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From the ground breaking and life saving to the wacky and implausible, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki reveals some of the best moments in science.
Science, culture and everything in between. Feel the heat. All species welcome.
A Grey Matter
A Grey Matter is for anyone who has ever wondered how we think, feel, reason and move. The Queensland Brain Institute's neuroscience podcast unlocks the wonders of the brain – the complex and mysterious core of who we are. QBI, at The University of Queensland, works to understand the development, organisation and function of the brain.
I am a Plastic Surgeon and I own a Clinic where we specialise in Breast and Body Contouring. I do a Q&A every Tuesday evening at 7pm on Facebook Live.
News and items of interest to Anaesthetists worldwide. This show is part of the Gasnet group of online information communities which include the Gasnet email discussion list, one of the oldest Anaesthetic discussion groups in existence, and the Gasnet community on Google+.
How the world around you is out to make you ill and how you can make it well.
One Planet, One Place
Inspiring people, inspiring stories from around the globe.
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Barcodes look deceptively simple, but it took 25 years - and two episodes of Great Moments in Science! - to get from that lightbulb moment on a beach to the first barcode and scanner at a checkout.
A young ornithologist. A Nazi expedition to Tibet. A Faustian pact in the name of science, but at what cost? This story gets very weird, very fast. But the animals are watching.
Tonight I will be talking about:- Lost a lot of weight, what order would you work in which bits would you do first? And how many procedures can you do in one go?- The importance of diet post tummy tuck - why such a big range of prices for exchange of implants?- What are your thoughts on having mastopexy and implants done in the same operation?. ...…
The story of the barcode has everything - from gangsters to newborns and a whole lot of sand.
From artificial baby bags for preemies to 3D printed ovaries – the future of the uterus is here.
Tonight I will be talking about:- Saggy Breasts Large implant no lift.- Are B-Lite Implants Difficult To Use?- I hope you don't mind the question as your not my surgeon!- Do your prices vary due to the size of the mole and where the mole is? ...and anything else that crops up!
If that image is creeping you out, you could have trypophobia.
Lolita had one of the world's first uterus transplants - then what happened?
Tonight I will be talking about:- Risks of Local Anaesthetic- What surgery can be done under LA- Enbloc total capsulectomy implant removal- Do your prices include consultations, follow ups etc?- Breast Asymmetry - is it normal?- Can you remove multiple lipomas at the same time?- Self Harm Scars can they be improved?- Can all tattoos be removed ...…
When you pick up a seashell and hold it to your ear, why can you hear the sound of the ocean?
Who needs to get pregnant anymore when you can use a baby pouch? FullLife has the product for you. The sci fi imaginings of Helen Sedgewick. Utopia or the ultimate dystopia?A Science Friction mini-series that takes a womb's eye view of the future of reproduction.
Why do some people get headaches from eating ice-cream or drinking something very cold
Jonathan appears on BBC radio to discuss scar revision and scar management. He discusses how to revise a scar and the emotional elements behind the reasoning for the scar.
In this weeks episode JJ discusses;How old is too old have surgery?Tummy tuck scars on brown skinBuccal fat removalFat removal to the monsHow long should you wait after surgery to return to work?And much more!
We're all just one small rock away from extinction.
One Amish childhood + one strict Christian upbringing = two 21 year olds questioning everything they were ever taught. On the afterlife, evolution, and making your own way.
JJ discusses Tattoo excision The difference between high, medium and low profile implantsIs it possible to correct inverted nipples at the same time as doing a Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction or Mastopexy (Lift) Can you correct belly button scars and much more! ? THANKS FOR WATCHING PLEASE REMEMBER TO LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE - ...…
Everybody needs good planetary neighbours. But who is our closest?
Meet a water baby turned aquanaut turned astronaut candidate. Sarah Jane Pell is an astronomical performance artist. Will artists make life in space more humane?
