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Of Some Very Famous People You've Never Really Heard Of...In Less Than An Hour.
Memoir shares the audio biographies of the men and women who changed the world. Each episode will feature one person who impacted the world we live in today. Visit for show notes, to sign up for our newsletter, and to vote for the next featured Memoir!
This podcast acts as supportive material for the Clark County School District's Teaching American History Grant module on Immigration and Collaborative Biographies. During the module, third, fourth, and fifth grade classroom teachers learn about immigration from 1880-1920 through reading history books and children's literature, writing a book report, and writing a historical fiction chapter book.
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Scroll Down For Podcast WC Fields, Passport Photo, 1915Fields, in his Broadway yearsFields in “The Old Fashioned Way,” with Baby LeRoyRecent photo of Fields’ DeMille Drive home, Los Feliz section of Los Angeles
Scroll down For Podcast Fields with Mae West in My Little ChickadeeWC Fields as Wilkins Micawber in David CopperfieldFields On Radio, March, 1938Fields’ grave at Forest Lawn, Glendale, California
Scroll down For Podcast Ty Cobb and Shoeless Joe JacksonBill Burns Testifying At TrialThe Black Sox Defendants At TrialBilly MahargCharles ComiskeyEddie Collins On The Philadelphia AthleticsAbe Attell As A BoxerJoe And Kate Jackson On Their Wedding DayJudge Kenesaw Mountain LandisGrave of Joe Jackson, Greenville, SC…
For podcast, scroll down The Eight Chicago Black SoxShoeless Joe Jackson and Babe RuthEddie CicotteArnold “Chick” GandilDickie KerrBuck Weaver and Eddie Cicotte
Emma Edmonds became Franklin Thompson, and Franklin Thompson became a spy for the Union during the Civil War. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Bessie Coleman, the first female African American pilot. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Scroll down for podcast The infamous sketches of DB CooperThe actual ticket used by “Dan Cooper” to fly from Portland to SeattleRichard Floyd McCoy, Jr.
Scroll down for podcast The areas where Cooper may have landed in the state of WashingtonThe JC Penny tie, tie tack and ransom money recovered at the Tena BarKen ChristiansenRobert RackstrawRichard F. McCoy grave in North Carolina. Was Richard McCoy actually DB Cooper?
Welcome to the introduction episode of Memoir: Audio biographies of the men and women who changed the world. Each episode will feature one person who impacted the world we live in today. Visit for show notes, to sign up for our newsletter, and to vote for the next featured Memoir!
In part one of this four-part series depicting the life of Alexander the Great, we discuss Alexander’s early years, his first skirmish against the Thracians, his first battle against the Greeks, his father’s death, Alexander’s ascension to the throne, his squashing a potential rebellion, and then his first foray into Persia, which was a monumen ...…
Welcome to part 2 of our 4-part Alexander the Great series. In this episode, we witness Alexander’s warm welcome in Egypt, his genius while attacking the fortified cities of Gaza and Tyre, and his continued battlefield dominance over King Darius. If you enjoyed Memoir, visit to subscribe to our newsletter for sneaky peeks of upcoming ...…
Welcome to part 3 of the 4-part series of Alexander the Great. In this episode, we’ll travel to the richest cities of Asia, witness a horrific ambush at the Persian Gates, discuss the Spartan revolt in Greece, and enter India to face King Porus. If you’re enjoying Memoir, visit to subscribe to our newsletter for some cool giveaways I ...…
Welcome to the final episode of our 4-part series on Alexander the Great. In this episode, we’ll reveal how Alexander brought his army back from the edge of revolt, we’ll travel down the Indus river to the Arabian Sea, we’ll see how Alexander secures his massive empire, and then witness the known world spin into chaos after his Death. Alexander ...…
