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Binge or Cringe
Join Bria and Jordan (formerly Bae & J) for their unwarranted but valid opinions on everything you can stream. We'll watch almost anything except you, Gilmore Girls. New episodes every Tuesday! Don't ask us about anything on actual tv because we can't afford cable. Binge or Cringe is available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Got something you want us to watch? Let us know!
Read the book like binging a Netflix show.Discuss the story like you would review a movie.Actually get through the book.
Welcome to Intuitive Eating For Binge Eating Recovery! An intuitive eating podcast all about binge eating recovery using intuitive eating. Host spiritual emotional wellness coach Martita Robinson focuses on a spirit-centered approach to binge eating recovery and learning to eat like a normal person using connection to source. DISCLAIMER: The only purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. I am not a licensed therapist or health care professional. For medical advice please consult y ...
Hollywood Binge
Hollywood Binge is a weekly podcast that serves as companion guide helping to navigate through this golden age of' 'Peak TV' breaking down shows to watch, news, and a "Top 12 In-Show" list. And segments like "Meet the Nielsens" and "The Process."
Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist, and author of The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization. Lisa teaches functional organizing and is often caught quoting, “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection.” Lisa’s sensible and do-able organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable style make you feel she is right there beside you, helping you get organi ...
You and I are going to drink a lot of coffee together. Like, a lot. We’ll also talk about the gym, your workouts, nutrition, entrepreneurship, & sexy time (very nice 👍). Welcome to the Mini-Podcast - where we keep things quick, comical, and the exact opposite of politically correct.
Every week, host Umapagan Ampikaipakan is joined by special guests Iain McNally and Bahir Yeusuff for some good geeking out about all things cinema. Interviews. Reviews. Rants. You can find it all, right here, on "At the Movies".
This podcast is brought to you by Iwona and Michelle! We're two pop culture junkies who talk about it endlessly, so we might as well record the conversations. We also happen to have access to a professional studio, so not only do we sound interesting, we also sound great! Michelle's specialty is movies and music and Iwona's is TV and books. Between the two of us, we have it pretty much covered (well, only if you don't count gaming!) We hope you enjoy and subscribe. In the meantime - keep bin ...
Love Your Bod Pod
Welcome to Love Your Bod Pod, a podcast all about intuitive eating, female empowerment, body positivity and saying goodbye to diet culture. Cara Carin Cifelli is your host, she is a holistic health coach, author, speaker, online course creator and now podcaster!
Hosted by Men's Physique Competitor and WBFF Pro Martin Silva. Food. Training. Mediation. Lifestyle. Martin is a true health guru. With a focus on nutrition and the best foods that we can be eating to maintain optimum health. Find out how Martin's life changed when he put health before aesthetics with a clean diet and a clean lifestyle.
Irresistible You
I know exactly what it feels like to be the “fat girl" while letting my weight dictate everything about my life. In my journey, I’ve learned that it’s about more than the number on the scale, dieting, and exercise. Welcome to the Irresistible You podcast, empowering you to create a life you can't resist. Topics include weight, body image, confidence, emotional/binge eating, and personal development.
Welcome to the Former Fat Kid, Forever Introvert podcast, where a soft spoken girl does something she's scared of--speaking her mind on a Podcast. Maybe this'll get better the more I do it. Please be gentle. I'm new to this.
Jump on your broom and join The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion as they take their signature deep dive into 'Harry Potter,' covering all the books and movies as well as the extended 'Potter' universe.
Crave (HD)
Crushworthy tech, science, and culture
The Friend Zone
Listen along every Wednesday as Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante explore mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?Send inquiries and questions
Crave (SD)
Crushworthy tech, science, and culture
Thanksgiving Binge
We know you like to fill your favorite pod-players before you go, so we asked our hosts to share their favorite episodes to help you stock up. So be entertained, delighted or find something (anything) to talk with your in-laws about. Happy Thanksgiving, and here’s to your new favorite show!
Inner Effort
Secrets of Self-Motivation and Change
Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson guide you through the most interesting true crime stories. This is a true crime podcast that spares none of the details and delves into what makes these killers tick. Join us for a good mix of lesser known cases as well as our take on what we call the "Big Timers". We don't take ourselves too seriously but we take true crime very seriously.
