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Aussie English
G’day and welcome to the Aussie English podcast.I’m Pete Smissen and my objective here is to teach you guys the English spoken down under. Whether you plan to travel, to work or to live in Australia or you just have an interest in our culture, history and spoken dialect of English. You have come to the right place. And whether you aim to speak English like a true blue Aussie or you just want to be able to understand “what the flippin’ hell we’re on about when we’re havin’ a yarn”. You have c ...
Aussie Firebug
Podcast by Aussie Firebug
Aussie Waves Podcast - Australian History
Join Eric and Glenn as they discuss, gaming news, events, and independent game development within Australia.
Join Kent Anderson, James Wilkinson and former NSW Waratahs and ACT Brumbies winger Peter Playford as the dissect the 5 Australian franchises all competing in the Super Rugby Championships. Weekly interviews with current and former players The Super Aussie Rugby Podcast will keep you entertained and informed.
Learn English the Australian way! There are plenty of sites online to teach you British or American English, but what about good old Aussie English?If you're planning to visit my beautiful country, but have only ever had language classes from a British or American tutor, you won't be ready for the huge difference you'll experience from native Australian speakers.Let me help ya, mate!
AUSSIE MUSCLE RADIO Hosted by Xavier Wills & Scott Goble "The Truth in Australian Bodybuilding".
4 Yanks 1 Aussie
4 Yanks 1 Aussie was created after 5 young men spent way too much time (and money) drinking in San Francisco, California during Kinda Funny’s annual live event. What started off as awkward group chats and even more awkward introductions, quickly blossomed into a beautiful friendship. Sam Atherton, Elmer Guardado, Cassidy Sargent, Andrew Street (the Yanks), and Nato Johnston (the Aussie) gather weekly to catch up and talk about dumb nerd trash, growing up, and anything else relevant to their ...
The Aussie Runner Podcast covers the Australian running scene via trail, road and track. If you love running as much as we do, then join us on your next run as we talk to real Aussie runners and learn about all the things that make running great. Presented by Damon Roberts and Jeremy Francis.
Visit our website at for in depth analysis of Aussie Basketball and it's players both here in the NBL and overseas. Subscribe to our podcast for regular in-depth interviews with players and discussion on everything involving Australian Basketball whether its NBA, NBL, SEABL, BIGV, ABA or Internationally (FIBA)
Jenny Cooney is an Australian journalist who has lived in Hollywood for 30 years. She is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and votes for the Golden Globes. Jenny has watched the waves of new Australian talent arrive in Hollywood and make their marks, both on and off-screen. From Paul Hogan to the Hemsworths, from Nicole Kidman to Margot Robbie - Jenny knows them all and their stories intimately. Join Jenny as she takes you through stories of Aussies In Hollywood; from landi ...
This podcast brings you the latest tunes from across the hardcore scene featuring my live sets from and a bunch of other stuff. Enjoy and thanks for subscribing!
Podcasting from Brisbane, Australia
Your co-hosts, Tan and Amanda explore the world of Aussie (Australian) bloggers and what makes them so successful. They share their dreams, ideas, successes and challenges with Tan, Amanda and the rest of the world through the Aussie Bloggers Podcast. If you want to know how to become a successful Aussie Blogger, this is the podcast for you!
Aussie After Hours is one of Australia's funniest comedy shows! Host Xavier Wills is joined every week by Joey Bender, Mark "Grechy" Grech, & Jimmy Sadek.
An Aussie Punk Rock Podcast
Australian swingers swinging downunder and abroad
A podcast for investors and real estate entrepreneurs looking to break into the U.S. market! Join Reed Goossens as he explores the world of U.S. real estate investing from the point of view of an international investor. Reed interviews industry leaders, and successful real estate entrepreneurs, about how to grow your wealth by investing in U.S. real estate.... With just a little bit of an Aussie twist!Reed is an Australian making a go of it in the US. He moved to the US back in 2012. He went ...
Join Ansuya Nathan as she navigates the city of Angels, chatting to some of the shiniest Aussies in L.A., sharing their tales of living, working and playing on this side of the globe.