Scroll Down For Podcast Robert E. Lee, 1845, With SonRobert E. Lee’s Wife And DaughterThomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, Photo Taken Only Weeks Before His DeathLee and Jackson Commemorative Stamp, With Lee’s Ancestral Home, Stratford Hall
Scroll Down For Podcast Arlington House, Occupied By Federal Troops, 1864Robert E. Lee and His Horse, TravellerRobert E. Lee, by Matthew BradyMary Lee, In Old AgeWashington and Lee University Commemorative StampRobert E. Lee Chapel on the Campus of Washington and Lee UniversityView From Arlington House Today…
Scroll Down for Podcast Herman Melville, 1861Elizabeth Shaw Melville, Melville’s WifeNathaniel Hawthorne
Scroll Down for Podcast: Melville’s Massachusetts Home-ArrowheadHerman Melville, Last Photograph, Mid-1880’sElizabeth Shaw Melville, Later In Life
Scroll Down For Podcast Ted Ngoy’s First Donut Shop, La Habra, CaliforniaTed and his wife, Suganthini, with Richard NixonTed Ngoy in Cambodia, 2017
Scroll Down For Podcast Frida Kahlo Photographed By Her FatherFrida and Diego RiveraLa Casa AzulFrida and Diego Rivera’s House With Separate Residences
Scroll Down For Podcast Trotsky In MexicoTrotsky’s Study And Assassination Location, Mexico CityFrida Painting In BedFrida’s Four Poster Bed, Frida Kahlo MuseumFrida’s Life Mask, Frida Kahlo MuseumLa Casa Azul Today, Frida Kahlo Museum
Scroll Down For Podcasts Ian Fleming, Naval IntelligenceMuriel Wright, The real “Bond Girl”Ann Charteris, before her marriage to FlemingFleming’s Home, Goldeneye, Jamaica Fleming with his first novel, Casino Royale
Scroll Down For Podcast Ian Fleming, with his first novel Casino RoyalBlanche BlackwellSean Connery, Amsterdam, during “Diamonds Are Forever”Ian and Anne Fleming, later in lifeCaspar Fleming, far leftGrave of Ian, Anne and Caspar Fleming, Sevenhampton
Scroll Down For Podcast Rasputin, Early YearsNicholas, Alexandra and FamilyRasputin, Royal Family and GovernessPyotr Stolypin
Scroll Down For Podcast Rasputin, later yearsPrince Felix Yusupov and the Grand Duchess IrinaGrand Duke DmitriBasement Room Where Rasputin Was AttackedMoika Palace Courtyard, Rasputin Fled Through Small Lower Right DoorRigor Mortis Photo of RasputinAutopsy Photo Of Rasputin, Note Bullet Hole In ForeheadDmitri and His Wife, 1930’sMaria Rasputin, ...…
Scroll Down to Hear Podcast Burgerbraukeller, After ExplosionGestapo Headquarters, Berlin, Prinz Albrecht StrasseDachau, Crematorium BuildingGeorg Elser Plaque, Site of the Burgerbraukeller, MunichElser Memorial, Wilhelmstrasse, Berlin
Scroll Down For Podcast Georg Elser, Circa 1939Burgerbraukellar, After the War.Hilter Addressing the “Alte Kampfers”, BurgerbraukellarHitler, Burgerbraukeller, 1939, in Front Of Pillar
Scroll Down For Podcast Pope Julius II, by RaphaelMoses, St. Peter in Vincoli, RomeJulius II Tomb, St. Peter in Vincoli, RomeTomb of Lorenzo Il Magnifico, Medici Chapel, FlorenceMinos, The Last Judgment, Sistine Chapel, Vatican CityDetail, Sistine Chapel, St. Bartholomew and Likeness of Michelangelo, Vatican CityMichelangelo’s Tomb, Santa Croce ...…
Scroll Down For Podcast Michelangelo, by Daniel de VolterraThe PietaThe DavidThe Doni TondoThe Bruges MadonnaSistine Chapel Detail, The Creation of Adam
Podcast After Photographs Harriet TubmanJohn BrownSt. Gaudens Panel Commemorating 54th Volunteer Massachusetts Regiment, Monument is situated on the Northeast Corner of the Boston Common.William Seward, US Senator and Secretary of State
Scroll Down For the Podcast Alexander Hamilton, First Secretary of the US TreasuryCrossing the Delaware, December 25, 1776Elizabeth Schuyler HamiltonAaron Burr
For podcast, scroll to the bottom of the page Francis Scott KeyMap of the Battle of BaltimoreAdmiral George Cockburn depicted with the burning Washington, DCGeneral Robert Ross, the only man ever to capture America’s capitalGeneral George Armistead, commander of Fort McHenStar Spangled Banner Sheet Music from the 1800’s…
Podcast follows photographs Amelia Earhart as a child.The iconic photograph of Amelia Earhart and her Lockheed Electra 10EAmelia and Fred Noonan in June of 1937.The US Air Mail stamp taken from the famous photo.
