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Appy Hours 4 U
Educators & App Enthusiasts Lisa Johnson & Yolanda Barker will guide you through a menu of app-ealing lesson ideas, apptivities, and pedagogical practices.
Commonspace is a collaboration by First Person Arts and WHYY.
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In this season 2 finale, all-star Commonspace storytellers gather around a table to discuss their craft and creative passion. The post The Storytelling Mind appeared first on Commonspace.
Comedian Margaret Cho gives voice to difficulties in her life through comedy. The post The One Who Laughs Last appeared first on Commonspace.
What do an egg donor, Australian vacationer, and orgy attendee have in common? They’re leaving judgements about sex at the door. The post Good, Giving, and Game appeared first on Commonspace.
The first time trying anything is likely to be awkward and clumsy. Sex does not seem to be an exception. The post Feels Like the First Time appeared first on Commonspace.
As a child, Sok Be and her family fled Cambodia on a bicycle. Now, she reflects her mother’s bravery and selfless sacrifices. The post A Journey of Her Own appeared first on Commonspace.
Writers Cecily Kellogg and Charlie O’Hay reflect on losing twin boys and their grieving process. The post A Phoenix Must First Burn appeared first on Commonspace.
From complicated pregnancies to raising children with special needs, these storytellers open up about being a mother in the face of difficult circumstances. The post Unexpected appeared first on Commonspace.
If achieving “The American Dream” is a game, how do you play the game? And what forces hold you back? Dr. Daniel Laurison expounds on wealth inequality and systematic class oppression. The post Breaking the Class Ceiling appeared first on Commonspace.
Education, race, sex and age are only a few aspects that make up class in America. These storytellers recount their journeys using art to navigate the class system. The post Looking Class appeared first on Commonspace.
Nadya Tolokonnikova has dedicated her life to disruption and resistance through art. But the fight is far from over. The post Pussy Riot Grabs Back appeared first on Commonspace.
Kyra felt prepared to leave the Jehovah’s Witnesses at 15 years old. Then the shunning began. The post Beyond the Watch Tower appeared first on Commonspace.
One family’s touching transition meeting the daughter they always had. The post She Was Always Amelia appeared first on Commonspace.
After his mother’s arrest, a young man is responsible for paying his family’s past-due rent…with a little help from his friends. The post No Man is a Failure Who Has Friends appeared first on Commonspace.
Even the seemingly best attorneys and absolving witness statements haven’t exonerated Chester Hollman – but his family refuses to give up hope. The post Denied appeared first on Commonspace.
Giovanni Reid spent 26 years behind bars. After his release, Giovanni reflects on the trials and tribulations of representing himself from jail. The post The Waiting Game appeared first on Commonspace.
When we die, what do we leave behind? And where does it go? The post Ashes to Ashes appeared first on Commonspace.
Thinking about mortality can be grim. These artists and storytellers don’t want you to fear the reaper. The post Welcome to the End appeared first on Commonspace.
Sometimes the party doesn’t start until life is over. The post Going Out with a Bang appeared first on Commonspace.
A doctor, an athlete, an educator, and a veteran join Commonspace host Jamie J. in an honest discussion about living as Black men in America. The post I Am a Man appeared first on Commonspace.
Many storytellers express their political and personal concerns through poetry. We look back on some of the best poems from Commonspace Season 1, including work from Ross Gay and Emi Mahmoud. The post Verse appeared first on Commonspace.
From the silence breakers to the bathroom ban and immigrant hardships, Commonspace reflects on 2017 with true, brave stories from those who stood up and spoke out. Guests: Sonia Sanchez, Nimisha Ladva, Kathleen Lafferty, Amrita Subramanian, Denice Frohman, Raheem Brock, Bea Cordelia, Gabrielle Gibson, Jaden Remy Gibson, Emi Mahmoud, Christy NaM ...…
Holiday traditions wax and wane naturally over generations. Three guests share their own renditions of Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. The post Transforming Traditions appeared first on Commonspace.
As a hospice nurse, Nina has spent many holidays with patients who have a difficult decision to make: live or die. The post Hospice for the Holidays appeared first on Commonspace.
Between hiding from family members on Thanksgiving, and sneaking Christmas trees into Saudi Arabia, these storytellers reveal their classic holiday memories. Guests: Chris Lundy, Megan Hicks, Sara Ray, Geoff Jackson, Dan Gasiewski, Martha Cooney, Dave Hillis, Jamie Brunson, Nina McKissock, Lisa Lapp, Annette John Hall, Marjorie Winther The post ...…
Natural disasters are a devastating part of life worldwide. In the face of catastrophe, who takes the lead to help? The post Look For the Helpers appeared first on Commonspace.
Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg’s work at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia centers on building resilience in kids. But how do you teach resilience to a child with a weak support system or traumatic past? The post Gen. R(esilient) appeared first on Commonspace.
Storytellers reminisce about prevailing over troubling childhood moments— and look to the next generation of courageous kids. Guests: Amrita Subramanian, Tim McAleer, Lisa Nelson-Haynes, Kathleen Lafferty, Emi Mahmoud, Jay Butera, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, Rachel Chaffin Image: Johanna Austin The post Haunted appeared first on Commonspace.…
Cathie Berrey Green has participated in large and small-scale protests since she was 16. In a time of great political anxiety, what can people learn from her? Step one: keep your cool. The post The Path of Peace Resistance appeared first on Commonspace.
