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Listen as Dr. Michael Bilof and Dr. Basil Yurcisin deliver the information you need about bariatric surgery and weight loss.
Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 MommyTeaches Podcast will be based on everything 👬Parenting, ✏️teaching and 📚education, children with special needs, trials and tribulations as a mom and teacher and based on my day-to-day life. I’m a Brooklyn 🗽girl living in the country⛰, city girl gone country so I’ll be sharing and documenting my move and the changes that take place. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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A large review of the evidence has turned up a few substances that could be the subject of further research.
Some Australians don't get rehabilitation after they have a stroke, despite being eligible for it.
Calls to trial pill testing are intensifying, so what does the evidence say about its potential for harm reduction?
In this episode, Lydia Nicole chats with us everything "Common Sense" and persistence. Once you hear her story you will feel that you can conquer the world. This native New Yorker tells it like it is. She shares the importance of making those online connections and building those relationships. She also shares how integral it is to be persisten ...…
Glasgow in the west of Scotland has some of the worst health outcomes and life expectancy gaps in Europe.
George "Urban Jibaro" Torres has been cultivating culture since forever. On this episode, he shares his story and the importance of being a resource and an anchor for people who want to be heard. George shares events that have taken place in his life which have enabled him to become who he is today. He sums it up like this, "Yo soy el hijo de C ...…
Australia is notorious for being the home of a huge number of venomous animals — funnelweb spiders, box jellyfish, brown snakes. Could understanding the toxins these animals produce inspire new drug treatments?
In this 1st Episode of Season 2, Eileen shares the importance of making those real-life, authentic connections. She's all for the importance of making those opportunities for yourself but being extremely careful and being on the look-out for those opportunists! Go for it, make that OPPORTUNITY but there is a difference between opportunity and t ...…
An antibiotic-resistant infection used to be a rare and disconcerting thing for doctors. Now it's routine.
On this episode, Eileen shares her traditions and her "wing it" type ways. She also shares how she doesn't conform and does things on her own terms. Staying FOCUSED would have definitely been her word this year had she chosen one. Tune in to listen to how she shares what 2018' was all about for her and how she's going into 2019' You can always ...…
In Nigeria, women armed with vaccine take on men with guns in the last stand against polio.
Thousands of Australians have a 'bad back,' and it's damaging your lifestyle and your health.
The latest episode of the MommyTeaches Podcast touches on the holiday season, talking to children about Santa, being thankful for what we have and not just focusing on "gifts", but the real reason for the season. She also shares the life of living with someone diagnosed with Asperger's. She shares what Asperger's is and how she manages her life ...…
Lucy DelGaudio was physically active and served in the military. PTSD led to comfort eating. Hypertensive and pre-diabetes diagnoses prompted Lucy to seek change. Lucy shares her story of life after bariatric surgery.
On the latest episode of The MommyTeaches Podcast, we are blessed to have the one and only Luisa Otero on our show. Luisa is a stand for all women and a superb coach. She tells it like it is in all areas of life and doesn't care who likes it or not. She wants all women to feel empowered and know their self-worth. It's what she prides herself on ...…
What are the challenges to our health on the horizon and how can medical research address them?
'Teleoncology' allows for patients to be safely treated over large distances, and without the expense of travel.
Being healthy in old age is probably something that most of us aspire to. And there's actually a term for this cohort of people — they're called the 'wellderly.'
The US has recently tweaked their blood pressure guidelines to reduce the threshold for high blood pressure.
In this latest episode, Eileen shares her Parent Teacher Conference experience with her listeners as a parent. She shares what she does and what works for her. She also shares some things that frustrate her as a teacher and is honest, real, and raw. She also shares ways that she feels she could be of service to her parents and make them aware o ...…
Editor's Summary by Howard Bauchner, MD, Editor in Chief of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, for the December 04, 2018 issue
Four thousand Australians die each year of bowel cancer.
Experts put the reduction down to a range of factors, including better management of risky pregnancies.
In this latest episode of the MommyTeaches Podcast, this Bronx bombshell bares it all! She touches on everything body positivity, self-love, and why she chose this journey of loving and accepting her curves. She takes us to places where many women won't go. If you are feeling out of love with yourself.. mind, body, and spirit then Christy is th ...…
Bariatric surgery is life changing. In order to find optimal success, one must be mindful of nutrition for life following surgery. Wynnie Hoodis, registered dietician, discusses the importance of protein and vitamins after bariatric surgery.
Almost 83,000 people have died around the world, including 170 in Australia in the past decade, due to potentially dangerous medical devices, an international investigation into the global device industry has found.
In this episode, Eileen is excited to share that she has arrived at her 40th podcast episode. She shares her experience and introduction to the Spiritual Healer and Medium, Nini Grace. Eileen also shares a bit of her relationship with her dad and how she learns more about herself as each day passes and as she overcomes certain obstacles. She an ...…
In this episode, Eileen talks about Instagram/social media etiquette at the very beginning and how she deals with it, traditions that they have established in the Carter-Campos household and then some. She goes on to share what she is most thankful for even after many trials and tribulations. Let me know what you are most thankful for and some ...…
On this episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with THE LATINA OPRAH of social. She shares her personal encounters with amazing teachers in the past, a bit about her podcast and why she does what she does, the possibility of another book, her future goals for her well-known podcast and some advice for our youth. It's an episode that you don' ...…
Editor's Summary by Howard Bauchner, MD, Editor in Chief of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, for the November 20, 2018 issue
Four patients in a Melbourne clinical trial have been implanted with Australian-designed 'bionic eyes'.
Three paraplegic men have been able to walk again, thanks to a team of Swiss scientists using targeted electrical stimulation of their spinal cords.
One of the complications that diabetes treatment is supposed to prevent — lower limb amputation — ironically appears to be increased in people on a class of anti-diabetic medications called SGLT2 inhibitors.
An Australian-Canadian collaboration has compared the nature and size of the opioid epidemic in the two countries.
It's in most international guidelines, but doesn't seem to be an effective intervention.
New research has analysed risk factors for heart attacks to see whether they affect men or women more.
One of the largest supplement trials ever — and one not funded by a manufacturer — has questioned whether fish oil and vitamin D supplements are any better than placebo in preventing cancer and heart disease.
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