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Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.
The Bean Counter
The Bean Counter is your guide to a successful accounting career! Whether you're in University looking for your first job, or crushing it at your full time career, The Bean Counter is the show for you! We have topics ranging from preparing your resume and interviewing, to dealing with salary negotiations and being promoted. We'll have interviews with today's most inspiring accountants and find out how they got where they are today, and what advice they have for you! We'll also talk with recr ...
MechaGamezilla hosts what can only be described as some sort of podcast.
Great Moments in Weed History delves deep into humanity's 10,000+ year relationship with cannabis to find the humor, heart, and historical importance of this very special plant. In each episode, co-hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock highlight a new culture hero, covering everything from the night Willie Nelson smoked a joint on the roof of the White House to Maya Angelou’s life-changing first time getting stoned, Carl Sagan’s weed-fueled scientific epiphanies, and the compelling evid ...
Funny and heartfelt, this podcast draws on the realities of expat life to offer you smart and simple solutions so that you can quickly (and painlessly!) adapt. Be successful, find your purpose abroad and stay connected with those who mean the most.
MechaGamezilla hosts what can only be described as some sort of podcast.
SunsetCast Media System
Green Bean Podcast
Welcome to the Green Bean Podcast! Why "Green Bean" you ask? Well, we love coffee and we love being green, so why not?! We only do our podcasts when drinking mass amounts of coffee so you basically get the caffeinated version of who we are. The decaf version is less ranting and more zoning out which is not a very fun podcast to listen to we've discovered. We try to take serious issues that could really use the attention and spotlight and put a fun spin on them so no one leaves feeling depres ...
Lesbo and the Bean
Lesbo and The Bean, two black belt martial fartists, who wanna geek-out with you about their favorite sport. LATB will be coming at you Sunday and Wednesday night with all things inside and outside the octagon. If you wanna laugh while staying up to date on all things MMA and UFC, then you will want to subscribe and listen now to LATB! Follow us on Twitter @LesboAndTheBean . And for ALL things Lesbo and The Bean, go
Sant Mat Radio -- Sant Mat Fellowship -- Radio Satsangs."Sant Mat" means: "The Way of the Saints" or "Path of the Masters". The term "Sant Mat" was coined by Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, during the 19th Century, but the Sant tradition, with its many guru-lineages or branches, is a spiritual movement that dates back many centuries to ancient India. Sant Tulsi Sahib was of the opinion that the Sant movement dates back to the time of Krishna thousands of years ago, that Krishna knew of Sa ...
Jelly Bean Radio
We are a kids show with stories, silly songs,games,sometimes adventure and always a bunch of fun. so come by and have some fun with us! Your the Squishiest!
Fun books for fun kids
Podcast for Idiots
Paul Allen certified Q grader, level 1 & 2 Roasters Guild certified & long time coffee roaster and Reed Allen discuss quality coffee.
Podcast by Brit and Bean Football Podcast
Bean & Beast
Welcome to Bean & Beast, where amazing things happen.
Bean Label
Just another WordPress site
Bean and Gone
An existential coffee review show from London.
Please tune in to "Don't Be Mean With Mister Bean,"a podcast about how to be a better neighbor, with Comedian Mike McCowan as "Mister Bean." Please "Like" and Subscribe if you enjoy the show. Also don't forget to checkout Mike's Other Podcasts the "Comic-ologist" & "The Laughing Mike," available on your favorite podcasting app. For tickets for any of Mike McCowan's Live Stand-up Comedy shows, please visit Thanks for listening Neighbors!
Rachel Bean Show
Rachel Bean and her Husband Doug talk about things relevant to their life including business transactions, relationships, family and friends
Two guys talking movies over a freshly brewed cup of Joe. Welcome to the world's most caffeinated movie review show. Steve Hargrave and Craig Stevens are presenters who spend their working days loitering on red carpets or prodding celebrities in dingy hotel rooms, but now they've gathered at their favourite coffee shop to discuss their strange adventures, while continuing their quest for the perfect flat white.Every episode they'll look at that week's big movie release, rant about what's bee ...
Keep It A Bean
Anything and everything
Jelly and Bean
Do you like tech? Games? TV? Movies? Well DANG. We have so much in common already! Jelly and Bean are two super pals who like to talk about all of the aforementioned topics (and more, probably), resulting in a nice little peek into the world of geeks, all in the form of a delicious weekly podcast that can be shoved into your ears thanks to the magic of sound waves!
Bean Street is a podcast collective that features several different podcast series. We are new podcasters who are really just having some fun.