The first and most popular NFL podcast in Australia! Comprehensive coverage and fantasy advice - all with Aussie style!
Arrogant Aussies
Aussies talking shit, sometimes.
Light hearted look at the latest technology news from Australia and beyond.Join Glenn, Erik, Will, Shayne and Jason as they discuss the tech issues of today that matter to the average Aussie consumer.If you would like to appear on the show and promote your wares, please email
Two mates from Australia, tell you all our stories from downunder, and talking about what really matters, and not all the crap!!
An Australian video game podcast by the Aussie Gamers Express crew about gaming on the latest platforms and anything game related. It gets a little strange at times. Listen along and have a laugh.
Podcast by Underground Aussies
Back for 2017! We're back LIVE every day from Monday October 2 at 7am!
Aussie Tech Crypto is an Australian podcast hosted by Jason Oakley and William Tomkinson. We discuss Crypto Currencies and Technologies. This show is a part of the Aussie Tech Heads network. Visit us at and join us on our Discord server.
The AGE video game podcast is hosted by Lucas, Patrick, Deb and Greg. A podcast all about video games and nothing but video games.
AFL Exchange
An entertaining take on the latest football news with Melbourne's Angus Brayshaw and AFL Media's Matt Thompson, Cal Twomey and Nick Bowen.Analysis, wit and insightful match previews bring you up to speed on all things AFL.
Grandstand AFL
AFL news and interviews from across ABC Grandstand. Information on the ABC Grandstand AFL Podcast.
On the Aussie PhysEd Podcast we extract a little bit of #PhysEd wisdom from the team at Aussie PhysEd. Listen in for a different topic discussion each week.
The Aussie Writers Literary Podcast serves up interviews with writers, readers, publishers, librarians, bookshop owners, and other professionals in the Australian writing landscape. Our listeners are writers and readers who are interested in high-quality books by Australian authors. We are extra keen to promote newly emerging Australian writing talent, along with well-known, established Australian authors.Aussie Writers is a not-for-profit service for writers to share their writing with the ...
The podcast of the Australian Pink Floyd Show. Answering fan questions and having conversations with people we meet while touring the world while celebrating the music of Pink Floyd.
Our new iTunes feed can be found by searching Aussie Hoopla or visiting
The Aussie Expat Podcast by Atlas Wealth Management is a podcast for Aussie expats living overseas who want to learn more about managing their finances as an expat.Atlas Wealth Management is a specialist in providing Australian expat financial advice and planning and has been providing these services to Australian expats in over 18 countries
AFL Supercoach wisdom from the Father of Fantasy Footy himself, Jock Reynolds. Join Jock, Peter Higginbotham and The Crouching One on a journey of AFL Supercoach enlightenment.
The home for australian ecommerce entrepreneurs, find out why 300 fellow Aussies love us!
Join Glenn Goodman and Roger Smith each episode for an easy going chat about your online and data security and privacy protection. Feel free to ask a question or submit comment or other to
An AFL podcast with Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen that's more GOP than jet.
Handy Point
A casually in-depth discussion of the week in AFL.
Aussie Bhoys
Two Australian Celtic Football Club fans, Adrian and Jamie, discuss recent happenings of and related to The Hoops, as well as the world game in general.
Aussie bytes
Current affairs interviews and documentaries with a global outlook.
Aussie Mum
Listen in for parenting stuff I've learned, and my wins and fails as mum of two kids under three.
This is an Aussie Podcast about all things Apple, Mac, iDevices and more
We're all about Aussie hoops! The Pick and Pop is a weekly podcast by Damian Arsenis and Luke Sicari that brings quick, sharp hits on Aussie hoops headlines around the globe. Missing out on your favourite Australian basketballers? We're here to make things right.
Aussie And The Pom
110% The real us - Tune into our weekly Podcast which is actually recorded from 2 different time zones! We chat all things Entertainment, Movies, TV & our lives
The AGE video game podcast is hosted by Lucas, Patrick, Deb and Greg. A podcast all about video games and nothing but video games.