You've played Would You Rather before, but never like this. Welcome to the world of This or That, the podcast where no subject is off limits and no option is left unexplored. You can't help but play along as Chris, Joshua, and Danielle tackle each week's topics with humor, intelligence, and a touch of raunchiness. New episodes each Monday.
Jessie is an author, writer, speaker, and Certified Online Health and Weight Loss Coach for Christian Women! She's obsessed with helping women lose weight and gain confidence with a Christ-centered approach! Jessie has lost 50 pounds by NOT being perfect, because perfection doesn't exist! She's going to show you exactly how you can lose weight, be healthier, and feel confident - without sacrificing your sanity! As a working mom of 3, Jessie knows how crazy life is. Overcome the crazy by livi ...
The Control Group
In the early 1960s, a doctor at a mental ward sheds his ethical restraints in an effort to pioneer a new form of "mental cleansing" at the behest of a private research group. The Control Group is a chilling, 10-part historical fiction from HowStuffWorks for mature audiences. Listener discretion is advised due to realistic depictions of violence and graphic sexuality. Binge the entire season now with headphones for a fully immersive experience.
The Live Fit Podcast is Your Guide to Better Health. Taking an holistic approach to improving your health with diverse interviews, insight, research, and experience. The founder of Live Fit, exercise physiologist, health coach, college instructor, and personal trainer, Glenn Johnson has more than 19 years experience as a good health professional. Live your life Healthy, Fit, and Free. Glenn will give you the bottom line on ways to stay fit, lean, healthy and vital. Live life to its fullest. ...
Primal Potential
The Primal Potential Podcast is the anti-diet approach to mastering fat loss NATURALLY. Everyone knows they should eat better and exercise regularly but Primal Potential talks about strategy for the tough stuff - HOW to overcome emotional eating, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy habits and your all-or-nothing dieting mindset. Each week we tackle a mainstream myth or challenge, we talk about weight loss facts, strategies and practical solutions for implementation. This isn't another preachy, we ...
ATW Marino blogpod
Author of The Dorian fantasy series ATW Marino's musings on life.
Ridiculous History
History is beautiful, brutal and, often, ridiculous. Join Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown as they dive into some of the weirdest stories from across the span of human civilization in Ridiculous History, a podcast by HowStuffWorks.
The Simple Show
Conversations about the work we do and the things we love — with author and host Tsh Oxenreider.
In the Foodist podcast Darya Rose, Ph.D. introduces you to real people on the journey of becoming foodists, learning how to get healthy and lose weight without dieting. A foodist is someone who uses Real Food to optimize their life for health and happiness. There is no right or wrong way to become a foodist, and everyone must find their own path or “healthstyle” that works for them. This means finding foods, habits and activities you love and that work for you. On the show you’ll meet people ...
The Vanished is a true crime podcast that explores the stories of those who have gone missing. Join host, Marissa Jones, as she explores each case often interviewing the loved ones who are still searching for answers.
Myers Mindset
We're here to share with you everything we know (and learning) about health, fitness, nutrition, relationships, marriage, and growing a business with social media!
The Control Group
In the early 1960s, a doctor at a mental ward sheds his ethical restraints in an effort to pioneer a new form of "mental cleansing" at the behest of a private research group. The Control Group is a chilling, 10-part historical fiction from HowStuffWorks for mature audiences. Listener discretion is advised due to realistic depictions of violence and graphic sexuality. Binge the entire season now with headphones for a fully immersive experience.
This podcast is about the journey of a Dominatrix Turned Femdom Goddes + start up business owner. She shares stories about the fetishes, the clients + the industry
I will share Paranormal stories of my own, and from people who want to share their ghost experiences.. It will be an adventure!
The LoDownLiving Podcast is a weekly conversation around holistic wellness, body positivity, minimalism & intuitive living. Lo opens up about her personal experiences through these topics to help, motivate & inspire you to heal physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally from the inside out. Submit your questions to Hang out on Instagram @lodownliving!
Learn To Heal Health Holistically & Raise Your Spiritual Vibration To Achieve Your Goal Life Freedoms In The Quickest Way Possible. With Matt Michael "The Path To A New Life Of Health, Happiness, & Freedom Begins Not By Looking Around But By Going Within." - Check out the free ebooks and courses on holistic health, weight loss, natural healing, and spirituality.
