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BBQ Nation
Podcast by JT and Doc Dave
The BBQ Central Show is a weekly internet based show that airs live each Tuesday from 9pm-11pm EST originating from Cleveland, Ohio. Each show attempts to cover the big news items in the BBQ and Grilling industry in hopes of promoting the art and sport of barbecue. It is widely considered to be the longest running and BEST show of its kind on any type of medium. Join me each Tuesday and help spread the gospel of barbecue and grilling!
BBQ 411
Talk, tips, recipes and interviews about low and slow barbecue and hot and fast grilling.My thoughts, comments and ideas from the Barbecue Competition Circuit. With a bit of music thrown in to barbecue by.
This won't be like any other BBQ podcast. We will be talking to pit masters, as well as interviewing chefs, butchers, fitness trainers, and many others.
Best BBQ Show
Where we talk, taste and even try to cook the best BBQ in Texas, which is the best Barbecue in the world! Tune in for conversations about BBQ with the people who work hard to make it, pitmasters, foodies, chefs and enthusiasts.
BBQ State of Mind
The Houston Chronicle is making a weekly barbecue run. Go along with barbecue columnist J.C. Reid, restaurant critic Alison Cook and food editor Greg Morago – as they discuss the culture of barbecue in Houston, across Texas and anywhere else they choose to roam.
United Q - the only Barbecue Radio Podcast in the UKBrought to you by Daniel & Ben (BBQForte)A weekly podcast all about our favorite thing to do...Barbecue! We will be interviewing BBQ Enthusiasts weekly discussing the most awesome thing on earth!Twitter: @UQUnitedQ @BBQForteInstagram: @UQUnitedQ @BBQForteBlog: www.BBQForte.comSoundcloud: UnitedQItunes Podcast: UnitedQ
Delicious BBQ Talk, Recipe Help and Live Interviews. Hosted by Chef Mick Brown- Blogger, and the first Grill Master Champion of Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network.
This podcast is dedicated to revealing the truths in the business and digital marketing of BBQ, the sexy Instagram photos come later. Shawn Walchef of Cali Comfort BBQ and Derek Marso of Valley Farm Market take you Behind the Smoke each episode to share BBQ War Stories, raw and untrimmed. From restaurant lawsuits, to failed menu development execution, to how community based events can help scale your food business, Derek and Shawn bring you into the messy world of entrepreneurship. You won’t ...
Baseball and BBQ
Two guys just talking about our two favorite passions, Baseball and Barbecue
Jim's BBQ Podcast
Welcome to Jim's BBQ where you can suck the meat right off the bone!
Comedy BBQ
Comedy BBQ is a podcast hosted by comedians Daryl Felsberg and Brandon Davidson w/ Resident Fact Checker Tyler Elliott, recorded in the best BBQ dives in the world with their celebrity friends!
Stickies BBQ
Stickies BBQ Adventures from the back yard to the smoke house
The podcast featuring hot sauce and barbeque reviewer Scott Roberts that covers all things BBQ, grilling, hot sauce, chile peppers, salsa, buffalo wings, chili con carne, fiery foods and all other spicy stuff! Subscribe to the podcast, and savor the burn!
Meet The BBQ Teams
Cave Tools interview series with the head pitmasters from various competition barbecue teams
Boost, Booze, and BBQ. Bringing you the funniest and most entertaining podcast about all the finest things in life!
BBQ Talk
BBQ Talk is all about the grilling experience! We are here to answer your barbecue questions, concerns and just blab about all things barbecue! Have a question or concern? Send them in and we will get the answers!
A Texas BBQ Podcast highlighting the food, personalities, and traditions of the Lone Star State's smoked meats.More than just chat, listen to great interviews with trendsetters, leaders, and icons from the barbecue industry
Matt, Nick and Boston invite you to a BBQ at Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's house to talk about all things Star Wars.
Welcome to the So Smokin' Gooder Show! Where we talk all things BBQ, Brews and Good Times... If you're a fan of BBQ, this is the podcast for you! Join Rob and Case as they bring you a behind the scenes look from the ever growing BBQ scene.
