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“A COLLECTION OF absolutely authentic accounts by privates and non-commissioned officers.... We see a great simplicity and directness of observation and recital, so admirable that one page of such writing is worth all the folios of the war experts and correspondents, not to say romancers and publicists.” The Athenæum. “THE HUMAN SIDE, the naked horror and simple glory of actual conflict, is what Mr. Wood’s soldiers are concerned with, and the stories they tell give a clearer picture of this ...
Battle Bards
A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The Battle Bards podcast alternates with Retro Reprise, a half-hour podcast showcasing classic VGM from the ’80s and ’90s.
Sports Arena: Monday 7pm ESTBattle Rap Arena: Tues & Thursday 8pm ESTThe Cornermen: Friday, 10PM ESTTune in to chop it up with your hosts Jesserican and Hip Hop Syko as they sit down with the hottest battle rappers in the world, Discuss Sports with your Crazy Sports Host Syko who touches on Hot Sports Topics.and also Hear and Talk the Sweet Science with Boxing Expert Jesserican.
What does “Good Battle” look like in the modern age? Cliff sits down with people advancing the kingdom of God in brave and audacious ways. Every man, no matter his past or his occupation, is expected to threaten evil with his life. In this podcast, Cliff talks with people waging “Good Battle” to advance the kingdom of God through compassion, love, and righteous ferocity, and discusses a wide range of topics with the audience.
Jeannie Yandel and Eula Scott Bynoe break down how sexism works in the modern workplace. And with help from some badass experts, they bring you real tactics you can use to fight back.
Battle Scars
Some firefights and bomb blasts never make the news or the history books, but they’re still incidents that changed the lives of those involved. In each episode, host and former soldier Thom Tran talks to fellow veterans of our recent wars. We hear from a badly burned vet who became a TV star; a medic who says God answered his prayers on the battlefield; and one of the few women soldiers to take an enemy life in action. Thom also shares his memories of fighting in Iraq, where a sniper's bulle ...
Join the cast of DEATH BATTLE for their weekly podcast as they talk about what's going on in "nerd" culture, give you behind the scenes insight into DEATH BATTLE episodes, and interact with the community! Watch LIVE Friday at 4PM CT on Watch the free video version at
Every week on the Content Warfare Podcast, Ryan Hanley interviews the Internet's most prolific content creators to extract their secrets for winning the battle for attention online. Popular guests include: Chris Brogan, Marcus Sheridan, Mark Schaefer and Gini Dietrich. Popular topics include: content marketing, writing, podcasting, social media and audience building. Find out more:
Battle Rap Resume
Longform conversations between the biggest names in battle rap & Tom Kwei.
Half The Battle
Half The Battle is the premiere MMA betting podcast on the web. Hosted by Daniel Levi (@BestFightPicks) & Shaq (@mmagenius05). Tune in for bets, picks, and expert analysis on every single UFC fight card from two proven longterm winners. Also, listen to #HalfTheBattle for Draft Kings advice by 7x Draft Kings qualifier Kyle Marley (@BigMarley3) on The Big Marley Minute. Half The Battle also provides unique & entertaining discussions with your favorite UFC fighters & MMA personalities, asking t ...
Roast Battle
Brian Moses and DJ Coach Tea host the official Roast Battle podcast giving an in-depth look at the hit international TV series as well as weekly live shows from the world-famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA. Listen to comedians battle it out with the most brutal jokes imaginable, now on Comedy Central Podcast Network in association with Starburns Audio.
Battle Ready is the new podcast from author and pastor Erwin McManus and his son, Aaron McManus.
The exclusive podcast of the Big Diss Roast Battle, a 1-on-1 battle of insults until a winner is chosen by the audience. This podcast takes an in-depth look at the battles that take place at the monthly Big Diss Roast Battle show at the Fountain Bar (122 State st. Madison, WI). Host and MC of the Big Diss, Marty Clarke, sits down with DJ / Sound Producer, DJ Sauce, to breakdown battles, play clips, interview guests, and get drunk while talking about the hottest show in the Midwest.
Cover art by Jacob Stancliff (@guyinhats on Twitter)A weekly Podcast by Danny Saya, Brian Sutton, Jessi Reynolds and Andy Perez about all things Pokemon!for any inquiries, email us at orsaya.danny45@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter! @Pokefront
Congratulations! You've found the most biased video game podcast on the planet! Join hosts Alex and Anthony as they offer their unique no-holds barred take on everything video gaming, from their passions to the controversies.
