Best Apprenticeship podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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This podcast is for John Love Electrical apprentices and includes subjects from UTE 31199 Electro technology.
What happens when you apprentice yourself to the discipline of trustworthy listening? What will you hear? How will your world be changed? Who will you become once you are listening first, listening always? In these recordings, I share and explore my own apprenticeship to this essential practice, this necessary work, the labor of listening. I listen, and speak what I hear. Stories, insights, struggles—my own little human wonderings, offered with the hopes that they might serve you as heartful ...
And Sons Magazine
We are brothers, adventure seekers, writers, sons. We aim to explore what it means to live with authentic masculinity as we step into the many intersecting systems that compose our world today.This podcast was born out of a shared desire to see quality content address a wider landscape than what most people would assume to be “Christian” or “masculine” or “Millennial.” The name “And Sons” calls upon the history of apprenticeship, of following in our fathers' footsteps, of a shared experience ...
Tom Jacobs
Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 16 books, 3 original natal reports, astrology and channeled audio, and energetically charged crystals for healing and meditation are available via graduate of Steven Forrest's Apprenticeship Program (member since 2004), Tom has hosted two previous podcasts. Unraveling Karma taught his unique approach to evolutionary astrology through answering l ...
From the dark web to your radio dial - a weekly discussion on internet and computer security with San Antonio's Bret Piatt.
Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices.
Working Cows
A Platform for Producers
The latest news from the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Games
The Art & Science of Work
Tech Done Right
The Tech Done Right podcast is a show by and for people who care about what they build. We don't just build software, we build teams, companies, careers, and communities.Each episode features host Noel Rappin talking to interesting people in the tech community about building something the right way. We’re not just going to give you our thoughts on the topic, but tools, processes, or references that you can use immediately to build better software and communities.
an insight into the wonderful people, conversations, and topics that are present in my life. In any given week I end up talking about neuroscience, motherhood, education, feminist and a variety of other social justice issues, gender and LGTBQ2S+, mental health and wellness, community, and yoga and mindfulness.
BookBytes is a fortnightly (or biweekly) book club for developers. Each episode the hosts discuss part of a book they've been reading. And they also chat with authors about their books. The books are about development, design, ethics, history, and soft skills. Sometimes there are tangents (also known as footnotes).
“Cool, Calm, & Chaotic”…The New Podcast Thats Talking All Things… - Health - Food - Music - Positivity - Myths - Truths - Randomness - Top 10 Lists - Pet Peeves - More Food Probably ***ANY & ALL THINGS LIFE! … Ya Know… All Things Awesome! LIFE IS GOOD!
Fare of the Free Child is a weekly podcast-turned-community centering People of Color in liberation-centered living and learning practices. With a particular interest in unschooling and the Self-Directed Education movement, Akilah and special guests discuss the fears and the fares (costs) of raising free Black and Brown children in a world that tends to diminish, dehumanize, and disappear them. Connect on Twitter and Instagram using our hashtags: #BIPOCinSDE #raisingfreepeople
Adaptiva enables IT professionals to securely speed enterprise-wide software deployments without adding costly servers or throttling network bandwidth.The company’s breakthrough peer-to-peer systems management technology uses intelligence, automation, and bandwidth optimization techniques to distribute content faster than any other systems management solution available today.
Unhurried Living
Many of us feel hurried, and hurry is costing us more than we realize. Unhurried Living provides resources and training to help people learn to live and lead from fullness rather than on empty. Great influence begins on the inside, in your soul. Learning healthy patterns of rest and work can transform your life—your daily influence. Built on more than twenty-five years of experience at the intersection of spiritual formation and leadership development, Unhurried Living seeks to inspire peopl ...
The Hoomanist
The Hoomanist is an independent resource of compassionate and ethical inspiration for creators and digital humanists. Hosted by Simone Salis.
Vocational Rehabilitation Inspiration, Education and Resources
Reimagining Faith
Reimagining Faith is a new podcast brought to you by Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland. Each episode, we will sit down with Christian leaders who will inspire us to Think Deeply, Walk Wisely and Speak Hopefully in an age of accelerated cultural climate change.
A Canadian book club podcast that will change the world of literature forever
Campus Beat
Each week, Campus Beat welcomes a new guest from the Queen’s community to discuss news, issues, upcoming events, initiatives, and services for the benefit of Queen’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Shava Sadhana is a sanskrit term meaning meditation on a dead body. The meditating person sits down on a fresh corpse on the cremation ground and calls for the mother Smashan Kali who dwells there with immaterial spirits, so that she can possess the dead body and get in contact with the meditating person. Swamiji Shree Shree Kalidasha, the creator of the project Shava Sadhana, travelled to Calcutta many times on his numerous journeys to India. Calcutta, the centre of the Kali-cult, has fasci ...