A Texas BBQ Podcast highlighting the food, personalities, and traditions of the Lone Star State's smoked meats.More than just chat, listen to great interviews with trendsetters, leaders, and icons from the barbecue industry
In the rehearsal room with CU@BBQ. Check out the latest mp3's, news, gossip, and demo tapes of the Masters of Streetsoul, CU@BBQ, all in one podcast.
A St. Louis based Podcast covering subject matter pertaining to Beer Bourbon and BBQ! We are friends from college that have developed a fascination with these three topics. Join us weekly as we explore the local and global options of Beer Bourbon and BBQ!
Big Shanks BBQ
Welcome to Big Shanks BBQ, where we talk about all things BBQ in Australia. We speak to the movers and shakers of the BBQ scene in each state, one series at a time - looking at how to cook, what to cook, cooking styles, bbq businesses and the competition scene across Australia.
Podcast by Live @ The Family BBQ
Providing Insight to Things Related and Unrelated to BBQ
Chad of is joined by multiple friends to discuss everything in pop culture from horror movies to wrestling to AC Slater!
A BBQ Interview Series by Kevin's BBQ Joints focusing on personalities in the BBQ, meat and food world. We dive deep into their history, current projects, and more importantly their passion for BBQ and meat.
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Welcome to the Paul The BBQ Guy Talks Smokers podcast, where amazing things happen.
Behind The Smoke Media is focused on growing the West Coast BBQ Movement through audio storytelling and teaching digital marketing tools to business owners.
Cigar Dave Show
The premier show discussing the Alpha Male Lifestyle featuring Cigars, Spirits, Diversions, Dice, Dames and the Good Life.
Malcom and Rachelle Reed from talk about barbecue, grilling and all things delicious.
Pull up a chair and enjoy a BBQ feast with Jerry "The King" Lawler and Glenn Moore, as they bring you Dinner With The King each and every week. From old classic wrestling stories to pop culture to comedy, Jerry and Glenn entertain as you imagine yourself inside one of Jerry's BBQ restaurants.
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Celebrating the many pleasures of outdoor cooking.
Do you love BBQ? Whether you are grilling in the back yard or smoking ribs for a competition, you're in the right place. We love BBQ, because BBQ means LOVE. Join us and we'll talk about cookers, sauces, techniques, and how to get into the competition game, if that's your thing.
The Grillin' Guys
BBQ Radio for Grilling Fanatics!
The how-to show of backyard Grilling and Outdoor Cooking. If it can be cooked indoors, I can show you how to cook it outdoors! If you want to learn how to use Grills, Dutch ovens, Fire Pits, Foil cooking and Camp cooking, then this is the show for you! Great product reviews and new ideas. Grill it, bake it, smoke it, fry it, we can do it. Watch Gary House, the "Outdoor Cook" host of create simple, easy and enjoyable meals cooked completely outdoors! "Get out of the K ...
BBQ Tips and Tricks
Smoking Hot Confessions is dedicated to teaching, learning and sharing all about BBQ. Learn more at
Deep South Dining
There’s more to a recipe besides add a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. Pull up a chair to Deep South Dining and get a new recipe that you can try or you can share one of your own. Having some friends over and don’t know what to cook? Does everybody go crazy over your specialty dish? What’s the story behind your family’s secret sauce? It’s the history behind true southern cooking. It’s Deep South Dining! Monday mornings at 9 on MPB Think Radio.
The World's First Podcast about Hot sauce! Brought to you by
This is a podcast for all BBQ enthusiasts, showcasing all the personalities of the Australian BBQ scene.
Pittsburgh based podcast where Chris and Trevor talk music, sports, and everything in between. Every episode is a tailgate party with special guests and local celebrities.
Just some regular guys talking about current events, sports, movies, and whatever else pops into their heads.
Texas boys talking about hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors.
Want to learn more about the people & places in the St. Louis area? This show was created to help share my passion about St. Louis with others who are interested in learning more about the many great people & places in and around this great city! Whether you currently live, or have lived in the area or have never been to St. Louis, the Who's Who in St. Lou Show will let you know there is much more to this gem of a city!