Paul Gauguin in Breton attire.Mette Gauguin and her five children.Gauguin’s iconoclastic “Vision After the Sermon.”Van Gogh’s jade self-portrait dedicated to “Mon Ami Paul”, sold by Gauguin to raise money for Tahiti, auctioned by the Nazi’s as “degenerate art”, today it hangs in Harvard’s Fogg Museum.Gauguin’s painting of Vincent painting sunfl ...…
Jack Johnson, The Galveston GiantJack Johnson knocks out Jim Jeffries, July 4, 1910, Reno, Nevada.Jack Johnson and Etta Duryea.Jess Willard knocks out Jack Johnson in the 26th round, April 5, 1915, Havana, Cuba.Jack Johnson, later in life.The graves of Jack Johnson and Etta Duryea, Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois…
Podcast Link is at the bottom of photos. Wonderful Atlantic Monthly Photo Essay on Ludwig II Ludwig II as a young manKing Ludwig IILudwig and his fiancee, Sophie of BavariaNeuschwanstein CastleLudwig in middle ageLudwig II lying in state
Podcast link at conclusion of photographs Billie Holiday, 1917Billie Holiday, performing in the forties.Billie Holiday, backstage with her dog “Mister.”Billie Holiday, federal prison mug shotBillie Holiday, later years.
Podcast situated beneath photographs Edgar Allan Poe, only days after his suicide attempt, 1848Virginia Clemm Poe, the only likeness of Poe’s wife that exists.Maria ClemmRufus GriswoldSarah Helen WhitmanElmira Royster SheltonEdgar Allan Poe Tomb, Westminster Cemetery, Baltimore, MD, (Philip D. Gibbons photo)…
Podcast is situated below photographs. Che Guevara, El Guerrillero Heroico, by KordaOriginal Photo, before Massetti and Palm tree were cropped out.Che on his honeymoon with Hilda GadeaChe and Aleida March on their honeymoonChe in Red SquareTamara Bunke, aka “Tania”Patty Hearst aka “Tania”, Symbionese Liberation ArmyChe and Felix Rodriguez in fr ...…
Friedrich NietzschePaul Ree, Lou Salome and NietzscheThe (in)famous photo of Salome, Ree and NietzscheNietzsche, with Elizabeth, one year before his death.Hitler, visiting Elizabeth at the Nietzsche Archive in Weimar.
Mildred Harnack, courtesy, Eric D. CarlsonArvid HarnackHarro Schulze-BoysenLibertas Schulze-BoysenMildred Harnack, May, 1938, courtesy of Eric D. Carlson
John Paul JonesArtist’s rendition of the Bon Homme Richard vs. HMS Serapis.Plaque in front of the building on the Rue de Tournon, Paris where Jones died.John Paul Jones sarcophagus, in the crypt of the US Naval Academy Chapel.Houdon marble bust of Jones, crypt at the Naval Academy.
Lecture (DeAnna Beachley, Ph.D.)—"Immigrant Women"By (Christy G. Keeler, Ph.D.).
This is a recording of the in-class lecture titled: "Cooperative Learning, Writing History" presented by Dr. Christy Keeler on March 11, 2009.By (Christy G. Keeler, Ph.D.).
Week Two Lecture SlidesBy (Christy G. Keeler, Ph.D.).
Lecture (Michael Green, Ph.D.)—"Nevada Immigrants"By (Christy G. Keeler, Ph.D.).
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