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Best Basement podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Rusty Hinges
The world can be a mysterious place. It can also be a boring place, so let’s focus on the mysterious. Rusty Hinges is a podcast that explores mysteries, hoaxes, natural phenomena, and weird history. Basically, anything that’s a bit… hinky.
The Basement Yard
The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!
Into The Basement
Each month, join Jess Hannah as she tells her husband Adrian about a crime he's never heard of, and experience the reality, horror, and occasional ridiculousness of these crimes.Twitter: Support this podcast:
From The Basement
The eight to 10 minute entertainment guys. Friday mornings on Radio NL 610AM Kamloops. Stick with us!
Basement Writers
Writers who started their journey with a 12-week Literacy Aotearoa writing class emerge from their basement classroom to share new works with you and the world.
Tha Beat Basement
a Podcast for the know-it-alls
30 Minutes of Chicago White Sox Talk. For Fans, By Fans, From Chicago's South Side.
The Basement Binge
We, your tri-hosts: Kade, Harrison, Kelton, watch movies and then we talk about it. Pretty simple but it ends up being a ton of fun.
Live, from Joe's mom's half-finished basement....listen to a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and people with stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card table and bring you guests, trivia, your letters about saving, investing, and risk management, and much more. Academy of Podcast winner for "best business podcast of the year," 2017 Plutus award winner for "best personal finance podcast," and Kipl ...
Welcome to MrBlack's Bloody Basement!Here we talk about god knows what but what we do know is that we have a lot of fun. You'll hear stories, chit chat, some fantastic original music and even some live music brought to you via an American in Ireland. This podcast is for adults only!! It's all about music and open chat comedy. Raw and uncensored!MrBlackPasta is known for his audio cinema horror productions which can be found here: Mr. Bla ...
The Basement Guild
Join a group of adventurers in a Fantasy RPG with The Basement Guild!
Raucous, ridiculous and surprisingly satisfying - The Horne Section Podcast is back! Join us every other week as host Alex Horne and his band are joined in the basement by a very special guest for some musical mayhem and plenty of laughs.
The Basement Diaries is a podcast hosted by Wesley Tilford as he examines his guests' lives. He's basically an extremely unqualified therapist. New episodes every Tuesday!
In Nerdificent comedians, Ify Nwadiwe and Dani Fernandez break down all that is nerdy. Whether you’ve spent years rolling dice in a friend’s basement or got hooked after seeing a comic book movie, they’ve got something for you. Each episode Dani and Ify deep dive into a nerdy subject or subculture and break down the history, culture, and future of it; all while making you laugh.
Beer. Chicago. South Side. #30MinutesOfGood
Two people making music on the fly... Bugs In The Basement creates improvised musical journeys from an array of vintage and handmade instruments to modern technologies. Recorded live from our basement studio in the Pacific Northwest, each week we experiment in the process of making exploratory music and soundscapes. Unmixed, unedited and unapologetic.
This is a podcast in which Professor Deulen introduces poetry to her irreverent husband, Max. Each show is a close reading of a single poem. They discuss it for a bit, allowing the conversation to take on a life of its own.
We wanted a shot at internet fame, so here we are!
Cuff’s Basement
Step inside of Cuff’s Basement
Rob's Basement
Robert J. Schwalb and an ever-changing cast of friends sit around the table playing RPGs. We try to keep the campaigns short, allowing us to play a ton of different games and tell even more crazy, depraved stories. We are an R-Rated podcast that contains swearing, violence, drinking, smoking, and just plain asshatery throughout. We hope you enjoy.To date we have played:Shadow of the Demon Lord (season 1)Rules Cyclopedia Dungeons and Dragons (season 2)Dungeons and Dragons 5e (season 3)Call of ...
Three Friends compete to be the funniest and most knowledgeable. Short stories, personal embarrassments and hilarious trivia. Support this podcast:
A weekly podcast that focuses on classic games and gaming - NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Saturn, PSX and arcade.
Playin' & Slayin'
A podcast from the Basement of Death featuring news, anecdotal experiences, and raucous reviews of life in the adventurous wilderness of Hobby gaming!
A pop culture podcast for everyone. Based out of Windsor, ON. Recker, Bubs and Schweitzer talk about movies, tv, video games and whatever else that's on our minds.
