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The Alton Browncast
Hi. I'm Alton Brown and on my podcast which, oddly enough is called The Alton Browncast, I spend time chatting with a wide array of fascinating folk from chefs to authors, scientists to makers and just about anyone in-between, most of which are way more famous than me. This is old-school conversation kids, free of the sales pitches, political agendas, slick production and painstaking research that sucks the life out of humble web projects like this.
TV Host and Foodist Alton Brown chats with celebrities about their culinary passions, takes calls from listeners, and basically does whatever he flippin’ wants for 45 minutes.
The Alton Browncast
Hi. I'm Alton Brown and on my podcast which, oddly enough is called The Alton Browncast, I spend time chatting with a wide array of fascinating folk from chefs to authors, scientists to makers and just about anyone in-between, most of which are way more famous than me. This is old-school conversation kids, free of the sales pitches, political agendas, slick production and painstaking research that sucks the life out of humble web projects like this.
Calvary Baptist Church of Alton Illinois
Welcome to Go Outside with your host Alton Lee Webb, a Main Street Entrepreneur, Church Planter, and Initiator who helps Everyday People and Hesitant Starters "GET UP and GET GOING" in their God given calling.
Making Life Better
Alton Shams
Hip hop
Listen to Sunday's message wherever you are!
Alton Keller
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Guest Speaker, Dr. Mark Rutland talks about the many facets of King David’s life and how the Bible ties together the Old and New Testament as God’s great story of sin and redemption.
To define what we are called to do, we look at the life of Jesus. These were the things Jesus did every day: 1. Friendship 2. Meeting Needs/Serving 3. Be… loving, joyous, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and controlled 4. Praying for people 5. Having Character Then… Share Your Story of Jesus. That is what leads to effective mini ...…
Everyone you know is heading for a moment in which they step into eternity. Pastor Roy’s sermon illustration shows us how so many people have no idea that there is an enemy trying to keep them from the truth.
Jesus was surrounded by people that most would have thought of as unusable, broken people. People with leprosy, tax collectors, and the fringe of society. He had scars himself to show what He had been through. Pastor Chris Clark looks at how when we use our stories of brokenness and healing, we can help others find peace and restoration.…
Humility doesn’t mean being humiliated. Humbling ourselves to serve others and to serve God brings honor and strength to our achievements. Pastor Roy explains how Cain and Abel’s offerings differed before God and why one was accepted and the other was rejected.
Sometimes it feels like our biggest enemy is ourselves! We struggle to live an upright life. Paul wrote about this struggle in Romans 7 & 8. Reading the Bible and being led by God’s Holy Spirit will change your life.
This Family Sunday Pastor Roy asks us what it is like to have faith like a child. We look at Luke 18 and Matthew 18 and see why Jesus says that we need to come to God like a humble child and depend upon Him. Having complete reliance on God really is the best way to approach life.
Simon the Pharisee invited Jesus into his home. Jesus wasn’t treated like a guest by Simon and his friends, but when the woman in Luke 7:44 treats Jesus with great respect and love, we see who really knew Jesus.
Every couple of months a group of Christian businessmen and leaders get together for something called “The Lunch.”It’s an informal gathering where someone shares about the ups and downs of operating in the business world, and how they navigate the gray areas. From real failures, like bankruptcy and family problems, to successes, like acquisitio ...…
To find people who are well-acquainted with operating in life’s messy gray-area, we need to look no further than the dedicated men and women of our educational system. In this episode of Operating in the Gray, I invite Kentucky educators Tina Tipton and Artavia Acklin to share their experience in navigating how to be God’s light in the classroo ...…
What does it take to leave a lucrative career and start loving people in a completely foreign world? How does a willingness to follow God lead us outside of conventions, so much so that strip club owners become friends?In this interview, my wife, Rachel, sits down to answer those questions with Rachelle Starr, the founder of Scarlet’s Hope and ...…
The older I get, the more I realize that for some of the big questions in life there’s not always a clear right or wrong answer. There are degrees to each answer, so much so that the answer looks gray, instead of a simple black or white. For this 6-part series, called Operating in the Gray, you’ll hear from leaders in all different kinds of occ ...…
As an Outsider called to be God’s love in a messy world, do you ever run into situations that have no clear right answer? In this episode, Lee opens up 1 Timothy and shares 3 things we should remember and implement in our daily ministry at work, challenging us to reflect upon how we can fight the good fight of our faith in a world that’s anythi ...…
The performing arts world is known for being difficult to live in as a follower of Christ. From deciding what shows to audition for to interacting with your co-workers to balancing family, there are plenty of situations that don’t have a clear black and white answer.That’s where Darian Sanders comes in. He’s a husband, father, cabaret performer ...…
There are real problems in our community. The Body of Christ is intended by God to be and to bring the solutions to our community’s problems. Through God’s Transformative Power we can impact our neighborhoods and help those who are hurting.
