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BJ Shea is the champion for the common man. BJ, Migs & their band of merry men (and women) tackle life's tough questions along with Rockaholics helping Rockaholics. BJ & Migs, weekday mornings from 6-10am.
Comics, Television, Movies, Gaming, RPG’s, Sci-Fi, Zombies, Pirates, Technology, Gadgets and MORE!
BJ x Bucher Podcast
NBA podcast hosted by 3x NBA Champion & EVP at Wasserman - BJ Armstrong, and Bleacher Report & NBA Radio radio host - RicBucher. Produced by ShaineFreeman.
In The Key is a wide-ranging discussion of sports, music, and entertainment - breaking it all down to the bottom line. NBA Champion BJ Armstrong and Sirius XM's Gerald Brown provide informed insider discourse on the cultural beats of the moment, what you need to know and why you need to know it. And if you don’t know... now you know.
Join us on the weekends as we discuss/rant about a variety of issues that we all have to deal with in today's crazy world.
Interviews from BJ & Migs Mornings.
BJ & Migs Show Bits
Show bits from BJ & Migs Mornings.
BJ And Jamie Morning Show featuring Jamie White, BJ Harris, and producer Sean Swallow on Alice 105.9 in Denver, Colorado.
BJ Gaddour, former fat guy turned cover model and former fitness director for Men's Health, talks training, nutrition, & lifestyle with expert guests.
BJ & Jamie
BJ & Jamie on Alice 105.9
BJ In The Morning
Podcast by BJ In The Morning
BJ Smith from The Busy Marketer Podcast is here to help small to medium businesses, churches and other organizations streamline their Digital Marketing. He’ll share his time-saving tips and host interviews with industry experts on topics such as: Email marketing, social media, content marketing, website and landing page optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click advertising (PPC), project and campaign management, as well as organization and e ...
Film is my passion
A podcast hosted by Kingdom writer and communicator BJ Communicates that allows Christian artist and Kingdom Influencers to encourage the masses by telling their stories. Plus, we play great music throughout each show.
BJ's Cast
This is my podcast. It is chill and lit at the same damn time.
BJ Murphy 360
As a social media entrepreneur, former Mayor of Kinston, NC, and family man, I've created the BJ Murphy 360 podcast to share my insights on business, social media, (maybe politics...maybe) and more. At 29 I was the youngest mayor in my city's history and I utilized social media to engage our community like never before. Having spent the last 8 years as mayor of 21,000 people and over a decade in B2B sales, now I'm devoting all my time to consulting small businesses and personal brands in soc ...
Bj So_ill
Bj So_ill
Waffle BJ Podcast
This is the home of the Waffle BJ Podcast, where a new episode is released weekly. One man named B and another man named J. Two microphones and an infinite quantity of Waffles. Welcome to the Waffle BJ Podcast
BJ Talley Show
Join me as I talk about freedom, liberty, technology & other interesting topics. As a tech-head voluntarist permaculture capitalist survivalist, you know the topics will be interesting and fun.
Fantasy football podcast with Sleepers busts and Breakthrough players in all 8 NFL Divisions Plus Rankings and More!
BJ Sanford
Debating about things going on today
Law Talk With BJ
Law Talk with BJ is a new voice on issues of legal justice. Host B.J. Bernstein is a trial attorney, legal commentator, speaker, legal consultant and mediator. She is passionate that her listeners understand the law behind the cause and hashtag.
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DT 950: Filming A McLaren Road Test With Micah Muzio (Rick Titus).
Facebook Drama. “My Fish!” – A man goes on social media to complain about his neighbors who he thinks killed his fish. Amber Heard is being accused of leaving poo on Johnny Depp’s bed.
Facebook Drama. “My Fish!” – A man goes on social media to complain about his neighbors who he thinks killed his fish.By
Beat Migs .Angela Kinsey from “The Office” called out her nephew for using her on his Tinder profile. Luke warm topic.
Southwest Airlines Has a new policy that will go into effect in September. People can only bring cats and dogs Emotional animals. And as far as Service animals the list now includes Miniature Horse.By (Alice 105.9).
Tara Reid did an interview in Australia for the new Sharknado 6 and she seems like she is hammered drunk.By (Alice 105.9).
News and sports. Today is National Potato Day. Kasey King has retired from the Nascar world. A man got shot over an argument about whether Halley Berry should play Aretha Franklin in a movie.
There is a product called Clear Heels. It is an enclosed foot cover and Feet Drs are saying they are bad for your feet and make your feet stick very very badly. So all the Kardashians are wearing them in a lot or all of their pictures and so is Crissy Tegan. Jamie’s friend has a foot issue and can’t even look or talk about feet.…
Lady Gaga was blow away by how good Bradley Cooper’s voice is in A Star Is Born – Arianda Grande was on with Jimmy Fallon and did a tribute to Aretha Franklin, she said she got a phone call from here once – It was wall to wall Aretha coverage on the news yesterday and FOX News put up a photo of Patty label – Ben Afleck was seen with a different ...…
The gang talks TV with Preacher & Fear the Walking Dead; Rev talks QuakeCON with Gareth von Kallenbach; the gang discusses Patrick Stewart returning to his Star Fleet uniform; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!
We now think that Jamie’s son adjusted her Sleep number bed from his bed room on the App because she has the smart bed. Today she is going to Castle Rock CryoCare today see if that helps.Elon Musk is having a bad year.By (Alice 105.9).