Raucous, ridiculous and surprisingly satisfying - The Horne Section Podcast is back! Join us every other week as host Alex Horne and his band are joined in the basement by a very special guest for some musical mayhem and plenty of laughs.
Live From The Basement is on a quest to shine a light on the musical and cultural background behind hip-hop.We have been producing our podcast for over 13 years independently sharing a multi-textural show focusing on several aspects of hip-hop culture and discussion.With an ever increasing passion and dedication, Live From The Basement still aims to feature thought-provoking, fun and insightful content bridging the gaps between music, culture and lifestyle. Support this podcast: https://anch ...
Crimelines walks you through true crime events, pairing captivating tales with clear storytelling. Host Charlie brings in appropriate historic and cultural context to look beyond what happened and consider why it happened.
With two hours of rare and underrated songs of the past, how else would you want to spend the first and last nights of the work week? What’s old to us, is new to you. For new episodes of Songs From the Basement, check back here on Podomatic every Monday and Friday morning @ 8 AM to hear the latest and greatest show. Turn off your mind, relax, and float down the grooves with Stuart Held on Songs From The Basement!
Me And The Priest
A Catholic. His Priest. A Bar. LOTS of Questions!
WJBR is the home of Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne, interviews, and chat with celebrities, political figures, and indie artists across genres. Sunday Evening Shout! (in The Basement With JaVonne) is a gospel/inspirational/all people affirming show featuring music and chat and interviews. Monday nights at 10 pm Meka Rae hosts the G-Spot and Intimate Realness with Renair. All things intimate are discussed in a healthy, mature fashion. Put the children to bed for that one!
M.O.M.S. Basement
Chicago sports fans Corey and Joe bring you off the cuff sports takes. Part of the podcasting network
Refusing to Settle
From buried in debt and living in his mom’s basement, to running a highly successful six-figure business, Clark is the epitome of an entrepreneurial underdog. Clark founded Refusing to Settle to help inspire others to stop settling and start living. Refusing to Settle is for those looking to disrupt the status quo and reach their highest potential. Who is Clark? He literally started from the bottom and now he’s here. Formerly a lost and confused soul, He’s now a professional drummer, high-pe ...
The blues served in a way that's fun, engaging and enriching.
Above the Basement offers casual and candid discussions with musicians, artists, producers and others from Boston and beyond. Conversations will inform and entertain listeners with experiences from those shaping Boston's music community and for whom music is a passion. You will hear their stories, hardships ​​faced and overcome... ​and why they love what they do.
The EP Podcast
Local Evergreen Park Podcast Recorded In The EP. New shows every Monday morning. Find out what's happening in your town this week!
Anything sports that's on my mind, from football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. Discussing the biggest athletes and sports, and the issues surrounding each league. I will also respond to comments and questions if this gets popular enough.
The hilarious NSFW comic book talk show from real New Yorkers! Everything from NCBD to the Golden Age. Listen now! New episode every Tuesday. Trusted by thousands of listeners each week. Tune in and talk comics. Real comic books. Real New Yorkers!
My Mom's Basement
If you've ever wondered what Robbie Fox and his buddies have discussed in his mom's basement throughout the years, this is your chance to listen in on the conversation. From the world of nerd culture, to mixed martial arts, professional wrestling, music, and movies, there's no niche this show won't touch alongside guests both within and beyond the Barstool Sports bubble.
Basement Fodder
Two guys talk comics and geek culture
Welcome to The Nerdy Basement Podcast. Enter the Basement, where all things nerdy will be discussed and debated, while thoroughly entertaining your nerdy needs! News, Tv, Movies and more, you can find it all right here! And don't forget to Stay Nerdy My Friends!
Transmissions from glass-bottom observation decks atop impossible skyscrapers worldwide and beyond (AKA improvisational electric, acoustic, and 12-string guitar sessions recorded in a South Philly basement)
Dark Tome
What if there was a book that literally opened up doorways to other worlds? Where would it lead, and could you handle what you found on the other side? Cassie, a wayward teen, is about to find out. One day, after she wraps up community service at a local hospital, she stumbles out of the basement of a spooky bookshop and into a story set on a devil's staircase in a remote Italian village. The Dark Tome is a new take on the anthology audio fiction podcast, featuring fantastic stories by conte ...
