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Where functional medicine, traditional medicine, conventional medicine, positive thinking and other aspects of medicine come together holistically to prevent, educate & solve common health conditions. Blog Articles:iHerb: IG: @ericmadridmdTwitter: @ericmadridmdThis podcast is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content by Dr. Madrid is for INFORMATIONAL purposes ...
Shoulders workout today and make it a point to help others
More than training
Certified personal trainer from the Bay Area that quit his career to Pursue his passion in the training industry. since quitting I’m bootcamp instructor/ trainer/ motivator/strength and conditioning coach. “If the journey wasn’t challenging it wouldn’t be rewarding .”Follow me on Ig @jbstayfit @4fstraining.
Show Love Podcast
Exploring human emotions and feelings. Talking about the things people don't really talk to each other about. Spreading love and positive energy, helping with self love and the quest to find love. We are all blagging it in life, the least you can do is have some love along the way. Follow us on Facebook - Show Love UK, and Twitter / Instagram - @showloveuk Or please leave feedback and join in the conversation on the Facebook page - Show Love Podcast, we can't wait to hear from you!
The spot light is on women, entrepreneurs, business owners, directors of non-profits, managers and entertainers... featuring topics about business. We will have occasional shows designated to our family, our wellness, our life skills. Wednesday join us for our 30 minute radio talk show 8:00p To be a guest
This is Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive. A podcast where amazing things happen and we talk about all the things that make our lives Contagiously Positive - Health, Happiness, Food. I will be sharing tools, stories, inspiration and making health and happiness fun and way less complicated than it seems to be. "You cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body and you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind." Join me on an epic journey to becoming the happiest and healthi ...
Jakz Podcast
Jakz Podcast wants to send good positive vibes to the world. Our conversation topics range from spiritual to real life situations. Jakz Internet Radio plays music that uplift, motivates, encourage, inspire, and spread peace & love. We want the world (especially the youth) to to know it's much more than just being spiritual and more positive things than being in the streets. We support all upcoming artist with a positive view on life. We want the world to hear it!
America's Positive Talk Radio -for 22 years! Listen on XM Satellite TalkRadio 246 Or visit during showtime to Stream Live every Saturday 6-9pm EST, 3-6pm pst, CALL IN 800-548-8255 Note: You do not need an XM subscription to listen on the internet!
Your Healthy Reality is a podcast dedicated to helping professionals recognize their true potential. We provide guidance on how to achieve your personal and professional goals by changing the way you view yourself and the world around you. Join Char Newell, CEO & Chief Corporate Life Coach as she teaches you how to overcome the everyday obstacles that gets in the way of finding success on our jobs and in our everyday lives. This podcast is a unique approach to achieving corporate health in a ...
Mind Body Soul
Thousands of years ago, monks and yogis would seek out enlightenment in caves and in the forests. In our times, we don’t have the opportunity to seek enlightenment in caves. We are tasked to awaken in our daily lives. We are monks without monasteries. We are modern yogis and most of our yoga is done off the mat. That is, if we are paying attention. Alyssa dives into the awakening that comes about in our daily life experiences after our yoga and meditation practice. And it’s not all pretty po ...
Creative Mind
Daily explorations into the mind of a creative. theZim is an artist, musician, father, podcaster, videographer, future MFA grad student at SDSU. This is his life log. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Champions of Change
If you want to change the world, listen to some of the guests on my show first.Conversations with people who make their living doing good for the World.www.ChampionsofChange.coWhat This Show is AboutIt's about People who found their Purpose and have taken a Stand for Making Profitable Good.Listen to conversations with people who are doing good for the World and still making profits.If you want to change the world, start listening to some of the guests from my show first.Our Mission:To Empowe ...
Mel Majoros has been sharing her battle with breast cancer online for nearly 2 years now on her blog titled "The Cancer Warrior". After being named one of the top cancer blogs in the country, Mel is taking her advocacy and inspiring outlook a step further with her new weekly show on Empower Radio. Visit her blog
In Action
Who says that you can't live completely for God and make a difference at a young age? Follow my journey as a young woman discovering how to have a deeper relationship with God and also being a light for others. So learn how to become an active and positive leader by first making a change within you!
From Coast to Coast and Sea to Sea, the Mz. OptimiZm speaks show brings you the best in Pop Culture, Celeb news, Glam and Fab with a sprinkle of Politics!
