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Pacific Northwest aficionados, AJ Barse and Chris Powell are your hosts each week talking about their views and interests in technology, travel, gear and watches. Recorded in Bellingham or on location (typically in their favorite local coffee establishments) in City of Subdued Excitement. Bellingham Washington. This show is also available on-air on Bellingham's KMRE 102.3FM.
Listen to sermons from Christ Church Bellingham.
Sermons by Northwest Baptist Church (Bellingham, WA)
Podcast by 92.9 KISM
Tapped In is a podcast that covers the craft beer scene in and around Bellingham, WA. From interviews to owners and brewers, to drop ins events, Tapped In gives you access to the region’s hottest craft beer community.
Welcome to First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Bellingham, WA, the little church that could (and does)! Please enjoy our Sunday messages and come see us in person whenever you are able.
Employees of The Comics Place in Bellingham, Washington talk about comics every week. They are easily sidetracked and meander into a variety of nerdy topics.
Breaking news & stimulating talk in Bellingham and Whatcom County.
Bellingham Terror
Tales of Suspense and Mystery
Cascadia News Now
Lively discussion on news and issues in and around Bellingham and the Pacific Northwest.Hosts: Dave Willingam, Tim Johnson, Stephanie Kountouros and guests.Wednesdays, 5:30 pm and Sundays, 11:00 a.m. on KMRE 102.3 FM Bellingham, WA and KMRE.orgTuesdays at 6 pm and Thursdays at noon on KAVZ 102.5 FM Van Zandt, WA.
We are a Christ-centered church committed to God's glory, God's Word, and God's love. Sunday Bible Classes 9:00am; Worship Service 10:15am; 1254 W. Smith Rd, Bellingham
The following messages are a collection of sermons from Jeremy Schweder and a few inspiring guests at Life Church bayside in Bellingham Washington.
Chris Powell
Technologist. Minimalist. ISFJ. From Bellingham, Washington.
Jesus is a really big deal.
Little City, Big Sound explores the many facets of Bellingham's music community. From buskers and bandleaders to bookers and bartenders, we are listening to the voices that shape our little city's big sound.
This is the podcast of Living Word Bible Church in Bellingham. We are a community of Russian-American believers committed to cultivating a high view of Scripture, life on life discipleship, and a gospel-centered worldview. Subscribe to listen to our weekly messages!
The Bridge is a community church based in Bellingham, WA led by Pastor Brian Kelly.
Sermons by Bellingham Covenant Church
Light & Life Christian Fellowship | Bellingham
Listen to sermons from Christ Church Bellingham.
Preaching and teaching audio from Calvary Chapel Northwest
The Medium At Large takes your calls to bring evidence and messages from your loved ones in spirit! Call: (646) 787-8057 to get in queue. Susan is available for readings in Bellingham WA. Email: averre@gmail.comSusan is a teacher, artist and Spirit Portrait Artist in addition to being a Psychic Medium. Fast, accurate, funny, down to earth, practical and direct. Susan trained in Lily Dale, America's largest and oldest Spiritualist community and has additionally studied with some of the best m ...
Two guys from Whatcom County talking about anything we find interesting in the sporting world, both nationally and locally.
Official Dispatches from the Institute for the Study of Bass Chakra Therapy
Hammer Time
We talk all things BUFC. Our views and opinions are ours alone and not representative of the club in any way.
Skill and Bones Radio is a once monthly podcast exploring games and geek culture, brought to you from the wet coast of beautiful Bellingham, Washington. Join us as we talk nerdy.
Sermons from our Friday Night Fellowship meeting every Friday during the school year in Arntzen Hall 100 on the campus of Western Washington University
Little Brother Podcast (2009-06-15 23:58:46 +0000 UTC)
We are Sudden Valley! is a podcast brought to you from the highest hill overlooking beautiful Lake Whatcom, just outside of Bellingham WA. It's stories, music, people, interests, humor and rants. Our podcasts are simply tiny fragments of our compulsions.
Helping your small business grow and profit! YouTube My Business - Classic - New - - - ...
A young doctor, former student of the legal and medical expert Dr. John Thorndyke, finds himself almost accidentally drawn into a case in which a man has vanished. Perhaps he has died; perhaps not;but the issue is very important because the will that he has left behind is curiously -- annoyingly curiously -- worded. Fortunately, Dr. Thorndyke's rationality combined with his forensic skills, bring the case to a conclusion, while the young doctor meets the love of his life in the Egyptian room ...
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Easter Sunday- Jesus resurrection brings hope when hope is dead
We are off the mic this week as Chris flies in from parts unknown, but be sure to check back next week as we get back on the mic. Chris has another interview with a local non-profit coming soon!Like audio books? Like supporting your local bookstore? Check out Independent Bookstore Day: April 27 on (not a sponsored bit- who doesn't like ...…
Bellingham Police Chief David Doll talks to Mike on the KGMI afternoon news about homelessness and crime in Bellingham.
The woman who was married to Nic Cage for FOUR days now says she wants spousal support!By (Brad and John).
The woman who was married to Nic Cage for FOUR days now says she wants spousal support!By (Brad and John).
The host of A&E's Tiny House Nation is Zach Giffin and he joined us in studio today to talk about a cool project happening this week!By (Brad and John).