A few cousin's sitting in a basement giving our weekly recap on sports, music, politics, etc. Cast: Giz, Uncle Buck, B. Prince, and the host Fish Montana.Follow us on Instagram: @thisaintnopodcastFollow us on Twitter: @NottapodcastFollow us on Tumblr:
Basement Beards
TN Horror News Podcast Network The Horror Basement Podcast & Interviews with Host Jonny Leroy, JimJam & Yeti. Podcast every Tuesday and It's A Horror Podcast
HORROR MOVIES AND HEAVY METAL (mostly) Hosted by artist "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin, writer/DJ Aaron Lupton and DJ/former Hostage Life bassist Eric Gaudet.
The hilarious NSFW comic book talk show from real New Yorkers! Everything from NCBD to the Golden Age. Watch now! New episode every Tuesday. Trusted by thousands of viewers each week. Tune in and talk comics. Real comic books. Real New Yorkers!
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show series
Chris spends some time with White Sox beat reporter James Fox from Future Sox and From The Sideline Sports gathering knowledge on possible White Sox off-season acquisitions. Who is getting tendered? Who isn't? How much can will the team spend? Who are they targeting? Get the latest and start to form YOUR OWN plan for the 2020 Off-Season! Listen ...…
The conclusion to the two part series on Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. Listen in to hear how their perfect crime fell apart in front of their eyes and what the ramifications were for these two swaggering youths. Research Material: Leopold and Loeb: The Crime of the Century by Hal Higdon - For the Thrill of It: Leopold ...…
Jay the Unstoppable drops by the Basement to talk all things New York Comic Con 2019! The boys discuss their favorite things from this year's NYCC, including comic creators, cosplayers, statues, toys, celebrities, and of course, comic collecting!Don't miss a minute! Hit the play button right now and join in on the NYCC 2019 experience!…
Please visit our site www.tnhorror.comfor Movie Reviews, Articles and moreLogo design by JimJam, Jonny LeRoy & Yeti.
Hello Metal Heads...OK better late then never...yes there are reasons this show was delayed...but will go into it later....Anyway on this show we will be playing songs from: Deep Purple / Dark Star / Xero and Trespass.......So let's get rockin'....Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath1. Just Take Me-Status Quo2. Cutting Lose-Xero3. Mad About You-Slaught ...…
CM Punk joins the From The Top Rope boys - Robbie and Jared - for what may be their biggest interview to date, discussing his newest venture into horror movies, his leading role in ‘Girl On The Third Floor' (Available on digital 10/25), how he feels about a return to the wrestling industry at this point in time, his recent “tryout” with FOX for ...…
On this episode, we talked about lying to Uber drivers about our fake children and if social media should impact the hiring process.
We discuss the poem "Photo of a Girl, 1988: Cyborg" from Faylita Hicks's debut collection Hoodwitch. Topics include: the mother figure in literature, enjambment, end-stopped lines, Afrofuturism, and the ampersand.By Lit from the Basement.
Recorded live on October 17th, 2019 Two people making music on the fly… Bugs In The Basement creates improvised musical journeys from an array of vintage and handmade instruments to modern technologies. Recorded live from our basement studio in the Pacific Northwest, each week we experiment in the process of making exploratory music and soundsc ...…
I bring to you one of the dopest producers! This producer makes music with one of the most legendary artist in the game; Lil Boosie! We keep it Litt with Jitthebeast! As we engage on the essential things necessary for the cookup. We found out what its like to produce for one of the greats and More! Enjoy! Contact- Twitter:@Jitthebeast Facebook: ...…
This week in Your Parents Basement, we are tossing and slangin’ our heads at any baddies that move! From 1991, we’re playing Decap Attack by Vic Tokai and published by Sega for the Genesis. You can manually download this week’s podcast here or subscribe to the show via the iTunes store. To manually subscribe, use […]…
We dig into our Call of Cthulhu campaign, with some... intersting, might not be the right word, interactions. If you are a huge fan of CoC system you have to take a few minutes to listen. Enjoy! Share! Like! Comment! You can support us at - bonus content for supporters coming soon! Listen to Rob Schwalb and friends dr ...…
Week 2/3 of our MCU break! Harrison showed Kelton and Kade one of his favorite movies. This movie is chock-full of references and "Binge Points", but there is a lot more to it than just that. We have our fun laughing and joking, enjoying the eye-popping masterpiece this film is. As always we end our show finding the deeper meaning of a silly mo ...…
