy, this is the world of Bodice Ripping! Not sure how to relate to romance novels when the romance might be too over the top? No worries! Alli, Gina, Lauren, and Rachel discuss characters, p ...
Rational Perspective is Alec Hogg's regular podcast.
Let's Conquer Books
A podcast where I ally with other book conquers who are or desire to seek books to conquer continuously. By continually conquering books we build an army of books to help us win the many battles of life.
Holistic Survival is about being prepared for modern survival with simple, realistic steps everyone can take to make the world a better place. It's about turning problems into possibilities. It's about stability and community and equipping, fortifying, perfecting, providing, and securing peace of mind. It's about self-reliance and personal responsibility. Who is behind The Holistic Survival Show? The name Jason Hartman has become synonymous with exposing the rigged game on Wall Street and gu ...
UCSF's Osher Center for Integrative Medicine presents Mini Medical School for the Public, a series of programs providing an opportunity to learn about health and the health sciences directly from UCSF faculty members and other nationally-recognized experts.
Story Club
Each week, we bring you stories told live from the Story Club chair at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney.
Daily curated articles from New York Times and Medium, converted to podcasts using
A chronological look at the origins and battles of the First World War from 1890-1920.
Ideas is all about ideas \x96 programs that explore everything from culture and the arts to science and technology to social issues.
eBay for Business
The eBay for Business podcast is the number one eBay related podcast and a top e-commerce resource featuring eBay sellers, eBay employees and industry experts. This is the definitive weekly source for the information and inspiration needed to start, run and grow a business on eBay, the world’s most powerful marketplace. Find out more at, reach us at 1-888-723-4630, or
Evil Inc.
The Equippable Allies try their hand at advising the villains how to be better, helping them with their insurance, assisting them in their management endeavours and even how they can spin their nefarious deeds with the media. If you have a villain suggestion, send it to
Organizer and activist DeRay Mckesson explores news, culture, social justice, and politics through deep conversations with influencers and experts, and the weekly news with fellow activists Brittany Packnett and Sam Sinyangwe, and writer Clint Smith.
TED Talks Business
Some of the world's greatest innovators, entrepreneurs, and business researchers share their stories and insights from the stage at TED conferences, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos for free from that features interactive English transcript, and subtitles in as many as 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
A podcast dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change. This is a community that's centered on sisterhood, connection, authentic conversations, and creating real transformation. We share what inspires, challenges, moves and shapes us, in hopes that it will do the same for you. Please join the conversation, because while it's great just the two of us, it's so much better when we're in it together! Join the conversation at and conne ...
Mothers Who Know
Mothers Who Know, hosted by Karen Broadhead, Certified Family Life and Wellness Coach, offers free training and support for all mothers. Karen hopes to educate mothers and empower them to find HOPE when their child battles any challenging issue faced today. With values from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Karen teaches mothers to stand strong in the storms they face, sometimes on a daily basis. Mothers Who Know is a safe place to receive support and learn tools to be a more ...
Your Own Magic
your own magic is a wellness + self-help podcast connecting listeners -- aka the soul tribe -- with the nuggets of wisdom from voices of artists, authors, thought leaders, + other creative visionaries who are living their spiritual truth to expand our minds so we may be inspired to create + unleash our own magic. hosted by @raquellemantra theme Music: sounds of sion artwork by @broken_isnt_bad
LA Observed
The week's top stories in LA media, politics and culture.
T​he Powering Through Podcast features live panel conversation on obstacles and challenges faced by people affected by hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and other bleeding disorders. The nationwide series features members of the bleeding disorders community as well as inspiring friends. Both the live events and the podcast are hosted by community member Patrick James Lynch. Find more Powering Through podcasts by visiting Powering Through and The Powering Throug ...
This is MentaliTea, where we discuss different mental health topics and other stigmatized issues, all the while sipping on some delicious tea and cracking jokes. Support this podcast:
Welcome to The Operative Word! This is the podcast of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology. Each Issue of Volume 1 - edited by Dr Britta Wigginton, Dr Ally Gibson, and Dr Brett Scholz - is released on the first day of every second month.
