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A weekly podcast delving into the mind of a Black, former Burlesque performer, sci-fi fan with bipolar disorder.
Black Chick Watching
En gång i månaden
Listen in to hear about the good, bad and ugly of how black women and girls are treated in the media and the world at large. With occasional guests and exploring other groups this show is for fans of black chicks and diversity in general.
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I am ending the network and this is the last show;
My 38th birthday is coming up and I need money so please step up. Black Chick Watching is not as fun to do anymore. I might could be on TV, no big deal.
An update on some of Black Chick Watching 2017 48-Hour Film Project the cast and crew members. A bit about paying artist you work with on projects. The Humbled Hobo
I want to do my online live birthday fundraiser on July 29th. Not sure where.
I can't keep being up and arms about everything that is offensive. I am not down with these academics that think they are revolutionaries.
Black Chick Watching Episode 73. This week I vent about the trash people in The Red Pill - A Cassie Jaye Documentary. As a pallet cleanser, I added a clip of a Wonderful Malcontent and how she is trying to balance out the madness. MJ Hegar
I am not doing awesome but hanging in there. I have respectable gentleman donors that don't send dick pics with donations. I get some blows to my ego with dating. Still no luck with jobs. I do some guilt-free distancing from my extended family.
In this episode: I have a rave review for the TV show Killing Eve.
I hit hard times and cry when asking for money for the show. I have no friends to call just for fun or anything else and no one calls me so I am lonely. Dog owners suck. Sometimes you think you are helping me but you are not. If you want to help there are very specific things you can do. The host of the long-running British radio show "Just a M ...…
I'm here, I'm horny, deal with it. I sent a listener a sexy surprise. I am moving on and letting go of dreams of the past. I retell my Burlesque origin story. Please send in ideas for me to do in on shows on the Black Chick Watching Podcast Network but absolutely no guest recommendations. I really relied on my female connections this week. I am ...…
In this episode: The royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Wonderful Malcontents Episode 9. Meghan Markle The Princess Bride
In this episode: People are setting up Black people to seem dangerous. Black Chick Watching Episode 10. Laughing While Black
Someone recommended I share what I have learned about navigating the mental health system with the others. I am not sure how but the spark is lit. The Black Guy Who Tips - Off Season Review - The Jessica Jones review episode with me Amber P. Knight…
I am adding a new type of offering to my biz that will get my name out there and keep me in practice more. I purposely add branching out from marginalized groups to broaden my horizons. I can't help a depressed listener but I am pulling for you. I am going to the next level in my life so I hand with next level people. Get a FREE audiobook of yo ...…
Everything good Gambi does is the least he can do. Anissa forgot that if you run up you get done up. The Pierce family has impulse control issues. True Crime Obsessed Podcast
The women in Thor were everything. They got the villain right. I bet you can't find an example of a pretty white girl who is the lead in a movie that didn't have someone infatuated with her. I need some dick. Online dating is going well. Lost Girl (TV Show) Siren (TV show 2018) Once Upon a Time (TV show) Get a FREE audiobook of your choice from ...…
I am getting the ball rolling on my Burlesque for Better Body Image program and you can help in a very practical way. Email and/or listen to this episode for details. I am learning more and more what I do and don't like during sexy times. I deciphering a date's first meeting location choice.
We see the brief tenure of Abercrombie and Coon working for Nazis. More and more whites are finding their way on the show. Jefferson leaves broke people high and dry with his moralizing. People need to let Jeniffer (and me) live out best lives. Black Lightning can crossover to improve the Arroverse but I don't want them on our side of the street.…
In this episodes: I have business doubts because no one believes in me. Dating is going well. I get to meet mad cool listeners.
In this episode: It is possible to be sexy and save the world.
In this episode: I am going on a business trip. A storm messed up my dating calendar. No for real, I am done with my sexy SnapChat AGAIN. I stumbled across an extreme amount of lack of talent.
