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Rev. Kat Banakis hosts an interfaith ethics show on the wisdom of faith traditions in leading a good life.
DonorScape's Kat Banakis interviews Jonah Nigh about establishing a ticket buyer screening program at Columbia University's Miller Theater.
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Childcare is a cost not just to individuals and families but also to our society as a whole. Sessy Nyman of Everthrive Illinois outlines the most pressing contemporary issues. Rabbi Lauren Henderson and Changiz Geula of the Chicago Bahá’í Community respond from their traditions. All music provided by Poddington Bear.…
Viator House of Hospitality in Chicago’s northwest suburbs provides a bridge for undocumented minors who turn 18 while awaiting their asylum hearing. Rabbi Lauren Henderson and Changiz Geula of the Chicago Bahá’í Community offer insight from their traditions on immigration, migration, and refugees. All music provided by Poddington Bear.…
St. Leonard’s Ministries supports Chicago citizens returning from incarceration. Program Director Christopher Roach shares his own story of life after incarceration. Panelists Rabbi Ike Serotta, Pastor David Watkins, and Imam Abdul-Malik Ryan envision a new future. All music provided by Poddington Bear.…
Chicago is a microcosm for economic justice and race issues nationwide. This short season highlights four issues: workforce, incarceration, immigration, and childcare. Carrie Thomas executive director of the Chicago Jobs Council outlines some of Chicago's greatest workforce challenges glossed over by record low unemployment. Rabbi Ike Serotta, ...…
Is there such a thing as a balanced life? Should we even try for one? Join us for a conversation with Cali Yost, Quentin Mumphrey, Leena Suleiman, and Max Weiss.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
As we approach the end of the calendar year, most of us will be flooded with requests for year end donations, but what difference does donating make to the world around us or for ourselves?Our conversation features Kashif Shaikh Executive Director of the Pillars Fund and David King, Karen Lake Buttrey Director, Lake Institute on Faith & Giving ...…
In this year of uncivil discourse, Rev. Jennifer Butler of Faith in Public Life discusses what religious education taught her about conversing with the other.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Betsy and Steve Peterson's children have long since grown up, but they still teach Sunday school to tiny tots. How come?By Rev. Kat Banakis.
No matter who wins any election, people of faith carry with them a certain obligation to engage with and, in many cases, critique political leaders and policies as church and state live together-apart in the United States. How do we do this in a way that isn't trite? Does engagement actually matter? This all-star episode features Rev. Jennifer ...…
Children growing up in religiously observant homes often have multiple or hyphenated identitiesBy Rev. Kat Banakis.
Celebrating and living alongside your kids? Great. Living through them? Not so much.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
How do you graciously accept someone you haven't chosen or might not choose for your child's partner?By Rev. Kat Banakis.
How do you raise a kind child? Veteran parents Steve and Betsy Peterson, Mary McLaughlin, Kiran Ansari Rasul, Max Weiss, and Matt Fitzgerald weigh in.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
As many of us live far from our parents, how then do we honor them at a distance? Kiran Ansari Rasul on honoring her mother back in Pakistan offers insight.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Psychologist Cheryl Rampage on the relative golden period between when kids are 30-50-ish and parents are 55-75-ish when the younger generation is settled and older aren't yet old old.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Honoring your parents is one thing while they are alive, but how do we honor their memory and do our best to live up to that? Kiran Ansari Rasul offers one way.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Mary McLaughlin went home to run her family business once her children were grown. Then she moved down the street from her adult children. Listen in on her story and the wisdom of psychologist Cheryl Rampage on the dynamics between parents and their adult children as the world changes. Our interfaith panel includes Max Weiss, Kiran Ansari Rasul ...…
Journalist Jacoba Urist's parents supported her interests in writing from an early age, even when those interests were unconventional. Here's how she translates that into her own parenting.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Marci Alboher of on what longer lifespans mean for how we approach higher education and professional training.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
In this episode on the meandering path of careers we look at the ways in which one job and juncture leads us to another and the role that faith traditions play in all of our hunts for vocation. Arts and culture writer Jacoba Urist profiles the artists Laurie Frick, Greg Dunn, and Nathan Sawaya as models in career paths that make the next chapte ...…
The next episode of the Holy Holy Podcast is on the meandering path of careers. To whet your appetite, here is one of our guests, Marci Alboher on what she has learned about career journeys in her work with Rev. Kat Banakis.
In our conversation on being single in America, Dr. Linda Waite talked about singlehood as well as marriage. Our conversation veered into how married people invest differently in one another than do those who are less formally partnered.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Dr. Linda Waite of the University of Chicago and the National Social Life, Health, and Aging project on how couples in high-quality marriages help one another and provide care as time goes by.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Malik Mujahid on learning about unhappy mother/daughter relationships and its impact on caregiving at the end of life.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
University of Chicago sociologist Dr. Linda Waite, end of life medical Dr. Jennifer Brokaw, Rabbi Andrea London, Emmy award winner Rev. Julian DeShazier, and Imam Malik Mujahid contribute to a conversation on the impacts, costs, and needs of caregiving and care-receiving at the end of life.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Next week's episode is on caregiving at the end of life -- both receiving and giving care. To help get us in that space of care-giving and receiving, probate attorney Stefan Mozer discusses animal considerations at the end of life.By Rev. Kat Banakis, Stefan Mozer.
Peg Birk on the powerful role that a relationship with God can take in the absence of a partnerBy Rev. Kat Banakis.
Just in time for father's day, here's a brief conversation on the unique role that fathers play in the lives of their (single) daughters. Thanks, dads.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
In honor of this weekend's Tony Award (and Fiddler is in a revival this year), here's a Holier Bit on the role of self-appointed matchmakers in mosque communities.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
This conversation on being a single adult in America features Peg Birk, University of Chicago sociologist Linda Waite, Rabbi Andrea London, Emmy award winner Rev. Julian DeShazier, and Imam Malik MujahidBy Rev. Kat Banakis.
What difference does faith make for Dr. Eggener's life and work?By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Normally denial is a bad thing, but in a cancer recurrence, it can be a helpBy Rev. Kat Banakis.
Dr. Scott Eggener on what it's like to be a surgeon and cut people openBy Kathryn Banakis.
1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will have cancer at some point. In this intimate conversation, Suzanne Wagner, who has long lived with cancer, and Dr. Scott Eggener, a surgeon specializing in cancer at the University of Chicago, discuss their experiences with the disease. Rabbi Andrea London, Rev. Julian DeShazier, and Imam Malik Mujahid are our pa ...…
In a preview to next week's episode on cancer, Suzanne Wagner describes her breast-free life.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
What are the key legal documents to have in place for end of life planning? Probate lawyer Stefan Mozer knows only too well.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
How do you actually have an end of life conversation? Veteran newsman Tom Brokaw and his daughter Jennifer Brokaw have a live, uncomfortable chat. Read more about Tom's journey with life and death in his most recent book, A Lucky Life Interrupted.By Rev. Kat Banakis.
Malik Mujahid offers instructions in that most delicate of tasks.By Kat Banakis, Malik Mujahid.
In between episodes enjoy short excerpts from our esteemed experts.By Kat Banakis.
Northwestern palliative care doctor Linda Emanuel, Rabbi Andrea London, Emmy award winner Rev. Julian DeShazier, and Imam Malik Mujahid are guests in this discussion on what it means to have a good death.By Kat Banakis.
Hey, all, this is our audio test to start the show. Subscribe on iTunes to Holy Holy Podcast PermalinkBy Banakis.
DonorScape's Kat Banakis interviews Jonah Nigh about establishing a ticket buyer screening program at Columbia University's Miller Theater.
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