Naked Conversations
We can all lose ourselves sometimes in the expectations and responsibilities of “growing up.” Naked Conversations is about breaking free. Finding your voice. Speaking up. Reconnecting with who you really are. Creating a life that matters and lights you up. Join me (Sage B. Hobbs, author of Naked Communication) as I share stories and advice from inspiring, real women who have successfully broken free from fear and old patterns in order to create incredible relationships and impactful lives. E ...
Exploring Environmental History is the podcast about human societies and the environment in the past.
AESP Podcasts
Get to know the people behind energy efficiency and demand-side management. Ours is a complex ecosystem of people designing, implementing, managing, marketing, researching and evaluating programs and new technologies. The ultimate goal -- saving energy! In each episode, AESP’s John Hargrove gets to the heart of the action, talking to the people who are making things happen at utility companies, the implementers, manufacturers, trade allies and industry influencers.
Poppin' Bottles
A comedic podcast about your favorite beverages.Each week a new guest chats about their beverage of choice with recovering bartender Josh Segovia and barback Rob Grabowski. Bottle Icon Art by Alex Vaughn
America's identity is evolving in real time. Immigrants are being scoffed at for looking a certain way and not being "American" enough. Transgender individuals are being determined not "fit enough" to serve in our military. Sexual assault and neo-nazi behavior is being condoned by the Oval Office. The First Amendment is being ridiculed. And, America's moral authority is eroding internationally, begging the question of who is "enough" of an American ally. Former Obama White House senior advis ...
Women Letting Their Curiosity Lead to an Extraordinary Life What if we could all stop adulting and live each day with the curiosity of a child at play? On the Create.Play.Live. Show, host Nanette Saylor ( invites you to let go of outdated standards, make your own rules and give yourself permission to play more than ever before. You have the power to create your life exactly as you want it to be. Learn to experience your journey through new eyes and challenge yo ...
A weekly discussion of the geopolitical implications of current events in the Asia-Pacific, hosted by Ankit Panda from The Diplomat, with regular guests.
Do you ever feel like there’s this secret language of money you can’t speak? Or that financial security is only understood and enjoyed by those who come from money, or work as bankers, brokers, analysts, and accountants? Moneysplained is a personal finance podcast that breaks down those barriers and fills in the education gaps for people afraid of admitting what they don't know about money.
Guest speakers, researchers and University of California faculty explore mental illness and mental health.
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Carly Stein, has stories to tell us about the biz + the bees. If you're not aware of the fact that many of our buzzing friends are endangered then may her message enlighten you. Carly is a Queen bee of her own hive who models how success comes from resilience, tenacity, passion, making your mess your mission, + listening to your heart over othe ...…
I'm calling this "The Summer Of My Favorite Women" so it's only appropriate that I'm joined again by the marvelous Jo Saxton. Today, Jo shares some tips for women who tend to self-sabotage and what to do when imposter syndrome strikes. She also shares about what she's currently dreaming to accomplish and why. In this episode we discuss: 1. Why ...…
I'm calling this "The Summer Of My Favorite Women" so it's only appropriate that I'm joined again by the marvelous Jo Saxton. Today, Jo shares some tips for women who tend to self-sabotage and what to do when imposter syndrome strikes. She also shares about what she's currently dreaming to accomplish and why. In this episode we discuss: 1. Why ...…
The incredible story of Naspers is testimony to fact that success follows laser-like focus based on the right long-term vision. In this insightful interview with Naspers CFO Basil Sgourdos, the group has followed a similar playbook for decades: travel widely, expose yourself to global trends, take disciplined bets in promising areas, and as tre ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Walter Scott.
Late on Friday, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin traded above $10,000 for the first time in over a year, riding a wave of optimism about the future of digital currencies. Over the weekend, Ethiopia’s reformist government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, foiled a coup attempt that killed several senior government officials, including ...…
Sometimes a winner looks like a loser and a winning bet looks like a losing proposition. In SA, Multichoice has been out of favour as viewers switch to streaming, while exotic game has been seen as a modern gold mine for the savvy millionaire. But looks can be deceiving. In this episode, Alec Hogg lays out the contrarian case for investing in M ...…
Energy experts have welcomed the cash boost to address the debt mill stone for Eskom, but they say President Cyril Ramaphosa has not gone far enough and that he has not given enough detail. Opposition parties have accused the President of throwing money at Eskom, which had outdated organisational structures would not solve the country’s energy ...…
FNB house price analysis suggests that owners of luxury properties in Cape Town are in for more disappointment, with prices likely to continue falling on the Atlantic Seaboard. Siphamandla Mkhwanazi, property economist at FNB, says a downward adjustment in property prices is likely to continue. Biznews's Jackie Cameron spoke to him.…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Walter Scott.
