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Best Anna Sabramowicz podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Anna Sabramowicz podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Storytelling and scenarios are my passion. I share practical strategies on how to design your own engagement rich interactive experiences, work with subject matter experts, apply psychology to optimize learning, give raw feedback and spunky advice, all this to help make your efforts at designing learning that makes a difference a reality. I'm Anna Sabramowicz and this is the Elearning Scenario Design Podcast!
The eLearning Guys is a discussion show about Articulate Storyline development and all things e-learning by two guys passionate about education, multimedia, creativity and problem solving.Nejc and David have been working in the eLearning industry for over a decade and they share their experiences with Articulate Storyline and their eLearning adventures with you.To learn Articulate Storyline on your time and at your pace, visit https://www.masterstoryline.com.
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Nejc and Dave discuss different functionalities that they would like to see in Storyline. Links: Submit a feature request - ArticulateBy Nejc Žorga Dulmin & David Charney
All I know is that every place I’ve ever worked was overwhelming with meetings and projects - here’s some tips I’ve learned along the way. Check out my free interactive storytelling webinar here: https://elearningsecrets.com/
Here's the link to learn about the limited time offer: bit.ly/ISAOFFER Not convinced yet? Want to see if this is for you? Join my training webinar: https://www.elearningsecrets.com/ Talk to you soon :D
Nejc and Dave discuss the fresh and newly redesigned trigger panel in Storyline. Links: Learning Design SummitBy Nejc Žorga Dulmin & David Charney
Today's session is part rant part invitation - AND helpful tip included. Here's the link I talked about in the session: bit.ly/isaoffer
Visit: https://www.elearningsecrets.com/ for more free training on the topic!
👉 want more free training? https://www.elearningsecrets.com/ Are you hesitant to use scenarios because of the nature of your content? You can't tell people "what to do"...so scenarios are tricky? You'll love this video! I share two strategies about how you can overcome this and think about it a little differently so you can make better decisions. T…
If you're overwhelmed with the crazy amount of assets that you have access to and still don't know where to begin your next eLearning project..... this will help you. For LIVE training from me on this (for free!) visit: https://www.elearningsecrets.com/
I struggled with incorporating story into my training - the biggest pain was branching simulations... this will help you see it from a different perspective. It might be better on youTube because of my chicken scratch visualisations - https://youtu.be/AlE58VUSca0
Here are some tips on how to overcome this and how to think about all that resistance you're facing. Serious about creating something real and meaningful for your audience? Go here and register for the free training: www.elearningsecrets.com
Register for my webinar... it's free :) www.elearningsecrets.com
Enjoy and share with someone who needs to hear this today :) Leave a message or a question: https://anchor.fm/elearning-scenario-design-podcast/message
In this two-segment episode, I explore why first-person experiences fail to change beliefs and why. Enjoy and share!
We have some unlearning to do - how you ask for what you need, how you manage your relationships, and how you're going to show up. Want to learn more about the questions you need to ask during those critical practitioner interviews? Go here: https://www.elearningsecrets.com/
What if instead of recreating all the content into more "mobile-friendly" versions... we focus on getting people excited about what is already in the LMS? How do you do that? Here are some dos and don'ts on how to accomplish this. Enjoy and share!
Engagement in learning? Here is the audio from a recent live where I added some distinction between shallow and deep engagement. With deep engagement always being the super goal. There’s a lot of talk out there...and there’s a lot of bad info too 😂😂 and I learned the hard way that the best way to complain if you think something should change is to …
Check out my free training: www.elearningsecrets.com :) I ran a webinar recently and afterwards got a lot of great questions and compliments. One of the comments was... "that's great Anna, but my learners are different, they are way too serious for stories and comic style anything... this won't work for them" - here's what I said :)…
Thoughts and questions after my past webinar training... enjoy and share :)
Leave me a message: https://anchor.fm/elearning-scenario-design-podcast/message Register for the upcoming training: www.elearningsecrets.com
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To lock or not to lock? That is the question. With special guest Phil Mayor. Special Guest: Phil Mayor.By Nejc Žorga Dulmin & David Charney
We think that telling our learners what's in it for them when they get into our elearning module is helpful. But friend, it might be too late by then. Here is a great strategy to get you thinking about the approach a different way. Visit elearningsecrets.com to sign up for my webinar. Use this link to leave me a message! https://anchor.fm/elearning…
This is an audio excerpt from my live session on LinkedIn - feel free to check these out on youtube as well - especially because for some, not all I heavily rely on stick drawings on the whiteboard :D Link to record your own question or message :) Or just do it to say "hi" or share your feedback of my podcast! https://anchor.fm/elearning-scenario-d…
Psychology and movies overlap in this episode. Here I answer the question - how can I make my interactive story appeal to MORE learners?
In this episode I talk about virtue signalling on social media platforms in our industry and I give you a little tip about how to use this as a strategy to improve yourself and your craft. enjoy!
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