Don't risk not knowing what's going around New Zealand and the world - catch up with interviews from Early Edition, hosted by Kate Hawkesby on Newstalk ZB.
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Podcast by Dr Christina Hibbert
Who's Driving Your Life?
Let's look at life through the lens of our ancestors. Our instincts were shaped by their struggles in an environment much different than our current environment. Our instincts haven't changed much but our environment has changed dramatically. We blend the science of evolutionary psychology with the clinical experience of Doug Lisle, PhD to explore common problems and stumbling points in our pursuit of happiness. We are live on Wednesdays at 8:30-9:30pm PST. If you have a question or comment, ...
Hollywood & Crime
Hollywood and Crime is a ground-breaking true crime series about the most infamous murders in Tinseltown history. In The Black Dahlia Serial Killers, host Tracy Pattin investigates the sensational unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short. Known as the Black Dahlia, Short was a star-struck young woman whose body was found completely severed at the waist in January 1947. Many remember her tragic story, yet few know that more than a dozen other women died in similar circumstances around that same tim ...
The entertainment industry is brimming with interesting people who are responsible for your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. Join Vox’s critic-at-large Todd VanDerWerff every Thursday as he speaks with the very well known, up-and-coming and need to know folks responsible for the most exciting projects in art, entertainment, and pop culture – diving deep into their influences, inspirations, and careers in a frank, uncensored fashion. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den focuses on starting and growing a new business and interviews others who are influencing the business of new media. Part of the fun is hearing about the behind the scenes building of Earwolf.
The One You Feed
"This podcast saved my life"- Amy W Conversations about Creating a Life Worth Living- Named Best of 2014 by iTunes. Open minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation.
Early Risers Podcast
An Early Riser isn't necessarily someone who is up at the break of dawn every morning. An Early Riser is someone who wakes up earlier than they have to in order to get some form of uninterrupted personal development in the morning. An Early Riser is someone who dedicates themselves to living a more successful and a more effective life. In this podcast, that's exactly what we cover.
The Control Group
In the early 1960s, a doctor at a mental ward sheds his ethical restraints in an effort to pioneer a new form of "mental cleansing" at the behest of a private research group. The Control Group is a chilling, 10-part historical fiction from HowStuffWorks for mature audiences. Listener discretion is advised due to realistic depictions of violence and graphic sexuality. Binge the entire season now with headphones for a fully immersive experience.
Who's Driving Your Life?
Aren’t you tired of hating your body, tired of counting calories, tired of making your scale decide whether you get to feel good today or (more likely) not? Aren’t you tired of feeling guilty for eating what you like, tired of exercising obsessively to get rid of that guilt? Tired of the negative self-talk-chatter in your head? Aren’t we all? So. Welcome home. Let’s start this journey toward body positivity, a better body image, acceptance of diversity and a more balanced approach to health; ...
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show series
If you ever struggle with binge eating or food anxiety or if thoughts/worries about food take up too much of your daily thoughts...listen to this episode from start to finish. Doesn’t matter if you count calories or not...Doesn’t matter if you’re low-carb or no carb or high carb...Doesn’t matter if you want to lose fat or build muscle or get mo ...…
If you have a great idea for a topic email us at or tweet us. If you like the show, tell your friends and be sure to rate us on Apple Podcasts. Don't have an iPhone? No worries, we're also on Spotify, Stitcher, or pretty much any other podcast platform you can imagine. Thanks for listening and be sure to join us next week ...…
Insecurity. Fear of what others think. We're going there today, not to have a theoretical discussion, but to talk about strategies and perspectives that will help each one of us stop letting those feelings limit our lives. It's a choice. We feel those feelings, think those thoughts and face those fears but we don't need to submit to them. If yo ...…
Patrick Purdy was a 24-year-old who had a rough childhood, mental difficulties, and a hatred for individuals whose ethnicity was something other than his own. On January 17, 1989, Purdy opened fire at the elementary school he attended as a child. He killed 5 children and wounded over 30 others, including one teacher, before turning the gun on h ...…
On the evening of February 16, 2018, 20-year old Ryan Shtuka went to a silent disco with some of his friends in the resort town of Sun Peaks, British Columbia. Later on that evening, he and his friends went to a house party nearby. In the early morning hours of the 17th, Ryan was seen getting up to leave the house party to head back home after ...…
Lovely radicals... Today on the "Life. Unrestricted." Podcast you are going to hear... me. After one year of shameful silence... Let it be broken. I think we need to talk about what it is that might be going wrong in many eating disorder treatment clinics, and all I can do to inspire a conversation is contribute my own experience; colored – of ...…
The country is still reeling after the news a body believed to be missing British tourist Grace Millane was been found by police in the Waitakere Ranges.Police are now seeking sightings of the 2016 red Toyota Corolla hatchback that was hired from a central Auckland rental company and was possibly in the West Auckland area between 6am and 9am on ...…
Do Muslims believe that Jesus was born of a virgin named Mary/Maryam/Miriam? Do they believe He was the Messiah? What does the Koran teach about that? What about Him being the Son of God? Muslims teach that Jesus will return, but to do what? Will Jesus destroy the Antichrist? What are some issues that Muslims have with professing Christianity? ...…
You don't have to be a Warriors (or basketball) fan to appreciate this message. Question of the day: what are you focused on?