Battle Red Radio
Talking Texans football.
Stories of World War I warfare, published in 1916 in the midst of the war. (That's why names of persons and units are literally "blanked" out.) Alec John Dawson (1872 - 1951), generally known as A. J. Dawson (pseudonyms Major Dawson, Howard Kerr, Nicholas Freydon) was an English author, traveller and novelist. During World War I he attained the rank of Major, and was awarded the MBE and Croix de Guerre in recognition of his work as a military propagandist, a work the listener may want to kee ...
Each week, hosts Rick Brooks and Mike Cowgill explore the TV of the '70s and '80s through hand-picked episodes.
The Battle Bridge
The Battle Bridge is a weekly podcast discussing everything that is Star Trek: The Next Generation. We hope to entertain with episode and movie commentaries unlike any other around, in funny and interesting ways. The Battle Bridge wants to engage the listener by allowing anyone to come on the show and guest host your favorite episode of TNG.
Battle Pets
Join us in our adventure of battling through Azeroth with our armies of formerly non-combat pets!
A podcast dedicated to the journey of the libertarian novice. Hosted by Mike Tilden.
Get your fix of the most low-down rap battles set in the community they started it in. Presented by Preech-Man, one of the founding members of Fight Club.
Discussions with Battle Rappers on their performances, backstory of matches, history, unanswered questions, recaps and exclusive insight on all things Battle Rap.
So tonight we recorded the 1st reboot podcast from the old SMG Wargaming Podcast. The name of the new podcast is"Battle Brothers of The GCWA"This is a GCWA podcast so if anyone on here wants to get on the podcast to talk about something just schedule it with me or Kuro Sogekihei. We can do skype recordings as well.The episodes will be shorter, smaller team, with special guest on most episodes as well.
Borne the Battle
Borne the Battle recognizes each battle, challenge, and sacrifice our Veterans endure during and after their service, as well as spotlighting important resources, offices, and benefits VA offers our Veterans.
Join Zack from Xavier Files and Adam from Bish & Jubez as they battle to decide the best and worst X-Men stories of all time!
Powered by The only show that brings you exclusive interviews, in-depth hip hop history lessons and the latest news and opinions on battle rap and through Drect's eyes.
Battle Station
Interesting is life!
The Official Podcast of the Libertarian Party of Nevada
General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard was one of the senior commanders of Southern forces during the Civil War. It was he who initiated the hostilities by opening fire on Ft. Sumter in Charleston harbor, in April, 1861. PARAGRAPH In July of that year, having taken command of the Confederate Army of the Potomac, he triumphed in the first serious clash of the war, at Manassas, Virginia. His army, aided by reinforcements from Johnston's army in the Shenandoah Valley, routed a Federal army u ...
Hosts Buzz Meade and Eric Little take Original and Remake Hollywood movies and throw them into a boxing style brawl, comparing everything from scripts to actors to the music used. Which will come out on top? Tune in to find out!
Battle Rap Resume
Longform 1:1 conversations between Tom Kwei and the great writers of battle rap
Podcast by Debatable Battle Rap Radio
Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (2 May 1892 – 21 April 1918), also widely known as the Red Baron, was a German fighter pilot with the Imperial German Army Air Service (Luftstreitkräfte) during World War I. He is considered the top ace of that war, being officially credited with 80 air combat victories.Originally a cavalryman, Richthofen transferred to the Air Service in 1915, becoming one of the first members of Jasta 2 in 1916. He quickly distinguished himself as a fighter pilot, a ...
Ten year old twins. Constantine and Adolphus are chagrined to be shipped off to a private tutor in the country. Their lot appears worse when they meet their host and his family, consisting of a wife, son Aleck (who imagines himself the perfect student) and two little girls! On top of that, they are expected to study. Fun seems in short supply when they are not even allowed to pull the cow's tail, and there is no second dinner provided. This allegorical tale can be a simple, amusing story or ...
A podcast about video games and science (roughly) presented through the unique perspective of an ex-NFL coach, athlete, scientist and life-long gamer…ME! Ted Edwards… It’s also about extraordinary people who share my goal of making positive changes in the world. Video games are a common bond that bridge many demographics, unite industries, harbor friendships, and connect cultures. I bring on interesting people and talk about how video games and science have shaped their lives and what they a ...