Is “slacktivism” real political action, or just feel-good futility? Jumping into political activism can be intimidating and time consuming, but utilizing civic-minded technology is a great place to start. One app helps people stay informed and in contact with representatives with just the click of a button. The post App-tivism appeared first on ...…
In every Philadelphia neighborhood, the social and architectural history from past generations is still visible. It fills residents with a sense of place and home. But what happens when the old family grocery store is scrapped for a high-rise condominium? The post What We’ve Gained & What We’ve Lost appeared first on Commonspace.…
The debate surrounding gentrification continues in cities across America, including Philadelphia. PlanPhilly reporter Jim Saksa provides context for this debate. The post Won’t You Be My Neighbor? appeared first on Commonspace.
Is it revitalization or displacement? Hear true stories of the real impact of gentrification. Guests: Mo Burroughs, Freya Zork, Ociele Hawkins, Dan Gasiewski, Jim Saksa, Ken Finkel, Nathaniel Popkin Image: Johanna Austin The post Gentrified appeared first on Commonspace.
Words are alive and go through cycles of meaning. The powerful “woke,” political and provocative, has lost some of its punch as it has been adopted and co-opted. The post Woke-abulary appeared first on Commonspace.
It takes courage to transform a personal experience into a performance story. That’s what we like about these three risk-taking story tellers. The post How much to tell appeared first on Commonspace.
What does it mean to be “woke?” Are YOU woke? And if you’re NOT aware … are you denying reality? Real stories from real people, about whether the truth hit in an instant or set in slowly. Guests: Megan Hicks, Kitty Hailey, Carlos Roa, Cheyenne Barboza, Dr. Neil Bardhan, Matthew Thompson, Kendra Rosati Photo: Johanna Austin The post Woke appeare ...…
Bisexuality is neither a fad nor a statement–it’s an identity. Two bisexual people of color talk about their experiences and the complications brought on by society’s discomfort about anything having to do with gender, sexuality and race. The post It’s Not Easy Being “B” appeared first on Commonspace.…
Love is hard to find at any time, so what are the chances of a transgender marriage commitment? A trans couple opens up about their journey. The post Wholeheartedly Trans appeared first on Commonspace.
Parades are celebrating LGBTQ rights around the country. More visibility has increased recognition of gay communities as integral parts of American life. But not for everyone; some still view them with contempt – even aggression and outright violence. Our stories explore both worlds. Guests: Anissa Weinraub, Amber Hikes, Aaron Stella, Christian ...…
Edwin Desamour used to share a prison cell with his father. But today, he’s created a new legacy for his own sons. The post Like Father, Like Son? appeared first on Commonspace.
From a cowboy with a secret obsession to a dad called “Mom,” fathers and children share unexpected and heartfelt stories all about dads. Guests: Paul Lyons, Louie Ortiz-Fonseca, Chris Davis, Lori Horvitz, Jared Bilski, Rocco Ritorto Photo: Johanna Austin The post Who’s Your Daddy? appeared first on Commonspace.…
Taking a cue from memories about the best and the worst teachers they had, these educators talk about the emotional costs and rewards of working with students – and the reasons they continue to do it. The post Teachers! Why Do They Do It? appeared first on Commonspace.
It takes a tough teacher to rise to the level of superintendent. Dr. William Hite talks about his early dreams of football stardom, and the mentors, teachers and students who changed his course. In charge of 300 schools, 8,500 teachers and about 200,000 students, he still remembers his earliest school days, and shares them with us. The post Fro ...…
Being a teacher takes passion and compassion…but a sense of humor certainly helps. Educators become storytellers and open up about some of their most challenging (and sometimes hilarious) experiences, including stories about chaperones misbehaving, taking career advice from a psychic, chemistry experiments gone wrong, and more. Guests: Chris Lu ...…
What do an obsessive hand washer, a biting job applicant, and a kid hiding under his school desk have in common? Five storytellers get real about their mental health. Featured guests: Justine Cuny, Geoff Jackson, Steve Clark, Aaron (last name withheld), Dr. Lawrence Real, Craig Terry, Meaghon Reid, Dr. Marquita Williams, Khalida Sethi Photo: Jo ...…
Motivated by her own mother’s suicide, Meaghon Reid has dedicated her career to mental health training in the workplace. Learn how to spot signs of distress, provide support, reduce stigma, and how we’re all equipped to make a difference. The post Brain Matters: How to Help appeared first on Commonspace.…
A doctor and a social worker talk candidly about mental health experiences that are unique to women of color. The post Brain Matters: Women of Color appeared first on Commonspace.
Michelle Angela Ortiz describes her mural project, a collaboration between artists from Philadelphia and Mexico, using the artwork of teenagers to illustrate "Here and There: Aqui y alla." (Emma Lee/for NewsWorks) Michelle Angela Ortiz holds a panel painted by a teenage immigrant from Mexico. Based on the child's game, loteria, the painting des ...…
Borders can’t contain the creative spirit of our cultures. From blues to punk, Irish ballads to hip hop, and much more, hear how where we come from breathes new life into art through immigrant music and poetry. The post Immigrants: Of Thee I Sing appeared first on Commonspace.
Visual artist Michelle Angela Ortiz celebrates to her family’s immigrant roots by lifting up immigrant narratives in vivid murals across Philadelphia. The post Immigrants: Painting the Journey appeared first on Commonspace.
Black men in America face enduring and discouraging stereotypes. Has anything really changed since the civil rights movement of the 1960s? Storytellers discuss how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go. Featured guests: Raheem Brock, Dr. Arthur C. Evans Jr., Mister Mann Frisby, Michael Green, Reverend James Lawson, Elmore Nickelberry, Billy ...…
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