Best Banting podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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A podcast for Ketonians. I’m geeked out about the Ketogenic Diet and the Low Carb Lifestyle in all of it’s incarnations including Paleo, Atkins, Whole30, Banting, THM, Primal, Caveman; all that. I’m the self appointed charismatic leader of the Cult of Keto. Ketosis has saved my life and Ketones are Laser Beams. Let’s hack our brains and evolve together💥
Bants Weekly
Bants weekly is a great podcast where you can get up to date on all the latest trends, events, and happenings.
Rants And Bants
Discussing pretty much everything!
A Legacy Format Focused Magic The Gathering Podcast
From his secret shed, hidden deep within the meth labs of Albuquerque New Mexico, Eddie Stephens rants and bants about English rugby and stuff. You can follow Eddie on twitter at @EddieStephensMD and @RanterRugby.
Verbal Diary
A podcast of rants and bants with Si Jobling and James Norton
Rogue Printcast
Or The Bants-tiques Rogue Show, Rogue Radio, or any number of things that make me sound like a Narc who doesn't know what he's doing. Spoilers - I dont. Interviews (chats) with the artists i've worked with.
Bants, jokes, fun, education, politics haha some deep shit too! ☺ 😂 Inspiration, ideas, brain farts, good things! :) Old description: Love, spirituality, jokes, vegan/meat, meditation, yoga and jokes! 😉 😂
Bits and pieces of myself,what I believe in, my thoughts and general views....Cover art photo provided by Nahil Naseer on Unsplash.
Welcome to our podcast! We are friends and Optometrists showing you the world through our eyes. Each week will be filled with rants, bants and basic eye tips. Stay tuned for more!instagram:
Random bants on past experiences, some mite b funny & others serious. Take life easy cos e no get duplicate😂😜
Night Thoughts
Looking at the weird and wonderful, self-help, health, conspiracies, inspirational and humour.
This Podcast will feature lengthy, free-form conversations between two Black Nerds with Sight impairment living on opposite sides of London. Prepare fore a whole bunch of bants and perspective!
Feng Shui Fabulous
NOTE: This show will now be aired as part of DeAnna On Design, also heard here on blogtalk radio!Feng Shui Fabulous is all about Feng Shui & using it to make you & your space FABULOUS!Tips from eco-shui designer DeAnna Radaj & guests from other Feng Shui experts discussing all 3 schools of Feng Shui, & other schools including Wabi Sabi & Vastu.
Inspiring interviews with exciting people involved in the rapidly growing sport of OCR or obstacle course racing. Interviews with event founders, elite and normal OCR athletes, mud run fanatics, obstacle course racing businesses. Podcasts cover gear review, training, and nutrition, events, obstacles and courses and all things related to OCR or mud running and how to enjoy this dirty sport.
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This week, Si & James talk about mesh networks, behemoth organisations and railways. This Week Si enjoyed After Life on Netflix and Curfew on Sky James enjoyed the classic movie, Flight of the Navigator Article of the Week Antitrust: Commission fines Google €1.49 billion for abusive practices in online advertising Let us know your thoughts with ...…
Reminder to 'future' self; #EnterClichedHashTagHERE... (But, it Really WORKS!!)Unused #: #justsayYES #justDOIT!! #FeeltheFEARandDOITanyway! 😉 😋 😘 ♥ 🙏🏾 thank you God!
In celebrating #InternationalDayofHappiness I shared some of the werid this that makes me happy. What makes you happy?...
This podcast features a poem titled 'He' written and recited by Rafiat Akinwande
I don't have time to write a description because I have to get my son to bed. Is that alright? Good.
Ian is on vacation in South Beach so resident elves expert Adam Wallace joins Tom to discuss little green men! Traders Referral Code:tsmileyTwitter Contact:Official Podcast Contact @DeadFormatCastIan @Ian18125 Tom…
How easy is making new friends for you?.... For me, well listen in to find out
'The Quiet Mind - Sayings of White Eagle' - White Eagle ☀
This week, Si and James get lyrical about rubbish weekends, empathy in the workplace and the origins of iPhone. Recently… The Lego Movie 2 – The Second One Article of the Week Empathy is described as not just understanding another person’s perspective, but truly putting yourself in their shoes and feeling those emotions alongside that person. 4 ...…
My dogs ruined a perfectly good orgasm. You can hear my enthusiasm fade as this episode goes on. Definitely a sloppy mess of a podcast, but let's pretend it's great, yeah?
