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AWR Mandarin - SBY 心靈麗人
Wednesdays and Saturdays we bring you wise advice for parenting.
Daily programs in Sinshi about Health, Family & Spiritual life
Réflexions sur la famille, la spiritualité, la santé et l'éducation...
Yamwekre Wakato, Sonsga, sen na n song yamb ti y paam laafi, su-noogo, tilgre yamb zagsa puse la viim sen ka sèta (A program to help us acquire wisdom for the happiness in our homes, prosperity, health and life eternal for our souls).
: Radio program that preparing a practical and scientific health information. Then preparing many advices from the Scripture to strengthen us and make us ready to face a struggle life Program Radio nu nyayogikeun informasi kasehatan nu praktis jeung ilmiah. Oge nyiarkeun wejangan Kitab Suci kango nguatkeun sareng nyiapkeun diri kango mayunan hirup nu pinuh tantangan
Mongolian Podcast from Adventist World Radio
Daily Radio program in Mon (ဘာသာ မန် / မွန်ဘာသာ) by AWR
AWR Mandarin - EHS 遇見幸福
ପିଲାମାନଙ୍କ କାହାଣୀ, ସ୍ଵସ୍ଥ ବିବରଣ ଓ ସୂଚନା, ପରମେଶ୍ଵରଙ୍କ ବାକ୍ୟ, ମଧୂର ଗୀତ. AWR Daily programs in Oriya / Odia / Sambalpuri
Daily AWR Program in French about Health, Family Life and Spirituality
AWR Ukrainian - HOH
Ogni settimana
Weekly podcasts focusing on Health
Weekly cooking podcast.
AWR weekly program in Meitei-lon (মৈতৈলোন্), Meitei-lol (মৈতৈলোল্), Manipuri (মনিপুরি)
The life of saviour Jesus is being introduced to the people. It will be hope for the people who are hopeless in their lives.
Weekly English Shortwave DX Radio Program -Adventist World Radio
Daily programs in Urdu about Health, Family & Spiritual life
Daily Tigrinya (ትግርኛ) radio programs for Eritrea & Ethiopia, brought to you by Adventist World Radio
Daily Oromifaa radio programs from Adventist World Radio for Ethiopia, Kenya & Somalia
Adventist World Radio daily radio program in Sinhalese for Sri Lanka
Karen radio program by Adventist World Radio
Listen to this weekly podcast on Secrets of the Universe, by Adventist World Radio.
AWR Ukrainian: Alphabet of marriage
Bengali / Bangla / বাংলা language radio program provided by Adventist World Radio
Radio program in Uyghur / Уйғурчә / ئۇيغۇرچە‎ for China, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan from Adventist World Radio
Radio programs in Ilocano / Ilokano / Ti Pagsasao nga Iloco for the Philippines, by Adventist World Radio
Mandarin Chinese radio program (LTG 信徒培訓) provided to you by Adventist World Radio
Tagalog language podcast from Adventist World Radio
Daily radio program in Kabyle from Adventist World Radio
Nepali radio program from Adventist World Radio
Panjabi radio program for India, produced by Adventist World Radio
Telugu / Telegu / Andhra / తెలుగు radio programs from Adventist World Radio
Burmese / မြန်မာစကား radio program for Myanmar provided by Adventist World Radio
English for Asia from Adventist World Radio
Hmong radio program for Laos, Thailand, China and Vietnam from Adventist World Radio
AWR Afar
Daily radio programs from Adventist World
Daily Swahili radio programs from Adventist World Radio - Karibu katika matangazo ya kiswahili ya Redio ya Waadventista Ulimwenguni
Daily Fulfulde radio program for West Africa, produced by Adventist World Radio
Daily Somali Radio programs by Adventist World Radio
Tamil radio program from Adventist World Radio
Daily Ibo radio program by Adventist World Radio
Daily Hausa radio programs produced by Adventist World Radio
Daily radio program in Maasai by Adventist World Radio, for Kenya & Tanzania
Daily English radio program from Adventist World Radio for East Africa
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show series
Forgiveness - when you are misunderstood.By (AWR).
Parent and child relationship; Nearness of the endBy (AWR).
Speaker: Pr. William Mall Story Teller: Jeswina Mall Audio Engineer: Solomon Mathew E-mail: Toll Free: 000 800 040 1705By (AWR).
स्वत्रन्तता Sermon : Umesh Pokharel, General - राजा दाउद Studio Works: Rajesh HadaBy (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20191016_4By (AWR).
Special Song // Health Talk // Special Song // Devotional Talk // Special SongBy (AWR).
Hkam kaja lam matsun // health talk.Hkristan sak hkrung lam hpe myit yu u // Jinghpaw gospel songs.Karai mungga // Sermon.By (AWR).
La voix de l esperanceBy (AWR).
መደብ ክፍለጥ ዘለዎን ስብከትንBy (AWR).
Adult Sabbath School ,Bible, Study ,in ,Nepali Presenter : Umesh Yaman Thapa, Studio Works: Rajesh HadaBy (AWR).
To Show Partiality is not good : جانبداری کا مظاہرہ کرنا اچھا نہیں ہے۔By (AWR).
Cigarette, Smoking, Addiction, Alcohol, Tea, Coffee, Softdrinks, Milk, Cereal, How to quit smoking, Cravings, Spicy Foods, Purine, Meat, Sabbath, Reminder, Service,By (AWR).
1. Shakenisho- Testimony 2. Natini Enyorata olalashera- The Story about brotherly LoveBy (AWR).
FULYA_AWRX_20191016_4By (AWR).
lwasis r lbrih lrmdanBy (AWR).
Shan Health Talk Program. Shan General Knowledge Program. Nearer my God to thee // Shan Hymn.By (AWR).
Эрүүл мэнд зөв хэвшил дадал уран зохиолBy (AWR).
Call:RAMESH J+919326494327 BY-MELCHI.SBy (AWR).
(ဘုရားအမႈေတာ္ေဆာင္ရြက္ဖို႕ေလ့က်င့္ျခင္း)By (AWR).
MOSOU_AWRX_20191013_1By (AWR).
Ayat, Pagrugi iti Pagtaingan, Love, Family, Home, Ragsak, Happiness, Little Heaven on Earth, Sacrifice, Sakripisyo, Listening, Psalm 127, Suweldo, Wages, Pamerak, Money, Kuwarta, Baket, Wife, Cigarette Smoking, Sigarilyo, Lalake, Husband, Bisyo, Vices, Ayatin ti Bagi , Love your BodyBy (AWR).
Mangpaat Cai Herang; Dibabarkeun DeuiBy (AWR).
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