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The Tejas crew keep pushing the envelope on what great BBQ is and can be, and their latest projects are a showcase of their creativity. In the last couple months Scott, Greg, and the team have begun making their own sausage. While classic varieties such as an all beef Czech style and kielbasa are part of the rotation, Tejas has been also been h ...…
Kevin sits down with Adam Skelly from Adamson Barbecue in Toronto, Canada about his background, how shoe string they were at the beginning, how the momemtum grew, and how they are now an incredibly successful Central Texas style BBQ joint in a warehouse district in Toronto. Check out all things Adamson Barbecue here See the YouTube version here ...…
While Adam, Brian, and Matt were away from their restaurant in Toronto, Ontario, they left an interesting sign on the door. It said, "ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. Key management staff are away on holiday. You may encounter: -Extra Long Lineups -Carefree Attitudes -Horrible Music Choices -Stressed out Asst. Manager Now if that's not leaving the place ...…
Kevin sits down with the incredible photographer Robert Jacob Lerma to discuss his dual business life, how he got started in photography, what made him fall in love with BBQ joints and photographing that world, and what lies ahead for hi. Check out all things Robert Jacob Lerma here See the YouTube version here Kevin's BBQ Joints on YoutubeKevi ...…
Brad Engel - President - Flagship Cruises and Events - San Diego, CAPodcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.Subscribe to Behind The Smoke on YouTubeSummary Brad Engel is the President of Flagship Cruises and Events; one of San Diego’s greatest forms of waterfront entertainment from the hig ...…
Episode 32 What’s on tap: I have been saying it for the past few shows on Tuesday nights…We don;t eat as much turkey as we should be!! WHY IS THAT?!! Leave your comment at the bottom. Not withstanding that, in this “double-header” episode, will hear from fan favorite and multiple Emmy winner, Sam “The Cooking Guy” Zien do a bunch of turkey talk ...…
The Baron of BBQ, Paul Kirk author, creative genius and hall of famer
(August 7, 2018 – Hour 2) In the 2nd hour, I will be joined by Hardcore Carnivore, Jess Pryles. Tonight we will cover topics ranging from her new bbq rub being released, will she write another book, her thoughts on Australian vs. American beef, her upcoming cooking classes, hot dogs and more! Closing the show tonight are the guys who host the “ ...…
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Episode 29: Recap #1 of Oregon Swine and Spirits BBQ Festival
Gather round the pit each week as our hosts Johnnie Mags, Messy Mike and Crawdaddy Chris discuss all things barbecue. They will cover technique, ingredients, equipment and much more. Fire up the smoker, sit back, relax and give us a listen. This week the crew discusses: The hosts discuss what barbecue means to themIs it OK to use an electric sm ...…
Kevin sits down with Andy Husbands to chat about his history, his competition BBQ team, the multiple The Smoke Shop BBQ locations in depth, and passion when it comes to life, food, and BBQ. Check out The Smoke Shop BBQ here See the YouTube version here Kevin's BBQ Joints on YoutubeKevin's BBQ Joints on TwitterKevin's BBQ Joints on InstagramKevi ...…
(August 7, 2018 – Hour One) The first Tuesday of the month brings a visit from Dr. BBQ (Ray Lampe). I already have some great Facebook questions to go over with him. Rumor has it that his restaurant will be opening inside of 30 days and he will also be appearing at a BBQ event on the west coast soon. Find out what’s real and what’s FAKE NEWS! E ...…
This episode, Len and Jeff interview college baseball player, Sam Siegel, to get a perspective on the game from his point of view. Len tells us how to make a quick chicken meal on the grill. This weeks rant is from a listener via email.
On this episode, we get sauced on Hopskeller Brewery, in Waterloo, Ill. as we sit down with head brewer, Matt Schweizer. We discuss where Matt got his passion for brewing and how visits to both England and the west coast have inspired his brewing style. What was once a small craft brewing hobby turned into a full fledged (and delicious!) brewer ...…
Tejas Chocolate and Barbecue began as a curiosity on how to make bean to bar chocolate and has evolved into one of the best and most creative restaurant experiences in Texas. After a successful launch of their housemade chocolate business, the first of its kind in the state, owners Michelle Holland, Scott Moore Jr., and Greg Moore began setting ...…
Kevin sits down with Jimmy Ho(The Smokin Ho) about his background, his early blogging career, the moment that BBQ became so important in his life, and about his travels throughout Texas to eat and document BBQ. Check out Jimmy's blog here See the YouTube version here Kevin's BBQ Joints on YoutubeKevin's BBQ Joints on TwitterKevin's BBQ Joints o ...…
In Austin, BBQ can come in many ways. It can be classic, modern, tex mex but it's rarely available past dinner time. At Rollin Smoke BBQ in East Austin, Kyle Stallings takes his time to create great meat all day and all night. Most pit masters are used to being up early. Some cook from sundown to sun up. At Rollin Smoke their service ends right ...…
A couple of weeks ago there was story on the news about a BBQ Trailerthat went up in flames, total loss.Today on the Nation we will welcome Jason and Julie Lorraine fromSquatchys BBQ in Salem Oregon.We will hear their story and talk some BBQ on the Nation.