Podcast by #thecollective
Veronica Mars Aussie Podcast is an unoffical Veronica Mars Podcast for Australian viewers and fans of the Television series Veronica Mars. It is a fan based podcast ran by fans of Veronica Mars in Australia. It aims at providing Aussie fans a podcast they can relate to and have fun listening too. So join the team and listen on in.
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- World Cup Update... Can the Aussies pull a rabbit out of the hat? - The Voice WINNER Sam Perry joins the guys for a chat - Sam has World Cup fever, so he acted on it - Sam's fallen for the 'cheap but dodgy' airfare booking AGAIN - And how fitting... a study about dumb millenial males
Come with us on a journey of debauchery, sly grog shops, meth heads and hilarious names. Where else would we be but Mount Gambier.We explore the story of Kitty Temple, 1860s hotel owner and badass boss lady who kept her male patrons entertained in more ways than one. Proving that well behaved women rarely make history, this is one ridiculous Ad ...…
The Launchpad with Rodney Malcolm Hogg reviewing the aussies ODI performance and your calls, What celebrities colognes should be called and your calls, The Soapbox, The man from Sacramento Steve Salisbury, The Most Entertaining Broadcaster in Australia Billy McGee, Health & Fitness with Craig Harper discussing the meaning of life and Greg Davis ...…
Ireland's favourite manband came to us live from Studio 301 this morning with their take on an 80's anthem. ROG, Quinny and Paulie are going from strength to strength...
Ireland's favourite manband came to us live from Studio 301 this morning with their take on an 80's anthem. ROG, Quinny and Paulie are going from strength to strength...
Chaque matin, deux heures d’informations solides avec Patrick Cohen : des journaux complets avec la rédaction d’Europe 1, l’actualité politique française avec Hélène Jouan ou internationale avec Vincent Hervouet, l’économie avec Axel De Tarlé et la revue de presse de Marion Lagardère. Débats, réflexions et des invités qui font l’actualité. Mais ...…
A Vietnam war veteran who lost both of his legs after stepping on a landmine, Edwards returned to serve at all three levels of Government. An inspirational story of a journey to educate himself and then succeed by any means necessary while remaining a great knockabout Aussie bloke.
We discuss our growing appetite for Australian writing and how the ‘cultural cringe’ towards home-grown Aussie stories is a thing of the past. John brings 25 years of industry perspective to the mix, Ben brings meticulous research and interesting statistics, Bron brings a gen-Y perspective and Sarah sings her Aussie pride. Don't forget to join ...…
Horus the Avenger The Right Stuff June 19, 2018 6:00 Asian girl proves to be way too expensive 10:00 Aussies have a MoonMan party 14:00 When rappers get things correct 20:00 Hitler in South Africa 23:00 Military cell phone jammers go farming 31:00 Twitter meets Taylor in court 36:00 Distributing Diversity across Denmark 40:00 World Cup controve ...…
On EP 64: of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia get member of the uber successful Aussie band Sheppard Amy Sheppard to answer TG Posse Member Fran's question - 'how do you make friends as an adult?' 4:01 - Amy's number one piece of advice ...…
In this episode Jim is joined by Will and Jim. We discuss everything from guns, to birds kicking Aussie ass.
Chaque matin, deux heures d’informations solides avec Patrick Cohen : des journaux complets avec la rédaction d’Europe 1, l’actualité politique française avec Hélène Jouan ou internationale avec Vincent Hervouet, l’économie avec Axel De Tarlé et la revue de presse de Marion Lagardère. Débats, réflexions et des invités qui font l’actualité. Mais ...…
America gets serious about the space race, the new Aussie travel guide that'll teach you more than any map could, the poisonous plant straight out of your lost-in-the-jungle nightmares, and a second-hand hat with an out of hand price tag!
Aussie shares are improving for a third session and briefly hit a five-month high in early trade. Investors have shrugged off softer US shares, escalating US-China trade tensions and a key meeting of oil producing nations set for later this week. This report is approved and distributed in Australia by Commonwealth Securities Limited ABN 60 067 ...…
Seany asks the question, do you dob in work colleagues that are having an affair? Fake Scottish whiskey is getting made and sold in aussie pubs! Also Seany recaps on the Princes Park vigil for Eurydice Dixon.
