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A weekly podcast for aspiring writers looking to find a healthy work/life/writing balance. Get the encouragement, honest advice, and inspiration you need to pursue your passion and write every day. Recurring themes include books, coffee, rainy days, truth, beauty, lasers, dinosaurs, and all of your other favorite things.
Every week author J. Alexander Greenwood talks about writing mystery, thriller, suspense, horror and other genre fiction. Join Alex for plenty of writing-related topics, as well as interviews, guests and some stuff that has nothing to do with anything.
9th Story Podcast
On The 9th Story Podcast we discuss writing, stories, and storytelling with experts of all mediums, including books, movies, visual art, oral telling, TV, radio, audio drama, poetry, comics, and more. Created by Daniel Foytik, season 4 saw the addition of Jeanette Andromeda as co-host. Season five marked the addition of Immortal Alexander, who took over as Jeanette's co-host, with Daniel Foytik moving into an off air role as executive producer.
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Author Jason McIntyre returns to do a "Year in Review" with Alex. Enjoy and Happy Holidays...see you in 2019! Autographed paperbacks here. Amazon link here for ebooks and non-autographed copies. Speaking of lengthy waits, Alex updates you on the next John Pilate Mysteries project. Podcast music by Incompetech. Be sure to visit J. Alexander Gree ...…
Learn about Alex's latest book (which is actually his late Grandfather's) Big Cabin and Dispatches from the West. He shares the journey of this forgotten, 25-year-old unpublished novel from a dusty box to your Kindle. Autographed paperbacks here. Amazon link here for ebooks and non-autographed copies. Speaking of lengthy waits, Alex updates you ...…
Author and publishing veteran Sam Boush shares his insight into the politics behind book distribution, marketing, and becoming a full time writer.
Writer and podcaster Jonathan Small dishes all about the wild and wonderful topics and people you can discover when you uncover a good story.
Teen fantasy author Erin Forbes shares her unique perspective on self-publishing, as well as time management and how to market your book on social medias.
Podcaster and film sound designer Raul Vega shares his experience telling stories through sound with Hans Zimmer and developing his own audible mysteries.
Media strategist and life coach Cheryl Muir shares her experiences with personal branding, social media promotion, and thinking like an entrepreneur.
Author and writing coach Ginger Moran exposes the vulnerability of storytelling, the pitfalls of literary writing, and why you should trust your characters.
How should writers approach criticism? How do we tell if it's constructive or not? Most importantly, should we allow criticism to affect our writing?
Alex returns with a spirited and often poignant discussion with editor and writer Robert Hayes, Jr., author of Stay Out of Prison: A Practical Guide to Avoiding Incarceration. In this lively discussion, Robert shares his freelancer journey and philosophy about creative work. He tells writers what they need to know about working with editors and ...…
Horror podcaster and writer K.A. Statz shares her thoughts on writing and self worth, opening up to criticism, and the surprising merits of scary stories.
Psychotherapist and author Philip Kenney sheds some light on the universal obstacles of creatives, the benefits of meditation, and trusting in your muse.
Audio drama creator Anthony Olivieri and I talk about balance, inspiration, and building both a sense of mystery and deeper meaning into your work.
Podcaster and creative writer Andrew Chamberlain shares advice on building characters, utilizing story structure, and listening to writing advice.
Podcaster Mark Millien shares how to overcome the fear of creative exposure, avoid world-building pitfalls, and flex your creative muscles through D&D!
Psychotherapist and bereavement counselor Julia Samuel shares methods of healthy grieving and finding a literary narrative within death and loss.
Alba Salix creators Eli McIlveen and Sean Howard talk about creativity and comedy, hobbies and hiatuses, and the undeniable power of roleplaying games!
Writer, counselor, and all-around creator enabler Jeff Leisawitz shares tips, tricks, and stories to help get your creative goals airborne.
Blogger and busy mom Jewel Eliese shares the benefits of joining and starting online communities, as well as giving yourself permission to write.
Author, podcaster, and movie nerd Jon Negroni reveals the secrets behind breaking the rules by breaking writing conventions and trusting your writer's gut.
Alex is back, updating you on the mundane details of his health along with news of the latest John Pilate Mystery, Pilate's Rose. He also breaks news about his collaboration with the late author Robert E. Trevathan and a very special premium for John Pilate fans! Podcast music by Incompetech. Be sure to visit J. Alexander Greenwood at PilatesCr ...…
Making the switch to a career writer is tough, but you can do it! Here are some pointers that can help your writing dream become a reality.