Kevin sits down with Tyler Frazier from Tyler's Barbeque in Amarillo, Texas to talk about his history, his massive BBQ cooks before opening his restaurant, his struggles opening his restaurant and those early days, to getting on the Texas Monthy Top 50 list. Check out all things Tyler's Barbeque here See the YouTube version here Kevin's BBQ Joi ...…
Ben and Sheli Higgins - Broadcaster/Media Personality and Wife/Podcast Host - Our Rendezvous Podcast - Leucadia, CAPodcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.Subscribe to Behind The Smoke on YouTubeSummary Ben and Sheli Higgins will be celebrity judges for the new tri-tip category at the Turf and ...…
Episode 31 What’s on tap: In this “double-header” episode, You get to experience what appears to be me “punching through” some pretty bad cellular connections only to be “stunned” by a bad number. The first guy I speak with is an impostor. I don’t know if he hit Patrick with an “upper-cut” and took the phone…it was a long time ago…but whoever t ...…
In two short years, The Pit Room in Houston has become one of Texas’ top barbecue joints. Owner Michael Sambrooks tells Chris and Greg how he did it.
(Hour 2 – July 31, 2018) Randall Bowman from the KCBS joins me to talk about their new “National Grilling Society” venture. We will find out what it’s all about, how it fits in with the vision of KCBS and how it competes with the ACSA and SCA sanctioning bodies. As time allows, we will also talk about the current state of competitive BBQ and wh ...…
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Distiller Series #4: 4 Spirits - Top shelf distilling with a purpose.
E137 - Ben & Dan Chat The Game FairThis podcast is brought to you by our kind sponsors ProQ, Kamado Joe, Thermapen & Smokewood ShackProQ is dedicated to providing you quality smoking products, with top notch service and free advice for beginners to pitmasters. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under ProQSmokers.Kamado Joe is ...…
Kevin sits down with Michael Black from Terry Black's BBQ in Austin, Texas to talk about his history, the build up and opening of their huge spot in Austin as well as how they are able to feed so many people with the incredibly long hours they are open. You have to visit them when you're in Austin. Check out all things Terry Black's BBQ here Se ...…
(Hour 1 – July 31, 2018) The competitive steak landscape continues to gain popularity and sanctioning bodies. Tonight I talk with Dan Hurst, the founder of theAmerican Competitive Steak Association (ACSA) joins me to talk about their version of steak competitions, when they started, how they judge and what events are coming up to attend or comp ...…
The special guest this week is my dad, Big Daddy Taing! We talk about everything from Lebron's new school to Jerry Jones Toe on the line policy for the Cowboys. We talk about the pressure of fathers picking the right name for their kids. A week after Nia Wilson how are we feeling about the conversations that took place? As well as why everyone ...…
In this episode Kevin sits down with Food Writer & Culinary Historian Robert F. Moss who provides a detailed BBQ guide for the region. Check out all things Robert Moss here Check out Robert on Instagram here Check out Robert on Twitter here See a YouTube version of this here Kevin's BBQ Joints on Youtube Kevin's BBQ Joints on TwitterKevin's BBQ ...…
We made it to 10 episodes! Let's chat about the episodes we consider the biggest occasions and memorable moments. And of course, conventions, movies, upcoming dvds and other nonsense is discussed!Here are the links t
Brett Boren started out cooking at home and it quickly turned into a passion for competition. He cooks just like a Texas #meatman should! Brisket, ribs, even a chicken or two. What we don't know is where his next move will be. We know that he's going to have a permanent spot somewhere outside of Austin. What does this mean for the BBQ scene? Co ...…
We’re going made in the USA this week with Pit Barrel Cooker NoahGlanville. Noah Glanville has been on the nation before, but it is trulymy pleasure to welcome him back. For those of you who don’t knowdid several tours across the pond in Iraq and Afghanistan as a corpsman and contractor. Noah and his wife Amber went through 29 proto types of th ...…