Trump: We were "cocked and loaded" for strike on Iran, but I called it off with 10 minutes to spare. United States raids to arrest and deport undocumented families in ten cities to begin on Sunday. Trump: "I think I win the election easier" if House Democrats launch impeachment proceedings. Nadler: Democrats to file a lawsuit within days to for ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Walter Scott.
Jason Hartman talks with John Milkovich, Louisiana State Senator of the 38th District and author of the new book Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order, about the dark past of Robert Mueller and why he seems to have so much credibility today despite that. After discussing Mueller the two veer into what Senator Milkovich is working o ...…
One of India's most celebrated writers, Arundhati Roy, says that "fascism is in the air" in her homeland, and warns that the same thing is happening all over the world.
Food writer Bee Wilson says that the food we eat has changed dramatically over two generations, and so has our relationship with it. Her new book explores how the pressures of contemporary life has left us all eating the same thing, but without really much time to eat it, and sometimes not even knowing what we're putting in our bodies.…
The Gwich'in language — like too many Indigenous languages in Canada — is seriously endangered. Paul Kennedy recently spent some time in Whitehorse, co-hosting a series of radio plays with people from Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, in Old Crow and with the Gwaandak Theatre Company in partnership with the Vuntut Gwitchin Government. Together they ...…
After her final show as the host of The Current, Anna Maria Tremonti passed the microphone to the live studio audience. The veteran journalist answered questions on everything from her favourite books, to how her parents felt when she ran off to cover wars around the world, to why she started her career as 'Terri Tremonti.'…
After the downing of an American military drone, the U.S. planned limited strikes on Iran Thursday, and then abruptly cancelled them. We discuss tensions between the two countries, and fears that they could lead to outright hostilities.
It's Pride Month! We love to celebrate our LGBTQIA authors all year long, but we wanted to take the opportunity now to shine a spotlight on what it means to create and share stories about those who are marginalized and underrepresented. Today, you’ll hear from Mason Deaver, Kacen Callender, and Bill Konigsberg. Each will introduce their latest ...…
South Africans sometimes forget how far we’ve come since the days of Zuma and friends. And it’s none more apparent than through the annual State of the Nation address. Before it was almost a slogging contest of how far we’d come, what we’d done, as the ANC, which over the past nine years was plenty of billions plundered. There’s a fresh air wit ...…
Congressional leaders just briefed in White House situation room on Iran's shoot down of U.S. drone; Trump: "You'll find out" if U.S. will strike Iran; says Iran made "Very big mistake" downing U.S. drone; U.S. Commander: Iranian claims that drone was shot down over Iran are "Categorically False"; Iran: No intention to fight, but "Completely re ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Walter Scott.
In today's business headlines: President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that the Government is going to bail out Eskom. Gold has surged to its highest level in five years after the US Fed signals turned dovish. Naspers has made its first local tech investment in SweepSouth, a cleaning service business. Group Five says shareholders are not gettin ...…
Bernard Swanepoel is best known for his building of Harmony Gold, creation and host of the Joburg Mining Indaba or as chairman of the Small Business Institute. But his family also owns a farm in the arid Limpopo province where they started breeding game two decades ago. For some years Swanepoel has been warning everyone who would care to listen ...…
Former banking executive and now private investor Dave Woollam lives in the heart of KZN where the collapse of the province's once iconic corporation Tongaat Hulett has caused huge ructions. After picking up concerns among family and friends more than a year ago, chartered accountant Woollam started investigating by looking back at financial st ...…
Duncan Artus, one of the key portfolio managers and director at Allan Gray, is celebrating a decision to make hay while the foreign dumping of MultiChoice was happening - delivering a quick 30% return for his investors. So strong has been Allan Gray's purchasing that the firm is now MultiChoice's second largest shareholder. On Rational Radio th ...…
Some call it "self-similarity." Others define it vaguely as "wheels within wheels" or refer to the image of nesting Russian dolls. For such a fundamental concept, recursion is strangely less famous and more often overlooked than it deserves to be. With help from a cognitive scientist, a language expert, and a physicist, Paul Kennedy tries to re ...…
After 17 seasons on the air, Anna Maria Tremonti is hanging up the microphone as host of the CBC's flagship current affairs radio show, The Current. For her final outing, she hosted a special live show in the heart of the CBC Broadcast Centre in Toronto — featuring music, a live audience, special guests, and more.…
Carol Off, host of As It Happens, interviews Anna Maria Tremonti about her time as a foreign correspondent and about her departure from the show.