Gratitude Groove
This is Gratitude Groove where sharing daily gratitude, quirky ideas, happy moments and positive thoughts is a cool thing to do :-)
A weekly show for everyone looking for entrepreneurship and business wisdom. With a strong sense of purpose in your life all of your actions are powerful beyond measure. We interview entrepreneurs and purpose driven individuals based out of Toronto and the outskirts within Canada. The show is hosted by Kobi Amponsah founder and owner of I Am Kobi.
An Early Riser isn't necessarily someone who is up at the break of dawn every morning. An Early Riser is someone who wakes up earlier than they have to in order to get some form of uninterrupted personal development in the morning. An Early Riser is someone who dedicates themselves to living a more successful and a more effective life. In this podcast, that's exactly what we cover.
Positive Looks Good on You is a podcast created and produced by Monica Byron. Episodes cover all facets of a happy, healthy, positive and beneficial life. Tune in for tips on fitness, how to have a positive mindset, and overall wellness to help YOU live your best life! #PositiveLooksGoodOnYou
Do you experience PCOS? Well, then pull up a chair and let's chat. This podcast was made just for you. Listen to interesting people discuss how they got diagnosed with PCOS, the best (and worst) advice they received, and ways they experience health and peace. Interviews with fellow PCOS companions including Jes Baker, Sophie Carter-Kahn, Ivy Felicia, Caroline Dooner, Laura Burns, Dani Adriana, Chevese Turner, Shira Rosenbluth and Sasha Ottey. They describe their experiences with body image, ...
Mark A Nutting, a two-time national award winning personal trainer with over 37 years experience, will discuss topics that can help you sustain your health and fitness levels, regain what you may have lost, or gain what you never before had, as you enter and continue the second half of our lives. In these bite-sized sessions, Mark will cover everything from exercising through arthritis through maintaining brain fitness. Being 60 years old, himself, he offers the "been there, done that" prosp ...
Dear Anxiety
Worry, anger, stress, perfectionism, body image: if you feel it, we want to talk about it. This is a show for humans of all ages about the difficult emotions we all struggle with. We share research-based solutions for the greater mental wellness of your whole family. You’ll learn tools for improved mindfulness, communication, self-awareness, and we hope you’ll laugh with us along the way. Join hosts Ed Crasnick, a comedian and Emmy Award winning writer, and Renee Jain, positive psychology gu ...
Ayahuasca gives us perspective, inspires wonder, helps us to heal on many levels and presents us with endless possibilities for positive change. Join us for discussions about how these changes are unfolding in our minds, hearts, in our lives and in the world around us.
New Day Vitality Psychotherapy is a private practice located in Westchester NY and Bronx NY, with Founder and Director Colette Lopane Capella. New Day Vitality Psychotherapy offers individual, group, couples and family therapy. We are excited to bring this podcast to the public. We will be offering fun, informative, motivational and inspiring podcasts. We welcome you! Colette Lopane Capella, LMHC, Reiki Practitioner Become a supporter of this podcast: ...
Love and Laughter
Love and Laughter are two key elements to live fulfilled! Our purpose is to encourage success in all areas of life! "MATTERS OF THE HEART" is hosted by Natalie and Melody facilitate spiritual discussions to promote healthly and positive living! GOOD THINGS! GREAT PEOPLE! is hosted by Adrean and Tauja sharing ways to encourage and be inspired! Live on purpose!
Life With Herpes
The Life With Herpes Podcast is created to educate, entertain and connect the underserved and, often ostracized, community of people living with herpes. Each week, Life With Herpes the show focuses on personal stories, managing day to day life with herpes, a weekly Ask Alexandra section, and weekly interviews with medical or industry professionals. We will cover things ranging from the stigma, how to cope and the hardcore facts about herpes. The show will help people with the virus understan ...
Find Your Feisty
The Find Your Feisty Podcast is where inspiration meets courage to create your feisty. Tired of putting your “real” life on hold? Do you put everyone else before yourself? Living your best life starts NOW. I’m your host, Shawna O’Hagan Morrow -- Certified Life Coach, Weight Coach, BARE Coach, as well as, a Certified Public Accountant. Through stories of my own learned lessons, aha moments, blunders, and successes we will connect, laugh, and get motivated. My journey has been built on the sto ...