On the podcast today, what would happen if Steven Joyce threw a pink dilly back at nursing spokeswoman Josie Butler, Luke from Rags needs some air BnB rules and premier sports journalist Paul Ford can't believe how terrible Aussie is playing cricket.
There’s been very little movement in anything overnight, except the price of oil. In today’s podcast NAB’s Tapas Strickland explains how it stems from an expectation that OPEC will see a smaller increase in production than initially flagged by Saudi Arabia and Russia. He also talks to Phil Dobbie about the political standoff in Germany, adding ...…
This week’s theme, SAYINGS, includes song titles that have been incorporated into our everyday vernacular. Aretha Franklin‘s ‘That’s Life’, Monty Python‘s ‘Always Look on ‘The Bright Side Of Life’ and Johnny Farnham‘s ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ portray some of our often used expressions. John Paul Young, the Aussie Highlight of the week, tries his ...…
From Aussie provincial childhood to an international super-star - how did Nellie Melba manage this?
Aussie Mac Zone ~ Episode 242 Aussie Apple Ramblings. Made by Aussies for Aussies [and anyone else who likes it :-) ] Produced by Zarn Kerr Hosted by Michael Seamons (ithelp2u) Special Guest Matt - teacher This weeks show notes (Aussie Tech Heads).
We take a look at some of the gems of the ages as some of musics greats and not so greats give it a crack at the acting game and it's of course, produced some interesting content. Madonna gives it a red hot crack in Desperately Seeking Susan which really just kind of left Michael Dazed and Confused, Meanwhile Davina was left in a state of shock ...…
Featuring The Launchpad, Storm General Manager Frank Ponissi on Craig Bellamy re-signing, Richie Hummerston thanks to sportsbet Live from Russia with a World Cup update, your calls on The Soapbox, Mark Levy with a summary of what happened in the world of league across the weekend, Matty “ The Kid” Tudor joined the guys LIVE to discuss the openi ...…
Keith Urban opens up on his sex life and Julia Michaels' Aussie girl crush
Jess’ talks sexual assault and her thought process as a woman when out at night over the weekend The new batman World Cup update – vibrating undies, loss for Aussies, smiling Russians
It was a Monday kinda show... The first of our Flora series looking at all the arts community groups around town that you can get involved in... World cup review for the Aussies against France, shrouded in controversy, and the unofficial World Cup team of Esperance Sean went out TWICE surfing on the weekend, Dan tells him how he went and more T ...…
Today on the show: 1. Is Tim a Jinx? 2. What phrases do you hate? 3. Drunk woman steals dog for the 3rd time 4. AFLW pay disparity 5. Tim has found his happy place 6. What Aussies do in meetings 7. Payback for Clarinet player 8. Tim wants to be a brand ambassador 9. Dean’s talks MTV movie awards 10. Optus footy coverage 11. Billy Slater will pl ...…
Cyberpunk 2077 is currently one of the most anticipated games coming to us in the (near?) future. Unfortunately, some press are coming out and saying that the game will have a hard time making it past the Australian Classification Board. Ryan and Josh talk about what this could mean and if it could kickstart a review of Aussie classification gu ...…
Episode 217 – E3 2018 Special (02:44:00)Links:AGE DISCORD INVITE LINK: the AGE Discord Server for discussions on the upcoming podcast episodes, general chat and also post your own content in the dedicated specific chat servers. The link to join is above, and the best part is that it's free.ALSO NOTE - If you are a ...…
Australia will find it hard going in the World Cup tonight as it is up against France - a seasoned team of soccer superstars but they win the battle of the supporters with pubs and clubs around Kazan filled with enthusiastic Australians.
With the climate warming will the Earth again be inundated with giant reptiles or are we about to be thrust into another ice age? On this episode we talk to Dr. Aaron Camens about how the Earth's ever changing climate can affect the world's fauna, as well as discusing some of the amazing mega fauna that once roamed across Australia.…
This week, we go classical with Aussie singer Clara Helms, Joker John and 'Watch Me Whip' made a return, all blended with quirky stories, mentions and the usual banter.