Heartbreak is a poem written and recited by Rafiat Akinwande
Ian and Tom discuss the overall tournament results from the past two weeks and steal our episode name from DJ. Ian also tricks Tom into an mtg finance discussion near the end of the Traders Referral Code:tsmileyTwitter Contact:Official Podcast Contact @DeadF ...…
I put my friend on the hot seat to just joke around... I hope you enjoy it.. 😁....if you don't... I am sorry🙈...😂
This week, Si and James talk about Sunday dinners, sensational aviation headlines and refuse collection. This Week Si’s “other podcast” of 14 years gets some attention Watching The Kid Who Would Be King Article of the Week The Independent and The Mirror both publish sensational headlines about “near-miss” flight-paths and “emergency” airplane s ...…
Did you know that women eat their lipsticks?.... 😱....listen to this episode to find out more fun facts..
Pretty woman is a poem written and recited by Rafiat Akinwande... I choose this poem in honour and celebration of this year's international Women's Day... #Thefutureisfemale
Ian and Tom talk about their own runs into day two of SCG Syracuse- more breakdown of the entire event coming next week! Traders Referral Code:tsmileyTwitter Contact:Official Podcast Contact @DeadFormatCastIan @Ian18125 Tom…
This week, Si & James discuss good whiskeys, The Monument, the ambiguity of emoji and flash cars. This Week Training has begun for this year’s Ultra Challenge The nicest whiskey ever – a 2003 single malt from Inverleven – only deserves to be served in whiskey flutes The Monument for the Great Fire of London Article of the Week So far, the emoji ...…
Beauty Vs Brains... My take on the topic
A poem titled Nigeria of my Dreams written and recited by Rafiat Akinwande
I fail to save the life of a bee, vibrators are things children should avoid, and some teams played rugby, but who gives a shit about that stupid sport?
Ian and Tom discuss their deck selection process for Syracuse and ramble on a bit before refocusing on this weeks challenge. See yall in Syracuse! Traders Referral Code:tsmileyTwitter Contact:Official Podcast Contact @DeadFormatCastIan @Ian18125 Tom @TsmileyMtgdea ...…
After missing a week, Si and James return with some unconventional discussions about plummeting insect numbers, steak dinners and more movie homework. This Week More Apple Watch fun Upcoming holidays and walking challenges Article of the Week Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’ Picture of the Week Steak and chips for Valenti ...…
Carrots were once purple?.. Who knew... Listen to this for more fun facts about food...
The last episode was unlistenable, due to technological issues, and this one might be alright... I talk about my new washer & dryer, the Premiership, Major League Rugby, and the upcoming Wales vs England match. SHED!
In recognition of the International Mother Language Day, I talk about the indigenous languages I speak and why I love them.... 😀
Taboo is a Poem written and recited by Rafiat Akinwande
Tom actually plays Mtgo and places in the challenge after playing against a bunch of non blue decks while packing 4 main deck flusterstorm. Tom discusses his take on the new Uw Delver decklists while Ian talks about his leagues and his thoughts on the SCG Syracuse Traders Referral ...…
Citadel Blues written by Segun Akiolu aka Beautiful Nubia was an interesting book to read and In this podcast, I talk about how I felt about it... Take a listen
Why is February special?.... Find answers when you listen to this. ..
Some people can never be good for you... Accept it
Pro Valentine's Day or Anti Valentine's Day?.... Pick a side and stick to it...
Today's poem is about my love for Radio... It is titled Little Box and it was written and recited by Rafiat Akinwande
Can you imagine a strange, super-advanced monkey creature strapping a saddle to my head and riding me through the countryside? No? Well, let me help you. Also, I'll talk about the 6 Nations. SHED!
Tom talks about his trip to GP Toronto with GP Winner Michael Rapp and GP Vegas top 8 competitor Jake Haversat (and the man, the myth, the legend Jt DiMaio). Car ride discussion involved a legacy 4 color control deck's meta-game positioning. Ian and Tom also fight about Grixis vs Bant- with Tom running to the other side approaching SCG Syracuse ...…
Fashion Tips to make you look Slimmer... 😁
This Week Si and James discuss the challenges and joys of remote working, flexible working and iconic movie posters. Article of the Week “For us, flexibility is not about working less, but it is about encouraging people to work differently. It’s a two-way street.” What PwC learned from it’s policy of flexible work for everyone by their US Peopl ...…
"All" is a poem written and recited by Rafiat Akinwande
Ian and Tom discuss Daze and Brainstorm as suggested by our Patreons. SCG results and broken down heading into SCG Syracuse! Traders Referral Code:tsmileyTwitter Contact:Official Podcast Contact @DeadFormatCastIan @Ian181 ...…
England won, isn't that fun, look at the wonderful pod I've done... I talk about the 6 Nations, Irish salt, the stomach flu, and dinosaur ghosts...SHED!
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