Like many soldiers at the beginning of their military careers, Harry Penrose has romantic ideas of climbing the ranks and attaining hero status. However, while stationed at Gallipoli, the realities of war begin to take their toll on Penrose, not only physically, but also mentally where the war has become a 'battle of the mind.' This is his story as related by a fellow soldier, as well as the story of the campaign at Gallipoli which is vividly portrayed from the author's own personal experien ...
Podcast by STAWBattleBridge
Battle Rations
Welcome to Battle Rations: a podcast created with one goal, one purpose in mind: providing Catholic men with the sustenance needed to fight the good fight, resist the enemy, and keep pushing forward into the breach. Inspired by Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead's apostolic exhortation "Into the Breach" - the mission of Battle Rations is realized in building fraternity with Catholic men. Twice a month, the Battle Rations podcast will share the thoughts, strategies, and practical steps that influentia ...
Podcast by Lets Talk Battle Rap
One guy's from Toronto, the other only lives there!
Battle City Coast to Coast is a slice of life podcast that presents a main topic of discussion that we all can relate to. The host will present the subject in a general consensus, psycological, and personal way. Then he will present your opinion on the subject so you need to make your voice heard! This is a stage where we can all learn from each other's opinions and experiance on each subject matter. If you have any input or show ideas please do not hesitate to contact us at battlecityradio@ ...
Description of the events of the battle of D-Day
Battle Potato Mash
A podcast about hockey, the Pittsburgh Penguins and being fans by two drunk women in the London that's not in Canada.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Battle For The Church' on
Leaders, Military, Rebels, Rouges and Scholars, Villains, Battles or Events, which one will prove to be the greatest person or event in world history? Find out here at Battle Ground History.
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Mike Vrabel led his men past Bill O'Brien and the Houston Texans. And now, the Texans are stuck trying to save their season this weekend. LIVE at 7 p.m. tonight Matt Weston and bigfatdrunk talk about the Texans loss to the Titans, and preview this week's game against New York (G). Topics include that fake punt, what's up with Houston's offense, ...…
Covering the Red Dot ATL Proving Grounds event. France & Program V discuss who are the top 5 prospects in this Mock Draft. Who should be #1 and who is a steal in this Draft ?
The challenges of pumping breast milk at work, juggling work life and home life and the absurd cost of childcare all tell us one thing: it’s really hard to be a working mom in the United States. Eula Scott Bynoe and Jeannie Yandel explore this problem and how employers can see motherhood as a value in the workplace. Guests: Brigid Schulte and A ...…
Remake film news and upcoming previews for October podcast episodes!
Tom Worth, co-director of the fantastic upcoming UKBR documentary, 'War Of Words', joins Tom to discuss the whole story behind it. Help support the show and gain first access to hours of upcoming BRR content: Theme by Alex Cottrell ( Logo by Danny O'Gorman ( ...…
Episode Notes College is a time for growth and good X-Men stories. That's what we got today. I'm running late on putting up these notes and also the Packers TIED against the stupid Vikings so I'm mad and don't want to make jokey jokes so deal with it. Ranked This Episode: Chamber #1-4 Generation X #10-11 (Death Wail) Mechanix #1-6 Check out the ...…
Eric gives his review of “Ocean's 8”.
Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland faces off against the Greek philosopher and teacher of Alexander the Great, Aristotle. Find out who moves on to the second round.
The Cast talks about Henry Cavill leaving the DC Universe and how Chad almost lost an eye.
Our first ever live edition of Barstermind with Eurgh vs Danny Jaqq, as recorded at 'BRR In The Park'. Check out the full video here: Help support the show and gain first access to hours of upcoming BRR content: Theme by Alex Cottrell ( ...…
Academy star, LSDean, joins Tom to preview Premier Battles' upcoming 'Matchday 005' event (Sat 6th Oct). BUY TIX: SUPPORT THE NETWORK: https:/ ...…
Host Daniel Levi (@BestFightPicks) & Co-Host Shaq (@mmagenius05) preview UFC Moscow: Hunt vs Oleinik on Half The Battle. Levi & Shaq give their bets, picks, and analysis on the full UFC Fight Night 136 fight card. The crew is also joined by 7x Draft Kings qualifier Kyle Marley (@BigMarley3) for the Big Marley Minute.Bet Record: www.BestFightPic ...…
WARNING: This podcast is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. Mainstream comedy audiences were recently introduced to Nicole Becannon after her Comedy Central battle with Joe Eurell went viral. Hardcore Roast Battle fans, however, have known about her for a while as she just spent the past year destroying everyone in her path. Find ou ...…
Why not sail up to our dock and tie your ship to ours for an hour? The Battle Bards return for another great episode examining MMORPG music, with the focus this time around being on harbor and port music. Does the sight of boats sailing out into the open ocean inspire you? Then this music may be the soundtrack to your next great adventure! Epis ...…
On this episode of the Backlog Battle Podcast, Alex and Daniel (he’s back!) talk about growing up with the younger generation of gamers and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios’ Judge Eyes! Consider donating to the future of Backlog Battle! Do you live in the United States and shop a lot on Amazon? Use our link ...…
Ryan O'Leary. Author of #Bars Battle Rap History book, joins the show again to continue to talk about the book and the first few chapters. We discuss multiple eras, Greatest battles, culture shifting moments, Freestyle Era vs Written, Impact of DVD scene and much more Get yourself of a copy of this amazing book ! Aye Big Gerald(10:00) Freestyle ...…
The guys give their reviews of “Oceans 8”, starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and Mindy Kaling.