Jamie is so sore this morning from her one workout She got a bunch of medicine to help her joints and sore body. She hurts everywhere. After reading one of the bottles she noticed it is a stool softener and now she is in a bad mood. She also thinks her son snuck into her room last night and pumped up her sleep number bed.…
So happy it is Friday! Very big weekend this weekend Sean, first Elk lodge pig roast then he is singing anthem for a parade and then will have a booth at the craft show and after that he is hosting a music festival in Westminster. We are wondering if Jamie is moving around today she was pretty sore yesterday and she posted of FB she was getting ...…
we catch up with our guy Rashad as he tells us about his upcoming feature film title "The Price Comedy" which dives into the darker side of comedy..tune in!
A new survey asked people what the last thing they look at is before they fall asleep. Jim Carrey recently talked about leaving the Hollywood lifestyle and his new show coming out.
Beat Migs. A mayor got in an argument with a city commissioner and said that commissioner makes her money from sphincter bleaching. Luke Warm Topic.
News and sports. Today is National Bratwurst, Rum and Roller Coaster day. A man got arrested for indecent exposure and destruction of property after peeing in a meat department.
Addiction to the quarter machine. - Kris Jenner says she still loves Kanye even if he wants to smash his sister in laws – Andy Cohen’s plane had to return to JFK because someone plugged or broke a toilet – Jennifer Garner says she wont finalize the divorce until Ben is in better health – Tim Tebow and his brother are producing a faith based mov ...…
#DontBullyPaxton This weekend is another Broncos game here in Denver. We are just asking if everyone will just not boo Paxton he is doing his best. Bj is thinking he is going to start showing dogs as a hobby.By (Alice 105.9).
Christopher Watts has been on the news for days begging for his wife and two young daughters to come home. The three of them went missing days ago and as of last night he has confessed to killing all three of them. No details yet this morning on when or how it murders happened.By (Alice 105.9).
Angelina is trying to get full custody of the kids so she can scrub Brad from her life. This is why she is going after Brad and court system – Kris Jenner was asked what she thought about Kanye’s song saying he wants to smash his sister-in-law was fun and she loves him still – Johnny Depp says that Amber Heard pooped in the bed once, Amber said ...…
Jamie is freaking out because she left her phone at home and is having anxiety about it. She is going back to the work out class but needs some suggestions. Where is a good place to get the workout outfits that are expensive and fancy.By (Alice 105.9).
BJ started the morning saying sorry, yesterday he said the show starts at 5:30. It does not. Jamie did her workout class yesterday and she almost called in because she is sore.By (Alice 105.9).
It's Special Ops with Mark Rahner, Rev & Chris Walker! Mark reviews The Meg as well as Slenderman!
Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us live in studio. Facebook Drama “Instagram Dog” – A woman goes on social media to celebrate the creation of her dogs Instagram account.
Facebook Drama “Instagram Dog” – A woman goes on social media to celebrate the creation of her dogs Instagram account.By
News and sports. Today is National Best Friends Day. A couple of friends helped thwart a kidnapping by throwing drinks and punches.
Matt Lauer is going to give his wife 20 million for being a douche – Demi Lavoto’s drug dealer has been arrested – we found out that the fight on the Kardashians was all fake.By (Alice 105.9).
Sean put together a new song for Paxton Lynch and it is a bit too Billy Joel meets Neil Diamond but the people on Text seem to like it and it is already stuck in their heads.By (Alice 105.9).
Jamie is all signed up for her yoga class today she came in this morning in her full outfit but BJ says she is missing something to complete her outfit. We went to Text to see is they could guess and now BJ says he has discovered that Jamie is missing Two things. Jamie is already nervous to go to the gym because she has not been in one id years ...…
Sean put together a new song for Paxton Lynch and it is a bit too Billy Joel meets Neil Diamond but the people on Text seem to like it and it is already stuck in their heads.By (Alice 105.9).
Jamie is nervous to start her workout today but now BJ says she is missing something for her outfit – Colorado Classic starts this weekend – Taylor Swift talked about her Groping case in Denver yesterday was the anniversary of the winning the court case, she is grateful to her fans - Mark Wahlberg now owns a car dealership. – A teen is hit by l ...…
Huge house explosion in the Baker neighborhood yesterday. At first the cause is said to be from a natural gas explosion, but now they are not really sure. It could have been a meth lab. Several people were injured but the crazy part is that no one was killed.By (Alice 105.9).
BJ posted a picture of Khloe Kardashian’s butt on the beach and man is it big.By (Alice 105.9).
Again Bj said he didn’t get the big rains last night. Jamie is here and she is full workout gear. There was some really big and scary lightning out by Jamie’s house last night and she tried to video how bad it was but she got scared.By (Alice 105.9).
On this episode of BJ in the Morning we talk about the things that peeve us.
We had a lot on our minds after listening to this...and there's more to come with the twitter foolery.
A ball signed ball a bunch of Hall of Fae baseball players just sold for over $600,000. A new survey asked if people would turn in their significant other if they committed a series crime.
Beat Migs. 30% of people say that their 20’s was the most enjoyable decade of their life. Luke warm topic.
News and sports. Today is National Wiffle Ball Day. A teacher had sex with a couple of students and was later arrested after sending a group text.
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