I have ungrateful snapchat viewers. I am doubting myself about my business but I am still moving forward. I have an issue with trainers of a certain type. Victim blaming those in need.
In this episode: I talk about my love for the women of Wakanda.
In this episode: I retell about my adventure dancing in the strip club. I lament about feeling lonely on V-Day.
I talk to Stephanie from Mocha Minutes Podcast about Black Lightning Episode 4. Black Jesus Stephanie's info: Twitter: @mochaminutes Facebook: Instagram: Mochaminutes email: website:
Black Lightning Episode 3. Lawanda: The Book of Burial
Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 2 Lawanda: The Book of Hope
I talk about my business joys and pains. I am still not getting enough for my sexy. Contact about rules for sending me pics. self-defense February 13th, 2018 BBW night at a strip club in Rhode Island. Do you want in? Contact me. 6TH ANNUAL BLACK, SEX, GEEKY, AND MENTAL ANNIVERSARY SHOW/FUNDRAISER. Sunday, January 29th, 2018 7 PM EST Don't miss ...…
I'm sick again (or still). The you-know-who's will not like what I think about sexual assault vs. sexual rudeness. There might be other stuff but I am sick so here is an episode.
I review and rate episode 1 of season 1 of Black Lightning on CW Network. There are spoilers for the whole episode.
Black Women, Taste of Exotic Dance Workshop Jan 15, 2018, at 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) Central Square in Cambridge, MA After you register the location of the workshop will be sent to you automatically. The Friendless Geek on Facebook ...…
I had a sad Christmas and will have a lonely New Years. Light skin problems. I want to go to a fancy sex party. My workshop is around the corner. Big boob problems. I am leaving team natural, for a while. Do your part to see sexy pics. Get a FREE audiobook of your choice from Audible: Site: ...…
In this episode: I break down my issues with Doctor Who over the years and specifically the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special. Includes spoilers. Wonderful Malcontents Podcast Black Women, Taste of Exotic Dance Workshop: Relax, feel confident and celebrate your body! January 15, 2018 2 pm - 5 pm Cambridge, MA https://ww ...…
The Friendless Geek watches the Doctor Who Christmas 2017 special on BBC America LIVE on Facebook live. Christmas night 9 pm est facebook group: Black Chick Watching facebook page: Amber P. Knight
The Friendless Geek watches the Doctor Who Christmas 2017 special on BBC America LIVE on Facebook live. Christmas night 9 pm est facebook group: Black Chick Watching facebook page: Amber P. Knight
I have a new podcast I am just loving and relate to called Mixed Signals Podcast. I am going back to my former therapist. I found another journal from my past. My workshop is launched and ready for sign-up. Black Women, Taste of Exotic Dance WorkshopRelax, feel confident and celebrate your body! January 15, 2018 2 pm - 5 pm Cambridge, MA https: ...…
I finally, finish reading my college journal and tell the dramatic conclusion to my relationship with "Rat Bastard". I am still looking for my tribe and think I am getting close. Get a FREE audiobook of your choice from Audible: Site: Email: Facebook: http://www.facebo ...…
I have a special guest, friend, and fan Janée Michele from Views From A Cubicle Podcast. We talk about the portrayal of single women in media. Listen until the very end for outtakes. Janée Michele Podcast: Views From A Cubicle Email: Insta: @viewsfromacubicle Wonderful Malcontents Podcast ...…
My lonely Thanksgiving 2017. The book Pussy is still rocking my world. I am so over patriarchy. More journal reading about “Him”, not getting a part in a musical, and the It factor. Get a FREE audiobook of your choice from Audible: Site: Email: Facebook: http://www.fac ...…
I go on about my for real love of and hating the SpaceSquare(Reverse those words) website builder that I use but I am stuck there. I feel weird saying the title of an awesome book I am reading called P-U-S-S-Y. Updates on my business building woes. More of my college journal reading. Audiobook recommendation: Pussy: A Reclamation by ...…
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