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In 2094, one corporation wins the battle for energy supremacy, but human costs cause global instability. When an abandoned wind farm in the Baltic shows inexplicable energy surges, two explorers find it has become sentient, and hungry. Using human pawns, Norse deities avenge ancient grudges, in this ten-part audio drama. Launching in September of 2015. For more information, visit
A Comedy Podcast where film critics, Aislene and Gracie talk about a movie before putting it to the Test. ( 6 different Feminist and Inclusive tests). Using these tests, they judge the film's feminism and if it's inclusive. Then they ask the most important question, Is it good? Support this podcast:
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WE MADE IT TO EPISODE 150! And this movie, we are doing 'Chick Flicks' or Female Led Comedies... to start we are doing this amazing movie that to this day is considered pretty radical. Is it Feminist? Is it Inclusive? Here's the official song! Here's our Twitter! Here's our Twitch! --- Support this podcast:…
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