More with Zach Giffin, the host of "Tiny House Nation" and how you can participate in this week's build coming to Bellingham Millwork Supply!By (Brad and John).
Bizarre stories from the animal a golfer needed his golfing buddies to use their clubs to beat a rabid bobcat that attacked their friend on the tee box!By (Brad and John).
A Miami area dollar store was in the news for being shut down by the health we looked up the Yelp reviews of this dump!By (Brad and John).
John finished the Fun with the fuzz 5K on Saturday despite some crippling leg cramps!By (Brad and John).
A man's 18 ft pet python escaped his house and was on his roof...a woman stole her truck back from the service dealership after seeing a man running errands in it around town...and a guy was popped for stealing over $1000.00 in Slim Jim meat snacks!By (Brad and John).
A woman tears down a man's "racy" Easter display...a man paid to see Captain Marvel 116 times...and cops in Florida could not figure out how no one was snagged in a speed trap!By (Brad and John).
Dave Grohl and Brandi Carlile "busked" at Pike Place Market...Nic Cage's wife of 4 days now wants spousal support...and tv is doing live re-makes of All in the Family and The Jeffersons!By (Brad and John).
CBS Correspondent Pam Falk joins Joe and Alex to discuss last weekend's tragedy in Sri Lanka.
Jesus shows up in the cradle. Jesus goes to the cross. Jesus rises from the dead. All in service of restoration. To bring us back to God...He has given us every reason to love Him. In the extraordinary. And the ordinary. May the Spirit give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to know.
MBT April 2019 by KGMI News/Talk 790
Solstice Senior Living April 2019 by KGMI News/Talk 790
Call 811 April 2019 by KGMI News/Talk 790
AO 04202019 by KGMI News/Talk 790
The man who is suing his own parents for over $80,000 after they let him move in but threw away his massive collection of porn!By (Brad and John).
The ATV we are giving away features a tow hitch so we started taking stories about that time you experienced a towing nightmare!By (Brad and John).
The ATV we are giving away has a 600 lb towing capacity so we started talking about that time you had a great towing FAILBy (Brad and John).
A grandma used a baseball bat to thump a 300lb carjacker...and Whidbey Island 911!By (Brad and John).
An 82 yr old grandma terrorized her neighbors by cranking loud music from the 1920's...3 big hives of bees survived the Notre Dame fire by getting drunk on smoke...and a motorcycle rider had 44 stolen diamonds up his backside!By (Brad and John).
Clint Eastwood is going to direct a movie about Richard Jewel from the Atlanta Olympics bombing events...John Fogerty had some choice words for the CCRevisited group...and guitarist Jake E Lee talks about the "Ozzy snorted ants story!"By (Brad and John).
The guy who called 911 to say a woman had been shot but when cops arrived he said he just wanted help finding his cellphone!By (Brad and John).
It's America's largest retirement community but it also has it's share of problems as evidenced here it this hard hitting report!By (Brad and John).
We started talking about The Villages today and a caller told us about his experience visiting America's #1 retirement community!By (Brad and John).
There were a couple stories in the news about people getting attacked by geese...and listener John knows the terror first hand!By (Brad and John).
Nielsen ratings put the number at 17+ million but over 3X that amount watched illegally! Did you ever have an illegal cable box or get pirated entertainment?By (Brad and John).
A guy called cops to say a woman was shot but in reality he only wanted help finding his cellphone...3 elementary age kids did thousands of dollars damage to a high school...and a man phoned in a bomb threat to get his girlfriend off from work!By (Brad and John).
Someone is releasing piranhas into an popular lake in England...a speeder told cops he was going fast because it's a Ferrari and they are supposed to go fast...and Whidbey Island 911!By (Brad and John).
Bob Dylan gets mad at a crowd for taking pictures...more of Dan Rather's interview with Journey's Steve Perry...and Sammy Hagar interviews Willie Nelson!By (Brad and John).
Today we sit down with Dave Vitt of Kulshan Brewing. Kulshan exploded onto the scene in 2012 and have essentially been playing catch-up with themselves ever since. We talk about the struggles of success, how Kulshan is in many ways a familial entity, and just generally shoot the breeze. Recorded in March 2019. Kulshan Brewing Co. K1 (Sunnyland) ...…
A man who was high on bath salts got up to 6 years in prison after he was running around firing his gun at fireflies that he thought were aliens!By (Brad and John).
A MLB pitcher says he broke his toe when he stepped out of the shower and accidentally kicked a granite towel did you break your toe?By (Brad and John).
Whether it was at the border...getting on a plane...a concert or sporting event? Tell us the valuable item you had to leave behind!By (Brad and John).
A woman trashed a diner with a baseball bat because they were out of chocolate ice cream...someone left a bag of human ashes behind at the Anchorage airport...and a man who was high on bath salts was shooting at fireflies!By (Brad and John).
A substitute teacher at a middle school was taking vodka shots in class and blew a .317...a man was busted smuggling a rare fish because he wore it around his neck...and a couple hired a day laborer and forced him to have sex at gunpoint!By (Brad and John).
Former Journey singer Steve Perry talks about holding out on the Sopranos using "Don't stop believing" ...and the biggest fights in CSN&Y were over women!By (Brad and John).
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