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Illegal Argument
Mark, Greg, and Peter's bi-weekly discussion about topics relating to the Java/JVM space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus.
The Argument
The other side is dangerously wrong. They think you are too. But for democracy to work, we need to hear each other out. Every Thursday, New York Times Opinion columnists David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat explain the arguments from across the political spectrum. Their candid debates help you form your own opinion of the latest news, and learn how the other half thinks. Find the best ways to persuade in the modern search for common ground.
Oral Argument
A podcast about law, law school, legal theory, and other nerdy things that interest us.
Illegal Argument
Mark, Greg, and Peter's bi-weekly discussion about topics relating to the Java/JVM space with an Auckland and New Zealand focus.
The Argument Ninja podcast is dedicated to helping you improve your skills at rational persuasion. Let philosopher Kevin deLaplante introduce you to a unique approach to critical thinking, inspired by martial arts training principles, that combines logic and argumentation with the latest research on the psychology of persuasion and belief.
Closing Argument with Walter Hudson, every weeknight from 9p-11p on Twin Cities News Talk AM1130 and 103.5 FM!
Marcus and Angel are a married couple of 10 years, who relationship revolves around honesty, humor, and arguments (sometimes). Their on-screen chemistry caused their YouTube subscribers to insist they start a podcast tackling the topics and issues that everyday people are dealing with. Is This Going To Cause An Argument is in its 3 season with over 15K plays just on SoundCloud.
Make An Argument
Podcast by Attila The Huf
We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.
two grown-ass men yelling at each other for a half hour every week
Closing Argument
Podcast by Closing Argument
Audio from oral arguments in the Supreme Court of the United States (beg. Oct. 2010)
Two Guys in Search of an Argument is the podcast on arts, culture, law and the good created by Jim and John, two guys constantly in search of an argument. Based out of Chicago and DC, these two have a lot to say.
Based on the notorious Facebook discussion group, this discussion podcast focuses on divisive and fascinating topics, with the sole intention of having out the conversations big and small.
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Walter discusses Christianity from a leftist political perspective.
Walter explains why racism shouldn't be the primary concern of news headlines.
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Republican woman Aly Eichman offers her take on political dialogue following Kavanaugh's confirmation, then Walter and Brad discuss the role of libertarians.
The columnists debate if Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation broke the Supreme Court. Michelle feels the patriarchy’s boot on her neck. David cautions Democrats about running on the #MeToo movement in the midterms. And Ross sings. Seriously.
Follow-up:Amazon raises not as good as thought. @1:33 In the news: Kavanagh follow-up @12:58Kavanaugh pushed through, Grassley questioned about women on the panel @13:39Why do evangelical women support Kavanaugh? @14:56 Karen Pence in support of Mark Harris @20:48 Cucker: Kavanaugh backlash due to atheist theocracy @26:42 National Church associ ...…
We talk with our colleague Sandy Mayson about the use of algorithms in criminal law decisionmaking - and especially their troubling and difficult to disentangle incorporation of race. From bail to sentencing to policing effort to hiring and admitting to college, we subject different social groups to different risks of erroneous treatment, predi ...…
Marcus and Angel discuss the difficulties they have had becoming friends with other couples and what relationships have actually worked.Watch this podcast on YouTube at
University of Minnesota Students for Liberty join Brad & Max to talk about their event on the drug war and tell us where they fit it on campus... not everyone agrees.
It's a Libertarian Party, party! Producer Brad and Max Rymer take over hosting tonight and have some very special in studio guests: UMN students Charlie Gers, who ran for Minneapolis mayor last year as a Libertarian, Eric Lumpkins and Marissa Huberty of Students for Liberty, talk the war on drugs and their upcoming event. Keith Ellison's divorc ...…
In the wake of Kavanaugh's confirmation, Walter reveals why the left seeks to both speak on behalf of and shame women.
The discussion over Kavanaugh comes to a head as the Senate is set to vote.
Walter's reasons for wearing his newly acquired MAGA hat delves into a discussion on pragmatism.
Coming Thursday, October 11, a new Opinion podcast from The New York Times that answers the question, "How could they possibly think that?" Join Opinion columnists David Leonhardt, Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat every Thursday as they explain the range of arguments around the week's political debate. You'll learn the why's behind party deci ...…
GOP Sec. of State candidate John Howe gives his perspective on how the office should be run, then Walter wonder how Democrats can keep winning the culture war.
Kavanaugh @2:51 Lied under oath Republicans don’t care 48% support Kavanaugh in any case Future cases for Kavanaugh @29:06 Follow-up:FFRF v Moore @34:16From Facebook: Expand “veterans” @37:46 State News:PA - House passes Bill for Child sex abuse lawsuits @52:31World News:Administration denies Visas to Same sex partners @54:59Chinese student vis ...…
Walter explains why the left is pulling this tactic on Kavanaugh.
Recent Trump convert and MAGA believer, Walter, breaks down the political shift, that made its way into the culture and the grave importance of alternative news outlets. Selectively believing survivors to push political narrative. Defeat the left now, or lose the luxury to have these philosophical debates later. Graham and Grassley, where have ...…
Walter argues that Brett Kavanaugh's testimony was what the GOP needed to move forward with his confirmation.
Jim, Peg and John talk about the good stuff in life. More Jim, Peg and John return in a fortnight for more easy-listening story-telling news-chattering talk. We would love your audio comment, question or observation. Record and email your comment to If you really want to write to us, that's fine, too. You can also rea ...…
Jeff Johnson talks about the tracker that ended up in his running mate's home and highlights the campaign's fundraising efforts.
