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"All Day Paranormal" is a paranormal podcast based off of the popular blog, Every week, Krystle Vermes and Manny Veiga will be coming to you with insight into the latest happenings on paranormal television, as well as news on everything from hauntings to UFOs.
Gesundheits Tipps
In dieser Podcast-Reihe präsentieren wir einmal pro Woche neue Video Tipps zum Thema ganzheitliche Gesundheit, Beziehungen und Selbsthilfe. Neben der Vermittlung von Wissen geht es auch darum, Ihnen ganz praktische Übungen oder andere Hilfen in die Hand zu geben, damit Sie Ihre Lebensqualität gezielt selbst verbessern können.
Our mission is to entertain and educate you with information about health, healing and healthy lifestyles.
My podcast is all about getting your back strong and your spine flexible again aiming to overcome your pain issues. I interview experts in the field of back, pain and movement revealing why all those therapies and exercises you tried so far are not leading to desired results and how you can integrate simple movement activities (not fitness) and mindful practice sustainable in your everyday life.
I travel the world and talk to clinicians, scientists, athletes, experts, masters and shamans of all walks of life to unveil the ancient and future secrets of elite performance and health.
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In Episode 279 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss a recent Bigfoot sighting, more haunted real estate, and "Ghostober." -- SHOW NOTES: - Bigfoot sighting: - Haunted real estate inspections:
In Episode 278 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss the kickoff of "Ghostober" programming. Also, a look at what sparked Chilean fires from the sky, and what it means to have a legally haunted house. -- SHOW NOTES: - Chilean fireballs: - Legally haunted house:…
In Episode 277 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle look ahead to the "Ghostober" lineup. Also, a glimpse at fabled witch bottles, and what really happened at the Dyatlov Pass. -- SHOW NOTES: - Dyatlov Pass Yeti: - To The Stars Academy interview:
In Episode 276 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss the real-life haunted "Downton Abbey" castle, the new Oumuamua, and what really happened at the Storm Area 51 event. -- SHOW NOTES: - 'Downton' ghost: - The new Oumumua:
In Episode 275 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle recap "The Dead Files," "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Brothers." Also, they discuss the Butterfly People of Joplin, and UFOs spotted over the UK. -- SHOW NOTES: - UFOs over the UK: - Aliens in New Mexico:…
In Episode 274 of All Day Paranormal, Krystle and Manny recap "Ghost Brothers," discuss kickoff weekend, and explore the legend of the mysterious Kappa. -- SHOW NOTES: - "Storm Area 51" update: - Military man discusses alien shooting:
In Episode 273 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle celebrate Labor Day by recapping "Ghost Hunters," "Ghost Brothers" and "The Dead Files." Also, an update on "Storm Area 51" and a map of paranormal activity. -- SHOW NOTES: - Storm Area 51 Update: - Paranormal map:…
Track 1: Introductions to Carol and Natalie Carol discusses that people are "scared" when they do somethings/eat out of the oridnary Natalie discusses "Environmental Toxins" Carol tells story of 93 year old grandmotherBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 2: Call about Fucoshima Leak & what can be done to protect ourselves Jacobus talks about introduction of so many toxins/drugs/vaccines in the last 50 years Believing in our "genetic"/inherited disordersBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 3: Epigenetics discussion with Natalie We Believe: we have genes and we are stuck with that... this is false! Gene research is growing exponentially. Certain genes get activated when YOU activate them. The THOUGHT feeds the system. What can we do to turn it off? Don't put things in your body that are not healthy increase your STRESS that ...…
Track 4: Call about stress/anxiety Call about vitamin D3 with discussion to followBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 5: We need to be patient before we get better 1 day in hospital bed - 4 days of recovery (working with critically ill people) Jacobus talks about debatable diagnosing supplements can work medicine can work Natalie has a story about stage 4 cancer patient who was healed from taking the PLACEBO! Spontaneous healing - spontaneous cures Willi ...…
Track 6: Call about stress effect on our body systems and ultimate "diseases" Discussion Talk about centenarians staying active having a purpose in life social contacts: group walking after church Depression/Homocide/Suicide/Drugs Relationship of drugs to help mental healthBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