Telling The Stories of Community Theatre
Remodel Your Life
I’m a female carpenter with an MBA and more than just remodeling kitchens I also love to help women remodel their lives. On this podcast you’ll hear what its like for a female cabinetmaker to work and succeed in a male dominated industry. We will chat with some of my favorite vendors about cabinets, countertops, tile, appliances, flooring and so much more. Along the way I’ll teach you how to not get ripped off and taken advantage of, so that you have all the tools you need to build your own ...
Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show is a 25 minute broadcast, brought to you by members of Alcoholics Anonymous based in the Christchurch area. The purpose of this show is to increase public awareness of Alcoholics Anonymous as an effective means of recovery from the disease of alcoholism.The format is simple - we talk briefly about what alcoholism is; then we interview one or two guest speakers, both of whom are recovering alcoholics, and we ask them to talk about their experiences with the dis ...
CWA Today
The official podcast of the California Workforce Association. CWA's mission is to enhance and inspire California’s local workforce development boards and their partners through strategic advocacy, partnership convening, and capacity building. Your host is Bob Lanter, Executive Director of CWA. To learn more about CWA, visit
This monthly podcast focuses on P-20 education pathways with a focus on research and leadership that promotes educational equity, justice, and excellence for all students. This podcast is a product of the Office of Community College Research and Leadership or OCCRL at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Learn more about OCCRL at
Philadelphia Works
Get ready to hear from business leaders in Philadelphia as they discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities in their field. This program is brought to you by Philadelphia Works, Inc, helping to build a skilled and thriving workforce. For more information, visit
HVAC School is the ever growing online source for real training topics for technicians in the Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Fields. In the podcast, we will share recorded training, tech ride alongs, share challenging diagnostic scenarios. All to help make the industry, your company, and your truck a better place to be.
The American Casino Guide has a monthly podcast hosted by the book's author, Steve Bourie, who talks about topics of interest to travelers who like to visit casinos. Whether it's using the best gambling strategies or simply getting the best deals on travel to casinos, Steve can speak expertly on the subject. During each show, which all run about 30 minutes, Steve interviews a special guest from the world of casino travel or gambling.
Adams breathes life into the story of a Texas cowboy who becomes a wealthy and influential cattleman.. (Introduction by Wikipedia)
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"We need to have a conversation about developing a set of tools and a solidarity around raising free people who are also aware people. This is vital especially since we’re not using tools of oppression in attempts force our children into an awareness of our deeply unjust society. We need to normalize the conversation and safe space-making in ta ...…
A lot of time is spent on the subject of breaking into HR, but not enough about how to grow your career, change your path, and create a legacy. According to Data USA, there are 804,000 professionals working in HR in the US. The HR profession is growing at a rate of just under 8%. […] Source
Joyce has been in the trucking industry since 1980. With a degree and passion for organizational behavior and psychology, Joyce saw how truckers were being treated in the trucking industry and decided to step up start her own trucking company with the support of her husband. To this day, Brenny Transportation’s mission is to establish lasting r ...…
This Episode Is A Top 19 Tools, Implements, Reminiscing On Some Lessons I Learned From Traveling In 2018, Both Near & Far! Maybe Some of Them You Can Relate To or Apply To Your Life… Topics Include… The Health, Wellness, & Fitness Related Tools You Should Have Crock & Insta-Pots Benefits The Significance of Music For Your Workouts and Motivatio ...…
How to Analyze Your Options My guest on this episode is Marie Ptak, who is looking for some career advice! She moved out to the Northern California area for historic preservation work, which she says has been mostly in window restoration, as well as some roofing. But as she tells listeners, after being a hairstylist for 4 years, she felt the pu ...…
This episode features Eric Seleznow, Senior Advisor at Jobs for the Future, and Vinz Koller, Senior Strategist for Capacity Building at Social Policy Research Associates, as they discuss challenges and opportunities for youth apprenticeship in California and beyond.
Back in the fall I (Blaine here) started building a mini barn in my backyard. Doing so dismantled a great many misconceptions I held about building and craftsmanship, like how good I was at it, and what it would be like. Example: I assumed craft would be contemplative and monastic, but it turns out that’s only true if you already have a contemp ...…
Roland Kroos and Patrick Toomey sat down with me after their Holistic Management Roadshow sponsored by the South Dakota Grassland Coalition. We reviewed many of the subjects they touched on at their one-day workshop. Subscribe to the Show: Guest’s Facebook: Guest’s Website: www.Cr ...…
This episode covers the why and the how of low ambient cooling and refrigeration
This episode covers the why and the how of low ambient cooling and refrigeration
Bret Piatt, CTR Host, Dr. Luis Martinez, Trinity University, and Alexandra Frey, 80/20 Foundation, discuss the recent expansion of the Students + Startups internship program and student success stories from the past years.