GOP Candidate for Governor Jeff Johnson discusses the latest developments in his campaign, then Walter reacts to the latest in the Kavanaugh hearings
From last time:Walmarts @3:44Helen Keller @4:53In the news: Bill Cosby 3-10 @7:07Dunkin Wonderland @9:30 Follow-up:FL - Pensacola cross - again @12:18 Roy Moore - Yes, again @14:32From Facebook: Why do we say that Trump supporters are racist? - Dustin @17:56State News:AL - Dino Adventure Land @22:52Thanks to our Patrons! @27:42NY - Brooklyn Dio ...…
Walter gives his critical reason for why Brett Kavanaugh must be confirmed to the Senate.
Just Joe and Christian on: listener feedback (01:09), the Supreme Court confirmation crisis and constitutional structure (round one) (08:00), more feedback (17:16), reading glasses (36:10), Apple and Daring Fireball and caring (41:43), peak iPhone (52:34), and the current state of the Kavanaugh nomination, partisanship, and Supreme Court nomina ...…
Walter posits that Dr. Ford's demands to testify before Congress are antithetical to a democratic society.
The silliness surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings continues. Meanwhile, Minnesota GOP candidates remain boring.
Religious talk with a coworker @2:03Top of the food chain - “We have so made our way there that we have taken an apex predator and made it fetch our slippers for fun!” @5:01-5:44Follow-up:From Dustin @15:17Catholic investigations @22:37ID - faith healing documentary @33:42From Facebook: The Trump Prophecy @35:36World News:US-Canada Cannabis @43 ...…
What should we think of the Kavanaugh allegations? The answer isn't so clear cut, but the antics are not surprising.
Taking a break from the news, Walter guides listeners through a list of eight things government will never be able to do for us. The overwhelming majority of value found in life cannot be provided by government. To the extent it intrudes in these areas, it displaces genuine human experience and relationship. We should not tolerate that.…
Walter has had it with the all the stupidity, and yet Trump can now control the weather, so buckle up. The double standards ever present in policing tactics and what we can do about it. The gubernatorial race is boring. And with the short comings of humanity and technology trying to coexist, is the future still bright?…
It’s Gen Z versus Gen X on the first Two Guys quiz. Jim, Peg and John are joined by the younger, wiser Gavin Vonk in the third Grand Rapids recording of the summer of Michigan. More Jim, Peg and John return in a fortnight for more easy-listening story-telling news-chattering talk. We would love your audio comment, question or observation. Recor ...…
MN GOP State Auditor candidate Pam Myhra tells us why accounting is important. Then, Walter explains why liberals have no moral standing on social media.
911 @0:52Dennis Miller @4:40Follow-up:NY issues Subpoenas @14:27Lincoln NE @15:38 Cardinal Donald Wuerl to go to Vatican @18:07 Ian’s light-hearted story @19:52Kissimmee @21:02 Palm Beach @24:01KY Pastor @31:35World News:Egyptian man arrested for having lunch with Saudi woman @ 34:11 Ireland’s Blasphemy law @37:36India - decriminalizes gay sex ...…
Marcus and Angel discuss whether the lack of "happy wife, happy life" in marriages is what has lead many Americans to divorce.Watch this podcast on the YouTube channel That Chick Angel TV.
Walter shares where he was on 9/11, then asks why people aren't being more responsible for their own.
Walter laments the City of Minneapolis' new initiative to cut down on carbon emissions.
On this episode I talk about the genesis of my new video course, "The Vocabulary of Science: First Steps to Science Literacy", and my decision to start producing the Argument Ninja podcast in both audio and video formats. Next episode will be an "Ask Me Anything" episode. You can submit questions at this URL: Lis ...…
Joe becomes the guest guest and Mike Madison the guest host, as we talk about Joe's new research into the web of law and what citations tell us about what law means. As one might expect for a show which is ostensibly about legal theory but actually, as all good argunauts know, an extended meditation on Being Joe, this is a very special episode ...…
Walter solicits Netflix recommendations from the listens, then wants to know why people don't like libertarians.
Walter reaffirms his idea of the anonymous NY Times Op-Ed, then asks if fixing gerrymandering could actually solve problems of government.
Democratic activist Giancarlo Sopo warns of the dangers of democratic socialism.
The left is in total war with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.
Nike/Kaepernick @1:02PA - baboons @7:24Robo calls @9:24LAPD - kiosk @16:44Follow-up:Adoption agents view @20:43More on Pope Frank @22:05Call for resignation @26:41From listeners Bible study or else - from Eugene @29:21National News: President in Waiting @35:35McCain’s replacement @43:24Jared’s McCain rant @46:15Woodward’s book @50:16…
Brad Omland is in for Walter tonight. He is joined by Max Rymer to talk Nationalization of Facebook.
Producer Brad Omland is in for Walter tonight. He is joined by Max Rymer to discuss the Supreme Court hearings. Doug Wardlow checks in on his campaign for MN Attorney General.
Two Guys In Search Of An Argument explore the dark underside of historical true crime with author Tobin Buhk. Recording from Grand Rapids, Jim, John, and Peggy welcome local author Tobin Buhk who has written a number of books exploring true crime as it has recurred throughout American history. In particular, they focus on one of Buhk's works, " ...…
Walter decries the latest fake outrage from the left, then takes a call from prison.
A tweet from our President: @0:57 Violent people @5:32Manafort @7:48Cohen @10:14Weiselberg @12:43 Trump & McCain @21:23How to answer Qs about Trump: @26:17 Follow-up:Yeshiva correction @29:12Sunday service @30:44Cake cake cake cake cake @33:56Satanic statue - from Dustin @38:59Catholic follow-up @41:58Catholic Theologian has the answers Pope kn ...…
Walter pontificates that pastors are whoring themselves out as they lose ground to politics
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