In Episode 272 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss their upcoming trip to New Orleans, recap the new "Ghost Hunters," and review footage of an alleged spirit. -- SHOW NOTES: - Spirit caught on camera: - Loch Ness DNA testing:
Track 1: Introductions Dan starts the 5 key principles to the healing mindset 1.) Healing body and mind is not an event "Mechanics and Dynamics" - it's a process 2.) 2 reasons why we get ill Toxicity - Deficiency Discussion on Mind Body ConnectionBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 3: Reintroduction Becca gives examples about Applied Kinesiology When does the body stop losing weight Call about some of the best ways to cut carbs Discussion with BeccaBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 4: Call continued Jacobus analogy of fireplace Smoothie discussion Melissa on how it works with her at the centerBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 5: Jacobus recaps with some insights Dan and Melissa Phil shares client storiesBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 6: Call about "dumbing down the mind" Dan talks about 5 stresses you must address Scar Tissue Foods Metals Chemicals Immune System Phil talks about the difference between Applied Kinesiology and Muscle TestingBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 1: Introduction Rudy Dragone's own health introduction His Story as explained above His Message = Hope analogy of deck of cards half red (illness) half black (health) You don't have to cut everything out of your diet Story about his father at age 65By Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 2: Too many doctors have a God Complex How do you get people to understand how to approach your health. 1.) Cleanse the Liver - look at nail of thumb The more lumen (half moon) the healthier your liver. Fingers are far away from liver - if no lumen or is very little - unhealthy liver What can we do for ourselves Rudy tells story about cof ...…
Track 3: Repeat Coffee Enema Recipe Make 6 cups of organic coffee Cool down to luke-warm hold for 15-20 minutes Call about cleansing our lymph system Our body is homeostasis cleansing will affect the whole body Vitamin D levels - need to activate progesterone deficiency Birth control studies Lack of hormones as we age…
Track 4: Question about hypertestorenemia Pituitary gland may be regulating use progesterone - calms body - also natural diuretic Male: probably 7.5 mg Reference Range: 300-1100 using less progesterone for men affects erections DHEA creates estrone - growth factors of 10 remove things that cause cancer increase things that fight cancer Poor man ...…
Track 5: Recap by Jacobus text about hot saunas Human body gets completely rebuilt in 3 years Hormonal structure - DHEA = 80% of steroid precurser - important for ligaments and tendons Estradiol - hormone of love + Estrogen can be dangerousBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 6: Importance of Zinc - when low - too much progesterone Too much estrogen - migraine behind left eye too much testosterone - migraine behind right eye Zinc + chrysin + progesterone if too much estradiol Jacobus talks about problems with estrogen in last 50 years Rudy talks about women in Japan with soy compounds that affect estrogens USA ...…
Track 1: Introductions Explaining different topics of discussion bloodtests Omega 3's Opioid Crisis - There is a REAL problem going on Start of article from Life Extension Foundation "Why Blood Tests Are Not Saving More Lives" The problem with bloodtests, especially with the focus on cholesterol Article focuses on heart, atherosclerosis, apolip ...…
Track 2: Text Message about polyphenols and bioflavonoids elasticity of the blood vessels Water soluble/fat soluble - viscosity of bloodflow Importance of Omega 3 Jacobus explains EPA & DHA Blood thinners Prescription - no herb starting with "G" Continue the article from Track 1 Tri-Med Services - does particle size + Apo B…
Track 3: Apolipoprotein B - found on the outside of LDL surface can damage arterial walls and endothelium tissue Effect of Apo B when: elevated + "healthy" cholesterol (60% increase) elevated + "high" cholesterol (100% increase) Walnuts good for cardio health Sugar - added sugar increases apo - B Exercise - Apo B will go down Sleep - very impor ...…
Track 4: Continue with Blood Testing Problems Most tests don't reveal: hormones homocysteine Apolipoprotein B Indole - 3 - Carbinol - reduces apo B by as much as 56% & also reduces excess estrogen Recap of LEF article Talk about prescription drug REPATHA Explaining TSH Range in bloodtests Explaining Vitamin D3 Range in bloodtests Explaining Hem ...…