Who would you be and how would you be if you knew, beyond all doubt, that you are loved, exactly as you are? Not for what you've done, but for you. Your simple, inexplicable, mysterious, and miraculous presence here. Who would I be, if I lived this way? Who would we become if we saw each other this way, loved each other? This session is a wonde ...…
Get a roundup of the huge number of ConfigMgr and Intune community tools, cataloged and explained by Microsoft MVP and community leader Jörgen Nilsson. Then you can visit for a full listing and check them out yourself!
In this episode, originally sent as a voice memo to Mandy and Mike, Sarah recounts the immediate aftermath of being kept up overnight by side effects of one of her treatments. This was back in September 2018, before recording the first podcast we published with Sarah on Mandyland. But she wants to share this note as it captures feelings of vuln ...…
I’m with Sarah in San Diego, at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, a place we have been together many times. We had many slow(er than normal) days and quiet nights in our hotel room. And then we got a chance to really dive into what her new normal is. The conference was a perfect place to compare what use to be, with what is now.…
We talk with Rob about his book, how and why he wrote it, as well as the next book that's coming out. Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (book) Eighth Grade (movie) Claude Shannon React Podcast 34: Just Use a Button with Jen Luker Thing Explainer (book) A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age (book) This Develo ...…
Like Programming, Mathematics has language and culture. Jeremy Kun has written A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics as a way to bridge these two worlds and make the power and magic of mathematics available and understandable to programmers everywhere. ...…
I talk to John Oaks about his experience as a VRF tech in the field including branch boxes and two pipe vs. three pipe technology
Is mindful parenting sustainable? Can Caribbean people, for example, with all our deep familiarity in the art of loving yet intimidation-based parenting, actually learn how to consistently be in respect-based, partnership-centered relationships with our children? Can our children call us on our b.s. and still feel not only safe, but heard and r ...…
Steve Kenyon of Greener Pastures Ranching in Busby, AB, CA joined me to discuss his recent article for Canadian Cattlemen. In this article he challenged the paradigm that unconsumed feed in bale grazing is a waste. WCP Social Media: Guest’s Article: Bale Grazing. ‘What a waste of feed!’ NO Guest’ ...…
It’s our third installment of the best of Workology Podcast series sponsored by my friends at Clear Company. I’m looking back at interviews with Scrum master Reese Schmidt, Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, Dr. Naghid Prasad and Linda Ginac. Peter Druker has a great quote that I thought really sums up this podcast series where we reflect […] Source…
Tribal Knowledge and On-boarding with Annie Sexton TableXI offers training for developers and product teams! For more info, email Guest Annie Sexton: Core Support Engineer at Heroku. Traveler. Amateur graphic novelist. More at Summary Developers and teams build up a lot of knowledge about their code an ...…
Wendy Bartz is a dedicated HR professional that focuses on helping employers develop creative solutions, systems and processes. In the end, she helps employers implement proven methods to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Wendy is also a committed member of the Marshfield Area Toastmasters Club, and a coach for ind ...…
This Episode Is Reminiscing On Some Lessons I Learned From Traveling In 2018, Both Near & Far! Maybe Some of Them You Can Relate To or Apply To Your Life… Topics Include… Experience Being Irreplaceable Recognizing The Beauty That Is Around Us Sticking To Your Goals While Enjoying Life The Good People That Are Waiting In The Unknown Appreciating ...…
Dr. Heather Stuart, Professor of Public Health Sciences and the inaugural Bell Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair at Queen’s University joins us on Campus Beat to discuss her research, the Let’s Talk Mental Health dialogue event with students at Queen’s on January 22nd, and the #BellLetsTalk campaign launching January 30th nationwide.…
“Two things I ask of you, Lord; do not refuse me before I die: Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.” Yup. The Proverbs say some things about wealth and power we rarely say or pray. In this episode, we dive in to desire: what is worth wanting? Which is another way of saying, wh ...…
In this episode, Jason Keist at OCCRL talks with Dr. J. Luke Wood, associate vice president for faculty diversity and inclusion and Distinguished Professor of Education at San Diego State University, about engaging and supporting male students of color.