France & Program V review the total leaderboards for a brief discussion on Total Views/Highest Averaged Views & Most Battles. We discuss Over & Under for most million view battles. Major shoutouts to the Battle Rap Index for providing this data.
Episode Notes Here me listners! No longer are we the podcast you once knew! We are fire and life incarnate, we are X-Man Update! That's right, we spend the whole episode talking about how one of us is reading X-Man and nothing about the Phoenix. Deal with it nerds! Ranked this episode: Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey Uncanny X-Men ...…
Battle fan, Tom Doyle, joins Tom to go through every single DF title match. Help support the show and gain first access to hours of upcoming BRR content: Theme by Alex Cottrell ( Logo by Danny O'Gorman ( by ...…
Garibaldi and Napoleon are two of the greatest military generals of all of history. Find out which one moves on to the second round to face off against Alexander the Great
The First edition of the Deconstruct series began with dissecting Iron Solomon's rounds for Rum Nitty. His return to URL after 5 years, in a small room environment, put Iron in a position to succeed. The level of writing in this battle brought our attention to dig a little deeper within the content.
WARNING: This podcast is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. Julie Seabaugh is one of the most respected comedy journalists in the world. She's also the author of the new book "Ringside at Roast Battle", which chronicles the first five years of the show's history. For this episode we talk about some of the craziest moments in that hi ...…
After recent announcements of possible ALF and Facts of Life reboots, we asked members of our Facebook group what reboots, remakes, or returns of seventies or eighties shows they'd like to see. We break those down and offer a few suggestions of our own, plus a tale of Ray Liotta.
Host Daniel Levi (@BestFightPicks) & Co-Host Shaq (@mmagenius05) preview UFC 228: Woodley vs Till on Half The Battle. Levi & Shaq give their bets, picks, and analysis on the full UFC 228 fight card. The crew is also joined by 7x Draft Kings qualifier Kyle Marley (@BigMarley3) for the Big Marley Minute.Bet Record: ...…
On this episode of the Backlog Battle Podcast, Alex talks about death (IRL) and video games, Riot Games takes steps forward following workplace toxicity allegations, Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay reveal, Dragon Quest XI reviews being out, Onimusha Warlords remaster announced, and Soul Calibur VI might be the last game in the series. Consider donating ...…
Case closed that’s fine. Everybody’s going to your house inside. Never thought about that. Put away your boogie boards and sand castle makers. The summer is over. This Sunday the 2018 NFL Season finally pops off. The Texans are heading up to New England to take on the Patriots. LIVE at 7 p.m. tonight Matt Weston and bigfatdrunk talk about the g ...…
Cortez welcomes back to the show to do a deconstruction of his lyrics for some of his favorite rounds. The Battle Rap Transcriber from Genius, has joined the show to discuss what it was like to transcribe these lyrics and decipher them. Bridging the gap between the Battle Rap Lyrics Transcriber & The Lyricist.…
Workplace sexism manifests itself in all sorts of tricky situations. So this week, hosts Eula Scott Bynoe and Jeannie Yandel answer your questions with the help of Keita Williams, the Founder and Chief Strategist of Success Bully. They tackle everything from how to craft an inclusive dress code to the politics of taking sick days.…
Buzz and Eric hunt down 1987's “Predator” and compare it to the 1997 film “DNA” starring Iron Chef's Mark Dacascos.