Track 5: Remembering Apollo 2 landing on the mood Neil Armstrong interview what happened to him & how he viewed the historic impact Buzz Aldrin - his life after Apollo 2 Call about Dutch returning DDay Flag to the US Call to repeat things that shouldn't be taken for high cholesterolBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 6: Opioid Crisis Update Article released by Washington Post DEA first-time ever, that tracks every pill has been made public (the data base) Largest civil action has lead to over 100,000 death (2006-2012) Judge Dan Polster removed protective database (ARCOS) Biggest takeaways from the article: First time ever released roadmaps to opioid e ...…
Track 1: Introductions What is a D.O. vs M.D. Discussion Started in G.V. in 2001 at Bozeman Urgent Care Call about wife visiting M.D.'s Talk about the cost of medicine/drugs is out of controlBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 2: Pete explains how they work with patients How does Pete work with the hospital What does it mean to have "hospital privileges" What is a hospitalist?By Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 3: Text about joint supplements Discussion about the text Call about joint pain and Yew TipBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 4: Call about two products for pain/arthritis Text about accepting medicine Sprain: injury to ligament Strain: injury to muscle The major cause of Chronic Diseases: Eating Lack of Exercise Stress-world Smoking Jacobus talks about processed foodBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 5: Reintroduction Text about annual examsBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 6: Call about brain injury group and discussion on concussions Question about Vagus Nerve and Autonomic dysfunction Continue discussion on physicalsBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
In Episode 271 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss Manny's birthday, "Ghost Nation," the ghost of Meriwether Lewis, and the appeal of Area 51. -- SHOW NOTES: - Area 51 Tourism: - A firebird in the sky:
In Episode 270 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss the importance of showering, recap "Ghosts of Morgan City" and the "Dead Files," and hone in on the Loch Ness Monster. -- SHOW NOTES: - Loch Ness monster sonar news: - Fireball in the sky:
In Episode 269 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle recap "Ghosts of Morgan City" and "The Dead Files." Also, they discuss the latest with the To The Stars Academy, and a new Bigfoot sighting. -- SHOW NOTES: - Bigfoot sighting: - To The Stars Academy:…
In Episode 268 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss astral projection, the passing of Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and preview "Ghostober" on Travel Channel. -- SHOW NOTES: - The End of the World in 2012: - Zak Bagans buys a murder house:
Track 1: Introduction Reflecting on 19 yearsBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 2: Discussing Eye Health Structure of the eye and its functions Call about AstigmatismBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 3: Explaining Astigmatism from previous caller Call about freedom of the show and carrot juice Continuation of eye healthBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 4: Call from my son and grandchildren Continuation about eyes & carotenoidsBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 5: What is intuitive medicine/healing? Importance of movement/exercise at any age discussionBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 6: Call about medical intuitive Continuation of discussion on importance of movement/exerciseBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 1: Introduction His philosophy based on Eastern Tradition analogy of planting trees to attract birds is like creating our own environment to find health and happiness All you can control is what is inside of you! How do we integrate Thomas's work in Washington D.C. - Many sick people - no connection with nature Dr. Dirk Hamer Saw patterns ...…
Track 2: Recap by Jacobus Thomas: Different stressors affect blood, microbes Keeping harmony between our inside and our environment We are the result of what happens around us Call about foundation of Bio-energy medicineBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
Track 3: Recap and Explanation by Jacbocus Thomas talks about Dr. Hamer again What works on people, also works in animals What happens when MD tells patients they have cancer. Causes trigger in the brain Gives examples of specific cancers and their relationship to the mindBy Jacobus Hollewijn.
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