This is a voice over audio presentation of the article of the same title on the website
Bret Piatt, CTR Host, and Ashlyn Barrientes, SAISD’s P-Tech Coordinator, discuss San Antonio ISD’s launch of a cybersecurity-focused high school in August 2019, Cyber P-TECH at Sam Houston High School.
A new year full of plenty of new opportunities. However, with opportunities also come some common obstacles that can get in the way of making real, productive progress. That’s where we are headed today on the Unhurried Living Podcast. In this episode, we’re talking about four common barriers to leadership effectiveness. These aren’t the only fo ...…
Love, the end. Love, the way. For God's sake, for mine and yours and all our sakes, give the love you've been given to give. And receive the love that has come for you.
I love that an exploration of Doom is Episode 666. Fabian Sanglard has written The Game Engine Black Book: Doom as a deep exploration of the history, impact, and code that made Doom a cultural phenomenon. The book was released exactly 25 years after was first published on the University of Wisconsin FTP server in December 1993. http:// ...…
Mike and I got into a conversation about The Interoceptive Mind, a way of feeling our inner body provoked partially by a book that I picked up at the Society for Neuroscience back in November. According to the authors Interoception is “the body-to-brain axis of signals originating from the internal body and visceral organs (such as gastrointest ...…
Jason Obrzut come on and talks us through his furnace sequence of operation training Take It Slow, It's Gonna Blow
Professor Dylan Robinson, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Arts and co-Curator of the upcoming Soundings: An Exhibition in Five Parts joins us in studio to shed light and sound on this exciting new exhibition launching at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre at Queen’s University on January 17th.
Welcome to the Workology Podcast and thank you to our sponsor, ClearCompany. It’s January of 2019 and I, like many others, use this time early in the year to plan, organize, and reflect which is why I’ve put together our 12 of our favorite podcasts from last year. This is the second podcast in our […] Source…
Shelley is responsible for sourcing, attracting and recruiting professional Class A CDL drivers for over-the-road positions as well as maintaining driver DOT files. Responsibilities also include driver/employee relations, advertising, and marketing including social media. What you’ll learn about in this episode: How Shelley got involved in the ...…
Chris and William rediscover My American Cousin, a gem of BC cinema. The touching story of an Okanagan summer melted their winter blues. Writer-director Sandy Wilson's film draws comparisons to Call Me By Your Name and Stand By Me. Download this episode here. (39 MB) Find more information about this film and related ones on their respective IMD ...…
This Episode Is The Second Installment of The Devastatingly Handsome Dean Smith’s Return To Catch Up & Talk Life! “Don’t Be A Jerk. Pt. 2”… Topics Include… Taking Time Out of Your Schedule To Do Good Not Being A Jerk Not Wasting Time To Go Out and Live Birdhouses & Purpose Complaining Just To Complain Taking Responsibility Instead of Placing Bl ...…
Queen’s had a wonderful year in 2018 with many innovations, awards, administrative & infrastructural changes, and alumni achievements to boast about. Sadly, however, the Queen’s community lost a dear friend and benefactor, Dr. Alfred Bader in late December. We’ll reflect on his life and achievements while celebrating accomplishments around the ...…
Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel Tom Jacobs puts Trump's current situations in the context of the meaning of Trump's natal Pluto in the 12th house in Leo.Get your own Soul's Journey Pluto Generations and Evolutionary Astrology Basics I Home-study courses:https:// ...…
“If your life with God doesn’t have a regular dose of adventure,” Padre says, “It’s not going to sustain the masculine soul.” That’s all well and good, but what if you live in the city? What if you have young kids? What if any one of a hundred what-ifs make adventure difficult? To answer that question, we snagged Bart Hansen, of the Ransomed He ...…
We talk through stack effect. What it is and what issues it causes.
Bret Piatt, CTR Host, and Sridhar Kamma, Funnel AI CEO, discuss how Funnel AI has used artificial intelligence to help businesses find new sales leads.
Gabe Brown of Bismarck, ND joins me to discuss some of the concepts discussed in his new book Dirt to Soil. Gabe will be a speaker at the 2019 Farm and Ranch Conference. Gabe is a sought-after speaker and consultant on issues related to cover-crops, grazing, and soil health all of which we cover today with him. Every WCP Episode on One Page: Wo ...…
In this E3 podcast, ConfigMgr Expert Adam Gross tells you how to: Futureproof Windows 10 Deployments, Fight the Tyranny of the Urgent, and Automate Yourself into a Promotion.
Regine Gilbert is a user experience designer, educator, and international public speaker with over 10 years of experience working in the technology arena. She has a strong belief in making the world a more accessible place—one that starts and ends with the user.  Regine is an Adjunct Professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, teaching User ...…
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