We look at the scriptures in Ecclesiastes 4 about how we are better when we are together. When we are working only for our own reward, the enemy (the devil) gets power and weakens our abilities to overcome trials, sorrow, and depression. We are truly, better together.
All life flows from God. The only blessed life comes from God. The only eternally sustained life is found in God. The same Holy Spirit that gave you breath and everything else in our universe has been sent by God to empower you to be a witness for Him.
When the Bible tells us “to go into all the world,” we don’t have to be missionaries in the traditional sense. God sent the Holy Spirit to embolden us to share our faith wherever we are and in whatever we are doing.
This Father’s Day we look at the three responsibilities of Fathers: 1. Love their children, 2. Instruct their children, and 3. Discipline their children. It takes all three to create the protective boundaries that kids need.
Guest musician, Noel Rosa starts the service with some powerful songs. Pastor Roy shares about how when we worship God it not only connects us to Him, but it is an outward sign of the gratitude that we have to the Father.
If it’s not good, it’s not over. We look at the passage of scripture, Romans 8:18-30 and wonder how all things can work for good. ALL THINGS? Sometimes we look at the pieces of our life that are unpleasant or down right awful and wonder how God can make that into something good.
Pastor Jasen Petersen shares about how we sometimes we find ourselves in a seasonal crisis and we have to look at how God is using us in those situations. In Galatians 1:10 we look at how trying to win the approval of others can hinder our ability to serve God.
We read in Romans 8 that the way or “law” of the flesh brings death and the “law” of the Spirit brings peace and life. When we look at situations with a worldly, selfish lens or view point we bring destruction to ourselves and those around us instead of bringing life and peace.
In part 2 of the series: “Lenses” we look at how the Light of God shining in our lives is what people need to see. If our lenses (beliefs and actions) are dirty or warped by the world, we can’t reflect God’s love and light clearly to others.
In this new series Lenses, we look at how we are called to put on the armor of light. There is a divide between light and darkness, good and evil, and we are instructed by God to fight against the darkness.
Guest Speaker, Dr. Doug Oss shares about how as a church we need to stop looking at the differences of race or nationality and start looking at each other’s humanity. We are all formed in the image of God and we should treat each other with respect through a Spirit transformed mind.
Pastor Roy concludes “A Life Worth Living” message series with this important talk about generosity. It’s not about how much money you have or give. It is about how your heart and mind reflects God’s generosity and how you give your time and resources to one another.
In the series: A Life Worth Living, we are looking at learning contentment. We look at Paul’s life in the New Testament and his example of faith in God. He learned contentment through tremendous struggles and so can we.
What is your purpose? In the second part to our “A Life Worth Living” series we talk about why God made mankind and that our purpose in life is bigger than saving the environment, making money, or being healthy.
This Easter we look at why we need Jesus in our lives. We were made with a God shaped hole in our lives. When we try to fill it with other things or people we become dissatisfied and start looking for something else.
When we first start walking with the Lord or become a Christian we are still young and enslaved to the values, beliefs, and morals of the world. We learn from Paul’s writings in 1 Corinthians that there is a better- more excellent- way to live.
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