The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion discuss choice in chapters 23-25 of ‘Deathly Hallows,’ examine the wand-making process, share seven of their favorite insights and observations, and award the House Cup to a free elf.
To Stick With your healthy lifestyle plan you're going to have to have a very strong weight loss WHY. We're taking Day One one step deeper to be very thorough in setting up a foundation for success with your weight loss goals!It's even easier to complete the steps of The 12 Days of Weight Loss when you have the special, bonus worksheets to acco ...…
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Sam Taggart is Dr. Paul‘s guest for this episode of Live On Purpose Radio. As a thought leader, author, and industry disrupter in door-to-door sales, Sam brings a fresh approach to understanding the value exchange that drives our economy.
Sam Taggart is Dr. Paul‘s guest for this episode of Live On Purpose Radio. As a thought leader, author, and industry disrupter in door-to-door sales, Sam brings a fresh approach to understanding the value exchange that drives our economy.By Dr. Paul Jenkins.
In the next installment of our interview series, Lisa sits down with Holly Knill, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland, to discuss the science behind why The Sunday Basket™ works for just about anyone. Based on actual brain science and universal human nature, Holly explains the five ways that The Sunday Basket™, both the routine ...…
The courtroom can be a battlefield over money, people’s rights, and even their lives. For some cases, the consequences can affect us long after the verdict is read. Based on extensive interviews and court transcripts, Wondery’s new podcast LEGAL WARS puts you inside the jury box of some of the most famous court cases in American history. Subscr ...…
There is alarm at the acute shortage of gastroenterology specialists, which has been highlighted in a report by the New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology.Bowel Cancer New Zealand spokeswoman Mary Bradley told Kate Hawkesby says patients around the country who aren't being diagnosed early enough, which can be the difference between life and de ...…
For at least 200 years, part of London’s criminal underground was ruled by a gang of brilliant, all-female jewel thieves. Join the guys as they explore the rise and fall of the notorious Forty Elephants. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn about your ad choices when li ...…
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Have you ever wondered why you're all messed up with food and your weight? If you have you're not alone. Millions are out there struggling with the same problems right now!Food addiction, emotional eating, binge eating, using food for comfort, along with all of the shame, self-doubt and secrecy that comes along with it. It's really a mess to be ...…
Terror laws created to block Kiwis leaving to fight for Islamic State have resulted in eight people having New Zealand passports torn up since the new laws were introduced.The Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Act, passed in December 2014, amended three existing laws to bolster New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) surveillanc ...…
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This was a FB live I did in my free Facebook group, Life Fueled by Faith - Health and Weight Loss for Christian Women - which you need to be in btw - all about the EXACT things you need to lose weight! WARNING - there is some tough love that goes on in this episode! But, I felt like you really need to hear it. So, go listen! And don't forget to ...…
We’ve got another in our series! This time, it’s with my friend Stephanie Langford, who if you’ve listened to this podcast for a bit, you know her — she’s my fellow serial traveler and a dear friend to me. (As a reminder, in these chats I’m asking friends to break down their Good Lists in 4 areas: a thing, a habit they’ve adopted, a work of art ...…
If you've talked to Todd at all, you know how much he enjoys Christmas music. And, sure, he enjoys the stuff that gets overplayed year after year, but he gets why you're sick of it. Finding good music often means going a little off the beaten path. That's why Todd talked to PJ Morton, a musician who's recorded with Stevie Wonder and was a membe ...…
Today I have the great pleasure of talking with Jimmy Moore and his wife Christine (a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) about their newest book, Real Food Keto. First and foremost, this episode is about far more than ketogenic diets. Even if you aren't a ketogenic eater, you want to listen to this episode. I was so excited to see a book come on ...…