Does having a mole/cyst in a beard effect hair growth? Can I have a fibrous papule removed via shave excision? Why Tattoo Excision is different on different parts of the body and whether its best than lazer.Are Breast lumps concerning if you've had breast implants. and JJ explains the different types/brands of breast implants #AskJJ? THANKS FOR ...…
A search for a beguiling beauty. And a saga about people power.
Consultant Plastic Surgeon, JJ Staiano FRCS(Plast)This is my first ever LIVE Q&A on YouTube!Tonight I will be talking about why it might be cheaper to have a mummy makeover in Prague and what to do if you feel a lump in your breast and you have breast implants in and anything else that crops up.Please feel free to join in and ask me anything.He ...…
Is a mobile phone getting in the way of your relationship?
You won't believe your ears. A hidden herstory in the history of science.
FIRST ONE OF 2019!!!Tonight I will be talking about:- Patient unhappy after body contouring (hasten to add - this is not my patient!)- Patient awoke to find huge, unnatural implants! (this is not my patient either!!)- Controversy about Allergan implants no longer available- How soon after giving birth/breastfeeding can I have surgery?- When can ...…
Are you aware of all the crafty tricks fast food retailers use to keep you coming back for more?
If a clock ticks for 10,000 years will anybody be there to hear it? Long term thinking...come on...let's do this.
Would using a larger fork lead to you eating more food, less food, or just the same amount?
The hidden story of a very weird psychological experiment. The guinea pigs are kids. But they have no idea what they were in for. Neither do their parents. Who were the lost boys?
A hiccup cure that really works — if you're brave enough.
Science Friction returns with a medical mystery story like none other. A genetic lottery. A chance encounter. A global quest. Science at the cutting edge. And one gutsy young guy.
Tonight I will talk about:- laser removal of scars- IMF position of scar- pain expectation after surgery- effects of GA postoperatively- natural removal of molesand anything else that crops up.#AskJJ
How can relativity and quantum mechanics create mass in a tiny particle?
This week I will be talking about :-Serial Excision -Why do you have to wait a minimum of 3months between excisions?-Do I need to come off the contraceptive pill, had read that somewhere?-When you say you can't exercise for 4 - 6 weeks, is that just upper body? Can i still do exercise but avoid the chest/arm, shoulder areas? If so how soon?-Wha ...…
When can you fly after breast augmentation, can silicone help with the healing of scars, will I operate on a patient who has a BMI over 30 and how you prepare for a breast reduction.Join me every Tuesday at 7pm on Facebook for a Live Q&A. #AskJJPlease subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos. www.youtub ...…
The Universe is made of atoms — but what are atoms made of?
Stories of resurrection and revival. If you could bring an extinct animal alive again what would it be? Should we if we could?
JJ discusses, Can I fly with implants?Using 'IDEAL' implantsChanging Breast ImplantsCan you have implants if the breasts are already big? How is a new belly button made during a tummy tuck?How long do implants last? and much more!
Have we finally figured out how wombats make cube-shaped poo!?
The world’s first gene edited babies - twin girls - have allegedly been created. It happened in China in secret. Rogue scientist or pioneer?
I will be answering these questions:- Is there an airport near your surgery/clinic?- Do you offer Tummy Tuck with liposuction and breastlift at the same time?- How long after removal of birthmark on lower stomach near hip can patient do sport?- Can we use Ideal Implants? What alternatives do we offer?- Can I ask my surgeon about complications?- ...…
The answer to this question is a little surprising, not least because it involves wee.
A chimp raised as a human child; machine algorithms that govern your life’s trajectory; a dystopian Australian thriller about science, power and plague. What happens when scientists and technologists pursue their curiosity without consideration of the consequences?
Tonight I will be talking about:-Upper body flesh after TT, do I need a FDL?-Can you remove a flat mole with radio frequency technology??-When to hold 2 year old after capsulectomy?-When can I get pregnant after capsulectomy?
Astronomers have seen stars and superhot gas flying in orbits that bring them very close to the supermassive black hole in the middle of our galaxy — and this has taught us a huge amount about the nature of black holes.
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