One of the greatest things to ever happen to battle rap, Shuffle-T & Marlo, join Tom to discuss their blazing originality and timeless history. Help support the show and gain first access to hours of upcoming BRR content: Theme by Alex Cottrell ( Logo by Danny O'Gorman (https://w ...…
Alludra And Ben Discuss all the new things to be found in Battle for Azeroth! Things for all! Pets for most!! Download Link Your browser does not support this audio, oh no!!By (Alludra and Kephas).
Episode Notes Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor writer Jim Zub joins us to dive into the wild world of Psylocke, New Tian, and what it's like to write weird X-Men. Check out the Battle of the Atom Master Ranking List! New content every week on Follow Zack and Adam on Twitter @Xavier Files and @arthurstacy! Our theme music ...…
In today's battle from the Leaders bracket, we discuss the lives and impact of the Sun King, Louis XIV of France and the longest serving President in US history, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
The Cast talk about the upcoming Optimus Prime vs. Gundam Death Battle, Torrian's legacy on the show, leasing Xbox Ones, and debate who would win between Ben 10 and 10 Ben Singers.
The team gets to catch up with JB from the URL/WarReport Battle Cast. He is the sound man and responsible for the audio for a lot of the URL events. We speak about his background in battle rap, the rehearsal process of setting up events, Battle Rap in 2018, The emergence of new stars, The end of the Youtube Era. And much more !…
Proud Mancunian, Yaneth, joins Tom to celebrate the greatest battlers that hail from the fair city of Manchester. Help support the show and gain first access to hours of upcoming BRR content: Theme by Alex Cottrell ( Logo by Danny O'Gorman ( ...…
Can you solve the identity of this week's mysterious BOTNS-era individual before Mike does? With Turtle Wax and his reputation on the line, will Mike even solve it? Find out on the Fame Game!
WARNING: This podcast is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. The latest season of Roast Battle on Comedy Central has wrapped, and the crew is here to talk about the legendary season finale. Jeff Ross joins Brian Moses, Coach Tea, and Pat Barker to discuss his historic battle with Blake Griffin. Later in the show, Kurt Metzger discuss ...…
When you sit down to make a list of the greatest heroes that humanity has ever known, obviously the Battle Bards will top that list. So who better to comment on the music to the sadly neglected superhero MMO Champions Online than they? The trio wiggle into their ill-fitting tights and see if they can make sense of this off-kilter soundtrack bef ...…
About 30 episodes ago, we spoke with Michael Haynie, the Founder & Executive Director for the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University. The IVMF is higher education’s first interdisciplinary academic institute, singularly focused on advancing the lives of the nation’s military veterans and their families. This episode ...…
On this episode of the Backlog Battle Podcast, Alex and Daniel talk about gender identity and sexuality in video games and the slow evolution of turn based strategy RPGs. Consider donating to the future of Backlog Battle! Do you live in the United States and shop a lot on Amazon? Use our link ...…
This week is the final preseason game. Next week Week One begins. Next Friday I’ll be going to Canada lol. So to get everything out on the table, and get you, our loyal listener prepared for the Texans’ 2018 season, we delve deep to talk about what can happen, and what will probably happen to your beloved Houston Texans during the 2018 season. ...…
France caught up with Top Ten at the RBE Press Conference and got the opportunity to talk with him about his early battle career, the eras of battle rap, the struggles of being an upcoming battler and the longevity of battling.
The banter is back.Opening Segment: Recap and Commentary (arguments over best jokes) of the July Big Diss Roast Battle. Battles:Rory Rusch vs. Mickey MorelloMike Jonjak vs. Esteban ToumaThomas Jarrett vs. Matthew MandliLev Simmons vs. Siyang SunClosing Segment: Big Diss-Satisfaction. What do we hate? Are we drunk? Listen and find out.…
College football is back and the fellas talk about the football underdog films 1993's “Rudy” and the 2016 film “Greater”.
BRR camerman, Nathan Jones, joins Tom to recap BRR's first ever event, 'BRR In The Park'. Help support the show and gain first access to hours of upcoming BRR content: Theme by Alex Cottrell ( Logo by Danny O'Gorman ( by https://tw ...…
Episode Notes Hello X-Chickens! On today's episode we talk about the one, the only, Magneto. He has done just an absolute ton of stuff and is very intresting. Ranked this episode:* Uncanny X-Men #111-113 (Magneto Triumphant)* Captain America #367 (Acts of Vengence)* Magneto #1-3 (Infamous) Check out the Battle of the Atom Master Ranking List! N ...…
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