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Think Spiritual
Be your own Hero! Think Spiritual Podcasts looks at modern stories through the lens of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and explains their (plausible) mythological meaning.
Let's Get Real!
We are Cathy Matarazzo (aka "the Heart Doctor") and Warren Wojnowski (who Cathy likes to call "Intrinsic Guru"). Welcome to our show! Our program hosts many real life people with real life experiences they are ready to share with the world. Discover how they have found freedom in their lives and how YOU can do the same. The episodes being aired all deal with real people who continue to master their shadows and find their passions ... by honouring their hearts. And in doing so, they choose to ...
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What is Spirituality? with Andrew Jasko
The Deeper Meaning of Io: Last on Earth (2019)
Be King of Your Life: Mongol (2007)
Joseph Campbell’s Hero's Journey Step 8: Temptation
An Introduction to Archetypes with Beth Martens
Master of Two Worlds: Lady in the Water (2006) and Aquaman (2018)
Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey #7: Meeting With the Goddess
Personal Spiritual Journeys #7: Rich Decker (Mindful Accord)
The Transformative Power of Love: Willow (1988)
Hacking Your Inner Program: Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)
Conan the Barbarian (1982): The Perfect Feminine and the Everyman
Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey #6: Road of Trials
Krull (1983) - The Wholeness of the Combined Masculine and Feminine
You Exist Here - Star Trek Deep Space Nine
The Hero’s Journey #5 – Belly of the Whale – Why Being “Woke” Isn’t Enough
Excalibur (1981): Forgiveness and Healing
Spiritual Aspects of Avengers: Infinity War
Personal Spiritual Journeys #6: Bernardo and Gonzo - Part 3
Personal Spiritual Journeys #6: Bernardo and Gonzo - Part 2
Personal Spiritual Journeys #6: Bernardo and Gonzo - Part 1
Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey #4 - Crossing the First Threshold
Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey #1 - The Call to Adventure
This podcast with Jay is great. He’s a good friend and the “spiritual” grandfather of this podcast, so I hope you have a listen to the spiritual insights that this man has. Very interesting!
Ever wonder why so many movies made for kids are enjoyable for kids and adults alike? Well, maybe it’s because we’re seeing deeper meaning and messages hidden in them than our supposed “grown-up” movies contain and I’m about to show you a great example.
After the success of discovering that Highlander was a much deeper movie than most people would expect, Bernardo, Gonzo, and I (Mark) decided to delve into the world of Legend for our next 80s Swordporn movie.
In this episode Mark takes a short detour in order to prove that the Hero's Journey is not simply a story-telling motif. No, it is, in fact, a very real-life event. This episode is dedicated to Nice Nailantei Leng'ete: the hero who has saved all future Maasai women from the horrors of the practice of female circumcision (genital mutilation) or FGM.…
I'm slightly annoyed at the moment because I had a great description written here and for some reason it kept breaking my XML file. I know, Dear Subscriber, that you do not need to know that, but I felt like telling you anyway. I hope it doesn't detract from your enjoyment of this episode. Please listen in to hear what a former Pentecostal past ...…
Gravity (2013): The Path to Enlightenment - Some consider Gravity to be a great thrill-ride of a movie. Some consider it terrible due to its "scientific inaccuracies". Today I'm going to prove to you that it's really all about walking the path to spiritual enlightenment.
Highlander - Overcoming Nihilism
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Science and Religion in Harmony
The Hero's Journey #2 - Refusal of the Call
Personal Spiritual Journeys #2 - Christine
Musings and Snippets #1 - Reason and Intuition
The Hero's Journey #1 - The Call to Adventure
Personal Spiritual Journeys #1 - Mark
Soldier: Coming to Terms with Your Past
Are you ready to break through all your barriers, eliminate fear, doubt, and procrastination, free yourself from clutter, and get into full-speed action to bring out what’s most unique and special about you so that you can create your legacy in business, personal, creative, or spiritual endeavors, achieve your deepest dreams and aspirations -- ...…
Dr. PIERS STEEL, recognized as the world's leading authority on procrastination, taught at both the business and psychology schools of the University of Minnesota and is Associate Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Dynamics at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. He has received international recognition for his ...…
As a very successful entrepreneur of her own multimillion dollar corporation, this lady has it all! In 2009 she kept receiving messages during her meditation that she needed to share the lessons that she had learned and applied to transform her life from addiction and despair to total joy and prosperity. For months Mal transcribed messages she ...…
David Neagle is the President of Life is Now, Inc., a multimillion-dollar global corporation dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to use the power of their minds to rapidly create quantum leaps in both business and personal arenas. David is known as the Million Dollar Income Acceleration Coach, and through his signature "Experience the Reali ...…
This lady is divine! She is an expert in profiling men and women though the art of print media. Dorothy Briggs has been publishing magazines for over 15 years and has primarily focused on highlighting men and women for the past eight years. The purpose of her most latest work (Womanition magazine) is to promote women in business, women entrepre ...…
Sherry Gaba is probably most well known for her role in VH1's Celebrity Rehab seasons 2 and 3. A licensed psychotherapist and life coach who has helped hundreds of people cope with lifelong addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, single parenting and divorce. Joining us again for her second visit, Sherry will share with us an ...…
Canadian songstress Sheena Grobb's emotionally grounding performance style along with an impressive repertoire of original songs continually test the limits of her musicality as a singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and literary performer.Sheena’s musical background was nurtured from the tender age of two years old with a passion ingrained i ...…
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