What makes a performer legendary? Is is popularity? Is it signiture style? Is it longevity? Well, the former Beauty Queen, Linda Clifford has it all. With numerous #1 Billboard hits, she has music that will last for all time. Songs like, "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and "Runaway Love" which can still be heard in the clubs and on the radio t ...…
Kam Niak host with Annal Dhungana, Roslyn Nijenhuis and Eleanor MacGregorThis show was broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin
The Basement Boys are back with a new interview that's perfect for this, the spookiest time of the year. What did you expect with Halloween two weeks away? Christmas movies? We're not Wal-Mart, you know!Jay sits down with Trista Robinson, the talented star of Echoes of Fear, which Jason and Shawn reviewed just last week. Trista is hands down on ...…
Bill finds his first babysitter, and it happens to be Chris' kid. The guys also review Pollyanna Brewing's Octoberfest offering while preparing to go to The 1st Annual Dixie Highway Brewery Trail Octoberfest this Saturday at Blue Island Beer Company. Local singer-songwriter Joe Rian also stops by to play a song and announce his own festival. Jo ...…
Chuck Clough 0:00 Hello, this is Chuck from Above the Basement Boston music and conversation. Hey, we have missed you all so much and hope to get back on a regular schedule. We are still working out some new projects and we will tell you about those very soon. But one thing we can tell you about something we are honored and excited to announce ...…
Hey it’s your regular TNIAB podcast where we discuss all the cool things in the world! Starring Anthony Fallucco (@killroycantkill) & Vincent Sanchez (@VinceSanchez) _______________________________________ Write into us at: Subscribe on iTunes: iTunesBy Vincent Sanchez.
***Don’t Sleep on Toni Green***Stephanie and T-Shaw sit down with the incomparable Toni Green. During their time with this dynamic and breathtaking music maverick, they explore Toni’s career, life experiences and future aspirations.
Joselito comes on the podcast to talk about growing up in Chicago and bouncing around different neighborhoods as a child, his dreams of being an artist for a living and how he plans to make those dreams come true, and the two talk about how they need to collaborate on future projects together. Check out Hit it & Crit it, a D&D podcast that Jose ...…
On this episode of #basementstatements we got B Marie. She is not only the first female to the podcast, but we talk about her life as a A&R, coming from Connecticut and her transition to the New York. Also how music is in her family and how she is influenced by her little brother. We had a blast talking to her about her future and hope to have ...…
Welcome listeners to the storytellers' sanctum of the Basement Guild, a place where friends can come together and share their tales of harrowing adventure. Please sit and enjoy the Forty-Third chapter of our ongoing saga... Life is a funny thing. Sometimes you achieve greatness, Sometimes you fail miserably. Other times you accidentally create ...…
This time on BST, I talk about the Buffalo Bills game against the Tennessee Titans. I start off by looking at Josh Allen's performance and then transition to the dominant defense. I then give my opinion on some coaching decisions made by both teams and then finish the episode with the Zay Jones trade.…
Ryan and Tim try not to get cancelled by the outrage brigade as Marc discusses cultural differences between human beings.By Tim Cuff.
Irish Joe and MrBlack catch up after a long break, piss each other off, and watch cringy YouTube videos. It's been a while. It's nice to be back.By MrBlack's Bloody Basement.
Silk hosts the two leaders in a winner takes all contest between Sauce & Chairs. Pop Quiz; Tommy Chairs knows nothing about a) Country Music b) Horror Movies or c) All the above and More--- Support this podcast:
Bubs and Recker went to the theater. Bubs and Recker saw two movies Bubs and Recker walked out of one in disgust. Want to know which one it was? Find out on this episode of The Basement Vagrants Podcast.
Our take on some of the storylines of Week 3 in the NFL. Can anybody truly evaluate the quarterback position? The Bears wiped the floor with the Redskins on monday night, a true statement game for their offense. Lock and upset of the week in the NFL. and the Cubs flat out embarrased themselves and their fan base with the late September collapse ...…
Yo Mack is back with a 90's megamix just like they used to do back in the day. Enjoy some of the tracks you remember and maybe some you dont! Let's GO!!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:…
Comics In The Basement is back again with a brand new episode. This week Ed and Miguel discuss the latest Marvel and DC comic book news and DC's Year of the Villains comic book event.Check out the official Nerdy Basement website:http://thenerdybasement.comKeep up with The Nerdy Basement: ...…
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