The Homeland After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Showtime's Homeland.Show Summary: CIA officer Carrie Mathison is tops in her field despite being bipolar, which makes her volatile and unpredictable. With the help of her long-time mentor Saul Berenson, Carrie fearlessly risks everything, including her personal well-being and even sanity, at every turn.
Think Like A Boss
THINK LIKE A BOSS is a Podcast for anyone wanting to Build a Business, Own Their Hustle, Create Multiple Streams of Income and BOSS their way to success!
A quick and easy meditation practice for people that are into Health and Fitness including Yoga, Running, Barre, Crossfit, Keto, Paleo, or any other positive activity that can change your life for the better. These sessions include: Gratitude, Inspiration, Visualization and 5 minutes of meditation using a binaural beat or an isochronic tone.
Inner Voice
Dr. Foojan is an expert in guiding the listeners to create a fulfilling LIFE. She is Psychotherapist and a Coach with a no-nonsense and loving approach that will get to the depth of what really matters in a short time, and gives sound pathways and tools to live an intentional and fulfilling life. Join us with your questions by calling or emailing the show, or listen and gain amazing knowledge from the expert guests in the field of Psychology, Relationship, Parenting, Humanity, and Business.
Welcome to Adult Bedtime Stories – Are you ready to experience Nocturnal Emissions. Join us in a Sex-Positive Awakening adventure to help create a sex-positive world. Become part of a movement and start living a sex-positive lifestyle free of sexual shame and guilt. Adult Bedtime Stories is A Raven’s Lair Production. Adult Bedtime Stories is a show dedicated to bringing sacredness back to our sexuality and to learn about everything sexual. Allow the beautiful sexy creature within you to emer ...
Did you know there are over 100 conditions that people are suffering with everyday that compromise their immune systems and if it’s not one of the “big ones” like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis you might be told it’s all in your head….Your host for The Autoimmune Hour, Sharon Sayler knows, she’s heard that over and over again. It was her struggles to find the right answers that created what friends call an “irrational-passion” to encourage and insp ...
Satellite Sisters
Women's Humor, Health and Happiness. Award-winning pep talk for modern women. Hosted by Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan, real sisters with very different lives, Satellite Sisters informs listeners daily lives with entertaining conversation, smart advice and positive support. With laughter and friendship, Satellite Sisters tackles current events, family/friends + pets, health + wellness, culture + entertainment, TV and film, work + careers, life transitions + decisions.
An Extra Dose
An Extra Dose podcast featuring Samantha Belbel and Alexis Belbel, of a, where we talk about entrepreneurship, fashion, travel, and everyday life. Send your questions via message on Instagram to: @samanthabelbel and @alexis.belbel
The goal of BMP Radio is to inspire people to lead a healthier, more passionate & fulfilling life. My name is Brian Pickowicz, I am a Transformative Fitness Coach & my purpose is to help others transform their lives through first transforming their lifestyle habits. We all have a story, we are all on a journey & it is our goal to create a space for people to share the tales that make them who they are. Through connecting you to inspirational figures & ideas from the fields of Health, Fitness ...
Laurie Carty, Cognitive Skills Practitioner, explores topics such as the expansion of consciousness, Is there more to you than you know? What is the potential of human the human being? What are we truly capable of becoming? ESP, Remote Viewing, Energy Healing, UFO's, Paranormal Investigations, Astral travel, Reincarnation,
Listen to 2 young and quite possibly handsome men struggle to stay positive in a world that is doing it's best to bring us down.
This is a podcast about living life to fullest. Whether it be fitness, hunting, fishing, or just being positive we’ll cover it! So come along on this journey with us, and let’s start living large!
Get advice on healthy living including tips on yoga, relaxation, essential oils, herbs and food from Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach Andrea Trank
How to Live the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life. Inspiring discussions and specific guidance. Insights On How To | Truly Live | Love Life | Be Grateful | Enjoy Every Moment | Smile | Think Faith | Create Art | Create The Life You Want | Remember Who You Are | Succeed | Empower Others | Give | Grow | Love Unconditionally | and more!
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Discourse on living tomorrow, today.
Spiritual Reflections is a periodic podcast that exists for those who wish to know something further of their own path in life. Even if you are a little curious, then take a listen - I dont look to you to believe, just to get something positive for yourself in whatever path you choose to move your life forward in a positive way. The one thing to rememeber if you wish to move forward is simply to SERVE. That'll be something to think about. A full archiove of new podcasts can be found at WWW.s ...