In this episode Kevin sits down with Bryan Norton and Andrew Martinez from the incredible Texas BBQ Podcast, Tales form the Pits. They discuss their backgrounds, how they met and forged a friendship that moved them towards starting the podcast. We get deep into their podcasting journey along with 'Tales' their BBQ exploits. Lastly we get into t ...…
Sam the Cooking Guy - TV Personality & Chef - Not Not Tacos - San Diego, CAPodcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.Subscribe to Behind The Smoke on YouTubeSummary Sam “The Cooking Guy” Zien makes his second appearance on the podcast to talk about opening Not Not Tacos at the Little Italy Food H ...…
Episode 30 What’s on tap: In this “double-header” episode, Shane Draper (from Draper’s BBQ – back then), talks about getting a sauce and rub to market and the items you need to consider if you want to try it! Shane now works with Grilla Grills but still has ties in the rub and sauce market. This content is as relevant today as it was 7 years ag ...…
Hour 2 – July 24, 2018) The “Embedded Correspondents” segment heats back up. Last month I tasked the EC’s to go to any steak house and order a cut of beef to “medium” or 135* internal to see if the steaks come out under-cooked or right on point. Tonight they will reveal their findings and see if the “purposeful under-cooking of steak” is actual ...…
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E136 - Ben & Dan Chat about Travels (ish)This podcast is brought to you by our kind sponsors ProQ, Kamado Joe, Thermapen & Smokewood ShackProQ is dedicated to providing you quality smoking products, with top notch service and free advice for beginners to pitmasters. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under ProQSmokers.Kamado J ...…
Episode 27: Andy is flying solo on todays episode recapping the amazing weekend we had at Portland International Raceway with the Pirelli World Challenge!
In this episode Kevin sits down with Israel Eidelman from Izzy's Brooklyn Smokehouse. He owns and runs a Kosher BBQ Joint in Brooklyn. Get a chance to hear his background, how he fell in love with Texas Style BBQ(but couldn't eat it) and how he came to open his own restaurant which is getting incredible reviews and recognition. Check out all th ...…
(Hour 1- July 24, 2018) First time guest Nick Solares, the “Professional Carnivore”, joined me to talk a bit about his background. We started off by recapping his trip to Chicago and looking around at the Windy City Smoke-out, his like of deep-dish pizza, his thought that local Chicago folks actually LIKE deep-dish and we also learned about his ...…
In this episode Kevin get's the chance to sit down with Carey Bringle to talk about Carey's history, his competition BBQ days, his restaurant, his bourbon, and everything in between. Carey pulls no punches in giving his opinion on the world of BBQ and food. Check out all things Peg Leg Porker here See a YouTube version of this here Kevin's BBQ ...…
On this episode, we get sauced on our first blind tasting. We decided to bring in some extra help tasting some delicious rye whiskey, so we've invited back our friend, Nate @allaboutbourbon, from Texas. Along with our blind tasting, Nate tells us about his recent trip on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and all the amazing bourbons he sampled. You're ...…
While it has become commonplace in today's Texas BBQ explosion to see carefully sourced proteins, inventive sides, scratch made desserts, craft bread, and housemade pickles, this was not always the case in barbecue. Smoked meats have been available for quite some time in the Lone Star State, but all of the accompaniments were often an afterthou ...…
In this episode Kevin chats with Ray Lampe (aka Dr. BBQ) about his history, the the early days of competition BBQ, his relationships with products, the BBQ family that has grown with and around him, and about his new restaurant, Dr. BBQ, opening in St. Petersburg, Florida very soon. Check out all things Ray Lampe here Check out info on Dr. BBQ ...…
You may remember Mike Wyont from a few weeks ago when we went to Louie's in Austin and got an update on his trailer and what's next for them. Michael has supported Luis Vasquez of Louie's BBQ through some tough times, but that doesn't mean it's rainbows and unicorns for Mr. Wyont. He's spent years going from a trailer in San Marcos to a trailer ...…
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