ARE THEY OUT THERE??? Officially recognised as extinct we talk to Neil Waters about the consistent sighting of Thylacines (AKA marsupial tigers) still occurring to this day all over mainland Australia and Tasmania. Visit the Thylacine Awareness Group's Facebook page and checkout Tassie Tiger Lodge. Click here to purchase Neil's DVD, Living the ...…
Bullies, house wreckers, lazy parents, murderers and cheats, but not all birds are jerks. On this episode we sit in a bushland setting with passionate naturalist, birdwatcher and conservationist John Gitsham to discuss all things birds. To learn more about John's Birdwatching and photography courses visit his website, Nature Connections.…
The boys get stuck into all the action from the Bye-Round. They talk about the state of the game, The Saints, The Suns and all the usual banter including a red hot word of the day.
Welcome back to the Eye of Horus Podcast! Heresy Lives! In this episode Michael and Tim return from a parallel dimension where Heresy WAS dead and they tried to keep it alive by reanimating it via podcasting. Maybe it worked? Who knows, in any case they've travelled back to this dimension and found that it never died in the first place, crazy! ...…
Elly gets her housemate and Channel 9 reporter Mia Egerton-Warburton on the show because they want to call out their third housemate for dogging them big time! The photo of the three of them attached to this Catch Up is a lie - it's from happier times... Mia also gives us her weekly wrap of GV life, but the housemate stuff is way more entertain ...…
La Coupe du monde de la FIFA commence aujourd’hui et toute la France est derrière son équipe, les Bleus. Toute la France, ou presque... Si le foot est le sport le plus populaire dans l’hexagone, il a aussi ses ennemis. En effet, le monde du foot suscite régulièrement des polémiques sur des sujets aussi divers que le racisme, le business et l’ar ...…
The most popular event in the world is ready to roll, how some young Aussies are saving languages with the power of song, the entire town you can buy with a million bucks, and an adventurous raccoon captivates the world with her ambitious ascent.
Carman's Muesli founder Carolyn Creswell is on a mission to create a hugely successful brand, in Australia’s most cutting-edge workplace, whilst maintaining an enviable work / life balance for herself … and her staff. In this incredibly generous chat, Carolyn talks about how she’s turned Carman’s into a household name, the importance of creatin ...…
Episode 15 of the 'Aussies Taking Over the NBA' Podcast. A new podcast chronicling the Aussies playing in the NBA. In this episode we review Andrew Bogut's fantastic NBA career in it's entirity. What a 13 years for the big man, from number one draft pick and battling through injuries to NBA champion with Golden State. Next stop Australia for th ...…
We've got a MONSTER show to celebrate our arrival in 'Karzani' on World Cup eve! FourFourTwo Oz, The World Game and Guardian Australia journalist John Davidson joins us, plus Frooch has a prerecorded chat with Aussie music legend Daryl Braithwaite! Brought to you by Australian Venue Co and The Currency Exchange.…
When did Ferris Buler take his day off? Which country gained independence from Spain? Which Aussie culinary classic made its debut? These questions and more answered this week on Before You Were Born! This week in history we’re going all the way from June 11 – 18! Facebook: Instagram: @bywb_pod ...…
Malcolm Turnbull to apologise to victims of institutionalised child abuse; How the world's media has reacted to the Trump/Kim Jong-un meeting and agreement; The Solomon Islands to get a high speed cable network - why this has as much to do with our relationship with China as it does fast internet; And Volkswagen fined $1.55 billion Aussie dolla ...…
Maximum Couch Potato Theater: Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior (1981) Retrospective The Fandom Podcast Network’s Couch Potato Theater Proudly Presents:Maximum Couch Potato Theater: Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior (1981) Retrospective. Part Two: Mad Max 2 “The Road Warrior” The Fandom Podcast Network presents, an all new 4 part series, of Couch Potato Th ...…
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