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Podcast by Rife Radio
Andrew Lee and Andrew Schmitt talk to some of the people who bring you Minnesota beers and cover news and events relevant to the craft beer scene in Minnesota
Craft Beer and Comedy:After a year of meetings and contemplation, Victor Lettuce and Tomato (Craft Beer Cellar, Craft Beer Prophet) and Miguel Hito (Tampa Beer Works brewery, Mad Hops Productions) have launched The Fermented Reality Beer Cast. With a great mix of Craft beer Talk, comedy, Guests and who the F**K Knows? You all might help me with that one! Basing out of Craft Beer Cellar in Brandon Florida, the fellas will occasionally take the show on the road with their mobile studio.
Living The Dream
Broadcaster Beto Duran talks with people that are "Living The Dream". From athletes to entertainers to entrepreneurs, every journey has a story to be told.
Scotland's beer website
Making friends the old fashioned way. By forced conversation within a podcast format.
The Business of Craft Beer Podcast is hosted by Gregory Dunkling, director of the University of Vermont Business of Craft Beer online certificate program . We continually examine today's craft beer sector in the U.S. Whether you are looking to break into the craft beer industry or looking to start your own craft brewery this podcast is for you. With the number of U.S. craft breweries exploding from just 8 in 1980 to 6000+ as of 2017, our podcast interviews brewery owners across the country t ...
The CoGPoD
A Podcast primarily centered around gaming and nerd culture!
Cabin Fever Podcast
Podcast by Cabin Fever Podcast
The DISDads
Disney-loving Dads, Off-Topic since 2007
Listen to us drink beer!
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Join us for a conversation about UVM's Business of Craft Beer Professional Certificate program, featuring Program Director Gregory Dunkling. Please call us with your questions at 9294771757, or if you are unable to attend the live podcast, send us your questions ahead of time. You can email us at…
Miguel and Just Jeff give you a verbal preview of the new Fermented Reality Biergarten in Tampa Florida.
Drew & Schmitty head down to Shakopee to watch the Packers/Dolphins game and catch up with Tim from Badger Hill. Cheers!
Drew & Schmitty chat with the band Hanson about their beers, background, music and more - plus a special appearance by lawyer extraordinaire Jeffrey O'Brien - Cheers!
The Annual Halloween Horror Episode is here! This year Amanda is joined by the infamous Ross and Richard comes back to see if he can go for a threepeat (of losing).Disclaimer: I apologize for the audio quality, I had to reimage my computer and screwed up a setting on the recording software and didn't realize until editing, it will be fixed for ...…
Tonight was amazing. We did the show with 2 amazing women of our Craft Beer Industry! Melanie Tymrak of Progressive Distribution and Devon Kreps Owner of 7venth Sun Brewing, join and talk getting out of and dealing with life after domestic abuse. They explain that just because they are out, doesn't mean the healing is over. Support from everyon ...…
Today's episode will feature Stone Corral Brewery, located in Richmond, Vermont. Stone Corral is a family operated artisanal brewery that was started on their horse ranch in Huntington, Vermont. In 2016 the brewery moved to its current location adding a taproom and music venue. Stone Corral offers well-balanced brews featuring local, seasonal f ...…
Drew & Schmitty are thrilled to be recording this weeks episode from the Fall Flavors Beer Dinner at The Freehouse - Cheers!
We'll be joined by Jeff Nowicki from Bump Williams Consulting to help us separate fact from fiction when it comes to the state of the craft beer industry. This will be Part One in a series of discussions this fall and winter examining trends, consumer attitudes about beer, opportunities and potential pitfalls for current and start-up breweries. ...…
From East LA to the Toronto Blue Jays. Hard work, perseverance and determination got Ricky Romero to the big leagues. Fun stories with the lefty pitcher about the baseball grind.
Drew & Schmitty enjoy talking with friends of the show Dan Parker and Mark Opdahl - Cheers!
So you’ve pursued your dream to launch a brewery and developed a comprehensive plan to make this a reality. Now you need funding to realize this dream. On the other hand, you may have had so much success with your brewery you are ready to expand. Where will you find the resources to make this possible? This fall/winter UVM’s Business of Craft B ...…
We finally managed to get everyone together for our very special Two-Year Anniversary Episode! We get to celebrate our brand new theme song by talking about our typical nonsense.Music Credits: DJ Alluv
A fantastic lineup of guests this week as Drew & Schmitty talk with folks from Surly, Bauhaus Brewlabs, and Town Hall Brewery! Presented by Freehouse Beer - Cheers!
Drew & Schmitty head over to Somerset, WI to take in Darkness Days 2018!
I uhhh....I don't even know.Music:
Drew & Schmitty are joined by the folks from The Freehouse and Omni Brewing to talk anniversaries, new beers, and GABF awards!
Drew & Schmitty are joined by Jim from Sociable Cider and a couple of amazing chefs to preview Best of the Wurst - happening Sunday 9/23. Cheers!
What if you started a brewery and your IP could literally walk out the front door? Today’s craft breweries increasingly face such a challenge. In a renowned collaborative business environment, is the answer legal protection or reliance on good will? Join us on September 18 at 12:00 noon EST for a discussion and share your thoughts. We will disc ...…
I called the Canelo GGG rematch and covered them all week long. I am tired but loved every minute
Drew chats with the guys from Clutch Brewing, opening this weekend in St Paul, and Schmitty checks in with a few guests from Camp Fair State!