60 Seconds...ish
Daily audio stories on life and it's lessons told in about 60 seconds...ish.
What kind of hijinks did you get up to as a kid? Did you climb trees? Did you run around outside barefoot? Did you eat raw cookie dough? Maybe you wanted to do these and other crazy things, but you weren't allowed… Let me ask you this: what if your children wanted to? Would you let them? If you hesitate there, well, you're in the right place. The We Turned Out Okay podcast is where we learn the hows and whys of hovering less and enjoying our young children more. You get to learn from host Ka ...
Authentic Smile
“Authentic Smile” providing the listening ear with Life perspective , hoping to inspire & motivate. WELCOME
Getting to the root- not just the symptoms- for patients and practitioners through functional and lifestyle medicine. Diet, nutrition, exercise, mind-body medicine to reverse the trends of disease in an over-medicated society.
In the first season of The Empowering Series, life coach and motivational speaker Zarina Poonawala tackles the challenges of being a better boss. This show will feature live sessions between Zarina and a participant looking to bring a positive shift in their workplace through purposeful and positive changes.
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Ep 31 of the Always Better than Yesterday Interview Sessions was with young entrepreneur, mindset coach and community leader Luke Burrows During our conversation we heard how Luke has pushed through anxiety through self development, finding his purpose and value to now building a business and community, helping others grow. I admire Luke's atti ...…
Purely motivation. A few different quotes that can get you through the week. I talked about the fact that I wanted to give up a year ago.
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
In this episode, I'm talking about how manage my to-do list, instead of having it manage me. It keeps me happy, intentional and super productive. You will learn: The three critical lists I create. How I manage my day. And how I am intentional about what goes on my calendar each day.
Before you quit your job master being great. A new job won't make you great again. Those old habits will follow you.
Explore the benefits of sexual fantasy and how imagination enriches sexual experience.
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today on the podcast I talk about my prostatitis... again, Lyft shift... again... and the new name for the podcast, and more! Send me a message via: Anchor - Instagram - Facebook - email - Support: Patreon - https://www.patreon ...…
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today on the podcast I talk about Lyft shift, I signed up for Uber, gratitude Friday, my son's birthday, and more. Send me a message via: Anchor - Instagram - Facebook - email - Support: Patreon - ...…
Cultivating intuition and trusting faith: Letting go of the need for certainty Subscribe:
In this episode, we explore ways to unblock and unlock success when we can’t seem to overcome negative habits and beliefs. Our guest, Karen Seltz has a Master’s degree in Counseling, is a certified Life Coach, and a Brain Gym Consultant and she serves purpose-driven women by helping them become more confident, courageous, vibrant, and free. As ...…
This is a super quick and easy pre-workout mindfulness practice. Yup, it's only 20 seconds and it's based off of the Tiny Habits research being done at Stanford University. Try it for 5 days and let me know how it works: If you know somebody that can benefit from this podcast please share it with them. As always, THANKS FOR L ...…
Let me know what you think of my book review of Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. Personally, it's one of my favourite leadership books I've read. It perfectly captures that leadership is about.. people, people, people.
Ep 30 of the Always Better than Yesterday Interview Sessions was with Nicole Termin communication wizard 🧙🏻‍♀️ We had a great conversation about Nicole’s mindset, what helps her show up as an entrepreneur, educator (Udemy)and someone who has grown a very large social media following. We also talked about why communication is important and how d ...…
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
today on the podcast I talk about life punching me in the face, feeling better, preparing for life like an athlete, meditation thursday, Spiderman Far From Home trailer, Lyft shift, and more. Send me a message via: Anchor - Instagram - Facebook - ...…
Kids got anger? Forget anger management, let's teach kids to use their anger as a positive catalyst for change. Using research-based strategies, you may just discover that it's easier for our kids to change their habits than it is for us. If that's not enough, you'll learn Ed's "one line" to change your life. Support the show…
This episode is strictly about the featured guess. He talks about his weight loss journey, and how he created a healthy life style.