Chico Bean
Chico Bean
Jelly Bean Radio
Our mad cap and zany astro pals along with Captain Jelly Bean,takes you on a ride to the stars. So tune into Jelly Bean Radio. The squishiest radio in town
Keith Bean
Talk about any topic that pertains to America and her people
Becoming a limitless leader in a world full of limits.
Joey Bean
Each week I will be talking about perceiving through life and getting to our goals. Join me weekly,
Welcome to the BEAN BREWS podcast, where amazing things happen.
Life of Cameron Thomas aka Bean aka Zodiac Dog
Going Out, Bringing In, Building Up
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Open. What's Happening? What's Up With Florida? Breaking Bad Omaze. Allie's Conan Story. People Are Dumb. What's Happening? How Do You Get Onto The Dark Web? Doug Benson. Keep It 100. What's Happening?
Open. What's Happening. Stryker's Afro Line Messages. Ban Makes Us Guess. ESPY's Recap. Muse In-Studio. Michael Schneider. What's Happening? Beer Mug ESPY's Red Carpet. Jim McLauchlin: Hero Initiative. Dr. Drew. Jimm Jefferies. What's Happening?
We got a fight card coming out of, Hamburg, Germany, and Lesbo and The Bean are here to break it down. There is a couple of sneaky good fights on this card, a few potential snoozers, and maybe a more then one fighter who should be calling it quits. You wanna know who we think they should be... welp, let’s get into it!…
Open. What's Happening? Afro Line. The Armenian Comedian Sings Africa. Jensen Karp and Bird Scooters. Title Fight Take 2. What's Happening? Would You Book This? Omar Conquers The Outdoors. What's Happening?
Open. What's Happening? Animal Stories. Who Is America? Cheers With Beer Mug. Are Lakers Fans Excited for LeBron James? Internet Roundup. What's Happening? Yo! Comic-Con Raps. Ari Segal. Adam Carolla. What's Happening?
Open. What's Happening? Vacation Stories. Great News. Title Fight. Melissa Ryder: Freinds and Helpers. Conspiracy Theories with Megan Holiday. What's Happening? Vacation Stories Part 2. Trey Borzillieri and Barabara Schroeder: Evil Genius on Netflix. What's Happening?
I recently got a call from someone with whom I hadn’t spoken for a while—my 15-year-old self! Through checking in with her, I discovered some important insights that my old self has to offer, that can serve me in my life today. When we feel like we’ve gone off track, or lost some part of ourself, that is the time to go back to our old self and ...…
Goodgreif, what a painful card UFC Boise turned out to be. There were a couple of diamonds in all the coal, but do we think anyone’s performance was memorable? Did Money Mendes show out? Was JDS as amazing as everyone thought? Meh, who cares.... let’s talk about Dana and Brendan’s IG feud. Oh boy, we making lemonade out of lemons, here on Episo ...…
Kevin Parks in the Wrong Lot. Bean Makes Us Guess. You Did Bad Stuff as a Kid. Half Speed Kevin and Bean. Who’s the Dick: British Woman wants Tea Bargain. Nick Hexum. Stupid Things you did when you were Drunk. Allie's Twitter Beef with Baby Driver. Richard Blade. Great News. Tom Morello's Bionic Hand and Cheating on College Entrance Exams. Grea ...…
Coffee has many health benefits. It is no replacement for medicine and we are not doctors. However, this points on coffee will encourage healthy coffee drinking. Caffeine chart-…
Prom Disasters. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Allie's Not Good at Math. Dr Drew: Wiping Your Butt Wrong & Patrick Melrose. Great News. You Broke Something at Someone’s House. April the Giraffe is Gonna Squirt out another Kid. Method Man. Allie has the Worst Restaurant Experience. Unexpected Movies that Made You Cry. Jim Jefferies. Your Kevin.…
Most Depressing Songs. Joonas Suotomo. David Wain's Magic Trick. Kevin's New Favorite Afro Line Caller. Missed Connections. Sarah Shahi. Sleep With Me Podcast. Bean's Sex Dream. What’s Up with Florida. I Am Breadface. Nicole’s Zero Club Disaster. Guy Serves His Foot in Tacos. Bean Makes Us Guess: Best NFL Fans. No Pedicures for Fatty.…