Jason Hartman talks with John Milkovich, Louisiana State Senator of the 38th District and author of the new book Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order, about the dark past of Robert Mueller and why he seems to have so much credibility today despite that. After discussing Mueller the two veer into what Senator Milkovich is working o ...…
Hope Hicks snubs lawmakers' questions about White House, denies knowledge of hush-money payments during campaign; Judiciary Chair Nadler vows "We'll destroy" White House's immunity assertion in court; Trump: "Democrats are putting wonderful Hope Hicks through hell"; Sanders, Warren, Booker among Democrats critical of Biden remarks about segrega ...…
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More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Walter Scott.
Dr. Alan Zhang is an orthopedic surgeon at UCSF specializing in sports medicine and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery of the hip, knee and shoulder. He explores conservative (non-surgical) treatment of the hip and also looks at hip arthroscopy surgery. Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [Show ID: 34794]…
In today's business headlines: Inflation is up slightly in May rising to 4.5% mainly driven by a 3.3% rise in fuel prices. South Africa simply has to rescue Eskom, even though it can’t afford to. That is the opinion of Bloomberg analysts. Steinhoff International Holdings is seeking another extension to restructure after a R20 billion rand loss ...…
An ordinary cup of Joe just won’t do anymore. It’s now gourmet, fair trade and organic. Whether the method is pour over, French press, or vacuum pumps, coffee is now described with terms like “mouthfeel”, just as fine wines are. Contributing producer Marilyn Powell brings us her documentary, The Coffee Chronicles about the cultural history behi ...…
In 2014, Anna Maria Tremonti chatted with self-described cyborg Neil Harbisson, who has a surgically-implanted device that has given him a sixth sense — the ability to hear colour. We listen back on that musical conversation.
It's been more than six years since Paul Salopek set off on his trek across the world on foot. Along the way, he's been checking in with Tremonti to share the stories of his journey. We revisit some of their previous conversations, and get one final update from the traveller.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the approval of the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, and our weekly national affairs panellists weigh in on this latest twist in the long-running fight, including how it might shape the fall election.
There were many businessmen, politicians and even journalists who disengaged emotionally and some even geographically from South Africa during the Zuma years as it seemed impossible to stop corruption threatening to engulf South Africa. One of them was former National Party cabinet minister and negotiator for South Africa's new Constitution, Ro ...…
In June 1944, the next targets for attack in the US Central Pacific campaign were the Marianas Islands. They were to be a staging area for a future invasion of Japan. Capturing the island of Saipan was the first objective.By Radio America.
In this special episode of Fun Therapy, Mike has created a guided meditation to help you relax and center your life in self acceptance. Many will find this type of reflection helpful to identify the things below the surface that need love and compassion. This episode is a perfect tool to help you release stress, anxiety and tension from your da ...…
Trump says he only recently learned of Shanahan background issues and didn't ask him to withdraw, denies a vetting problem, Trump en route to Orlando for re-election launch after again claiming millions of deportations planned next week, Shanahan withdraws his nomination for Defense Secretary, resigns from Pentagon amid reports of bitter divorc ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Walter Scott.
In today's Biznews Flash Briefing: The Old Mutual share price jumped on news that its board has decided to fire its CEO Peter Moyo. The Naspers share price moved up about 2% on Tuesday. The Public Investment Corporation is encouraging its fund managers at the Government Employees Pension Fund to reduce its Naspers shareholding of about 16%. The ...…
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