Martina Castro, CEO of globally-minded podcast production company Adonde Media, joins Lex on the Wolf Den. Martina tells Lex about the formation of Adonde Media, and its recent projects like El Chapo and Duolingo. Martina and Lex discuss the many opportunities available for non-English-language podcasting Finally, the two give recommendations f ...…
Have you ever gotten all excited about a new food diet or New Year resolution to lose weight, only to slide back to old habits soon after? Listen in now to Day One of The 12 Days of Weight Loss and begin gaining clarity on your next step!To get the most out of this exclusive, free, weight loss series from The JoLynn Braley Show, go to www.Fearl ...…
Binging on broccoli, Do we want what we can't have? Live caller
A political commentator says National Party leader Simon Bridges shouldn't have criticised Speaker Trevor Mallard, even if he was right.The National Party leader was kicked out after muttering "here comes the protection" when Trevor Mallard interjected during a question to the Prime Minister.Bridges was asking Jacinda Ardern if she was "ducking ...…
We cover Alma 43-49, and talk about Captain Moroni, poisoning by degrees, Book of Mormon House of Cards starring Amalikiah, and the Latter-day Saint movement relationship with war.
In this solocast, I get real with you about dieting, including chronic dieting, and all the ways it can pop up in your life even when you think you are not dieting. And if you're reading this and think you're not a dieter, I challenge you to listen to this podcast and then check back in with yourself. It's so sneaky!I talk about the cost of die ...…
We take a look back at 2018 - the lessons we've learned, how we've grown from them and what we're looking forward to feeling in 2019.Black Business of the Week - 432house.comHave a dope day!
SPECIAL Subseries of The JoLynn Braley Show, brand new to help you succeed with your weight starting now and then on into the new year!Listen in now to the free 14-part series The 12 Days of Weight Loss, including an introduction and a wrap-up! Optin for free at to get notified as each new episode comes out (over ...…
Hilary Jacobs Hendel is a psychotherapist who switched from practicing traditional talk psychotherapy to accelerated experimental dynamic psychotherapy. She teaches us that our core emotions are automatic and grounded in universal physical experiences. Her new book is called, It’s Not Always Depression: Working The Change Triangle to Listen to ...…
During Europe's period of witchcraft hysteria, one enterprising (and failed) witch hunter sought to bolster his reputation by creating an authoritative text on the existence, discovery and persecution of witches. While it may seem silly now, the Malleus Maleficarum was a runaway success, with thousands of copies inundating European society even ...…
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Junior doctors are being encouraged to "dob in" their bosses if senior clinicians refuse to come into work to assist while on-call overnight.However, many of them are hesitant because they are worried it will have an impact on their career.A junior doctor who worked at Wairarapa Hospital - and asked not to be named - said he often worried about ...…
A British man is calling for veganism to have the same legal protection as religion.Jordi Casamitjana says he was fired for being a vegan and is going to court in March to prove it, however, his employer disputes that, saying his dismissal was for gross misconduct after he disclosed the company invested in firms involved in animal testing.Casam ...…
Sonja Overhiser worked in the business world for 13 years before stepping out to run her food media business with her husband, Alex. When they became parents through adoption, they wanted to transition to a more flexible lifestyle. They stepped away from their day jobs and dove into this world of food media full-time — a risky but ultimately fu ...…
The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion explore how symbols shape chapters 20-22 of ‘Deathly Hallows’, examine technology in the wizarding world, share seven of their favorite insights and observations from these chapters, and award the House Cup to one who greets death as a friend.
Is Emotional Eating Adding To Your Guilt, Shame, and Out-of-Control Eating? Or is your guilt about your weight and eating habits making your emotional eating even worse?Emotional eating can hold you back a lifetime while struggling with the guilt that loops you back to more and more eating, stuffing, emotional eating and weight gain. Ugh! Can i ...…
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