Another UFC Fight Night, another LATB breakdown. Yeah, we know, it’s kind of a weird card. But, there are a few little hidden gems on this one. No one ever minds a visit from Alpha Cat. Super Sage will make an appearance. Hey, we even have Chad Mendes, fresh off a few year suspension. Ok, it’s kind of a three-ring circus. So, grab your trapeze, ...…
How can we grow closer to God every day? I think sometimes we take the ideas of holiness and sainthood and put them up high on an unattainable shelf in our minds. But God calls you to be holy! While he does call you to grow in big ways sometimes, he usually calls you to grow in small ways, in opportunities he sends your way every day.Here are s ...…
You Were Too Honest. Warren G. You Saved a Body Part. Alison Segel: Weird Dating Apps. Bean Invited 20 Year Old To Take Shower. Costumed Character Horror Stories. Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons. IKEA: The PEE AD. Does Kevin Know: Co-workers Edition. Lady is in Love with Tetris. Dr Judy Ho: Suicide & Depression. Poop Stories. Micro Cheating. ...…
You Frightened Someone By Accident. Dave Scott San Diego Mother’s Day Report. Animal Stories. Best Florida Story Ever. Bob Saget. Omar Met Tom Hanks. Great News. Allie Finally Watched the Godfather. Kevin and Bean fight a Jaywalking Ticket. Most Rewatchable Movies. Bean Makes Us Guess: Ice Cream Toppings. Kevin Annoys You: Leaf Blower. Zero Clu ...…
UFC 226 and UFC International Fight Week come to a close, and Daniel Cormier is our new king. But, before we get into all that, we gots ta tell ya about the TUF 27 Finale. Oh, Stipe Miocic fans, don’t turn tail and run. We got plenty of stuff for you, too. Well, it’s been a weekend, we got fights to breakdown next week, and are trying not to bu ...…
Today’s episode is a real-life example of how I work with clients to help them identify where they are stuck, and create a clear path for moving forward. My guest in this conversation is Ipsita, who has moved to a new location as an accompanying spouse and is feeling stuck. We discuss what is challenging her, and how we can clarify her vision a ...…
On this episode: Omar thinks he's going to die on vacation, Jimmy Kimmel goes to the urologist for his tiny pee hole, the guys answer your emails and tweets, Kevin gets a visit from the Sheriff's dept on the 4th of July and more.
Scientific Survey: Pippa Audio. John Taffer. Allie's Not Good at Math. Cheers With Beer Mug: Pick Up Lines. Stryker Leaves Kevin Voicemails. Animal Stories. Plane Goes Into 10 Second Nose Dive. Kevin Can’t Take Photos. Who’s the Dick? Would You Like To That Back? Beer Mug at Ant Man and The Wasp World Premiere. Dick Street. Whitney Cummings. Wh ...…
How do you know that the coffee you are drinking is any good? In this episode we break down how to taste coffee and make sure that you know what you are drinking.Coffee Tasters Wheel - Tasting Notebook - Brewing Apps - ...…
In episode 5, the guys preview the quarter finals, make predictions and tell you who they think will be the key players for each game!
Allie and Other Girls Wanted a Cast as a Kid. Sam’s Africa Cover. You had a Genius Idea and No One Cared. Tom Morello and M. Shadows. Lightning Quits this Bitch. Cheers with Beer Mug-Hangover Cures. Dieu To Has a Babe with a Kid. Dr Drew-Kevin's Vomit. Pony Play. Unusual Instagram Accounts. Mr. Bad Example. Fashion Trends You Don't Get. Jank Ta ...…
UFC 226 pulls into the station with all the steam we were hoping for. Daniel Cormier, battles Stipe Miocic, for the coveted Heavyweight Title. And, to be know as, The BADDAST Man on the Planet. As if that weren’t enough, we also have a battle of the young lions. Max Holloway, defending his strap, versus a very competent, very dangerous opponent ...…
In this episode of BritnBeans podcast, the guys discuss the Round of 16 matches, Mbappe's man of the match performance against Argentina, Spains tiki taka, Mexico's loss to Brazil and England breaking the curse!