Author, podcaster, and literary matchmaker Anne Bogel talks about personality tests, the value of believable characters, and how books can change the world.
Poet, author, and speaker Albert Flynn DeSilver talks about transformation through writing, striving for beauty, and our shared human birthright.
Teacher and independent author and publisher Esther Goldenberg makes reading fun for reluctant readers and talks about children's and YA self publishing.
Comic book writer and publisher Kenny Porter chats about the essential relationships needed to make great comics, asking for help, and dealing with critics.
Attorney, radio host, and thriller author Mike Papantonio exposes law myths, reveals the truth of fiction, and shares some great writing tips!
This is the final episode of The 9th Story Podcast. Thank you all so very much for being a part of this journey with us. Our good friend and horror author Trisha J. Wooldridge is here with us today to help send us off.This may be the end of The 9th Story Podcast, but it is not the end of our adventures. We are cooking up plenty of new projects ...…
Is there a correlation between an author's word count or financial success and the quality of a book? Monica Leonelle has a few things to say about that!
Writer, pastor, and podcaster Matthew Brough talks about baby steps, the ups and downs of self publishing, and how he helped his 70-year-old mother publish her first novel.
This is the second to last episode of The 9th Story Podcast. To help send us off is our friend and fellow podcast Lane Lloyd. Lane is the creator of the Sable podcast which is firmly rooted in weird fiction, and has a pretty substantial following.Thank you all so very much for your support over the past year!For full show notes please visit:pod ...…
Bob Stromberg shares the secrets of living a creative life, taking control of your "muse", and rediscovering the creativity of your childhood.
This is the end for The 9th Story Podcast, and the beginning of a new journey for Jeanette & Alexander. Here to help us talk about why we are ending the show and what the future holds is our good friend and the creator of The 9th Story Podcast Daniel Foytik.Daniel is one of the creators of The Lift podcast, and the host of The Wicked Library Po ...…
Short story author Erin Pringle shares how loss and grief spurred her to publish, as well as the therapeutic and calming power of creative writing.
We are a podcast about writing and storytelling.This week we are talking with author K.B. Goddard. K.B. is a 2017 PARSEC award winner for her short story “Shadows” which was featured on The Wicked Library Podcast. She was also featured in the recent Shadows At The Door anthology, and has written multiple books that will keep you up at night.For ...…
Thriller author and podcaster Joseph Bendoski talks literary psychology, media manipulation, and the prehistoric survival instincts of storytelling.
We are a podcast about writing and storytelling.This week we are talking with author, and host of the Grammar Girl Podcast Mignon Fogarty. We discuss how she makes grammar fun, and how interesting grammar really is.For full show notes please
Can you gain readers by supporting other authors? Can you make money marketing on social media? Can you successfully self publish? Audrey Knapp thinks so!
We are a podcast about writing and storytelling.This week we are talking with author, poet, ukulele enthusiast, and international woman of mystery Kylie Goetz! Kylie has been writing a poem a day for over three years. She has a published book of poetry, a novel, and a blog where she shares her daily poems.Kylie is also one of our consistent wee ...…
We are a podcast about writing and story.As we get close to the end of season 6 we wanted to talk about what’s happening with us and what the podcast will become as we find our paths. Join us on a personal journey that we hope will inspire you personally and professionally.For full show notes please…
Alan Alda talks about innovative communication methods, the benefits of empathy and listening, and the joys of life's unexpected interruptions.
Win Kelly Charles was born with Cerebral Palsy, but she has never let it stop her from achieving her dream of writing and publishing books.
We are a podcast about writing and storytelling.As we start the new year we need to reflect on how we handle those moments when our friends and family don’t give us the support we need on our journey as storytellers. Today we talk with new author Pippa Bailey about just that. How do you deal with a lack of support in your journey to becoming a ...…
We are a podcast about writing and storytelling. Today’s guest is author and filmmaker Rona Walter. We are talking about fear. What is it, how does it affect our lives, and our work?For full show notes please
Welcome to The 9th Story Podcast! We discuss the big questions that writers want to know with the help of guest authors, and experts.This week we are talking with author Jessica McHugh about Speculative Fiction. Jessica has written numerous books and has been featured on every season of The Wicked Library Podcast!For full show notes please visi ...…
Welcome to The 9th Story Podcast! We discuss the big questions that writers want to know with the help of guest authors, and experts.This week we talk to author & storyteller Lyn Ford about the art, craft, and joy that isTraditional Storytelling!For full show notes please…
What do writers do when they're not working on their novels? Corey Vilhauer is glad you asked! Let's talk about online journalism, copyediting, and UX!
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