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Colette Lopane Capella, LMHC, Reiki Practitioner and EMDR therapist of New Day Vitality, Westchester NY takes you through a new breathing exercise in this episode, we hope you enjoy. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today on the podcast I talk about the hardest question to answer, I also had acupuncture. Send me a message via: Anchor - Instagram - Facebook - email - Support: Patreon - Anchor - https://anchor. ...…
Cultivating a resilient spirit: Letting go of numbing and powerlessness. Subscribe:
I used to count calories. I became obsessed. I wouldn't eat an apple because it would put me over my daily calorie limit. Sound familiar? In today's episode I discuss a variety of alternatives to focus on instead of counting calories. You can thank me later.
Bitter Business Bureau: Creepy lech John Lasseter got a job? Are you kidding us? Plus travel, entertainment, trends and a podcast recommendation: Believed. Lian recommends the podcast about the Larry Nassar abuses called Believed. Here's the episode called How He Got Caught. Coffee. Here are the 10 best coffee cities in America. Travel: Liz and ...…
This episode discusses a lot of different articles I came across.
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today's Episode Is Sponsored By My Latest Digital Program: "Master Your Money Like a BOSS" If you have a difficult relationship with money then today's episode is for you! Today I'm sharing my top tips on: How To HEAL Your Relationship With Money; Why You Should Stop Feeling Guilty For Wanting More; How To Think Positively Whilst Experiencing F ...…
So, I never actually use the word toxic in the whole episode… instead of that, I talk about balloon-poppers. A much more fun name, I'm sure you'll agree! In this episode I share four ways that you can protect yourself against toxic people, a.k.a. balloon-poppers. Which is really important, not just for your health, but for your child's as well. ...…
Cultivating Self-compassion: letting go of perfectionism. Subscribe:
This week, I continue to build on letting go of the expectations from all around us and getting to understand what we really want and what could be holding us back. Now, let’s talk about how we talk to ourselves, about ourselves, and about others … and who else is listening to us and what they’re learning from us.…
On this episode of An Extra Dose, Alexis third wheels, and puts Samantha's boyfriend, Taylor in the hot seat! We asked him everything from online dating, what qualities are important in their relationship (and any relationship), and what he thinks of us working as bloggers full-time. Follow us on our blog- Instagram: ...…
Motivation is a mood that can help you get back on track. After motivation is gone you have to be disciplined.
In today's episode, I'm talking about how I start my day off so that the rest of my day is successful, and most of all, so that I feel happy. The way you start your day can have a massive impact on the rest of your day. So why not do things that work for you, not against you. Have a listen to learn how you can master your mindset to gain positi ...…
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
I Feel Like I Am Being Punished For A Crime I Didn't Commit Send me a message via: Anchor - Instagram - Facebook - email - Support: Patreon - Anchor - Paypal - htt ...…
Gratitude Friday Send me a message via: Anchor - Instagram - Facebook - email - Support: Patreon - Anchor - Paypal - Go Fund Me - ...…
It's time to start preparing for the rest of your life, but first you will have to master commitment, consistency, and control so you can make it to the next level. Ask CHAR to speak at your next event: Let Your Healthy Reality transform your organization with coaching. Visit:…
Learn about primal sex and how to get in touch with raw sex energy.
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Recruiting Firm Riderflex gives Career Advice and Job Interviewing Tips. Donations support Volunteers of America. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Cultivating authenticity: Letting go of what people think. Subscribe:
Embrace Failure “Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure Ever will” Dr. Madrid discusses how many people are living their lives fearful of failure. Dr. Madrid explains the importance of failure and how without failure once will never succeed. The most successful people all have stories of failure. However, doubt and fear of failure keep millions f ...…
Back by popular demand, Dr. Dana Cohen and Gina Bria! They changed my way of thinking about hydration completely.I had no idea that when you think you are dehydrated — you are already very dehydrated! And with just a 2% loss of hydration, there are profound physical responses including loss of concentration and focus! Dr. Dana Cohen and Gina Br ...…
Ep 29 of the Always Better than Yesterday Interview Session was with Bodybuilding Champion, Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur and DJ Troy Brown This was a powerful conversation and true to my being a life long learner, I took so much from this episode. I took lots of notes from all the value that Troy was dropping 💣 We discussed wha ...…
Stop fearing failure and take two steps forward. Once you make the decision to face your fears, doors will open
We have a choice to build up or tear down, are our attitudes , words, or actions building up or tearing down. What will your legacy be? Subscribe:
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