Do you make prayer excuses? Don’t lie. We all come up with creative ways to avoid doing what we know we should do—pray! In this week’s show, I share some ways to respond to ourselves when we are tempted to make up excuses for why we aren’t praying more. The excuses we cover:1) I don’t have time.2) I will do it later.3) I get distracted.4) My fa ...…
Kevin Stole a Car Again. Blame in on the Ambien. Ben Robson. Listener Ian Names Cats Baxter and Dave The King Of Mexico. Avocado Hands. Jimmy Kimmel No One Can Name a Book. Sam’s Greatest Hits. Lady Gives Birth in Hotel Room. High School Senior Pranks. Bill Nye. B Team Cover Kevin annd Bean Lotoya Jackson Interview. Rishi Sharma Inteview WW2 Ve ...…
Gene Simmons wrote a Financial Book. Tattoos You Got Because of a Bet. What’s Up With Bill Burr. Woman Marries Ghost Pirate. Cheers with Beer Mug-USA in the World Cup. AFRO Line. How Does this Story End. Jeff Garlin. Parrot Man. Lady with Face Worm. Lottery Winner Does Press Conference in Mask. Stuff Librarians see at Work. Kevin Vs Coyote. Gre ...…
Have you stayed up to date? You caught up with the Undefeated season of The Tuf House? Season 2-7, that’s right, 27, wraps up. And, this is the Friday night card it wraps up with. You with Lesbo or The Bean, this main event got you going, or is Friday just another day in the way of you and UFC 226? If you have made it to this episode, here is a ...…
When we give away our power to others, we may have the best intentions to take care of or work with them, but we inevitably feel the impact on our own health and wellbeing. Whether it is with friends, family, or in business environments, we have to make time and space to acknowledge the things that give us power, and to communicate our needs ap ...…
On this episode: Sam the Armenian comedian stops by for a very quick visit, AFRO LINE calls, Jimmy Kimmel has to see a doctor for maturbating too much and the recap of Omar's interview with Rebecca Black.
Open. What's Happening? Jersey Shore Recap. B-Team Covers Ad-Rock Interview. Beer Mug at Ant-Man and The Wasp Red Carpet. What's Happening? The Armenian Comedian Sings "Africa". Bob saget In-Studio. Keep It 100. What's Happening?
In this episode we talk about how to increase your chances of finding quality coffee at your local supermarket. It is possible and we want to help give you the best chance to find a new favorite coffee.
blah blah blah... with so little fight stuff, maybe we do go a little conspiracy. If you don’t like, try again Wednesday.
Open. What's Happening? Writer Says In N' Out is Disappointing. Bean Makes Us Guess. World CUpdate. You Have A Great Name. What's Happening? Jim Jefferies In Studio. Dr. Drew. What's Happening?
Open. What's Happening? Double Dare's Marc Summers. Panic at the Disco's Brendon Urie. Carina from HR puked in our office. What's Happening? Just a Second for Smashing Pumpkins tickets. Camping Horror Stories. UFC's Brian Ortega. What's Happening?
In episode 3, the guys discuss the results of match day 2 & 3 as well as the teams that have been knocked out, England's big win over Panama and how Mexico could be the only 6 point team to get knocked out.
Summer is a time set apart, and so I see … opportunity! To set a goal! To try something new! This week, I’m sharing some ideas I think you should consider adding to your list of goals this summer. 1) Learn something2) Add to your spiritual life3) Go outside every day4) Take a trip5) Try something newWhat is going on your bucket list this summer ...…
Open. What's Happening? People are dumb. Ayesha Curry's Yelp reviews. Listeneroke for Smashing Pumpkins tickets. Kids birthday parties entertainers. What's Happening? Pippa update. Warren G. What's Happening?
Open. What's Happening? April the Giraffe Update. What's Up with Florida? Internet Roundup. Great News. Smashing Pumpkins. What's Happening? World CUPdate. Imagine Dragon's Dan Reynolds. What's Happening?
Research suggests that one of the most important adjustment factors for expatriate couples is a strong and stable relationship. However, when things get tough for us individually, and as we encounter the natural challenges of living and working abroad, our relationship is often the first thing to suffer, and we can end up feeling disconnection ...…
UFC Singapore comes to a close, and we give you a little quick recap session. Yeah, LATB got their happy asses out of bed at 4:30am, to take in an interesting fight card. Did you join us, in the early morning venture? Or, have you been waiting for this episode to find our the results? No, it’s no UFC 226, I thought my Sunday was Monday and we h ...…
On this episode: Breweries are BS, the guys answer some emails, the great Lisa May QVC prank, Beer Mugs' amazing Australian Pippa skit and more.
Open. What's Happening? Cheers With Beer Mug. The Zero Club. World CUpdate. Jersey Shore Recap. Mistaken Indentity. What's Happening? Mission Impossible Allie Does Math. Keep It 100. What's Happening?
In this episode we talk about roasting coffee at home with our special guest Tim Almquist.
Open. What's Happening? The Songs of the Armenian Comedian. Afro Line. Pony Play. Mexican Fans Puto Chant. Mission Impossible Kevin Spells. What's Happening? Sam Richardson. Dr. Drew. What's Happening?
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