Tonight is so very special. Tonight is the culmination of so many weeks of sharing some heavy craft community content.We have talked for weeks about domestic violence in our community.We have 2 amazing and kick ass industry ladies who share their story and feelings towards the subject of domestic violence and getting out and why people stay in ...…
The whole crew is back! We discuss what games we've been playing, what streamers we've been watching for Subtember, and Amanda reviews Searching and The Nun.Music:
Drew & Schmitty are joined by Stephanie from The Blue Barn, Jeremy from Pryes Brewing, and Rose from Fair State Co-Op for another fun episode of The Minnesota Beercast - Cheers!
So stoked to bring you our Quinceanera show. Tonight we host Karla Rave from Overflow Brewing Company and the Tampa Beer Week Board to talk about dealing with domestic violence in the Tampa craft beer industry and how the Beer community is talking about, dealing with, and how we can help.Then we bring in Co Founder of The Florida Cannabis Coali ...…
Solo Talk! I hosted Dodgers pre/post game show on TV! Walked around the stadium in suit and felt like a dream come true. That and more.
Recording from the MN Brewers Guild exhibity, Drew & Schmitty are joined by the folks from Invictus Brewing, and Jess Fleming from the Pioneer Press talks fair food - Cheers!
Nicks out on another adventure this week so Grim, Amanda, and Luke go a little off the rails. Luke talks about World of Warcrafts new expansion, Battle for Azeroth, Grim talks about Enter the Gungeon, and Amanda reviews Slenderman and the Ritual.Music:
Drew & Schmitty talk 11 years of Darkness Day and 10 years of Lift Bridge - Cheers!
Dave Juart is back on the DAD Show for the second show in a row, this time joined with his frequent partner-in-crime, John Peters to talk with host Aaron Rittmaster about the re-launch of the Weekly Pint Podcast. After a bit of a hiatus, The Weekly Pint returned on August 2 – there are now three new episodes published over at The Weekly Pint Po ...…
Host: Aaron Rittmaster Panelists: Dave Adams, Chris Papciak, Nathan Trent Round 2 of the My Walt Disney World 2018 tournament gets rolling in the Nate Region, and the panel of Dave Adams, Chris Paciak, and Nathan Trent have so much fun with host Aaron Rittmaster that they plow all the way through this region’s 3rd round too! You can download a ...…
Drew & Schmitty preview Small Business Advisory Day and learn about Camp Fair State - Cheers!
Does anybody even read these?? Grim is gone, Nick is back, we played some stuff, watched some stuff, and Nick got a girlfriend.Music:
Host: Aaron Rittmaster Panel: Mel Oliver, Nathan Trent, Don Donfris We wrap up the first round of the 2018 My Walt Disney World Tournament with the initial match-ups in the Mel Region. You can download a bracket if you’d like to follow along at home. And remember – we need YOUR help to break ties that tend to come up along the way. Polls to hel ...…
Recording on-location at The Freehouse, Drew & Schmitty are joined by Freehouse brewer Matt and Jess Fleming from the Pioneer Press to preview all the new State Fair beers - Cheers!
Quick update on a busy summer, reflecting on a career, memories of Vlad Guerrero and Matt Leinart.
Host: Aaron Rittmaster Panelists: Terry Hawkins, Nathan Trent, Mikaela Rittmaster The first round of the 2018 My Walt Disney World tournament marches on, with the Mikaela Region. Panelists Terry Hawkins, Nathan (“The Nemesis”) Trent, and DISTeen Mikaela Rittmaster join host Aaron Rittmaster to pare this group from 16 contestants to 8. As seems ...…
Drew & Schmitty catch up with John from Modist, and then visit Karst Brewing and Maiden Rock Winder & Cidery - Cheers!
This episode Victor, Wana T, and Miguel recap Kegs For A Cure's final events and numbers. Fighting For A Cure and final numbers. Then discuss the 2 main, most important panels. at The Florida Brewers Guild Conference. Then Miss Dani Blank From sexual and domestic violence specialist joins us and talks about our new craft beer program that she i ...…
We take a trip back up to Ramona, CA to record episode 85 with the one & only Sarah. We have a fun conversation about EDC 2018 and we spark up an "Old Joint" that was hand rolled with love in 2015.Please enjoy and Thank you for ...…
It’s been a while since we focused on the “Diversions” side of the DAD Show, but this was a great start to playing some long-overdue catch-up on that front. Dave Juart is back, and this time he brings his wife Brandy along to talk with Host Aaron Rittmaster about their YouTube vlog, Brandy & Dave. They talk about what motivated them to start vl ...…
Drew & Schmitty are joined by Ilan from Insight and Steve from Oosterrijsen out of Norway - Cheers!
Luke is back! But Nick is gone... Amanda, Grim, and Luke talk about "Your Name" and generally pan it and decide to not listen to Nick about things that are good anymore. Amanda reviews Unfriended: Dark Web, My Own Private Idaho, and Altered Carbon.Music:
Host: Aaron Rittmaster Panelists: Dave Adams, Don Donfris, and Roy David The My Walt Disney World 2018 Tournament continues, with the first round matchups in the Roy Region. A fresh panel of Dads, Dave Adams, Don Donfris, and Roy David join host Aaron Rittmaster for this round. We ended up with several ties that we’ll need your help to settle – ...…
Drew & Schmitty are on location at Groveland Tap, talking with about the All Pints North festival and Summit's new Rathskeller - Cheers!
The offer to do a show this week brought us to this awesome bar who specializes in craft cocktails and craft beer. The VLT, Wana T, and Miguel welcome super beer head Grayson Degraf and head brewer Robert Hunt from Tampa Beer Works. A small sized but big beer brewery on the far east side of Tampa. We talk historyand New England IPAs. Grayson ev ...…
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